Chapter 43

Chapter Forty-three

July 2012

The trip home was as uneventful as the trip there, and just as tiring. As soon as they walked through the doors, a baby in the arms of each of the parents, and the teens lagging behind, they gave a grateful smile to Logan, and whispered they would be right back.

The girls collapsed onto the couch while Remy and Lee went to put the babies down for a nap. Logan asked the girls if they enjoyed their trip; by the time Remy returned Logan had been all caught up on the horse was highly amused by they girls' version of the vacation, and just waived Remy by, telling him to go ahead and get a drink before coming in.

Lee arrived just as Remy returned, with a handful of sodas for everyone. Logan frowned and Remy replied. "If you wanna beer you're out of luck. It looks like you already drank them all."

"I'll replace em." Logan grumbled taking his can from Remy.

"Nah, I bought them for you anyway." Remy replied. " I keep mine locked in the cooler in the garage. Small hands and all."

"Makes sense." Logan nodded. "So how was your trip, the girls already told me about theirs."

"We had a good time. Spent a lot of time exploring both the countryside and the local shops." Remy said. "It was fun."

"Remy felt he was out voted when it came to the shops." Lee added. "He said something to Anton about being permanently outnumbered."

Logan laughed at this, and Remy smiled. Lee then asked the girls to go grab their bags from the car. As soon as the girls were out of hearing Remy asked. "So what did you find?"

"The Rileys check out. They've worked as caretakers of the house you rented for the last twenty years, nothing strange on their record."

"Okay, good. I hoped we were just paranoid." Lee said.

"And about the other situation?" Remy asked.

"The team got back day before yesterday. You were right about it ruining your trip. They haven't said much, 'cept they didn't find what they were looking for." Logan said. "As far as Summers knows you are still outta country, so he don't try to recruit ya again. He should be on his way day after tomorrow, you can come by after that and see what all they may know."

"I'll come in at the beginning of the week then. Bring the girls by, so they can see their friends and pick up next year's schedule." Remy said.

"School doesn't start for another eight weeks, the schedules are in the office but it may be early to worry about it." Logan said.

"If we pick them up now, gives the girls plenty of time to shop for supplies, and what ever else they think they need." Remy answered.

Logan nodded, and the girls returned. They continued to visit with Logan for awhile before he stood to leave. He was nearly out of the door when Lee said. "If you don't want anyone to know Remy's back yet, you should come by like you have been when taking care of the puppy."

"... Not sure bout that, I've been crashing in the family room, the last coupla days, that dog was riled up about something." Logan replied.

"You could have stayed in one of the bedrooms." Lee replied. "You can have mine for a few days."

"Okay." Logan said, as Remy nodded. "But when yer tired of me tomorrow it's your own fault."

Lee and Remy laughed at this, and he went to go get his bag from the trunk. Lee then went to go get her room ready for him by changing the sheets and gather some of her own clothing so as not to disturb him. After she dumped her clothes on the chair in Remy's room before checking on the babies and then heading back to the living room.

Despite Logan's warning, no one was annoyed by him by the end of the week. He was gone most of the day, only stopping by at lunch time, and then showing up in the evening. Meanwhile, Remy and Lee had noticed the behavior that had worried Logan.

Every evening around dinnertime, the dog would perk up and stare out of the patio door while whining. Remy, like Logan had before him, went out into the yard and checked around, though he saw nothing amiss. They let her out under the assumption that she just wanted out for a bit. They tried closing the blinds over the doors completely so she couldn't see out. Nothing helped though.

Logan decided to once again sleep in the family room his last night with them, in hopes of figuring out what was bothering the dog. With the dog acting the way she was Remy also found his bed once more crowded with both babies and his wife. He preferred the idea however, and was happy she decided the babies should sleep with them. The girls thought that Logan, and their parents, were overreacting.

In the morning a grumpy Logan said his goodbyes, after informing them that nothing had been disturbed the night before except for himself. The dog had laid on top of him most of the night, leaving him tired this morning but the dog had slept through.

Remy then suggested that she just wanted more attention, and the girls took her out to the yard for awhile. Lee and Remy went over the budget while keeping an eye on the babies, and discussing what might have upset the dog as she was.

Logan called just after lunch to tell them that Scott and his team had finally left, so Remy went to gather the girls from the family room and head over to the school to get an update, and their schedules.

As soon as they got to the school, Laura disappeared. Remy looked down at Jubilee as if to ask and she shrugged before running off as well. With a sigh Remy walked toward Logan's office grumbling about the strangeness of teenagers.

Remy reached Logan's office as Rogue and Rachel were leaving, he nodded in their direction, and asked how the mission had gone. Rachel shrugged and Rogue replied. " Not well. We didn't find anything useful."

"Sorry to hear that." Remy replied.

"It's not your fault, I doubt you would have done better. Everything was cleared out when we got there." Rachel said. "It looked like it had been abandoned for awhile, if not for Emma assuring everyone that there had been trucks there a couple days before."

"I'm sure they'll get another lead soon." Remy replied.

Logan came out of the office before either woman could reply and motioned for Remy to join him. As soon as Remy sat down, Logan explained that Scott intended to return in a few days, and would probably restart his campaign for Remy's help.

Remy sighed at this, he had no interest in going back into the field. However he also knew this was going to be an ongoing battle with the other team. Logan assured him that he wasn't going to let Scott badger Remy or any other teacher at the school.

"I'm changing the official stance of the institute. It ain't fair to the kids to have inconsistent instructors, so everyone who plans to stay through is officially retired from the active roster. I'm announcing it at the staff meeting on Friday." Logan said, seeing Remy's expression he added. " This isn't because of you. Last year at test time we were short handed, thanks to missions for the other team. If these kids are going to be the next generation they need to be trained now."

"Ororo's been preachin at ya hasn't she?" Remy asked, Logan's speech was very unlike him, but sounded a lot like what Ororo had been saying the last few weeks.

"Well...she's right, ain't she?" Logan grumbled.

"Yes." Remy smirked. "Don't worry I won't tell she swayed you."

"Thanks." Logan grumbled, before passing over Remy's new class list. He added that he assumed Remy wasn't going to have an issue with the new policy, though he worried about a couple of the other teachers.

Remy looked over his new schedule before stating that if they lost some, they would work it out, and added that they had done so before. Logan agreed and Remy excused himself to go to his office.

As soon as he arrived, he noted that his light was on under the door. Cautiously he entered to find Rogue in the guest chair, waiting for him as she flipped through textbook catalogs he had left on his desk.

"Can I help you?" He asked as he shut the door.

"Yes...No...I don't know." Rogue replied.

"Okay." He said as he sat down. "Is it about the mission or personal?"

"...Personal." Rogue said.

"Is it about you or the baby?"


" what is it?" Remy asked, leaning back in his chair.

"It's complicated." Rogue replied with a sigh.

"Because everything else has been so simple." Remy said, running a hand through his hair. " What is it? Do you wanna see her? I already said you could. Did someone find out? If they did it wasn' from me."

"Someone found out, I know it wasn't from you it was from me. I told him." Rogue answered sadly. "Erik and I broke up. I don't know...I wanna see her, that's why I told him, but I don't wanna mess up her life."

"Seeing her isn't going to mess up her life Anna. Trying to take away from us would, but I wouldn't allow that without a fight anyway. I want you to see her, I want you to have a place in her life." Remy replied.

"What about Lee?" Rogue asked.

"She wants you to see the baby too, she even offered to let you hold her during the party. If she didn't want you around, why would she do that?" Remy replied.

"No I mean if I was part of her life what does that make Lee?" Rogue asked.

"It makes Lee Addy's mom, and my wife. That ain't going to change Anna." Remy replied.

Lee had just laid Adalyn down for her morning nap, and was on her way back to the family room where Anton was watching a kids show and playing with his toys, when she heard the dog whining in the kitchen again.

Detouring, she walked into the kitchen where she spotted the puppy at the patio door, whining while standing still and glaring. She usually didn't start this early in the day, which had Lee concerned. She was considering taking the dog to the emergency clinic, instead of waiting until her appointment at the beginning of next week.

Since the dog had only recently begun acting this way, she decided unless it got worse, she would wait. Calling the dog to her, she turned and went back into the family room with her son. There the dog plopped down next to Anton and began wagging her tail as the toddler pet her.

Lee relaxed, letting go of a breath she didn't realize she was holding when the dog dropped her alarm. Smiling at the sight, Lee went over to the couch and picked back up the book she had been reading. She set the baby monitor down next to her on the end table, and began reading.

Anton and Lucky continued to sit together on the floor, with him babbling a story, mostly in baby-talk, to the dog. His vocabulary wasn't small really, but he tended to revert back to baby talk when he was talking to the dog or his sister.

Lee had finished the chapter and was about to set down the book, when Lucky once again stiffened and growled, and at the same time Lee heard " Hello baby." in the monitor.

Jumping up, Lee commanded the dog to stay, and ran to Adalyn's room. She rushed in the door in a panic, to find no one there. Immediately, she grabbed the sleeping infant from her crib, and went back to the family room where she had left the dog and her son.

When she arrived she saw the boy was not noticed anything amiss, and he was still playing happily on the floor. Lucky however, was now standing next to him facing the window and growling. This shocked Lee almost as much as the voice on them monitor. Lucy had never growled before. The dog was clearing standing between the toddler and the window.

Gently, Lee placed the still sleeping infant in the play yard, and carefully crept toward the window. She intended to peek out to see if she could see anything. Part of her felt like she was over reacting to the strangeness of the dog's behavior. After all Lucy had been acting strange since they had gotten home, and the voice on the monitor was likely cross interference. After all they were hardly the only people with that brand of monitor.

She peeked out of the window by barely moving the blinds. There was nothing out there, at least that she could see. Anton finally noticed something was wrong and walked over to her. He pulled on the leg of Lee's jeans, and wordlessly she lifted him to her hip before glancing outside one more time, and carrying him to the couch.

"Don't worry, Mommy's just being silly." Lee said to Anton in a happy tone to calm him. " She's just being weird."

After Anton was settled onto the couch, near the end with the play yard, Lee sat next to him and debated calling Remy. She was scared to be by herself at the moment but embarrassed by that as well. After another minute debating with herself, she pulled out her cell phone to call him.

By the time Rogue left his office, Remy had a headache. She had changed her mind twice about seeing the baby, after she had attempted to argue with him over Lee's role if Rogue wanted back into the baby's life, Remy had stood firm in that Adalyn was Lee daughter, but that didn't mean that she couldn't have a place in the baby's world as well.

Remy's phone rang as he reached for the bottle of aspirin he kept in his desk drawer. Sighing he glanced at it, then worriedly answered. Lee never called when she knew he was at the school. He answered the phone and as she explained what had occurred he grew more and more concerned.

Finally, he told her he would be there in a few minutes, and to keep the doors locked, before quickly stepping out of his office and rushing to Logan's. Not bothering to knock, or look to see if anyone else was there he said. "Logan, I need you to come with me. Someone's messing with Lee and I need to know if they're at the house, or if they're doing it remotely. Your nose will say."

Logan stood, and gave Ororo an apologetic glance, before following Remy toward the door. "Messing with her how?"

"Dog freaked out again, growling this time, but more important, she heard someone talking to the baby through the monitor." Remy said. At this Logan sped up his pace, and Ororo who had been trailing behind them, told Remy to just go and she would bring him the girls. Remy nodded in thanks, he and Logan turning left toward the garage and Ororo going straight toward the Rec rooms.

Ororo found the girls easily. Laura was sitting with Julian having an animated discussion, while Jubilee sat on the couch with two new boys, playing a video game. " Laura, Jubilee." Ororo stated, to get the girls' attention.

"Yes?" Laura replied, but Jubilee continued her game noticing.

"Come girls, I need to take you home now." Ororo replied.

"We came with Remy, he'll bring us home." Jubilee replied distractedly.

"He has already left. It is important to hurry Jubilation."

Jubilee froze at this. Both that he had left without a word, and the use of her full name told her it was important. Laura had already said good-bye to Julian and was waiting to to Ororo. Jubilee handed her controller to the boy next to her and quickly joined them as Ororo led them down the hall toward the garage.

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