Chapter 48

Chapter Forty-Eight

September 2013

After the had the children settled in for the night, Lee and Remy finally had the time to talk about what Hank had told them this afternoon. It hadn't really sunk in yet , for either of them. After they left the lab, they had gone and collected the girls, who had asked repeatedly what was wrong, before meeting with the real estate agent as scheduled.

They had all liked the house, Lee's favorite feature was it was divided from the school by a fence, just a fence, so if anything were to happen, she could get the babies to safety. Remy had suggested putting a gate in the fence, making it even easier to get to the school, and had promised to talk to Logan about it.

After they grabbed take out for dinner they had made it home, just in time to put Anton and Adalyn to bed. The girls disappeared into their room to watch TV and Remy and Lee took over the living room.

Jubilee had noticed that Laura was nearly as quiet as Remy and Lee had been all afternoon. She finally decided to ask her 'sister' what was wrong, once they were in their room.

"I do not know what's wrong, but I think it may be serious. Lee has been different since her return. I am concerned she is ill."

"I dont' know. I don't think Logan would 'just miss' her being sick, but there is something."

Laura and Jubilee continued to talk about what may be wrong while in the other room, Lee and Remy talked about how they were going to handle it. They had sat there silently at first, both lost in their own thoughts, before Remy started with, "So, he said he used my DNA then?"

"Yes." Lee replied. "We could always have Hank test it later if you wanted to know for sure." Lee replied.

"Non. We're married, and he is mine either way. I just want to know how much my own sins, are going to affect you is all." Remy replied. He had been cursing himself all afternoon and evening, once again going over the many reasons why he felt this whole thing was his fault. Starting with going to Sinister in the first place and ending with not being there when she was taken, and everything in between.

"She can never know how she came to be." Lee said, suddenly as she sat forward. "Promise Remy, please we won't ever tell him, or anyone else."

"I agree." Remy said, relieved and concerned all at once. He was worried for Lee and the baby, both their health and their future with Sinister on the fringes, but at the same time relieved that she wanted the baby. "We already said we wanted everyone to assume we were really married, for the babies, now , it's for three of them instead of two."

Lee nodded, and relaxed, the biggest fear passed. She had been afraid of how this would all work out, ever since she had guessed last week that she might be pregnant. But at the time she had hoped she was wrong. After all she had been under a great deal of stress and she still wasn't certain that her symptoms were related to the baby, and not the stress.

"I think we should wait until we get into the house to announce it." Lee said finally. "Maybe tell the girls before that, if they promise to keep it quiet."

"Okay. That's fine with me, either way." Remy replied.

They decided not to worry about it anymore tonight, and sat back to watch a movie before going to bed. Lee fell asleep shortly after the movie started, and after debating if he should wake her or let her sleep, he decided to go with the third option and carry her to bed. After he had tucked her in, he returned to the movie, wanting to unwind some more. The whole thing hadn't really registered yet.

He was still somewhere in between self blame, and surprise. Never had it occurred to him when he started down this new path that he would have another child. The idea of another baby didn't scare him nearly as much as it had last time, but it was still a bit frightened.


Remy finally calmed enough to sleep around two, he had fed Adalyn and put her back to bed before laying down himself. Less than an hour later, he woke once more to Lee's screams. He calmed her screams and held her as she cried. Lee suddenly bolted from their bed, and he sighed, running a hand through his hair. He hoped that this part, at least, was part of the hormones and she would recover quickly. He worried about her health.

Lee returned to bed awhile later, and smiling an apology laid back down in an attempt to sleep. He had begun to drift back off as well, when she thanked him for moving her to bed earlier. He assured her it was no problem, and drifted back off, only to be woken once more around four to Adalyn's cries, and Lee no where to be seen.

Remy panicked, half asleep as he was he was worried something had happened to her, he jumped out of bed and grabbed up his daughter before he went in search of his wife. When he found Lee moments later in the kitchen mixing a bottle he was relieved.

Looking from the now wide awake infant to the stressed half asleep man Lee stated. "I think she'll be up awhile, why don't you try to get some more rest." Before plucking the baby from his arms.

He nodded without another word and headed back to bed, the next time he woke the sun was in the sky and Anton's tiny foot was jabbed into his ribs. Next to Anton laid Adalyn, still asleep and half curled onto her brother. Lee laid on the other side of them, sleeping soundly.

Remy tried to gently move the boy's foot without waking him, but both children were already stirring. He climbed out of bed and picked up Adalyn, leading Anton into the kitchen he started breakfast. Lee joined them a few minutes later, the shifting of the weight of the bed had woken her.

Before they said more than good morning to each other, the girls' door creaked open and both girls walked into the kitchen, still looking like they were half asleep. Remy added some more eggs to the pan wordlessly, and turned to grab the bacon from the fridge while Lee spooned oatmeal into Adalyn's waiting mouth.

As soon as the bacon hit the pan, Lee dropped the spoon and ran from the room. Jubilee and Laura both stared after her surprised, before Jubilee took over feeding the baby and Laura cleaned the spill. A few minuted later, Lee returned, Remy had finished cooking and had done his best to air out the kitchen.

The two shared a look, before Remy turned to the girls. "Okay, here's the deal. I need you to promise that you won't say anything to anyone outside of this house."

Both girls nodded confused and Remy continued. "Lee and I have something important to tell ya, but we ain't ready for everyone to know yet."

"Okay." Both girls replied.

"When I say no one I mean no one, not boyfriends, not teachers, not-" Remy said.

"Oh Remy, I think they understand 'no one'. They aren't babies." Lee interjected. "What Remy is trying to say, is we are having a baby."

The girls both stared for a moment before Jubilee jumped up excited to hug them both and Laura congratulated them. Lee smiled at the both of them, and reminded them of Remy's warning, before Remy decided that he should get ready to go over to the school. With very little time left until classes started next week, he wanted to be as prepared as possible. Lee and the kids came with him, of course, he still wasn't ready to leave them alone.

They were about to get ready to leave when Remy got a call from the agent, stating the offer had been accepted. Everyone was excited about this news, and the girls rushed off to find something to wear. Lee finished cleaning up the kitchen while Remy cleaned the kids up. Afterward, he set them both done to play while he got changed. Lee had the same reaction as Remy to food throwing. Both felt it was a behavior to be curbed as soon as possible.


When they eventually arrived at the school,Lee looked disgruntled and sick again. Remy smiled over at her, and to distract her from her current misery, he told her he would talk to Logan today about the gate idea. Lee was happy to hear it, and smiled at him briefly as well, before frowning.

"What's wrong?" Remy asked her, seeing her frown.

"Logan and Hank aren't going to let me continue training you know." Lee replied.

"I know. I'll still work with you though we'll have to be careful, but we can do it." Remy replied.

Lee nodded, still annoyed at this thought, but at the same time understanding and relieved with their assumed positions on it. Relieved because it meant they cared too, and understanding because an accident like yesterday could have been so much worse.

Lee hadn't admitted it, even to Remy, but she was scared she would lose this pregnancy as she had so many others. It was why she had attempted to refuse the test in part. It scared her that so many people knew already, when she was having Anton she avoided telling anyone for as long as she felt she could.

They came inside, and the girls took off in search of the other teens, and Remy headed toward Logan's office to talk to him about the gate. Lee took the babies to the TV room, where they had set up a play area for the kids while the LeBeaus were staying there.

Lee settled the kids in, and then sat on the sofa, intent on reading, but drifted to sleep a few minutes later. When Kitty passed through on her way to the kitchen, she noticed Lee sleeping and the babies were safely corralled in the baby fenced area. She thought about it for a minute, then she wrote a quick note to Lee and took them to the kitchen for a snack.

Remy and Logan discussed the gate plan, before Remy said. "Lee an I are in agreement. Nobody needs to know how this baby came to be, we aren't going to tell him or her. Mais, we need you to promise not to tell anyone either."

"Ain't my place to say anythin to anyone bout it." Logan replied, calmly. " When are ya going to tell everyone?"

Remy explained they had decided to only tell the girls until after the move, and Logan nodded. It made sense to Logan, the further out from her kidnapping, the less likely anyone would make the connection. Rogue might not like the news either, Logan thought of next, but didn't voice it. She had toned it down after Remy and Lee moved out, but it was no secret at least to Logan and a few others that she was still hoping to get him hadn't thought of Rogue's reaction yet, or anyone's really. He knew some would be annoyed to learn that he would be off the active roster even longer now, but beyond that he hadn't worried about it.

Kitty led Anton into the kitchen by the hand as she carried Adalyn on her hip, not expecting anyone to be in there, so she was surprised to see Rachel and Rogue sitting at the table. The other two women looked up when she came in, and Rachel asked where Lee and Remy were seeing the babies.

Kitty said that Lee was asleep and she didn't know where Remy went, but she had left Lee a note that she had taken the kids. Lee had fallen asleep sitting up with a book in her lap so Kitty assumed she wouldn't sleep long. Rogue offered to help feed the kids, and Rachel smiled down at them.

Rachel then pondered out loud the Lee was probably still having trouble sleeping since she had drifted off like that, and Kitty agreed. Rogue offered to feed Adalyn and otherwise stayed out of the conversation. Kitty and Rachel changed the subject, noticing Rogue's silence.

Lee came in a few minutes later, visibly relaxing as soon as she spotted the babies. Kitty invited her to sit down, and Rogue made an excuse to hurry off. Lee watched the other woman leave before shrugging and turning her attention back to the babies. She had decided if Rogue wanted to avoid her, she wasn't going to try to force her to talk. Rachel and Kitty were both friendly with Lee, and though it hadn't caused any trouble so far, Rachel suspected it would eventually cause a strain if Rogue continued to try to avoid the subject.

Remy arrived in the kitchen a few minutes later, with Logan, and seeing the other ladies said "You were right, after your injury yesterday, Logan wants ya to take a break before more practice."

"I see." Lee replied. "What did Hank say?'

"Hank agreed with Logan, but said it was fine if you and me kept workin on it after a couple days. Apparently I'm easier on you." Remy replied.

"Wait Lee was hurt yesterday? You were hurt yesterday?" Kitty asked.

"No big deal, bump to the head, sprained wrist." Lee replied. "Logan thought it was worse than it was and drug me off to see Hank. I'm fine now."

Kitty frowned, since Logan didn't normally overreact to injuries, but just nodded. It hadn't been that long since Lee and her had started getting along, and she didn't want to push either LeBeau too much right now. Logan scoffed in the corner, but otherwise didn't say anything either.

"Anyway. Kitty, Rachel, would you mind watching the babies for about an hour? We have to go sign for the house." Remy said before the subject could continue. Kitty quickly agreed, and they left to take care of their paperwork.

"So why did you drag her to the lab over a minor injury?" Rachel asked after they left.

"I ain't telling you other people's business. " Logan grumbled. " I didn't overreact. I've been tryin to get her to go to a follow up appointment with Hank since she got back. It was a good opening."

Logan hadn't actually though of that at the time, but he wasn't going to tell anyone that Lee's wrist had been clearly broken when he had drug her from the danger room, her head hadn't been in good shape either. It wasn't until they reached the lab that he saw the chance to get her looked over. What was said down there wasn't going to be passed around by him though, even before Remy asked him to keep it quiet.

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