Chapter 44

Chapter Forty-four

July 2013

Lee was worried as soon as she hung up, that she had overreacted. After all what had really happened? A dog growled at the window and someone spoke on the baby monitor, but baby monitors were known for cross interference, and the dog had been acting weird since they came back from their vacation. She had just called Remy home over nothing.

Lee glanced at Anton, who was sitting next to her on the couch, before standing. She decided to look around inside once herself. She was debating rushing the children to her car and meeting Remy on the road, but again she was uncertain there was even anything to worry about. Before she could decide what to do though, she smelled smoke from somewhere in the house.

Without thinking she grabbed Anton's hand and picked up Adalyn rushing toward the garage at the same time. As she reached the door it swung open revealing a giant of a man on the other side. Not pausing to look at him, Lee changed direction, while picking up her son as well and ran toward the patio door.

A sharp pain hit the back of her neck as the patio door shattered. Two more men walked in through the former patio doors as she collapsed slipping into unconsciousness. Anton and Adalyn's crying was the last sound she heard.

Remy had never driven home so fast before, he ignored every light and stop sign on the way, suddenly cursing the normally ten minute drive. He arrived just four minutes after pulling away from the school and seven minutes since Lee's call.

Remy stopped the engine and climbed from the car along with Logan, just as the house irrupted into flames. Screaming, Remy ran toward the house, he rushed inside without thought, and searched the rooms as rapidly as possible.

They weren't there, however both the car and Lee's purse were. Remy didn't need Logan to confirm they had been taken, he knew from the strangeness of the house. Logan however caught up to him as he stood in the kitchen looking around one final time.

" Blockbuster was here. Prism and Archlight as well. Not sure who else, smoke is covering the scents." Logan said, as he drug Remy from the house, and into the back yard. "Trail ends here, must've teleported."

"I need to keep looking." Remy replied, before shaking off Logan and rushing back inside.

"You know they aren't here, you already checked everywhere, so did I. Getting yourself killed isn't going to get them back." Logan said dragging Remy from the house once again.

Remy collapsed coughing onto the front lawn as Ororo and the girls arrived. Before the engine was off both girls were rushing toward them, yelling their questions. Logan held up a hand to quiet them as Ororo rushed up behind them. "No one's inside." Logan stated.

"Where are they?" Jubilee asked.

"Sinister." Remy replied standing back up.

Before anyone could respond the fire trucks began arriving. Logan and Ororo went forward to talk to them as Remy and the girls stared at their home, which was now engulfed in flames. Remy put his arms across the girls' shoulders and said almost to quietly to hear. "I'll get them back, I swear."

Remy paced Logan's office as he waited for the others to arrive. He had wanted to take off right away to search for his family, but after following the trial as far as they could, they had returned to the school in search of help. Logan had called an emergency meeting and contacted Utopia. While they waited for a response from Cyclops' team, they organized a preliminary search. Hank and Rogue had gone to the house to see if they could find any further clues, while Kitty and Rachel helped compile a list of all known labs of Sinister's.

Remy had gone in with Kitty and Rachel at first to make sure they had a complete list, then had been sent to wait in Logan's office after he had attempted to go searching himself. The phone rang, and Logan was still in the next office looking at Kitty's progress so Remy answered the phone.

"You needed something Logan? What's the emergency." Scott said as soon as Remy picked up.

"Sinister." Remy replied.

"Gambit? What's going on there, what do you mean Sinister? Has he done something to the school Where's Logan?" Scott replied.

"No. He took my children, my wife, burnt down my house. Logan's in Kitty's office making a list of known Labs." Remy said.

"We'll have a team there within a couple hours." Scott replied. Remy thanked him and hung up.

As soon as he did he went to Kitty's office. She had just hit the print key when he came in. "I talked to Summers, gave him an update. Let me know what you find out, I'm going to start the search." Remy said, as he grabbed the sheets off of the printer and left without another word.

Laura saw him walking toward the garage, and rushed to catch up, demanding to go with him. He resisted for a minute before agreeing and the two were gone before Logan reached the garage.

Scott assembled his team and had them in the hanger within five minutes of hanging up, before he explained the situation. When the team was on board, Scott gave the controls over to Emma, and went to the back to explain the limited information that he had.

"I expect us to be fully briefed when we arrive, however I received a call a few minutes ago from the school. They need our help, apparently Gambit's family was kidnapped, from the brief information Gambit gave me, by Sinister."Scott said.

There was a mixture of gasps and frowns at this before Magneto said. "Logan didn't contact you? How do we know this?"

"Wolverine made the original call, however Gambit is who responded when I called them back. I assume that they have evidence it was Sinister." Scott replied with a frown. "Regardless, we are on our way, and they can fill us in when we arrive."

"How do we know it isn't a trap? Gambit has worked with Sinister before, and if you talked to no one aside from Gambit." Magneto continued.

"We will arrive in a couple hours, we'll have our answers then. If it would help you all to relax I can call again and see what Logan says on the matter." Scott replied with a frown.

Scott then pulled out a communicator and contacted Logan. Logan answered, and Scott made sure that everyone could hear him before saying. " Gambit informed us his wife and children were kidnapped by Sinister, we are in the air now, is there anything more we need to know."

" Hold on I'll put you an the monitor. I was about to hold a briefing." Logan replied. A few tense moments of silence later Logan and the others appeared on the screens at the front of the jet.

" Remy received a call from his wife stating there was trouble at the house, roughly twenty minutes after arriving at the school. We immediately left here and drove over to his residence. We noticed smoke but entered. No one was inside, but I could smell the ones that took them. Archlight,Blockbuster and Prism had been there recently, possibly more the smoke was quickly covering their scent. We followed the trial to the backyard where it ended completely." Logan said.

"You were in their house, for a month almost." Ororo asked. " Even after the dog started acting weird, how did you not notice?"

"The only thing I ever smelled was Remy, and Lee. Must've worn their colognes,soaps." Logan growled, still frustrated he had missed it. He could have prevented this, he felt, if he had spent less time shrugging off the dog's behavior.

"Why would Sinister want them?" Kitty asked, she was afraid for the captives.

"We don't know, probably to mess with Gambit." Logan replied. "It don't matter, what matters is getting them back."

"So Gambit's wife and child were kidnapped by Sinister, we are going to help him get them back, and endanger ourselves in the process. Even though he has refused to help several times over the last year. Even though he himself has worked for Sinister in the past and we have no guarantee he isn't now. How do we know this isn't a set up? Why should we trust him?" Magneto stated, ignoring Scott's frown and the others shaking their heads.

"How do we know you aren't setting us up somehow? After all you were an active enemy for years." Kitty said.

"Remy isn't like that." Rogue responded. "He wouldn't endanger the baby to further some plan."

"It wasn't a set up, least not by Gambit. Sinister is capable of this sort of thing, but Gambit isn't. He would not endanger his son and daughter." Storm replied.

Everyone, aside from Magneto, nodded in agreement and went back to planning. The others suspected that even Erik didn't really think Gambit had been involved in this, more he was still angry over his recent break up. The majority of them assumed that it was over Gambit.

Logan then moved the meeting on, after warning against further interruptions. "We have a list of twenty six known labs of Sinister's including those long abandoned and connected to other agents. We are going to divide into teams and search each carefully. No one is to make a move until everyone is in place. Remy and Laura left already, though which lab he intends to hit is not known, so we will ignore his presence for now. We do not have the manpower to hit all twenty six at once, therefore we will hit six at a time, in teams of five, before moving to the next one. Any questions?"

"What if he has them in an unknown or new lab?" Rachel asked.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. It is unlikely he kidnapped them just to kill them, so though we need to get them back as quickly as possible, we also will operate under the assumption they are alive and together." Scott nodded, and the meeting was adjourned.

Remy had looked over the already familiar list again, to decide the most likely place to begin his search. Laura sat silently beside him, as she waited for his decision. With a sigh Remy finally replied. "The others will be out helping soon as well. I think we should start at the closest and make our way outward from there."

Laura nodded and they headed toward the first on the list. A huge underground facility in upstate New York, long abandoned following a battle with the X-men. They arrived with in an hour of the kidnapping, to no signs of activity. At a glance, Remy knew they had never been there. Laura confirmed this quickly, but to be certain the lab was clear the duo broke in anyway.

The entire lab appeared to have been left unattended for years. There was a thick layer of dust covering every surface. Inside the operating theater there remained the evidence of a experiment left undone. The person involved, whoever they were was long gone, however there was gauze, scalpels and various bits of equipment was laid out in the area.

Remy glared at the room, in anger and fear. He feared for himself, via his memories, but more so he fear for his family. Sinister had no morals, the likelihood that he grabbed up the three of them and had meant them no harm was next to none. He was frozen, trapped in his memories and the thought of what could be happening to them. Sinister could have taken them anywhere and time was not on their side.

Laura stepped on a paper, causing the slightest rustle, it was enough to shake him back into the present. He regretted bring her. He didn't want her anywhere near Sinister. He announced there was nothing to find here, and led her quickly from the building. Their next stop was a couple of miles away, but Remy was considering sending her home.

Laura seemed to sense his thoughts though and assured him that she was both fine and intended to continue to search for the others. Remy nodded, but didn't agree. He wanted to leave her and Jubilee out of this completely but he knew they were going to be involved. He pulled out his phone to call Logan.

He explained the first lab was cleared on the list, and that they were heading toward the second. Logan in turn explained the plan, and Remy agreed to meet up with Logan's group at the next lab, either they would find Lee and the babies there or he would send Laura on with Logan.

Laura wasn't happy with the plan and made sure that Remy knew it. She told him she had no intention of staying behind, either she was going with him or another team. He sighed heavily, deciding that the fight could wait until they got to that point, hopefully it would be settled at the next lab, and they would be found.

Lee woke slowly, her head pounding. The first thing she noticed was that she was tied down somehow. She opened her eyes, and saw that she appeared to be in some sort of hospital room, only she was strapped to the bed. It took her a minute to remember what happened as fear gripped her.

"Ah, Mrs. LeBeau you are awake." Said a voice above her head. " I will admit, I have been lax in my surveillance of Gambit, however it is curious that he recently acquired a wife and two children."

"Where are my babies?" Lee croaked, her throat dry.

"In due time. " The voice replied a a tall, pale man walked into her line of sight with a large syringe. " They will need to be tested, of course, to determine how diluted his genes became mingled with an inferior product."

"What?" Lee asked, terrified, and attempting to struggle against her restraints.

"He chose to breed with you, an inferior subject and produce two offspring. Though I does seem perplexing that he was able to do so without my knowledge. " He said.

"You're Sinister. Remy told me about you. My children are not inferior." Lee replied.

"That remains to be seen." Sinister replied, as he injected her.

Lee slipped back into darkness before she could protest. When she next awoke she was in a cell, she was in nearly unbearable pain everywhere, however at the sound of her son's whimper she sat up and looked around.

Across from her, in a tall crib the child had no hope of climbing out of, was Anton. Aside from a bandage on his arm he appeared unharmed. Adalyn was not easily in sight. Lee climbed shakily to her feet and crept to her son. She carefully lowered the bars before lifting him into her arms. Hugging him tightly, Lee went back to her cot and sat down.

She examined the child, and saw no wounds aside from a prick under the bandage on his arm. She had no idea if they had injected him with something or drawn blood, but he appeared alright. Next she looked around again, in hopes of seeing some sign of her daughter.

There was a second crib in the room, so she assumed they intended to return her, but at the moment she was gone. Lee tried to remain calm. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever thought something like this could happen to her.

The sound of a key in the lock drew her attention, as Blockbuster and Vertigo entered the room, Adalyn limp in Vertigo's arms. Lee started to stand but was commanded to stay still. She asked what was wrong with the baby and was told the child would be fine.

As soon as they left the room Lee went to the crib and gathered Adalyn into her arms before going back to sit with Anton. "Don't worry. Daddy's coming. " Lee said to the children, trying to comfort herself as much as them.

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