Chapter 41

Chapter Forty-One

May 2013

The school year was wrapping up, with finals taken the same week as Remy and Lee finally received the paperwork that named the children legally theirs. In celebration, Remy proposed they take a vacation together as a family. Lee readily agreed so they began debating where to go. They were going to head out the day after school let out hopefully, so the wanted to decide fairly quickly, however they also wanted to think about it.

The conversation included the girls of course, who were just as undecided as their parents on where to go. Inevitably, the conversation poured over into the school, in the sense that the girls were frequently discussing their options between classes, so it wasn't long before everyone knew about their planned vacation.

Jubilee wanted to go to Hawaii. Lee and Laura were in agreement in wanting to visit Ireland, and Remy wanted to visit Monte Carlo, though when Lee reminded him it was a family vacation he changed his vote to Paris. After about a week of their friends listening to Laura and Jubilee debate between Ireland and Hawaii, Julian suggested that whichever location had the most votes should be where they went.

Laura agreed, and begrudgingly so did Jubilee, but then added. "You only like that plan cause you and Lee win."

"Win what?" Remy asked, as he approached the girls, to see if they were ready to head home.

"Julian suggested that which ever place had the most votes was where we should go." Jubilee supplied.

"hmm. Good idea. Now to convince Lee to change her vote, you girls too." Remy said.

"No way. I wanna go to the beach." Jubilee said.

"We went to Paris last time." Laura added.

"Not with Lee and the babies." Remy said.

"Well, we've never gone to Ireland, with or without Lee and the kids." Laura said.

"Hey, we never went to Hawaii either." Jubilee said. "Sides, Remy you already changed your vote once."

"What vote?" Logan asked as he passed on the way to his office.

"Where to go on our family vacation." Jubilee said.

"Go with whatever has the most votes. Unless you can get Lee on your side to where ever, then go with that." Logan said.

"That is what Julian suggested." Laura said.

"Does seem like the best plan. So unless Lee magically changed her vote to Paris while we were at school, or Laura does on her way home, I'll book our tickets to Ireland tomorrow." Remy said.

"Aww." Jubilee said. "What if she changed her vote to Hawaii?"

"Same deal, booked tomorrow. "Remy said, as he led the girls out to the garage. " Either way, we only have two weeks, Hawaii may be all booked out already. "

By the time they had returned home, Jubilee had decided that she liked the idea of visiting Ireland as well, as long as the next vacation involved a beach. Remy agreed to that, so they were all happy to be able to tell Lee that they had decided.

Remy booked the flights the next morning, a Saturday, as promised. He then sat down with Lee to look over the options for a place to stay. He had already narrowed it down a bit based on the general area they wanted to visit, and the size of their group, before he pulled up the options for her.

"Do we want to stay in a hotel or rent a cottage?" Remy asked, as he pulled up the website he had found earlier. They were sitting at the kitchen table, while the girls played with Anton and the dog in the back yard.

"I think a cottage may be more comfortable overall. But close enough that we can eat out." Lee replied, leaning over to see over Remy's shoulder.

"Of course. It wouldn't be a vacation for you if you still had to cook most of the meals. "Remy replied. " But I promise I'll cook more when we get back too, you kind of had the majority of the work the last couple months."

"I don't mind, on a day to day basis Rems. You work at the school full time, and are tired when you get home. My job is home, that includes cooking. "Lee replied. "Just, as you said, it's a vacation for all of us."

"Exactly." Remy replied, as he typed in their list of requests, adding close to shops and restaurants. It narrowed the list down to four, so he turned the screen to her. "Which one? They all look about the same to me."

"Hmm." Lee replied, comparing the listings. "Well this one looks good, but so does the blue one. I can't decide. Maybe we should ask the girls?"

"No I want to surprise them." Remy answered. "The blue one it is. Part of the fee includes a housekeeper/cook and groundskeeper, who are already employed by the owner. There ya go, vacation for us all."

"Works for me." Lee said. "I kind of like the idea, a whole month with out cooking."

"Maybe we should stay for two." Remy said. "Could be fun."

"No, a month is long enough, by the end, I expect the girls to be climbing the walls, plus we need to find someone to take care of the dog while we're gone."

"I already asked Logan. I invited him to stay here, so that he gets a mini vacation himself. I mean it's not the same, but he gets away from the mansion for a few weeks, and is still nearby if they need anything."

"Sounds good to me. Now I need to make lunch, and you need to finish grading those papers on your desk." Lee replied, as Remy sent a request for the cottage to the agency.

"I have an idea. I'll cook lunch, you go take a nap with Addy. I know she was up several times last night." Remy replied.

"You're just trying to put off grading." Lee replied. "But I'm going along with it because I am tired."

Remy chuckled as Lee scooped the drowsy infant out of her play yard and headed toward her room. He then went about making lunch for the kids and himself, planning to let Lee sleep until Adalyn woke her.

Meanwhile the girls were busy outside, Laura was watching Anton play in the sandbox and stopping him (for the most part) from putting the sand in his mouth, while Jubilee sat beside her throwing a ball to the dog.

They were also planning the trip themselves, with Jubilee trying to talk Laura into going to the mall to shop for the trip. Laura on the other hand refused. She wasn't in the mood to shop, and had already bought a few new outfits the last time they had gone. With Jubilee pouting, Laura attempted to change the subject.

"Julian is behaving oddly again." Laura stated.

"...He wants to ask you out again, but is worried you'll reject him." Jubilee replied.

"How do you know?"

"Because I heard him talking to the guys about it the other day. He didn't put it that way, of course, but I read between the lines."

"Oh." Laura replied with a frown. " Do you think I should accept?"

"Depends. Are you still mad over him insulting you?"

"Not really."

"Do you think Remy and Lee would be upset?"

"I don't know."

"I say, go with what you want." Jubilee replied. Standing up and brushing off her shorts and whistling to the dog. "For the record, I don't think they'll care. Not that they don't care, just that they wouldn't be angry."

"Okay." Laura stated, as she stood as well, picking up Anton.

The conversation dropped as they walked inside. After lunch they were going to go over to the school to visit some of the other kids, then they planned to eat dinner with Logan before returning. Remy agreed to their plan, so as soon as they had cleared the table they left.

The next week was hectic as they juggled finishing their school term, chores, and preparing for the trip. Lee had the bulk of the packing taken care of, simply because as she put it, she had more time. Lee had taken all for children down to have their passports updated, or in Adalyn's case issued, with their current names.

It was nearly surreal for Jubilee and Laura, who saw their new names for the first time attached to a official identification. Of course as soon as Jubilee stated this, Remy and Lee realized what else they had forgotten they had intended to do that week, and Remy drug the girls down to update their driver's licenses.

Jubilee had stated she wasn't sure she wanted to change her name completely when the adoption occurred, so her name had become legally ' Jubilation Lee LeBeau'. Laura when asked had opted for the same plan making her name now ' Laura Kinney-Howlett LeBeau'. Likewise Lee had decided to do the same for Anton, leaving his former last name as a middle name, making him now Anton Trace Chevalier LeBeau.

Remy had the hardest time deciding. He wanted to do the same for his daughter, giving her her mother's name, but that would make it easier for anyone who was nosy enough to piece together what had occurred, which was against the agreement. Eventually, he decided to let the matter drop altogether, leaving her name exactly as it was.

With the passports and identification cards taken care of, the were nearly ready for their trip, so when Scott called and attempted to get Remy to help them in the next leg of their investigation Remy hung up on him.

After he had hung up, he called Logan. As soon as Logan picked up Remy said. " Summers called, wanting me to go on a mission. I hung up with out answering, so expect a call."

"Why call you directly?" Logan asked grumpily.

"I don't know, maybe he thought he could sway me if he did." Remy answered.

" I'll take care of it. He doesn't need to call my team, he can go through me anyway." Logan replied, before hanging up.

Logan then in turn called Scott, before Scott had a chance to call him. " What's this I hear about you recruiting people from my team behind my back Summers?"

"I asked for Gambit's help, I hardly think that's recruiting." Scott replied. "He hung up with out answering though. I was about to call you to ask what that was about."

"Gambit's off the active roster. You'd have known that if you's gone through me." Logan replied.


"Not that it's your business, but he asked to be removed after the last mission." Logan said. " He wanted to retire, not put himself in danger anymore risking leavin his kids without a father."

"... We think we may know where the new factory is, but we need his help."

"No. I'll send you Rogue, maybe Kitty if she's willing to go, but he's done." Logan replied.

"He's an X-man." Scott replied.

"He's a father." Logan said.

"Not good enough Logan. We all -"

"You can have the girls, or you can go with out our help." Logan growled.

"...I'll think about it." Scott replied before hanging up.

Logan sighed, and called Remy back to let him know that Logan had told Scott no for him. It wasn't completely unexpected however when Scott arrived at the school a few hours later, with a team in tow.

"I want to talk to Gambit directly." Scott said, as soon as he got off the plane. "Where is he?"

" He don't live here anymore." Logan replied.

"So where does he live?" Scott said.

"Not sure that's any of you business." Logan said.

"Emma?" Scott asked the woman as she came down the stairs after him.

"He lives a few blocks from here." Emma replied, while smirking at Logan.

"Everyone stay here. I'll go talk to Gambit, see if I can talk him into coming." Scott replied. "Emma you're with me."

Before anyone could say anything more Scott and Emma walked out of the hanger toward the elevator. Logan grumbled under his breath and pulled out his phone to warn Remy that Scott was coming.

Scott and Emma arrived at the LeBeau house a few minutes later after borrowing one of the school's cars. Remy was waiting for them at the door when they climbed out.

"Good evening Gambit."Scott began as they approached him. "Can we come inside?"

"Don' upset my wife, and don't raise your voices, you'll wake the children." Remy answered, letting them in. "Evening passed several hours ago, it's the middle of the night."

Scott nodded, and he and Emma sat on the couch across from Remy, who waited impatiently for whatever Scott had to say.

"I gather from Logan that you have asked to be removed from the active roster. "Scott began." However this is a special case and-"

"They're all special Summers. Already had this talk with Logan." Remy replied. " and as I told him, I'm done risking my life. I have a family to think of."

"What kind of future will they have if the Sentinel program resumes? Or if they restart registration?"

"I've heard the arguments. I've given the arguments. Fact remains that no matter how many times we knock em back they still move forward." Remy replied. "My children need to have their family, what future will hold if they are orphaned? We all know the chances of our kids being mutants. You and I both know how well that goes over for orphans."

"They won't have a future if this happens!" Scott said.

"Enough." Lee replied, entering the room, with Adalyn in her arms, the baby woken by the raised voices. "You are trying to guilt trip him into going with you to do whatever, to stop whatever. But there will always be just one more thing. He said he's done, he's done."

"We're never done." Scott replied.

"I am." Remy said. "And now so are you. I asked you not to upset my wife or wake the children, you managed to do both."

"Remy, it's important. We need your help." Emma said, as Remy stood.

"No. Rogue can help, or Kitty. Both of them already said they would. Kitty can get into any computer or building you needed me to, and Rogue can do anything Kitty can do."

Before they could say anything else Remy had led them to the door, and bid them goodnight. As soon as they were gone Lee asked him if he was really sure about not going. Remy replied that he was, with out hesitation. Though he did admit that he may reconsider when the children were older.

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