Chapter 47

Chapter Forty-Seven

September 2013

"She was right, you know." Lee said, as she beat the eggs for breakfast.

"Who?" Remy asked, looking up from his laptop. He was searching for a new house, one even closer to the school if he could manage it.

"Rogue. She was right. I couldn't protect them." Lee answered, as she began cooking.

"You did everything you could to protect them, don't believe her for an instant." Remy said, as he hugged her.

"No. She was right. When they broke in all I could do was run." Lee said, as she slipped out of his embrace. " I can't fight, I don't know how. It's been bothering me all week. Well longer than that, but since we moved in here, it's really been bothering me. What if they come back?"

"I'll be here with you." Remy said as he tried to assure her. "I won't let them take you again."

"But see, that's still someone else protecting them, not me." Lee said. "I want to be able to protect them, and myself. I want you to teach me to fight."

"You never wanted to be part of the battles." Remy said, though he intended to agree.

"Well, they ain't leaving me out of it are they? I need to do this Remy. If you aren't comfortable teaching me, I can talk to Logan or Ororo."

"No. I'll teach you. I mean, if you want to learn from them too, that's fine, but I'll teach you too." Remy said.

"Thank you." Lee said. "Now, go wake the girls, breakfast is ready."

Remy was concerned over her desire to learn to fight. Even when they were on the run she had wanted to avoid it. Now though, she couldn't wait to start. After breakfast he asked the girls to stay with Lee and the babies while he ran over to the school to pick up a few things.

When he arrived at the school he was greeted by Logan and Kitty who wanted to know if everything was alright. He reminded them that if something had been wrong he would have called. Logan invited him to his office, and Remy asked Ororo to join them. As soon as they were all situated, he explained.

"Lee wants to learn to fight. She said and I quote ' Rogue was right I can't protect them, all I can do is run'. She wants me to teach her, but the two of you as well." Remy began. "To train her properly, I can begin at home without problem, but until we get a bigger place, I think we may need to come here. Normally, I would take her somewhere like a park, but I don't like the idea of being exposed right now, and-"

"You can start tomorrow if you want." Logan replied, cutting him off. "I'd be willin to help her too."

"As would I." Ororo added.

"Merci. In the meantime, I'd like to grab a couple of the sparing mats from the training room." Remy said as he stood.

The others agreed and he set out to gather what he needed. "Hank won't be happy with her training, not until he gets a chance to give her an all clear." Logan said to Ororo.

"You want her to get the all clear." Ororo replied. "Hank was concerned, but he was not pushing."

Remy wanted to start slow, of course, and began with simple defense moves. Lee did her best and caught on quickly but was soon worn out, long before he broke a sweat. As she sat there panting, he assured her that she had done well and it was to be expected that she would tire before him.

Lee was frustrated at how quickly she had been worn out. If it had been an actual attack, she may have bought a few minutes, but would have lost long before help arrived. She knew he was going easy on her too.

Remy promised they would practice everyday until she reached a level either she wanted to reach or where he felt she should stop, which ever happened first. She reluctantly agree, when he said it was enough for the first day, and they packed up the mats off of the living room floor before she went to take a shower and he made dinner. The girls had kindly kept Anton and Adalyn company for them.

This, Remy knew, was going to be another hurdle in a couple of days when school started. Though he had talked to Logan and he himself would be down to one day a week, when he could bring Lee and the kids along, but the girls would be going everyday, which meant they would have to work something else out while they practice.

Logan showed up while Remy was cooking to talk about Lee's training schedule. She was still in the shower, and the kids had taken over the tv when he arrived. Logan accepted the invitation to dinner. Remy was busy explaining how Lee did her first try, while preparing the pasta and Logan leaned on the counter, when the person in question walked into the room.

"I hear ya did good today." Logan said when he spotted her.

"I wore out." Lee replied. "I need to be able to last long enough for help to arrive at least."

"Lee, cher, you bein to hard on you. This is just the first day." Remy replied, he had already said this to her more than once, and now Logan was nodding as well.

"Remy went easy on me too." Lee said with a frown.

"Of course I did. This wasn' bout beating me, or me beatin you. This time and the next few times, are about learning the moves. Then we'll spar for real." Remy replied, as he pulled the garlic bread from the oven.

"So Remy said you wanted me and Ro to work with you too?" Logan interrupted, noticing that this conversation was likely to go in circles.

"Yes." Lee replied. " I would like that, if you don't mind."

"Not a problem. Remy has to come in tomorrow anyway, to greet the kids coming back, we can start tomorrow afternoon." Logan said.

Lee was clearly happy with this response, and that Logan hadn't brought back up the lab again, as she thanked him and called the children to dinner. During dinner Laura and Jubilee both offered to teach her what they knew as well, and she thanked them, stating that she would think about it.

Remy had hoped that the work out so late in the day, along with playing with the children all evening would wear her out enough to keep the nightmares at bay. It worked for him usually, and for Logan at times. Shortly after he had drifted to sleep however, he was once more ripped from sleep by his wife's screams.

As he held her and attempted to calm her fears he hoped that this would soon fade. Perhaps while learning to defend herself, it would calm her fears. He could hope at least, because she wasn't getting better, despite his attempts to claim otherwise to his friends. The nightmares and headaches, along with the frequent vomiting and weak spells were if anything, getting worse outside of the school.

Lee had finally fallen back to sleep and Remy gently tucked her back in, before climbing out of bed in search of a bottle of water. When he came out front he was momentarily surprised to see both girls at the kitchen island, chatting softly and eating leftovers.

"What are you doing up at this hour?" Remy asked as he pulled his bottle from the fridge.

"We haven't been to bed yet." Jubilee replied. "Is Lee okay?"

"She's asleep again. What do you mean you haven't been to bed? I told you to get some sleep an hour ago."

"We were not tired." Laura replied. "We were talking about tomorrow."

"Yeah, first days are always exciting." Jubilee added. "Even if classes don't start until Monday."

Remy nodded in understanding. It was going to be a full day tomorrow. He hoped everything went smoothly. The girls sat with him until they were all finished, when then insisted they try to sleep and returned to bed himself. He hoped that he could sleep awhile before the nightmares woke Lee again.

The next thing he knew, Remy was jostled from sleep as Lee cried out a straggled moan and rushed from the bed. Sighing, he followed after her and held her hair back as she Leaned over the toilet. Eventually, he helped her back to bed, she was weak and pale.

"Maybe you should skip on training with Logan. You've been so sick." Remy suggested as they reached their room.

"I think it will help." Lee replied. "The nightmares are what's making me feel so sick, and the headaches. I think it will help the nightmares."

"Okay, but don't push yourself." Remy replied, as he gathered his clothes for the day. It was late enough now to get ready.

"I won't, I promise." Lee replied. Remy nodded, not really satisfied, but it was the best he was going to get.

After breakfast, they all piled into the car to head over to the school. Remy was behind the wheel, and Lee in the passenger seat next to him. As they approached the school, and were less than a block away, Lee pointed out of the window.

"How about that one? It has a sale sign." she said about the house ahead. Remy pulled over to get a better look. Though the location was ideal, with the back fence touching the school's fence, he had no idea from glancing at it if it had enough rooms, and it was a Victorian.

Lee had a long rooted fear of Victorian, Remy was aware of this, but she seemed to show no fear of it as she looked at the two story towering structure in front of them. He asked her if she would be okay with the house for that reason and she assured him that her childish fear had gone away long before.

Jubilee rolled her eyes, she wanted to get to the school, so she jumped out of the car long enough to pull a pamphlet from the available box. Remy shrugged at this and resumed up the driveway to the school as both girls read over the information provided.

"It has five bedrooms, and two and a half bathrooms." She announced as they pulled into the garage. Remy nodded and agreed to call for a tour after the beginning of the year assembly.

"Okay. Let's start with what Gumbo taught ya, and move from there." Logan said beginning his lesson with Lee.

They sat in what appeared to be a gym, with soft mats across the center of the floor and unfamiliar equipment lining the walls. Lee, as instructed was wearing a formfitting t shirt and yoga pants, along with track shoes. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail at the base of her neck trailing down her back nearly to her waist, and she wore almost no jewelry, nothing aside from her rings.

Logan, was dressed in his combat uniform, and was sitting across from her on the center of the floor, waiting for her to demonstrate what she had already learned. After about ten minutes of practice, Logan had a pretty good idea of her ability level and halted the practice to give her instructions.

"Okay. You're doing well, for a beginning. Your stance is too wide, makes you easy to knock over, and your hair is an easy weapon, it will get in your way, you need to do something with it. Also, you are putting too much momentum into your punch."

"What do you mean too much momentum? Isn't the whole point of a punch to hurt the other person?" Lee responded, blowing hair out of her face.

Logan attempted to explain what he meant, and then suggested that he show her. He told her to go again, and when she lunges forward to him him, as instructed, he used her momentum against her to knock her over his shoulder onto her back, her hair as he had warned about tangled both in her face and helping to trap her. She tried to brush it out of her face as she caught her breath and glared at him.

He silently offered her a hand to help her to her feet, and she reluctantly took, unsure if she should expect a trick. She had known Remy had been going easy on her, and Logan was her proof. As annoyed as she was thanks to her hard smack to the floor she was grateful he was being so hard on her. Even if he too, was going slow. If Sinister sent for her again, they wouldn't go easy because she wasn't ready, which meant to her she needed to be ready. Nodding silently, she steadied herself and agreed she was ready to try again.

Remy went in search of the girls and Lee around three when none of them had met him in the lobby. Anton trailed along side him, and Adalyn babbling in his arms. He located Jubilee first, she was talking a a newer boy Remy wasn't familiar with. He interrupted to remind her of the time, and ask if she had seen the others.

The boy frowned at first, over a teacher talking to her as if she had done something wrong by not being somewhere after hours, until he listened for a few minutes and realized something. As Remy walked away he suppressed a chuckle when he overheard the boy say. "Wait, is Mr. LeBeau related to you or something?"

"Yup. He adopted me and Laura, so he's my dad." Jubilee replied as she and the boy walked the other way heading toward the lobby to wait for Remy and the others.

Next Remy finally located Laura, who again was with a boy. Remy only took a moment to recognize Julian, Laura's long time sort of boyfriend. Remy swore he needed a score card to keep track the last few months, because the two had made up and broke up numerous times. He wasn't sure what status they stood in right now, until Julian kissed her.

"Okay, break it up you two. You're late Laura, and so was everyone else. Have you seen Lee? " Remy interjected.

The teens broke apart quickly, and Laura turned to Remy. " The last time I saw Lee, she was on her way to the Danger room with Logan, that was two hours ago."

"More like two and a half, go meet me in the lobby, I don't want to hunt you down again." Remy replied. He was no more surprised that Julian trailed behind Laura than he was the other boy followed Jubilee. It didn't really bother him either.

Admittedly, when Laura and Julian had originally broke up, he was fairly anti-Julian, but the boy had made up to her since then, and though they had their fights, they seemed rather happy to treat each other right most of the time.

Remy then headed downstairs in search of Logan and Lee. He assumed like the girls, they had been absorbed and lost track of time. However he didn't want Lee pushing herself too far, she had just begun her training and wasn't anywhere near ready for combat of any sort.

He reached the sublevels quickly and headed in the direction of the Danger room, when he spotted Logan walking toward him. " Hey where's Lee? I was told she was with you." Remy said, mildly concerned.

Logan frowned, raising Remy's concern, flashes of possible scenarios flew threw his mind such as she had been grabbed again or she was sick, or something of the like. Logan finally said. " I'm pretty sure she broke her wrist. We were sparring, it was an accident. "

"What happened?" Remy asked now headed in the direction of the med lab where he assumed his wife was.

"Mistiming is all. She went to attempt to land a blow, I moved wrong, and she made contact with the wall. She hit her head too.."

"How did she hit her head throwing a punch?" Remy asked.

Logan rubbed his neck as he replied. "She jumped from above to try to hit me."

"Jumped from where? You said you were starting with a gym SIM." Remy said just before they reached the lab.

"We started in a gym, we switched to a simple cityscape, when she pointed out she was unlikely to be attacked in a gym." Logan growled. "I know you wanna protect her, but she was right."

"She's not ready for combat training Logan! She's supposed to be learning self defense."

"She was!" Logan ground out angrily. " I know how to train someone."

"By attacking someone, jumping off of something? How it that self defense?" Remy stormed. " Was the cityscape really her idea or did you invent some reason to injure her slightly to get her in the lab?"

If looks could kill, both men would be dead by now, they looked like they were going to go a round in the danger room themselves. Logan heatedly denied Remy's accusation. Remy in turn refused to believe Logan that it was completely unplanned. Their war of words was interrupted by Hank poking his head out of the lab and inviting them in under the condition they stop fighting.

With a final glare, Remy nodded and followed Hank into the lab. Lee was sitting on the exam table, facing away from the door, and holding an icepack to her wrist. When Remy walked around to where he could see her, he noticed the rather large bruise on her forehead where she had presumably hit it as Logan had earlier said.

"You okay?" Remy asked, sitting down across from her, and pulling Anton into his lap. The boy had been frightened of the argument in the hall and immediately buried his face in Remy's shoulder while Adalyn stared wide eyed up at him, and chewed on her fist.

"I'll be fine. "Lee assured him. "It isn't as bad as Logan is making out, it's just a sprain."

"My dear, we can not possibly know that, unless you submit to an X-ray." Hank said, in a tone that suggested it wasn't the first time.

"Well then we shall have to just assume, won't we?" Lee replied. "I'm fine, Logan over reacted to begin with."

Remy frowned, as did Logan and Hank at this. Remy, because he suspected as much already that this was a set up and Logan and Hank because they felt she was downplaying her injury. Lee, meanwhile was trying to think of the best tactic to let her leave without further prodding.

"It would be in your best interest to examine the injury." Hank replied, still frowning.

"It would be in my best interest to seek treatment as I see fit." Lee replied. "My wrist if fine, look it's not even swollen anymore."

Lee held up her arm as proof. The bruise on her forehead was already faded as well. Logan's frown deepened at this. "Were you always a healer, or just since Sinister played with your make up?" Logan asked.

"Always was, just a little faster now." Lee replied with a shrug.

"She's telling the truth." Remy interjected before Logan could question further. "She always healed fast."

"My dear, we never spoke on the matter of the experiments completed on you before we arrived." Hank interrupted, he felt this was a good opening. " I have read through the files, and am familiar with many of the treatments...are you suffering any ill effects?"

"No." Lee said. "None at all."

"Are you completely certain? Some would take time to know." Hank added. Remy frowned looking from his now pale wife to the doctor and back again. Since he had never read the files himself, he had no idea what Hank may be worried about.

"I'm completely certain Dr. McCoy. I give my word." Lee replied, quietly.

"I feel it would be prudent to run a test to be certain." Hank said, not ungentle.

"Why? What's wrong with her? What did he do?" Remy asked, now frowning again.

"Nothing!" Lee said. "I'm fine, I swear."

"I've been told you have been feeling ill." Hank pressed on, ignoring Remy completely.

"I am having nightmares and panic attacks too, did they tell you that?!" Lee practically yelled.

"What is it?" Remy asked again, turning to Lee. "Is there something you didn't tell me?"

"Yes. But I'm fine it didn't work." Lee said. "I don't want you upset."

"What did he do that would upset me so much you can't tell me?" Remy asked, gently, he crouched slightly so he was face to face with her.

"Nothing important." Lee replied.

Logan cleared his throat, everyone turned to him at once, and he said. "It did work Darlin' take the test. I can tell you already know,or suspect."

Lee frowned at him, before nodding and holding out her arm for Hank to take a blood sample, then she turned to Remy who was growing more worried by the moment. " He wanted to know... He wanted to know what our child would be like if he souped me up. He still had your samples on file."

"What?" Remy asked, he stood pacing. "I'll kill him!"

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