Chapter 50

Chapter Fifty

November 2013

As much as her own physical agony tormented her, the sight of them intentionally harming others was worse. She was still drug in every morning, and strapped to the table, but now she was made to watch as they drug in the people from the other cells, and tormented to with in inches of death. Then she was commanded to heal them. Always her children were the threat of her refusal.

The others, at times, begged her to let them go, to let the suffering end. She couldn't though, without her children taking their place. So she ignored their pleads and continued to heal them. She did her best to ignore their curses as well. One by one, those in the cells around her were eventually lost, as their injuries became to grievous for her to mend. Sinister was dissatisfied with her limitations, and after the fourth loss on the fourth day, he returned to his experiments on her.

Lee bolted from the bed, as soon as her eyes opened, in the direction of the en-suite. She was once again left physically ill over the dreams.. She was grateful she seemed not to have cried out this time, either that or Remy had finally grown accustomed to her nightly screams.

Remy had promised, as long as she got a good night's sleep they would begin training again. Lee wanted to learn to fight, she never wanted to be helpless like that again, so she was doing her best to pretend everything was fine.

After returning from the bathroom, she slipped silently back into bed, barely shifting the covers in an attempt to keep from waking the other occupant. She was almost asleep when he let her know he was awake. He assured her that they would train tomorrow as promised, and asked her not to try to hide things from him like that. She agreed as they both drifted back to sleep.


Laura and Jubilee walked into the play room as Remy pinned Lee for the third time. She growled in frustration, but before she could say anything, Laura interrupted. "Logan called, and would like Jubilee and I to go to the school, training session."

"That's fine. We're done for the day." Remy replied, as he stood and helped Lee to her feet. He had been careful not to hurt her, while still winning the match.

Lee was frustrated, but didn't say anything as she left to go find the babies. Jubilee and Laura followed her out of the door to head up to the school, and Remy sighed. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration.

Lee was taking it too personally; of course he was the better fighter. He had been training for years,had more agility than she did, and was stronger than she was. She was getting steadily more frustrated with her progress though. Sighing again, he wondered how she would take it when he explained he didn't want to continue the lessons until after the baby came. He would wait a bit longer, but it made him nervous when he thought about accidentally hurting her or the baby.

After a quick shower he went in search of Lee and the kids, they were in the Living Room, the kids playing with their blocks and Lee sitting on the couch in front of them. She looked like she could drift to sleep any moment, so instead of mentioning their practices, he had suggested she take a nap.

Lee nodded and told him she was going to take a quick shower first, and left the room. He sat in the spot she had recently vacated, and watched the children as they happily babbled to each other. A knock at the door came as he sat back, and with a groan he stood to answer it.

"Hey, are the girls ready?" Logan asked as he walked in. "I expected them half hour ago."

"They already left." Remy replied, trying not to panic. " Could you have missed them?"

"Possible." Logan replied. Both men frowned for a moment, before Remy pulled out his phone to call the girls.

Jubilee picked up on the second ring, and after hearing that Logan had come to collect them said that they were at the school already, but had gotten distracted in the TV room. Remy relayed the message to Logan and invited him to stay for a coffee.

Lee came back downstairs after her shower, because she had heard Logan;s voice. She asked as soon as she walked into the Kitchen where the girls were. Logan and Remy explained what happened and she nodded, before saying that she was off to her nap.

Logan then asked how her training was going, after she went upstairs. Remy replied that it was going well, but that he was going to talk to her about taking a break for a few months.

" She's determined, and she listens well." Remy continued. "She a fast learner too, but she also isn't happy with her results."

"How long does it take you to pin her?" Logan replied.

"Still under five minutes, but better than before." Remy answered. " Long enough that she could evade an attacker until help arrived, which is what she said she wanted."

"How's she gonna take a break, though?" Logan asked.

"I think... honestly I think she's gonna be pissed at me, but the baby..." Remy replied.

"I see. Well then it's all in the way you tell then." Logan said.

"You're an expert at telling frightened pregnant women that you aren't comfortable with continuing their training to defend themselves?"

"Nope." Logan replied. " If I had to tell she'd blow her top. 'Ro might be you best advice giver her, or Kitty, or Rogue."

"Stormy or Kitty." Remy replied. "Anna and I aren't really speaking at the moment, and I doubt Lee wants any advice from her."

"You going ta get past it?" Logan asked.

"Dunno. She going to apologize for insulting my wife?"


Both men frowned at this. Remy wanted to have Anna as part of their lives, but not if she was going to keep saying those things. He wished that they could be friends, at least for his daughter's sake. Logan meanwhile was also worried about the future of the team if two of it's members couldn't get along. After a few minutes, Logan stood to leave, suggesting as he did that Remy should take to Anna at least. If nothing else he would then know where they all stood. Remy agreed, reluctantly, and Logan left to meet the girls.

Laura and Julian were sitting in the far corner chatting quietly, while Jubilee and Kevin played a video game when Logan came in to collect the girls. He snorted when he saw them, knowing now what distracted them in the tv room, though he had already suspected it.

The girls followed him as he headed toward the dangerroom for their training session. He didn't say anything about it until they arrived downstairs, at which point he informed them both that they owed him an extra half hour for wasting his time. With a groan Jubilee followed Laura reluctantly into the room to await their session. Logan went up to the observation room, where he was joined by Ororo.

Downstairs, in the danger room, the girls were joined by Kitty and Rogue, who would be their opponents for today. As Logan and Ororo watched the fight began. "I gave them an extra half hour for being late." Logan said as they watched.

"How much did you give them for worrying you?" Ororo replied.

"Nothing. Figured Remy would be taking care of that. Scared him too." Logan replied.


"She missed it, we found out they were here before she was out of the shower." Logan replied. "Luckily. She's jumpy anymore."

"Understandably." Ororo replied. "How is Lee's training going?"

"Remy's desking her, but she don't know it yet. I told him to ask your advice on the best way to put it."

Ororo nodded and they fell into a comfortable silence.


Lee knew something was bothering Remy. He was fidgeting more than usual, and he kept looking at her in a strange way. Finally after a few minutes, she asked him what was wrong. He shook his head, denying that anything was wrong, and that he would talk to her about it later.

"Nothing's wrong, but whatever's not wrong, you'll tell me later?" Lee said.

"Nothing's wrong. But I don't want to talk about what I'm thinking about yet. " Remy replied.

"I see." Lee said. "So...what's wrong then?" She added in a teasing tone.

"Nothing. Nothing I swear." Remy said. "I just wanted to talk to you, later, about something that may upset you. But it's not a bad thing."

"Wait, what?" Lee asked, now annoyed and confused. "Just tell me. It can't be anything worse then what I'll dream up waiting."

"Non. Wait til the girls get back at least." Remy replied, trying to stall.

"Or, you could tell me now, so I can go make dinner." Lee replied. She relaxed though, if he wanted to talk about something really bad, he would have wanted the girls out of earshot she assumed.

"Promise to hear me out, and not get huffy." Remy replied, with a sigh.

"I promise to hear you out. Huffy I make no promises." Lee replied.

"Okay." Remy said, steeling himself for an argument. " You are good enough, you could hold someone off til I got here at least. But I think we should take a break until the baby comes."

"Hank said that the training we are doing should be safe for at least the first sixteen weeks, I'm only at eleven." Lee said, thought she didn't sound angry.

"It makes me nervous. I might just be paranoid, but I can't stand the thought of accidentally hurting you or the baby. Accidents happen in training look at what happen with you and Logan." Remy said, he hoped to make her understand.

"Then I'll ask Ororo or Logan." Lee replied. "I don't want to upset you."

"I don't want to see you get hurt, either of you." Remy replied.

They debated in circles until the girls came home, before Lee finally agreed reluctantly to stop combat training, and Remy agreed to continue their agility training. Remy then turned to the girls, who saw that he was annoyed with them as Logan had been. He told then they were both grounded for being late, and making Logan and him worry.

The girls grumbled, since they were already exhausted from training but Remy stood firm on it. Lee added to their grounding another two days for being late for dinner.

The girls did protest this saying that Logan had he them over or they would have arrived on time. Lee pointed out that it was because of themselves that they were late on Logan, which made them late for dinner.

When Jubilee tried to think of an argument for this, Lee informed her further argument would add to her grounding. She frowned but closed her mouth on whatever protest she was about to give. Remy just watched on in amusement, and decided not to mention that they had also frightened him with their antics.


"When do you see Hank again?" Remy asked as he watched her pull a bulky sweater over her tee shirt. He had noticed the night before the mound in her stomach, and assumed it was normal for her to begin showing, but wasn't sure.

"Twelve week check up is tomorrow, I think." Lee replied. "Why?"

"I was just curious. Did you start showing this early with Anton?" Remy replied.

"No. But every pregnancy is different." Lee said.

"This wasn't-" Remy stopped there, trying to decide how to word what he wanted to say.

"The baby is normal, even if the way she was created wasn't." Lee responded, guessing his fear. " Hank said that everything looks fine so far."

"So far...I don't want to worry, but we don't know what he may have done." Remy said. "I just want you both to be alright."

"We are." Lee said. She hugged him briefly before slipping out of the room to go get Adalyn ready for the day. Anton was in his pajamas still but now downstairs with a grumpy looking Jubilee who had poured him his cereal. Laura was still in the shower.

After everyone had eaten, and dressed they headed over to the school for the day. Remy escorted Lee and the children to the playroom Ororo and Kitty had set up near the kitchen , and then headed to class while the girls rushed ahead and had been in the building before they had even reached the garden.

Jubilee and Laura were still grounded, meaning in addition to extra chores they had to come straight home after school instead of being aloud to stay until dinner as normal. They had until the end of the week, and while both were annoyed that their punishment was so long, both were grateful that Remy had simply doubled the time Lee gave them instead of telling Lee that both he and Logan had thought something had happened to them.

Because they were grounded though, both girls had taken to rushing ahead so that they could spend time with Kevin and Julian before classes. As long as they were met in homeroom, neither girl could see how their parents could complain. It had worked, mostly, though Remy had told them to watch their step on pushing the boundaries.

Remy meanwhile waited until his morning class was over, then instead of grading papers as he normally did, he went in search of Ororo. Ororo was one of his oldest friends, and he felt comfortable asking her if she thought everything was normal with the pregnancy. She had seen more pregnancies than he had. In fact, considering how Rogue had pushed him away, and Lee had lived so far away, he had never dealt with a pregnancy up close.

He decided that he was probably worried over nothing, though it didn't change his mind in seeking his friend's opinion. After all, for all he knew, it was perfectly normal to be able to tell someone was pregnant at twelve weeks. Sure he couldn't tell with Rogue, but she was trying to hide it and she stayed really very small according to what he remembered Hank saying.

He found Ororo in the office, and asked if they could go for a walk in the garden. Ororo agreed, and they slowly made their way outside and down the garden path. After a few minutes Ororo asked him what was bothering him.

At first he shrugged. She waited patiently for him to begin and eventually he said. "I'm worried bout Lee and the baby."

"Why?" Ororo asked. Remy was uncertain if she was aware of how the baby was conceived, but he was fairly certain she wasn't.

"She's showing already, not sure about that. She's sick all the time,pale, I don't know what's coming from the nightmares and what's coming from the baby. But the nightmares, they can't be good for the baby either." Remy said.

"Well." Ororo replied, gesturing for him to sit. "Every woman, and ever pregnancy is different. However with as small as Lee is it's possible she's showing early. As far as the nightmares and illness is concerned, you should speak to Henry but I do not believe it would be an issue...Are you certain of her due date, is it possible she is further along than you assumed?"

"Hank's doing a scan tomorrow, no she's twelve weeks, though." Remy replied. "Thank you, 'Ro."

She had made him feel at least a little better, though he was concerned over the further along question. It was possible, he supposed that she may be closer to fifteen weeks than twelve, since they hadn't found her and the babies right away, it could be hard to keep track of time under Sinister's care, Remy knew from experience. " What's the average?" he asked, just as Ororo stood again.

"I'm sorry?" She replied.

"The average. When do they usually start showing?" Remy said.

"It depends, as I said. On the mother's build, the baby's positioning..." She said. "Lee isn't noticeable really at this point."

"Yes she is."Remy replied. "Not with those bulky sweaters, but when she's just in a tee shirt, or her pajamas, you can see this little bump."

"Generally, I think most of the time the father and mother notice first." Ororo said.

Remy nodded. That made sense. Nobody else had said anything about it, so maybe he was just on edge as he had assumed. Relieved after his talk with Ororo he went in search of Lee who he knew was likely making lunch by now.

He made sure to make a point of walking loudly into the kitchen to not startle her. Lee looked up and smiled at him, she hadn't been overly edgy today, and she knew he was trying to make her comfortable. She asked him if he had a nice talk with Ororo, and when he looked confused she pointed to the window above the counter she was working at. Where he and Ororo had sat, you could see perfectly from there. He nodded, and said he had been concerned but she had reassured him. Lee nodded and went back to chopping celery for the soup before stating that he could talk to her too.

Remy agreed, but he hadn't wanted to burden he with his concerns which he felt were unimportant. He explained their conversation briefly, and Lee smiled over at him, and reminding him she had told him the same thing just this morning.

"What if it's twins? I mean it's possible. What if you're showing so soon because there's more than one?"

"Then it's twins, and we'll have to buy two cribs instead of one. Or it could be this baby is sitting forward instead of back. Anton was pressed against my spine it felt like, this one isn't I don't think." She replied. "But we'll know for sure tomorrow. Hank insisted I come in for a scan instead of meeting us at the house."

"I assumed so, I'll go down with you, we'll get someone to watch Ton and Addy."

Before she could respond the kids started trickling in, so she just nodded to him before turning her attention to lunch. Remy offered to help, since he was there in her way anyway, and soon the room was filled with noise as the kids ate their food, and talked.

After lunch was finished, Remy headed out to teach his afternoon class that included both girls and their boyfriends. Lee set the food to simmer and went to sit with the babies, as she did everyday. Logan came in after the crowd had cleared, just as she sat down, but he waived her away when she started to rise, as he said he would grab it himself.

As he ate she watched the kids color and kept Adalyn from eating her crayons, while she fought back yawns. Logan watched her for a few minutes before he suggested she go take a nap up in Remy's old room, and promised to watch the kids. Reluctantly, she agreed, and left.

Rogue came in after she saw Lee leave, assuming the kitchen was empty. She had been avoiding Lee and Remy to try to keep from upsetting them further. She stopped just inside the doorway when she realized Logan and the kids were still in there. She debated going to lunch instead of eating here, but decided she didn't have enough time before her next class.

Rogue sat across from Logan and the kids, and he nodded to her, before she started eating. She kept glancing at Adalyn through out her meal but didn't say anything. Logan felt bad for her. She clearly wanted to interact with the girl, but because of the recent strain between her and the parents she didn't want to ask. Eventually as Rogue stood to put her dishes away, Logan suggested. " If you want to be part of her life, ya need to clear the air with her parents. I don't think they changed their minds about it."

"I insulted his wife. I suggested he leave his pregnant wife. How can he get over it?" Rogue asked.

"Are you going to do it again?" Logan asked.


"Then go mend fences. Tell them that you're sorry and you ain't going to do it again. "Logan said.

"Do you think they'll accept it?"

"I think you got a better shot, than if you don't."

"I'll think about it." Rogue said before leaving the room.

Logan shook his head. She spent too much time thinking about apologizing, and not enough time worrying about going the wrong way to begin with. He didn't know how to help her, but he didn't know if she wanted help either. As far as he was concerned the whole thing was a mess, and he wasn't the one who should be worrying about how to fix it.

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