Chapter 5

Chapter Five:

January 2012

Remy arrived at their tiny apartment later that afternoon. Aside from the flirty seat-mate, the trip had been uneventful. When Lee answered the door,she looked terrible. Her eyes were red and puffy,her hair was in a messy bun,that wasn't an intentional style. She was still in her pajamas. That was how he knew how bad it was. Honestly, he knew it was going to be bad, but he'd never seen her like this.

Lee never walked around in her pajamas. Not when she was sick,not even the day after her son was born and she was still in a ton of pain. This surprised him more than anything else. Everything life had ever thrown at her, she managed to look like she was okay. Even when he could tell she wasn't.

Behind her was Ton-ton. He too was not yet dressed. He was wearing a ducky sleeper and had oatmeal on the collar

Little Ton-ton was sitting on the floor, playing with a set of plastic keys, as he jingled and chewed on them. He had clearly crawled off of a nearby blanket, that was strewn with more toys. The Living room was in complete disarray, more so than Remy, who frequently visited without calling, had ever seen it. Toys littered the floor, dumped from their basket in the corner, and the coffee table was covered in discarded toys and coffee cups.

Remy took one look at Lee,and pulled her into his arms." I'm sorry." He whispers.

She broke down all over again. Lee wasn't a crier. She always said it was a waste of time. Said her Mama taught her that. Yet here she was now, sobbing uncontrollably. Remy tried to soothe her, knowing that things would never be the same for her now.

Ton-ton, noticing his mother's tears, began to cry himself as he clumsily crawled over to the adults. Remy picked him up, bringing him into the hug. He held his best friend and her baby, while she finally began to really process that her world had fallen apart.

Awhile later, Remy decide they couldn't just stand in the doorway all day. " C'mon, I'll get Ton-ton ready for ya." he smiled gratefully at him and went to her room to dress herself, still not actually saying.

Remy goes to run Ton-ton a shallow bath, remembering that she had stated at one point that it shouldn't be too warm, he thought about calling Mercy or Mattie, or maybe the school to ask. After a few minutes he decided that Logan would ask the least amount of questions. Hopefully he would know.

" Hey." Logan states over the line a moment later. "Ya got there okay?"

" Yes,it was fine." Remy replies in a tired voice. " Logan... I feel like I know this but... do you know how warm to run the water for an infant?"

"...Yer bathin' a baby?" Logan questions

" Ton-ton. Lee's not up to it right now." Remy replies. " I know that she told me before, but I can't think right now...I can't ask her Logan, she barely holding herself together."

" Hold on." Logan states. " I'll ask Hank, he's next door."

Remy silently listens while Logan walks into the next room and states. ' Hank, how do ya know what temperature to make a baby's bath?'

There's a shuffling type sound before Hank replies 'Generally one would test the temperature with their wrist, when the water just feels wet, it's correct. Who are you asking for?'

' Not important, jus' a friend who's babysittin'.' Logan replies before Remy hears him walking back into another room.

" Didja get that?" Logan questions.

" Yes, merci." Remy replies.

" If you need anything...I can come down." Logan offers.

"...We should be okay. " Remy answers. " Mais thanks or offerin.'"

" Jus' remember the offer stands." Logan replied before they hung up.

Remy ran the swallow bath, making sure to check the water, before placing Ton-ton in the tub. Remy realized a few minutes later that he wasn't sure how to rinse the baby's hair, so after another minute, decided he didn't really need his hair washed.

Remy took the child from the tub and wrestled him into a diaper and Elmo t-shirt, before deciding that the pants could wait until after getting Ton-ton ready,Remy placed him into his high chair and prepared a meal for them.

Remy then stared blankly into the cupboard for a moment. What do you feed an infant for lunch? Deciding eventually that it probably didn't matter, Remy pulled out a random jar of food, before turning to the refrigerator to grab the ingredients to make Lee an omelet.

He quickly prepares her plate and sets it on the table, before digging through the drawers in search of one of Ton-ton's spoons.

"Top drawer, closest to the stove." Lee says behind him as she slips into her chair.


"Bibs are in there too."

Remy quickly retrieved both, as he grabbed the jar of food and sat next to the baby. He quickly cracked the lid as the baby excitedly pounded his tray, babbling.

While Remy slowly spooned small bites of food into the baby's mouth (he had watched others do this before), he encouraged Lee to eat as well.

" Hey." he stated quietly while he gestured to the plate in front of her.

" Thank you." Lee replied. "and thank you for bathing the baby."

" It's not a problem, I'm here to help you. With whatever you need." Remy replied.

He finished feeding the infant, who was now babbling as he chewed on a fist, and returned his attention to the baby's mother.

" Cher...ya need ta eat." Remy reminded her quietly.

Nodding Lee picks at her toast, a few minutes later, she states." I'm sorry Remy, I'm sure it tastes wonderful but.."

" It's okay. Why don' you go lay down awhile? I'll take care of Ton-ton." Remy replies. Lee nods and she kisses the baby's head before leaving the room.

" Okay, Ton, let's get this place clean for Mama, non?" Remy states while washing the baby's hands and face. He lets the child out and then quickly cleans up the mess in the kitchen, before straightening the Living room.

Fifteen minutes later, the apartment is back in order, and he managed to get the child both into his pants and socks. After a momentary battle with the baby, Remy decides he doesn't really need shoes, so he then stands to call the hospital and find out who he needs to get a hold of to begin making Trace's arrangements.

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