Chapter 45

Chapter Forty-Five

August 2013

Remy was frantic. It had been nearly three weeks since Lee and the babies had been taken, and they had searched everywhere they could think of. They had searched every known or possible location any of them could imagine, and they had found nothing.

Every passing day he became more and more frantic. The longer they took, the less likely they would find them. They had managed to talk him into coming back to Utopia to attend the meeting. They were thinking about asking for additional help.

Remy was trying to sit still, but he just wanted to get back to the search. They were wasting time as far as he was concerned with the rehashing of all of their steps. Hank had pulled up a large map onto the projection screen and there were red dots over all of the areas searched.

As Scott and Logan went over the map and the list explaining the lack of evidence and trail in each location Remy stared at the map. Something was missing, he could see it, he was just missing what it was. He pulled out his now wrinkled and smudged list and was checking it against the map. Ignoring the others in the room as his began checking off the highlighted areas.

"In conclusion, unless someone has another idea, we have exhausted our resources. We need to call in help." Scott said pointing to the map.

The others nodded as Remy stared at the dots for a few minutes. He then stood and walked slowly to the front of the room, wanting to look closer. Normally Scott or Logan would have been annoyed that he wasn't paying attention, but the man hadn't slept more than an hour or two at a time since this started, and even that was by force. They didn't know how much longer he could keep this up.

"Seattle isn't on de map." Remy finally said.

"I'm sorry?" Scott asked.

"Seattle. It ain't on this map. I gave Pryde the location, it was on the printout , it ain't on the map." Remy replied. "Did no one search it?'

T here was a brief silence as the others checked their information. It was confirmed quickly that it had been overlooked, and was in fact missing from the second printing of the list, likely thanks to computer error.

With in ten minutes they were in the air on their way to Seattle. Normally Remy would have insisted on things like surveillance, as would Scott, however they had avoided this step, none of them wanting to delay the rescue anymore than they had to.

With in an hour they had arrived and right away Laura and Logan confirmed activity. Emma quickly confirmed that there were prisoners, but never having read Lee she couldn't say for certain it was her. With out delay they attacked. The team divided into three parts, one went to the cells, one to the labs, and the third in search of Sinister.

Remy led the charge into the cells, he was shocked at the lack of resistance. There had been only one guard at the beginning of the prisoner corridor and none before. Remy quickly knocked out the guard who was new to them. The man was small, thin, and appeared to be completely out of his element. There wasn't a battle at all to speak of. Remy pulled his staff and cards, the man stepped forward, and Remy dodged the first blow. He then swung his staff at the other man, who crumpled to the floor.

Not taking the time to be concerned over this, they began quickly checking the cells, with seemed to be mostly unoccupied. In the first cell, Laura and Bobby found a weakened man, who could barely lift his head from his cot when they came in. He was covered in green scales and bandages. Reassuring him that they were there to save him, they quickly moved him to a gurney and Bobby wheeled him out of the room. They went toward the plane, Laura watching for trouble while Bobby pushed him along.

Jubilee and Kitty found nothing in the second cell, though it appeared to be recently occupied, so they turned their attention to the fifth. As they entered the fifth cell and Poitr and Rachel entered the third, Remy entered the fourth.

Remy immediately saw his children, sleeping in their cribs, and their mother no where to be seen. He scooped up both children and left the cell as Jubilee and Kitty came out of the other, leading a scared and weak looking woman, and Piotr and Rachel came out alone.

With the area cleared they led the other prisoners toward the exit, Remy holding both his babies and leading the way. As soon as they reached the plane though, he handed the babies to the girls as he stated. "I'm going back to help look for Lee, mind the babies."

Meanwhile, Logan led the charge into the labs. Hank right beside him, with the plan of gathering any and all documentation of what was done to the prisoners here including the three they came to rescue. As they entered the first area, the alarms sounded from the prison area. Ignoring the blaring sound they pressed forward, and quickly found Lee as the sole occupant of the lab at the moment. She was strapped to the table, but was unconscious. An IV drip helped Hank to determine she was likely drugged, but other injuries were unclear.

Remy rushed into the room,while Hank did a quick exam in ensure moving her would not create injuries. With a nod Logan and Hank moved Lee to a gurney, as Remy reached their sides.

"No one was here when we arrived, we sent the others ahead to help Cyclops' team." Logan said to Remy.

"I shall transfer her to the plane. " Hank said, and began pushing the gurney. Remy nodded toward Logan and then went with Hank.

As much as Remy wanted to join in the battle, he didn't want to leave his family. It wasn't a choice for him really in that he never hesitated, he would stay with the children and Lee. He felt badly enough over leaving the babies with the girls to go in search of Lee.

Scott and his team were disappointed in their search. They found no sign of Sinister though they were able to locate several of his men. The battle was short lived once it began. Scott took out Prism with out Prism landing a single blow. There were a handful of unknown lackeys who were quickly taken out of the fight by Emma,Kitty, and Rachel. Rogue knocked out Blockbuster without much of a fight.

Logan joined his team along side Scott, and most of Remy's team in the battle in the corridors. They had seen no sign of Sinister or his favored minions. There were a great many new recruits to battle, but even in that it seemed low on guards.

Scott was worried about a trap, but they pressed forward anyway, fighting along the path in search of Sinister or his Marauders. They finally came across Blockbuster, who seemed on his way out of the building. Scott and Logan attacked at the same time but were knocked back as Emma and Rachel attempted to enter his mind and Rogue slipped around behind him.

Rogue quickly absorbed him as the others continued to fight, the battle over moments later. " Sinister's gone. He left just before we entered the building." Rogue said searching Blockbuster's memories. " He knew we'd arrived and took his more valuable projects. Blockbuster isn't sure why he left Lee and the babies. At first he ordered them grabbed, then he changed his mind."

Scott ordered they move back out. They arrived back at the plane with in minutes, Hank enlisting the help of several parties to carry out all of the files they found. As soon as the plane took off Hank began reading through the files, starting with the victims they had rescued.

He quickly confirmed for Remy that whatever he had planned for Anton and Adalyn he hadn't begun yet, before diving into the files for Lee and the others.

Hank was able to determine that Lee was drugged but was otherwise stable enough to transfer. Logan and his team were on their way shortly there after, wanting to get away from the west coast as quickly as possible, not that it would have any impact on Sinister if he attempted to return for his prisoners.

Lee woke somewhat on the flight home, and saw Remy sitting next to her, Adalyn and Anton both asleep in his arms.

"...Remy?" Lee whispered.

"Lee, it's okay now, we found you, you'll be safe." Remy replied softly.

"I'm sorry, I did everything I could to protect them. " Lee said. "I knew you would find us."

"I'm sorry, I never stopped looking." Remy said. Lee nodded as she drifted back to sleep. Remy looked up a Hank, who shook his head.

"She's drugged, I do not know the extent of what occurred yet, I am still reading through her file. We'll know more when we get her home."

Remy nodded, and continued to watch over his family. The girls sitting right beside him, and the babies in his lap, as the others tended to the other prisoners.

Lee woke once more in a lab. She cried out, assuming that she had dreamed the rescue, until Remy appeared at her side. "It's okay, you're safe now." He comforted.

Hank appeared in the room a moment later. He had completed her file and was now trying to determine how badly she had been injured. So far he had found no lasting injuries, or even anything beyond bruising. He had read the file though, and had expected as much.

Sinister had been experimenting on her ability to heal, and had increased it temporarily. Well temporarily as far as he could tell. It had been among several experiments Sinister had preformed on the woman. He had noted toward the end of the file that she was an acceptable subject after all.

Hank was disturbed but unsurprised by the contents of the file. Sinister was not known for kindness to his test subjects. Hank had chosen not to tell Remy about what the file said beyond that she would be fine in a day or two.

He now approached Lee, and she shrank away form him. She realized that it was foolish and that Hank wasn't the one that had hurt her, but she wasn't rational at the moment either. Hank smiled down at her in an attempt to calm her fear.

"You are remarkably close to completely healed. This is not surprising considering what was in the file." Hank began. "However, there is one or two items in the file that we need to discuss.

Lee nodded, and Hank pulled up a chair, before asking if she was alright with Remy staying or if she wanted him to responded that she wanted Remy to stay, and Remy sat on the edge of her bed. He held her hand as Hank talked about the experiments conducted, including that he had no idea if her higher ability to heal was permanent or if it would wear off in time. Lee nodded through it, as Hank went on for several minutes. Finally, Remy interrupted, asking if it was really necessary to make her relive all of that right now. Hank apologized and said Lee was free to go as long as she remained in the school for a day or two.

It wasn't until they were on their way upstairs to Remy's old room when thought of his agreement with Rogue. He didn't expect she would say anything at the moment, but he decided he would talk to her about it when he went to gather the babies from the girls' room. He had sent the babies upstairs with the girls when Hank said he needed room, about five minutes before she woke up.

After he got Lee settled in, and she asked for the babies, he left in search of Rogue and the children. He passed the girls' room and told them to go see Lee in his old room, then headed sown to the main floor in search of Rogue.

He finally found her in the kitchen, preparing dinner for the school, which thankfully was mostly empty thanks to summer break. " Rogue, I need to talk to you for a minute. " Remy said as he walked up to her.

"Go ahead." Rogue replied, putting the vegetable knife down and facing him.

"I know our agreement. The problem is Hank wants Lee to stay here for a few days to make sure she's okay. I can't just leave her here and take the kids somewhere else. I promise to stay out of your way though and-"

"I ain't going to force you to honor it. "Rogue replied cutting him off. "She needs to be here, and so does the baby. I'll just stay out of y'alls way. Sides if I made a huge stink about it, everyone would either figure out what was going on or just think I was being a jealous ex or something. Hank's right, she needs to be here. Lord knows what all Sinister did to her."

"Merci." Remy said smiling at her. "An' if you wanna see the baby while we're here just let me know."

"...I'll think about it." Rogue replied, turning back to her cutting. "I'll have someone send you up dinner later."

Remy headed back to his room, where he found Lee sleeping once more, the babies both asleep with her in the bed. Remy laid down next them intending to keep an eye on them until she woke. An hour later Laura crept into the room to deliver their dinner and found the four of them sound asleep, the weeks of next to no sleep had finally caught up to Remy. Wordlessly, she crept back out, leaving a not on the nightstand that she would put their plates in the fridge.

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