Chapter 40

Chapter Forty

April 2013

By the time they arrived home on Monday morning, the entire school had guessed Remy had gotten married, which was his reason for giving the girls permission, so he was pleased. Now he didn't have to make the announcement, he just had to confirm it to be true, whenever someone asked. By afternoon, everyone knew he had confirmed it as well, and Remy hoped it would be old news by Wednesday.

Kitty had come up to him, just as he was getting ready to gather the girls to congratulate him. He thanked her, and they talked for a few minutes over the upcoming graduations, before Remy excused himself, grateful that for once she hadn't given him a hard time.

Kitty, for her part, was pleased with the conversation, and though Remy had still seemed a little tense, she hoped to be able to mend fences with him. She had decided that Logan's advise was the best course. She had already managed to mangle her apology more than once, therefore, she was going to ignore the situation that had caused their fighting least until she was able to confirm her suspicions with Rogue. Then she would, once again, apologize.

Remy had loaded the girls into the car, and was about to climb in himself, when Rogue finally approached him, for the first time since signing the paperwork. Remy nodded to her then, told the girls he would be right back, before following her over to the workbench near the door.

"Congratulations." Rogue began.

"Merci." Remy replied.

"Do ya-" Rogue said, before clearing her throat. "Do you have a picture of it?"

"...What? The wedding?" Remy asked, confused for a moment.

"No, I mean...her, do you have a picture of her?" Rogue said, before rushing out. "Ah'm not changin my mind, I still don' wanna be involved in anyway, and Ah don' wanna cause trouble or nothin...Ah just...I guess I'm just curious."

Remy had pulled out his wallet part of the way through her rushed speech, and as she finished, he handed it over to her, a picture exposed. "That was her, last week. At six months they change fast though. Not that fast."

"And the little boy next to her?" Rogue asked, pointing to Anton." That's your godson right? The one you said was born while you and Laura were on your trip."

"Yup. That's Anton. I'm adopting him, when Lee adopts Ad- the baby, we're adopting the girls too. " Remy replied.

"That's nice."Rogue said, handing him back his wallet.

"Do you want to keep it? I have more copies." Remy asked.

"No. Don't want Erik wondering why I have pictures of my ex's family." Rogue replied.

:Oh that's right, you're going to go on the mission with Scott's team, ain't ya" Remy replied, covering his disappointment that she was still rejecting the child. He brushed off the feeling, instead reminding himself that it was why Lee adopting Adalyn was what was best for them all.

"Yeah, we are leavin the day after tomorrow, since I'll have covered all my classes testing will be over then. Jono and Rachel too." Rogue replied.

"Well...I have to be goin." Remy added. "We're expected home, and still gotta unpack."

"Yeah. I'm sure." Rogue replied, in a tone Remy couldn't decipher, however after staring after her for a moment, he returned to the car, and climbed in. He smiled briefly to the girls to let them know everything was fine, and headed home. He was almost there when he realized that Rogue was leaving town the day Remy went to court over the adoptions. He wasn't sure if she planned it that way, or if it was an oversight, or perhaps she just didn't want to be around while it was going on. However he pushed it to the back of his mind to worry about later.

Rogue slipped back inside, and silently down to her office, she sat down with relief, glad that no one had noticed her hunt down Remy, when she spotted Kitty. Kitty had seen the exchange in the security feed, though there was no sound in the garage, and had slid in here to wait for Rogue. Rogue gasped when she saw the other woman, but quickly recovered with a "Kitty?! What are you sneaking in my office for?!"

"Answers Rogue." Kitty replied. "I think I've finally figured it out, but it almost cost me any chance of a friendship with one of our teammates. Hell it may have still done that, with the way I sided with you blindly."

"I never asked you to side with me Kitty. I never asked you to get involved at all, that is all your own doing." Rogue replied hotly.

"It's bad for our team, bad for our students, and bad for morale, to have two members always at each others throats." Kitty replied.

"So you're gonna back off Remy now? Cause that's the only 'at each other's throats' anyone had noticed around here." Rogue replied

"No. Well yes. But no I meant you and Gambit." Kitty replied. "It's like everyone around here picked sides without even knowing what happened. It's bad for the team."

"No one picked sides Kitty. The only one bothered by this is you." Rogue answered.

"No. That isn't true and you know it. What about the mission? If you had been there, as normally would have happened, Bobby wouldn't have been. You wouldn't have spent weeks in the med lab either. But your feud with Gambit is why Logan left one of you off the team, and look what happened." Kitty replied, stomping her foot.

"Don't try to play this off as bein about Bobby and the mission! You've been snooping around for months, long before Bobby got hurt, so give up that angle!" Rogue yelled. "The truth is the reason Logan and Remy are all over you is because you won't mind your own business. The reason I avoid ya is because you won't stay outta it! If you want to repair anythin, repair that. Just let it go. Then maybe, just maybe, you can be friends with Remy, and with me again. Now if you'll excuse me, I havta finish grading these before I go on my mission."

Kitty stared open mouthed at Rogue for a moment but realized that she wasn't going to say anything more. Slowly Kitty stood, and slumped out of the office, trying to think of another way to get the truth. Logan was waiting for her in the hall, leaning against the opposite wall with him arms crossed over his chest. Kitty knew instantly, of course, that he had at least heard the part Rogue had yelled, if not more.

"Walk with me." Logan said, with a jerk of his head toward his own office. Kitty nodded, and followed behind him.

When they reached the office, Logan softly shut the door. "Ororo will be here tomorrow. She's going to be taking over as Vice- Principle." Logan began, raising his hand before she could protest. " Your not fired, or relocated. You'll continue to teach here as long as you like Kitty. But. I've given ya plenty of warnings kid. I can't have someone in a position of power constantly badgering the members

of the staff."

"I've only been trying to help." Kitty said, sitting back in her chair, surprised at this turn of events.

"And you were asked. Repeatedly. By Remy,Anna, and myself to leave it be." Logan replied. "I know how your mind works, we've worked together long enough."

"I don't know what-"

"If I catch a whiff of you anywhere near the computer files, attempting to search for answers, you will be on a plane out of here faster then you can blink."

"I wouldn't-"

"You would,it's where you were planning to go next. Don't think I didn't notice you slide your security card back into your pocket." Logan replied. "In fact, hand it over. You'll get a new one in the morning."

Kitty frowned, and handed over her card. She was about to go access the records, but there was no way she would admit that to Logan. She could still get to them, with enough time, from her laptop, considering she already knew most of the access codes, she would just need to borrow someone else's for the last check. She doubted her code would remain active very long at all after she left this room.

"Are you protecting him or her?" Kitty asked finally.

"I'm protecting them both. "Logan replied. "This whole thing has been had enough on them without someone else butting in."

"She's the mother of his daughter isn't she?" Kitty asked, going for the straight question that she had intended to ask Rogue.

"As of Wednesday, Lee is the mother of that child, and nothing before that matters."Logan replied. "And if you want to keep digging, I'm certain there is plenty of work to be done in the garden."

"But, I-" Kitty said, unsure if he was making a threat or being sarcastic.

"Jus' leave it be." Logan said, mirroring what Rogue had said to her not long before.

Kitty left in a huff. She was tired of the way they were all angry with her, she was just trying to help. It also bothered her that not even Logan would give her a straight answer. Maybe Ororo would have better luck helping out with the rift though. She was close to both Remy and Rogue, so she may be of some help. Of course, so was Logan, and didn't seem to be trying to figure it out at all!

Unless he already knew everything, which had occurred to Kitty of an on since the tension started, it was possible after all, they were both close to she was beginning to wonder who else knew. At one point she was told that 'only those who needed to know', but who all did they consider need to know? And why wasn't she on that list herself? After all her and Rogue were friends, she had always (until recently) gotten along, and she was technically in charge as well. Well she had been until about an hour ago.

Kitty decided that for now at least she should just go to her room. No one was going to let her help with the situation, and she was tired of being yelled at, at least right now. She wasn't going to give up completely, because she felt they needed help, but she would back down.

Ororo arrived early the next morning, well before most of the school was up. Logan greeted her of course, and so did Kitty, wanting to see the new arrival as well. No one else appeared in the hanger however. Ororo warmly hugged both Logan and Kitty, before Logan offered to help with her bags, gruffly, and Kitty asked about her trip.

She thanked them both, as was taken upstairs to settle into her room before the household woke and the day began. Logan had assured her she could wait until tomorrow before taking over her new duties, and she was grateful, but hesitant. Logan reminded her then that she had promised to go visit the LeBeaus as soon as she could, with taking the day, she wouldn't have to wait until the week end to see Lee again, and meet the babies.

Ororo unpacked, and then went in search of Logan to find directions to Remy's house, and to ask when would be a good time to go over. Logan glanced at his watch and replied. "If you hurry, you can get there before Remy and the girls leave for school. Tell em I said all three could play hooky today. No wait, tell em to take the rest of the week, they have court tomorrow, and we ain't doing anything important Thursday or Friday, since testing is over at the moment. "

She agreed, and borrowed one of the school's cars, to visit the family. She arrived just in time, as Remy was in the driveway loading the girls into his car when she pulled up. "You can stay home today, all three of you, Logan's orders." She said, in way of greeting.

The girls piled back out of the car as Remy walked over to Ororo's, smiling. She climbed out, and they hugged, as the girls excitedly yelled their hellos, before Jubilee rushed inside to tell Lee they had company.

"Remy, who's here?" Lee asked from the doorway, Adalyn in her arms, because Jubilee had just excitedly exclaimed they had company before rushing back out.

"Stormy's here." Remy called back, " C'mon let's go in so you can meet the babies."

They made their way inside, and Remy introduced her to Adalyn, before glancing around and asking where Anton had gone.

"Playing with his blocks in the family room." Lee replied. " I was about to run their bath."

"They can skip their bath for the morning." Remy replied, smiling. " Ororo's never met them."

"I agree. How have you been Ro?" Lee asked, smiling at the other woman, as they led her to the family room.

Before Ororo could answer, the puppy noticed their guessed can ran up to greet her, distracting everyone from the conversation as Remy told the puppy not to jump on her and she pet the puppy's head. Lee slipped ahead of them to check on Anton, and the girls both offered to take the puppy outside.

They were all quickly settled into the family room, and Anton was introduced to Ororo. He hid behind his mother, currently going through a shy stage, but with in a few minutes he had climbed up onto the couch next to their guest, to 'introduce' her to Adalyn, who he referred to as 'his baby'.

Ororo spent most of the day with the LeBeaus catching up with them, and getting to know the two youngest. Remy had been unaware that she was coming to be a member of the staff, and was happy to hear it. Lee invited her to stay for dinner, which she accepted.

By afternoon the girls had excused themselves, and the babies were both down for a nap, so Ororo finally took the time to offer her sympathies to them both over the events of last year. They both thanked her before Remy replied. "Things do seem to be going better this year though. Tomorrow we go to adopt."

"Adopt who?" Ororo replied.

"I'm adopting Anton, Lee's adopting Adalyn, we're both adopting Laura and Jubilee. This time tomorrow we'll officially be a family of six." Remy replied. " Lee and I were married Saturday."

"Oh,congratulations. I wasn't aware you were engaged." Ororo replied.

"We were only engaged a few days." Lee answered. "We eloped."

"I see." Ororo replied. "Well I wish you all the best."

"Thank you." "Merci."

They chatted for awhile longer, Remy explaining the whole situation, since she was already aware of much of it, and Lee supplying pieces if Remy forgot them.

Anton woke up from his nap around that time, and Lee excused herself, telling Remy she was going to give him his bath now, but she wouldn't be long. After she left, Ororo asked if there had been any change in Rogue's stance.

"I thought she might, yesterday. She asked if she could see a picture. Mais then when I offered to let her keep it, she refused." Remy said. " Said somethin bout people asking questions."

"I see. I'm sorry." Ororo replied.

"It's okay. I've come to terms with it, mostly." Remy replied. " Addy's happy with the mom she knows, and I'm doing my best to give her a good life. If Anna never wants to be part of it, that's her loss."

"I agree. I'm sure that doesn't make it any easier though." Ororo replied.

"No. But then life isn't easy." Remy replied. "And I try not to think about her to much. We're doing fine ."

Ororo nodded in understanding. Remy was a rather private person anyway, in addition to the subject still being a fresh sore point, so she dropped it, instead turning to safer grounds of asking about the wedding.

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