Chapter 49

Chapter Forty-Nine

October 2013

The bright light gleamed off the stark white walls and shiny metal surfaces, nearly blinding after the dimness of the cell. She was almost grateful for that, the brightness temporarily blinding her of things to come. Every day had become the same routine, she was dragged from her cell to the operating theater. There she was strapped to the table and made to wait for her tormentor, the whole time reminded the continued safety of her children was dependent on her co-operation. Every time they came for her it meant unimaginable pain, every time.

Sinister seemed intent on testing the limits of her endurance, over and over, until she either cracked under the pressure or died, she wasn't sure which. Every day though it was the same. He would inject her with various serums, then he would begin. They seemed to take great pleasure in breaking bones and making slashes as he watched, only stopping when he halted them. Lee refused to learn their names, they were monsters, that's all she cared about; that and as long as she behaved they left her babies in peace.

Lee woke once more screaming, as Remy gently shook her shoulder whispering it was okay. She was shaking as he gathered her into a hug, she cried into his shoulder as he wished there was something he could do. It had been like this every night since her return. Remy kept hoping that it would fade.

Finally she composed herself, and refusing to try again to sleep, she climbed out of bed to finish what packing was left. There wasn't much for her to do, since they would be moving to their new house in the morning with the help of the others again.

Eventually, nervous energy ran at and she reluctantly returned to bed, to find Remy had finished packing their room in her absence. He had given her the space he felt she had needed, but hadn't wanted to return to bed with her still awake and suffering.

As they climbed back into bed, he hugged her once more and asked her if she needed to talk about it. She silently shook her head, and together they finally drifted back to sleep.


The next morning arrived far to early for both of the adult LeBeaus though the girls had snuck in sometime before they woke and taken the babies to the living room, to allow them to sleep in. They had fed, washed, and dressed the two little ones as well as packed away the last of their own things by the time Logan arrived.

"I got a few downstairs waitin to take y'all over." Logan said as he walked into the apartment, before looking around and adding. "Where are they?"

"We let them sleep in." Jubilee said, "I'll go wake em now, didn't realize how late it had gotten."

Logan nodded, and Jubilee went to go wake Remy and Lee as Logan helped Laura occupy the children. Anton and Adalyn were interested in all of the boxes that had taken over what had recently been their play area and were attempting to go through them. Adalyn had begun standing on her own that week, adding to the difficulty of keeping them out of things.

Remy emerged a moment later, with Jubilee in tow. He announced that Logan and the others could get started if they were ready, and that Lee would be along in a few minutes. Jubilee and Laura immediately took the two babies down to the car in the garage, to head over to the new house. It had been decided, reluctantly, that it was best to take them over before the moving started to keep them from being underfoot.

Bobby,Hank, and Jonothon had come with Logan for the sole purpose of escorting the children to their new home, as Remy was well aware that Lee would not be comfortable with them going on their own. Logan remained to help Remy load the boxes into the back of his truck. All of the furniture was staying in case someone needed to borrow the loft, and their new house had received it's own furniture the day before, thanks to deliverymen who had also assembled it.

Remy had planned a party to thank everyone for there help the last few weeks, and to celebrate both Adalyn's first birthday and Anton's second birthday. They had missed their intended birthday party for Anton, though everyone carefully avoid the reason behind and Lee had also decided that this would be a good time to announce the upcoming arrival of their next child.

Logan, Remy, and Lee arrived a about thirty minutes after the children and their guards. Everyone came outside to help bring in the boxes and crates, and soon everything was at least put in the room it was intended to go. Afterward, they all filed into the backyard, where with the exception of the majority of the student body, the residents of the school were waiting.

Rogue had debated coming, since she wasn't sure how welcome she would be after her behavior a couple of weeks ago, but they were celebrating Adalyn's first birthday and she didn't want to miss it. For the LeBeaus part, neither of them cared that she was there and were in fact happy that she decided to attend the party, for Adalyn's sake.

Remy still held out hope that he and Rogue could regain a friendship, that would allow her to be part of his daughter's life without her disrupting or under-minding his family. When he spotted her in the yard, sitting between Kitty and Rachel, he smiled.

After the cake and the children's presents, but before anyone could begin to wander off, Remy stood and cleared his throat. After he had everyone's attention he began. "First I would like to thank all of you for helping us so much the last few months, and for the gifts you brought for the children's birthdays. It means a lot to us that you care so much for our children. With that in mind, I would also like to make an announcement." The crowd murmured their response at this before Remy continued. " Lee and I recently received wonderful and welcome news. We are expecting another child."

Kitty and Rachel both squalled in happiness, as Bobby and Jonothon offered their congratulations, and Ororo hugged Lee. Logan nodded in approval of the way the announcement was handled, as did Hank, who both offered their best wishes as well, Logan's gruff as usual. Julian, one of the only two students at the party offered his congratulations from his seat next to Laura, and Rogue smiled.

She soon excused herself from the party, offering her best wishes on the way out, and Remy thanked her. Soon after Rogue left the party began to break up. Kitty and Bobby offered to stay behind and help clean up. Laura asked if she could go up to the school with Julian, and Jubilee quickly asked if she could go as well. Lee waved the girls and their dates away, and took the babies inside to get them ready for a nap.

"So, you're going to be a big sister again then?" Julian said as he and Laura walked through the gardens on the way to the school.

"Yes." Laura replied. She was excited over the new baby, and it was clear in her voice.

"Laura." Julian began, before stopping.

"Yes?" Laura asked.

"Okay look. I know you forgave me for being stupid and all, and we've been cool again, but I was wondering..." Julian took a deep breath, trying not to be nervous. "Would you go out with me again? I mean officially?"

Laura quickly agreed, and Julian excitedly kissed her. After a few minutes of excitement though, he worried out loud how her parents would react. Laura assured him that Lee and Remy would be fine, and happy for them to be back together, though she wasn't actually sure that's how they would take it.

She decided that telling Jubilee that they were back together was the best plan, then Jubilee would help her explain it to their parents. After she decided this she explained her thinking to Julian who agreed it may be for the best, and they set off in search of her sister.

Jubilee, meanwhile, was sitting on the couch in the Rec room, with her boyfriend of the last two months, Kevin, playing a video game. The room was otherwise deserted since the other students were mostly out at the near by shopping center. Laura and Julian came in after a while and sat next to them; Jubilee looked up from the game, first at Julian then at Laura before snorting.

"It's about time y'all got back together." Jubilee stated, before returning to her game. Julian looked at Laura confused since they hadn't said anything, and Laura shrugged. Jubilee continued with a smirk. "Nice lipstick by the way."

Embarrassed, Julian quickly excused himself and went to the connected bathroom to wash away the color, while Laura frowned at Jubilee.

"I am not wearing lipstick." Laura said after a moment.

"Oh I know, I saw you guys out the window, and decided to mess with him." Jubilee said with a laugh. " You guys did get back together right?"

"Yes." Laura replied simply.

Jubilee nodded, as Julian returned annoyed when he had realized there was nothing there. Jubilee smiled at him and Kevin added in his congratulations at them getting back together, now that the level they were playing was over.

Julian rolled his eyes at the other couple and mumbled that they deserved each other, before Laura asked Jubilee to come with her when she told Remy and Lee as moral support. Jubilee agreed, but said to wait until she was finished.

The conversation with Remy and Lee actually went far better than Laura had expected. They weren't exactly happy, but accepted it at her decision. Remy did warn that if the boy hurt her again, he would answer to Remy, and after that the matter was dropped.

Laura was annoyed slightly at Remy's threat until later that evening when Jubilee reminded her he had made a similar statement about Kevin, who Jubilee hadn't broken up with before, and that he was just acting like a father. Laura accepted this explanation.

The girls were at that point in Jubilee's room as Jubilee finished unpacking her things. Laura's room was next door, and Anton's was across the hall. Adalyn's was next door to Anton's. At the end of the hallway was Lee and Remy's room. The couple had decided that between her nightmares and keeping with appearances it was best to continue to share a room, at least for the time.


Under his coaxing, her ability to heal grew, either because she was pushing it further than before, or he had done something to make it stronger. Wounds healed now before too much blood was lost, bones mended, though not as fast as some she'd heard of by any means,with in a few days. She swore to herself, after the first day, she would not let them hear her scream, she wouldn't give them the satisfaction. Despite her best attempts however, eventually she screamed.

That he was ignoring her children for now was her only comfort, little as it was, especially when he came for her, evil looking blades in his hand as he began what ever latest experiment he was trying. After the first few days, though it was hard to imagine it had only been a few days, he began a different tactic. One the was somehow so much worse. He had learned, accidentally on her part, that her ability to heal was not limited to her own body, that in fact it was stronger toward other people.

Remy shook her shoulder gently as she began to moan. Luckily, he had been awake still, though barely when her nightmare had begun. Lee moaned as she woke, and Remy was quick to hug her, while assuring her that everything was all right.

He was worried, if anything the nightmares were getting worse. He remembered the horrors that monster put people through, and knew exactly the types of things haunting her dreams. He still had nightmares of them himself, though no longer as often.

"I have an appointment with Hank in the morning." Lee said, trying to change the subject. "He said he'll come over here instead of me having to go to the lab."

"Maybe what made the nightmares worse." Remy mumbled.

"Probably. But the baby...Hank wants to check on her progress, and avoiding it just because it scares me isn't good for her." Lee replied.

"I'm sure he's fine. But you're right, if you didn't let Hank look you over you'd just worry about him." Remy replied.

"She's what's important not my phobia." Lee replied, trying to convince herself.

"Oui, he what's important, and when do you think we'll find out what we are having?" Remy replied. "Wouldn't want to be insulting my daughter referring to her as a son."

" Not for a few weeks, I just don't want to refer to the baby as it. I'm no more convinced that she's a girl then a boy." Lee replied. "I referred to Anton as she for the first few weeks too."

Remy nodded. Since he hadn't talked about Adalyn to anyone when she was on her way really, he had no idea if he would have thought of her as a girl or a boy before finding out for sure. Lee wasn't very far along yet, just about nine weeks, so it was unlikely that Hank would be able to tell them much of anything yet, as far as Remy remembered.

But then she hadn't told him until she was almost into the second trimester, so he didn't really know. Remy didn't want to spend time dwelling on that though, because it would make him angry again at her attempts to keep him out of it all, and they had begun to mend fences recently. While Remy mused on all of these things, Lee had drifted back to sleep, Remy soon followed her.


After a brief discussion in the morning, Remy decided he was going to stay with Lee during Hank's exam. Laura and Jubilee occupied the little ones in the family room, while Hank took Lee's blood pressure and asked her questions in the living room. He had decided she was not in need of a physical exam at this point, as long as she was feeling well. He did however ask for a blood draw to check her sugar and hormone levels, to make sure everything looked okay.

Lee agreed, and Remy looked away as Hank drew the blood, before asking if they had any questions. Remy and Lee both shook their heads and Hank told them that if they had any concerns to feel free to ask.

After Hank had packed up and gone back toward the school, Remy and the girls joining him, Lee and the children began their day as well. Adalyn had recently begun to take a few shaky steps, and Lee would sit on the floor with her and encourage her to come to her, while Anton colored near by. Afterward, head up to the school.

Lee had accepted when Logan suggested when the school year started, that Lee become the school cook. That way she had a legitimate reason to be there everyday. No one really cared that she was there anyway, but Logan had offered her the job at Kitty and Ororo's prompting when they explained she felt like she was in the way.

She arrived in the kitchen, and prompting set both children on the far side of island, in highchairs, with a handful of toys, and a snack. She then turned her attention to making lunch for the students and staff of the school. The numbers had grown over the summer of students, so though it was still a small school, she was cooking for about fifty people.

Remy came in to check on them shortly after they arrived, he walked up to Lee, and asked. "What are ya making today?"

Lee gasped startled and dropped the bowl she was stirring before she glared at him for scaring her. " Chicken stew, salad, and biscuits. Why aren't you teaching?"

"My class just let out, you're cranky." Remy replied, a little startled at her tone. Lee rarely sounded annoyed with him.

"You scared me." Lee replied, as if sensing his thoughts. " I didn't realize the time."

"It's fine." Remy said. "I'm free til after lunch, want some help?"

Lee agreed, and Remy took over the salad, as Lee finished the stew and biscuits. Remy decided to chalk up her fright as hormones. Though when he suggested it, he received another glare for his trouble. It wasn't until lunch was over and he had returned to class that he remembered the last time she had been short and angry with him. It had been over that stupid house thing, years ago, when she had been genuinely frightened.

It wasn't a hormone thing after all. This hit him, just as he was about to walk into his room. He stopped in his tracks at the thought, and cursed silently. How long was everything in his life going to be colored by that monster? He couldn't even go offer to help his best friend with lunch without the shadow of the past looming.

Remy sighed. He didn't know whether he should go back to the kitchen and apologize for being so dense, or teach his class and wait until later. After a minute of continuing to stand in the doorway, undecided, the bell rang. Remy quickly told his class to read their chapter and he would be right back. He then asked Rachel, who's class was next door, to listen in for him, and went back to apologize.

He arrived back in the kitchen, this time making an intentional sound as he entered, and smiled at the children when they waved. Lee was in the walk in, pulling out items for dinner which she always started before going home.

:I can only stay a minute. I jus' wanted to say I was sorry. For scaring you, then for not getting why you were scared." Remy said after Lee greeted him.

"Your fine. I'm sorry I snapped at ya, I don' wanna talk about it." Lee replied with a smile, before returning to her work.

"I know you don' like talking about it, and that it's uneasy but-"

"No. You have a class to teach, I have a roast to bake, and children to entertain. We aren't talking about it. I was startled that's all." Lee replied.


"Gumbo, why aint cha in class?" Logan asked as he walked in to grab a late lunch.

"I startled Lee earlier, wanted to apologize." Remy replied, annoyed at the interruption. Though he acknowledged to himself that it was probably for the best.

Remy excused himself, and returned to his students. He was annoyed though, in that he knew Logan must have overheard enough of their conversation to know he was interrupting. Logan who had pushed to get Lee to talk about it, interrupted when Remy was trying to do the same. He spent the afternoon debating if he should bring it back up, and if he should tell Logan to mind his own business in the future.

Logan, meanwhile, seemed completely unaware that he had annoyed Remy, or Lee though she was now glaring at him. It wasn't until she practically slammed his tray in front of him, that he noticed her agitation, or at least it was when he chose to address it.

"Something wrong, Darlin'?" Logan asked casually, as he stirred his stew.

"First. I ain't your 'Darlin', I ain't one of these girls you took under your wing that you feel the need ta look after." Lee said. "Second, lunch is at noon, not whenever the heck ya decide to show up."

"Look. I know ya aren't right in the head right now, so-" Logan began, but whatever he was going to say was lost when she glared once more and stormed from the room.

Hank, who had also missed lunch entered just as she left, and frowned after her before he turned to Logan questioningly. "I dunno. I came in at what sounded like the tail end of an argument, then she went off on me and left in a huff." Logan said.

"Ah, well, these outbursts of anger are to be expected, given her situation." Hank replied. "However, with it going against her natural demeanor I suspect she will apologize soon. We mustn't make her feel as though we are coddling her, or the displaced anger will continue in this way."

"I did say I know she ain't right in the head right now..."

"Given her current hormone imbalance, I would suspect her reaction would be similar without the recent traumas." Hank replied.

Lee chose that moment to return to the kitchen, though she had only gone down the hall, and she trusted Logan to watch her children, she wasn't comfortable leaving them for long. She had, of course, overheard the conversation as neither man had tried to be quiet when talking about her. She was attempting to control her anger, or at least understand it, but felt she was failing. The fact that it was exactly what Logan and Hank were talking about did not make her feel any better about it.

"Dinner's in the ovens, it will be ready at five. I'm going to take the children home and have a nap. Please let Remy know." Lee said as she gathered her things to get ready to leave. "Logan I'm sorry I took my argument with Remy out on you, I'll be back tomorrow."

Logan assured her it was fine and offered to walk her home, which she refused. As soon as her and the children left he stood so he could watch her walk back to her house. Hank nodded to himself as he felt he had correctly assessed the situation.

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