Chapter 46

Chapter Forty-Six

September 2013

Remy was torn from sleep from the sound of a scream. Sitting up suddenly with his heart racing he looked around, ready to fight. Once he was fully awake, he sighed, laying back down. It had been like this every night since he had gotten them back. The babies seemed largely unaffected, but Lee's nightmares were constant.

He hugged her to him, and whispered it would be alright, as she slowly calmed. By the time she was again sleeping peacefully he heard a rap at their door. He had expected, weeks ago, for Logan or Rogue to suggest they had overstayed their welcome at the school, but so far it hadn't happened.

As he climbed out of bed he suspected that was about to change. In a way he understood. With the kids returning for the school year soon it would be difficult to deal with these situations. On the other hand, he was scared on leaving his family vulnerable again.

Logan waited on the other side of the door, and wordlessly Remy followed him down to the offices, before either said anything.

"Her nightmares are getting worse. She needs to talk to Hank." Logan said as they sat down.

"What she needs is time. I've been there." Remy replied with a frown. "Sitting down there in the lab ain't gonna help her none."

"She needs help, and she can't just wait it out. Hank says she ain't been down to see him since he released. We don't even know what all was done." Logan replied, sitting back in his chair as it creaked heavily.

"So you want to make her a lab rat? You of all the people here know what it's like and-" Remy began, Jumping back to his feet, red-faced.

"We need to know she's actually okay. You should want that too." Logan said, trying to keep his temper. He wasn't the best at this, since he did understand her aversion.

"She says she's fine. She just needs time." Remy replied, running a hand through his hair, and pacing. "She's been tired, and pale. I know. Spends a lotta time throwing up and sleeping. It's normal for her traumas. She also rarely sleeps for long. She spends large parts of the night just laying there awake. I was the same way for awhile after- "

"Is she at least talking to you about it?" Logan asked, tired sounding, as he gestured for the other man to sit back down.

"...No. I'm not gonna push her either."

"This ain't about pushing her. It's about helping her. I know she's pretending to be fine. She's with those kids all the time, and you would never know something's bugging her, but it is Remy. I can sense it,everyone can."

"Are you saying she's sick or that everyone is sick of her?" Remy asked.

"I'm saying she needs to talk to Hank. I can see if he'll meet her in your room instead, to avoid the lab, but she needs to talk to someone Remy." Logan replied.

"I'll talk to her about it." Remy replied. "Is there anything else?"

"No. Not right now. Rogue is still suspending your agreement. I think she's glad to have the child near by, even if she isn't saying it." Logan replied.

" Too bad it took nearly losing her to realize it." Remy said. "I agree. She's been hanging around wherever Lee and the kids are, just standing there watching. I think she wants to be involved."

Logan agreed, and they headed back to bed, neither satisfied with their conversation, but Remy relieved they hadn't been asked to leave yet. He still felt it was coming, but he was hoping for more time. When he arrived back in his room, Lee was awake, sitting against the headboard and holding the now nearly asleep Adalyn.

Anton was asleep peacefully in his crib in the corner. Adalyn was almost ready to return to her own. Lee smiled weakly at Remy before whispering. "Sorry bout the nightmare. Did I wake you again?"

"You have nothing to apologize for. It isn't your fault this happened to you." Remy replied, sitting down next to her. "Logan thinks you should see Hank, he's worried about you."

"I'm fine. I just...I need time to adjust." Lee replied. "If it'll make him feel better I'll go see him in the morning."

"Is something wrong? Logan had me concerned." Remy replied

"I'm fine Rems. I don't hurt anywhere anymore. In fact I healed up faster than I ever have before." Lee replied as she gently slid off the bed to place the baby back in her crib.

"Maybe that's what he's worried about. Whatever that monster did, it may have messed with what you can do." Remy answered as she climbed back into bed.

"So be it. Not like it can be changed." Lee said.

"If you need to talk about it, any of it, I'm here. I won't push."Remy said.

"I know." Lee replied, climbing back into bed. "You always are. I don't want to-"

"You won't upset me. Well it already upsets me, but it helps sometimes to talk about it. I swear no matter what it is, I'm not mad at you." Remy said, hugging her. "Mais, I think you need to talk about it, and I think it'll be be easier to talk to me than Hank. "

Lee agreed. "...He knew. Well he didn't know, at first, but he knew I was a mutant. I told him, to protect the kids. I think Daddy would understand."

"Of course he would!" Remy assured her. "Sides, that just His mind games, making you confirm it. He already knew, when he took blood samples from you. I assume that's how he still starts."

"Me and the kids. But then he was talking about them being inferior products, being only half good gene-stock...I know what he does with inferior products, Remy. I had to tell him." Lee said. Remy wearing his best poker face as she did. She hadn't told him anything so far, and he couldn't let her see how much this upset him to hear. She went on to explain the 'experiments' she remembered, and how he got her to summit by convincing her that the children would be safe as long as she behaved. He knew, or suspected that Sinister had been lying to her to get her cooperation, he would have known the children's paternity by the tests he ran.

Lee talked for hours, as she finally reached the end of her story the sounds of the school stirring around them grew. Remy smiled at her as he promised it was over now, and he insisted she try to sleep for awhile, promising to bring her some breakfast.

Lee laid back down, as Remy gently woke the babies and got them ready for the day before carrying Adalyn out of the room, Anton's hand in his. They reached the kitchen as the rest of the staff did. Remy settled the babies in with their breakfast, as Logan sat next to them. As Remy filled his own bowl with cereal, Logan cleared his throat.

"Have you given anymore thought to what I said last night?" Logan asked.

"I talked to her, yes, did I ask her? No. I'm not going to." Remy answered, setting down his spoon.

"She needs to see a doctor Gumbo and-"

"Look I don't know or care what you think you may know. There's nothing wrong with my wife,Logan." Remy said his voice raising slightly as he talked." Nothing Hank can do anyway. She just went through hell and back, did everything she could think of to protect our kids, and was subjected to horror most people don't even dream of. She needs time, she needs compassion. But the last thing she needs it to be stuck in some damn lab while someone else pokes and prods her!"

"Remy I think he's just voicing his concern-" Kitty said, interrupting.

"No! She told me what happened. Hank has her records. No one else needs to be involved in this. I know you all are just trying to help, but you're not." Remy said, attempting to keep his voice calm so he didn't upset the kids. " If you had been through this you would get it."

"I have been through it." Logan said. "But she ain't me kid. She needs to be checked out, her body isn't gong to just fix whatever is done to her."

"This conversation is over." Remy replied, turning back to his children. Logan sighed and shook his head.

He feared Remy's experiences were coloring his judgment in the situation, but he wasn't going to be able to talk Remy into anything, he needed to get Hank to talk to him instead. Before anyone else could say anything the girls came in, like with Christmas Logan had arranged for any of the kids normally stuck here to stay with a sponsor family for the summer so no other kids were around at the moment.

Rogue, who had silently watched the exchange, bit her lip for a moment and then asked. "May I hold her?" before she could lose her nerve.

Remy smiled slightly at Rogue, who had never asked before, and nodded. "No problem, let me just finish feeding her real quick."

A few minutes later a fed and freshly cleaned Adalyn was deposited into her arms. The eleven month old stared up at the stranger for a few minutes, before looking around as if to ensure her father was still there, assured she started to babble and chew on her fingers.

"Does she always do that?" Rogue asked, as she pulled the baby's fingers away and handed her a toy.

"Oui. She's cutting teeth, just now." Remy replied. "Logan will you hep the girls watch the babies? I promised Lee I'd bring her breakfast."

"Sure not a problem." Logan replied, he had decided to drop the other matter for now.

Kitty perked up when Remy had asked Logan. She said as Remy prepared eggs and toast. " I can help, I love babies, I can play with Anton for awhile."

"Sure Kitty, thank you." Remy replied. Assured that there were plenty of eyes on the babies, he headed upstairs with Lee's breakfast.

Logan finally managed to track Hank down later that day, as Hank had been spending a lot of his time down in his lab recently. He was staring at a slide in his microscope when Logan came in. Logan quickly explained Remy's stubborn refusal to ask Lee to come down for a check up, and that he thought it might work better coming from the doctor.

Hank argued that it could have the opposite affect as Remy was already wary of the lab long before any of this had happened, and that it may make him more resolute in his refusal to have the doctor bring it up. Logan argued with him for a few more minutes, before he promised to try.

Meanwhile, Ororo had decided to visit the LeBeaus, since she hadn't seen much of them lately, even being in the same house. She knocked on the door to their room and was called in by Remy who was in the middle of changing a diaper.

"I wanted to check on you all, and ask if Lee might want to have lunch with me in the garden." Ororo stated when she entered the room, looking around for the woman in question.

"She's in the bathroom, should be out in a minute." Remy replied as his daughter squirmed and attempted to flip over before he was finished. He gently turned her back onto her back and fastened the diaper before she could move again.

"You have become quite the expert on that." Ororo commented, smiling down at the baby.

"Tween Ton and dis one gotta be." Remy replied, as Lee walked back into the room and greeted Ororo.

"As I just said to Remy, I wanted to invite you to lunch in the garden. I assume you would appreciate a break, but felt you were unlikely to want to leave the grounds at this time." Ororo said.

"Thank you, Remy would you mind?" Lee asked, referring to him now having to handle lunch alone. Remy quickly informed her it was fine and she left with the other woman as Remy finished dressing the children.

After they had settled in the garden, Ororo smiled and asked. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, really. Did Logan ask you to ask?" Lee replied.

"Yes. I was concerned as well however. I know that Henry was concerned that you never returned for a check up, and we all know you are still experiencing nightmares."

"I don't want to see the doctor, nor so I need to see the doctor, I apologize for disturbing your sleep, I am doing better with that as well.'

"No one expects you to just move on on your own, Lee, we want to help you." Ororo replied. "Henry just wants-"

"I don't need the doctor, I'm fine." Lee replied, growing irritated.

"I know you do not believe you do, however-" Ororo began.

"No, I know. If you'll excuse me." Lee replied as she stood intending to go back inside.

"Did you tell Remy everything that occurred?" Ororo asked as Lee was walking away. Lee froze before turning back to the other woman with a glare.

"I told him everything that happened. I am tired of this. Everyone always trying to say what is best for me and my family. I know what I'm doing and you'll just have to believe that or not." Lee said from the walkway before heading back toward the school.

Ororo sighed, she had suspected that the conversation would not go as well as Logan had hoped, but she had not expected to anger the other woman either. Sadly she began clearing up the table, lunch had been canceled at least this one had been.

As Lee entered the kitchen Hank approached her intent on asking her to come down to the lab for a check up. Much like Ororo before him, he was met with anger and refusal. He attempted to talk her into it as he followed her into the dining hall, where she went in search of her family.

She spotted the girls feeding the babies, but didn't see Remy anywhere, which was who she wanted to talk to, so after smiling in the kids direction she kept going. She quickly searched the building after finally shaking Hank, and found Remy in his office talking to Rogue.

"I have no problem with you being in Addy's life, Anna. I've told you that, over and over. Lee doesn't either. She encouraged me to continue to ask you, even when you were refusing." Remy said.

"I want to be part of your life too. I know I messed up, but can't we start over?" Rogue asked.

"No. We can be friends, yes, but together, never." Remy replied. "I'm married to Lee. She is the mother of my children. I wouldn't throw that away for anything."

"Adalyn is my daughter!" Rogue replied. "She couldn't even protect her and-"

"She did protect her Rogue! She gave more than you'll ever know to save those children. You aren't Adalyn's mother, you didn't want to be." Remy replied.

"I realized I was wrong. I realized you and that baby are what I wanted. I was scared and-"

"And it's too late to go back now." Remy said. "As I said, I want you to be part of Addy's life, but Lee isn't going anywhere."

"No. I'm not." Lee said, interrupting. "Remy when you're done here, I need to talk to you."

Lee walked away then, having no desire to hear the rest of the argument between them. She was frightened of the conversation, in a way. She knew as well as Remy did that they weren't a real couple, and he didn't love her the way he did Rogue. Rogue was offering him what he always had wanted, and she wasn't sure it was fair to expect him to turn her down.

The idea that she may lose Adalyn and her family terrified her though. She wasn't sure she could handle this right now with everything else that was going on with her. Slowly she made her way up to their room, still angry, but also now depressed.

Remy found her laying on the bed ten minutes later. Not asleep, but not really awake either. She was so exhausted anymore he hated to disturb her. He wanted to reassure her however, that his conversation with Rogue was unimportant. Lee was emotionally vulnerable right now and he was worried, as much or more as the rest of them.

"I started to pack. Then I realized, we have no where to go." Lee said when he closed then door.

"Why?" Remy replied, a little frightened of the idea of her running off on him. " Rogue was just blowing smoke. I told her it wasn't happening and-"

"Ororo invited me to lunch to continue the you need to go see Hank campaign." Lee interrupted. " I know this is probably the safest place on Earth to be right now, but I can't take all this Remy. Logan and his helpers constantly hounding me to do what they think is best. Kitty still trying to figure out how I fit into your life. Rogue's snide comments on my ability to be Addy's mom, the nightmares, it never ends! I just... I need to get away from here."

"Okay. We go to the loft until I find something else. I ain't leaving you alone though, not right now." Remy said as he headed toward the closet to pack. "I'll ask the girls if they want to come or stay here, but you, me, and the babies, we'll be outta here by nightfall."

"Thank you Remy." Lee replied, as she got back up to help him. Remy shooed her back to bed, telling her to take a nap and promising to take care of everything.

After he had packed everything, and Lee had fallen asleep, Remy went in search of the girls who were now in the tv room with the babies and most of the staff. He quickly explained that Lee was feeling crowded and overwhelmed, so they would be leaving today and asked the girls if they wanted to go too, or stay here until they found another house.

Both girls said they were going and went upstairs to pack while Logan frowned and Kitty pouted. Kitty liked having the LeBeaus there, and since apologizing she and Lee were becoming friends. Logan wasn't happy about them being off on their own somewhere when the other team was still trying to track Sinister, and he made sure to let Remy know that.

Remy then informed him both of Lee's upset over the constant demands of her returning to the lab, and what Rogue had just done in his office, attempting to talk him into leaving his wife and to give her another chance.

"The worst part is Lee heard her. She's vulnerable right now, and she ain't said anything, but I know that upset her too." Remy said.

"Okay. I get it, but you have to keep us informed. We are trying to help here." Logan replied, frowning over it all. Remy agreed, and took the babies upstairs to put them down for a nap before they left. Logan in turn went in search of Rogue to find out what she was up to this time, Ororo and Hank had been in the room with Logan and the girls, and were upset as well, feeling as though the pushed her away.

Logan found Rogue in the kitchen and demanded to know why she was trying to cause trouble now. Rogue told him it wasn't any of his business and it was between her and Remy. The two got into a screaming match with Rogue telling Logan to mind his own business and Logan telling her that she was being selfish. In the end they both walked away angry.

Kitty found Rogue waiting in her room later, wanting to talk about it all. As soon as Kitty walked in, after seeing the LeBeaus off, Rogue asked. "Am I a horrible person?"

"What?No why?" Kitty said in response.

"Logan said I helped drive Remy away." Rogue said. "He said because I wanted to...I don't even know what I wanted to do, but you know."

"You were a factor. I was standing there when Remy said they were leaving. Logan and Hank and Storm hounding Lee to go back to the medlab was a factor too." Kitty said. " I don't get it Rogue. You wanted nothing to do with him all this time, and now that he's dealing with all this you pursue him? I don't think you're a bad person or anything, but still, your time is way off."

"I-I don't know. I didn't want anything to do with her until she was gone, which I know is messed up, but I don't know. I just." Rogue said. "I guess I just always assumed Remy would wait for me to figure it out."

"It's too late for that now." Kitty replied. "I admit I don't know the details of their lives, Rogue, but you saw how he searched for them, all three of them. Lee's his wife."

"I know. I feel terrible, even suggesting he leave her, and when I said she didn't protect the kids-"

"You said what? "Kitty said shocked.

Rogue went on to explain their entire conversation and Kitty frowned at the story, before advising her. "Well , trust me, I know from personal experience. If you want any hope of being friends with Remy again, you need to apologize both for asking him to leave her and for anything rude you said about her. He'll hold a grudge over it."

Rogue nodded and they continued to talk for awhile before Rogue headed back to her own room, not really feeling any better, and now feeling guilty over playing a part in there choice to leave. If anything were to happen now, she knew she'd blame herself...and she probably wouldn't be alone.

Meanwhile, they arrived at the Loft, and were unpacking, the girls would be staying in the guest room, and Lee and the babies would be sharing Remy's room as they had in the mansion. Remy ordered dinner and they started to settle in. Thankfully he had left furnishings at the loft, along with a cleaning service, when he decided to let it be used as a get away for the team members. So far no one had used it and therefore, aside from the portable cribs that they brought with them everything in the place was unused.

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