Chapter 52

Chapter Fifty Two

November 2013

Remy had tried, several times that week to pin Lee down and talk about her not talking to him, somehow she always had a valid reason to avoid the subject. By Thanksgiving morning he was completely frustrated. The woman was his best friend, shared his bed, and at least this week, was home all day, yet he couldn't catch her to talk to her.

He sighed in frustration, as once again, he woke to find her already gone from their room. He could hear her and the children downstairs, as they started the day. He wondered honestly, how she managed it. It didn't seem likely that all of a sudden she was up before him, every morning. Though she had also taken to already being asleep by the time he went to bed at night as well.

Remy made his way downstairs, where the kids were all eating breakfast, and Lee appeared to be baking. "G'Mornin." Remy said as he came in. "I thought the point of having dinner at the school was to give you time off cooking?"

"I'm just making some pies to go along with whatever they are making, no big deal." Lee replied. "Breakfast is ready, Laura made it. Pancakes and sausage."

"Thank you Laura." Remy replied as he sat down and filled his plate from the platters in front of him. Lee handed him a cup of coffee, as he smiled over at the two little ones, who were happily eating their food and getting covered in syrup.

"They'll need a bath." Lee said as if reading his thoughts. "We haven't dressed them yet though."

"No rush." Remy said. "I'll take care of Anton after breakfast, the girls can take care of the dishes."

"Okay." the other three agreed. Everyone then sat and talked about their plans for the day. Both Julian and Kevin had stayed at the school for the holiday, so they would be joining them for dinner. Remy reminded the girls that he didn't want them just disappearing all day though, they had to spend time with the family as well. Both girls agreed, and everyone went about getting ready.

They arrived at the school just before twelve, because of the snow, and the pies, they decided to drive around to the gate instead of walking up as they usually did. Logan was surprised to see them at the front door instead of the kitchen, and asked if everything was alright. Remy explained his reasoning, and Logan nodded, before Lee headed off to the kitchen with the pies. The girls waited until they had helped the babies out of their coats, and Remy had set down the diaper bag and his own coat before disappearing.

"Well...I guess that could count as spending time with the family too." Remy said after them.

"We'll be back." Jubilee called in response. Logan shook his head at them all, and followed Remy as he led the babies to the tv room. It was empty at the moment, but would fill up soon enough.

"Everything okay?" Logan asked as they sat the kids down, and turned on a cartoon for them.

"With the girls? Oui. They're just being kids." Remy said. "With everything, that I don't know."

"Why?" Logan asked. He swore he had had more of these talks with Remy in the last two years, than he had ever had before, put together. "Is something wrong with Lee?"

"I dunno. She won't talk to me about it. Unless it's the kids, or the school, or the baby, she won't talk to me bout anything the last couple weeks. I don't know what's going on." Remy said.

"Maybe she just needs space or time or something." Logan replied. "She's pregnant after all, I hear they can get like that."

"Maybe." Remy said. "I tried being there for her, but that just seems to make her angry. I tired asking her what's going on, she still having nightmares, I think, but she's not waking me. And this week she's in bed asleep fore I get upstairs, and up and gone fore I wake up. We haven't talked really at all."

"Well, um..." Logan said. Before he could continue, Ororo walked into the room, and Logan suggested Remy ask her about it.

Remy re-explained the situation to Ororo while Logan ducked away. He honestly didn't have any advice, and he had no idea what to say about it all. Ororo meanwhile listened to everything Remy said before she replied. " I think, perhaps, she doesn't want to burden you with her fears. You said that the last time you asked her about a nightmare she just wanted to put it away. That may be her way of coping with it, and with the baby on the way, I think you should leave it be. Let her cope her way, at least for now. She isn't going anywhere, but pushing isn't going to help."

"I don't want to push. I just want us to be okay again. She won't talk to me about anything, it's like I'm losing my best friend here." Remy replied.

"I don't think you're losing anything, except sleep over worrying about it." Ororo assured him. "She isn't going anywhere, and she just needs time. A lot has happened to her."

Remy nodded, both Logan and Ororo had given him the same advise. He assumed they both meant that he should back off and let her come to him when she was ready and done dealing with whatever it was that was bothering her. He knew that it was probably good advice, but he wasn't sure how well he could follow it. He was worried about her, and about what was going to happen.

He sat there silently cursing Sinister, and all the damage he had done. Once again the monster had managed to rip apart Remy's life, and Remy didn't know how to fix it. Ororo patted his shoulder and offered to take the children to the play room on her way to the kitchen. He shook his head telling her that he would take them over later.

Ororo made her way to the busy kitchen. Lee was sitting at the table, after being told she wasn't to help any further. Kitty and Rachel were at the counters preparing various dishes and Rogue was putting the rolls in the oven.

Ororo offered to help, and the other three waived her away for now, so she went and sat with Lee. Lee smiled at her, and said. "We've both been officially benched for this meal, I think."

"I made the salad earlier." Ororo said.

"I made the pies. I think they are cutting me off there." Lee said.

"Probably." Ororo said. "Are you how are you feeling?"

"I'm fine." Lee said.

"Remy said you aren't speaking to him right now." Ororo said, in a lower tome so they couldn't be heard across the room.

"I'm talking to him. We talked just this morning about getting the kids ready, and how to get here." Lee said, also low.

"I mean he said you weren't talking to him about-"

"I don't want to talk about it to anyone, so no I'm not. But I'm still talking to him. He's worried about the baby I think." Lee said.

"He's worried about you." Ororo said. "The two of you. He's worried you are intentionally distancing from him."

"No." Lee said. "I should go talk to him."

Ororo nodded, and Lee went in search of Remy. Ororo pleased with herself over helping the couple, tried again to get the others to let her help with dinner. Lee found Remy quickly, by following the sounds of the children's cartoon. She assumed no one else would be watching it.

He smiled as she came in, but then frowned at her expression. She sat next to him, and he waited for her to tell him what was wrong. " Look." She began. " Just because I don't want to talk about it anymore, and just because I'm having trouble sleeping, that don't mean I'm trying to ignore you or push you away."

"Ororo talk ed to you?" Remy said.

"Yeah. She said you were worried I was like trying to get rid of you or something to that affect. I'm not. I wouldn't ever try that." Lee said. "After everything that's happened, and all that we've been through, all I stood by you through, why would I give up our friendship now?"

"I don't know." Remy said. Running a hand threw his hair. "But you've been avoiding me all week. Every time I try to talk to you, you run off to do something, or you need a nap, or -"

"I don't want to talk about the nightmares, or what happened anymore. But, I haven't been trying to avoid you, I've been trying to get all the shopping done, before the stores get crazy."

Remy frowned again, and she finally sat down next to him, he waited a few minutes before he said. "You only went shopping the day we went together. You've been avoiding me all week."

"I have not."

"And you were pulling away from me before that. What's really going on? Was I pushing to much, or are you done being stuck with me or-"

"You have been pushing, no I'm not done." Lee said. " Not everything is about you or because of you. I haven't tried to push you away, as I said, I've been busy trying to get everything ready, I have four children, two who need constant care to worry about, a child growing inside of me and a husband who suddenly decided to be clingy this week."


"Look. All you ever want to talk about anymore is the baby or what happened. I can't talk about it Remy. If I talk about it I'll lose my mind, and I have people, including you who depend on me, so drop it." Lee said. "When I'm ready, I'll talk. Until then let it go."

"I can't just let it go! I see how it eats at you all the time, the things he put you through. He did those things because you knew me. He tortured you to punish you for marrying me. I should have-"

"You should have what? Walked away from me years ago?" Lee demanded. "You did. And I wouldn't except it. More than once. This wasn't your fault or your doing. And it's not about you."

"You don't get it! This is my fault. I knew, I knew years ago I should just leave you be and let you live your life, but I was selfish and kept barging back in. I knew you never wanted to be part of this world, you never wanted anything to do with the whole heroes and villains, save everyone shit. But did I leave you be? No at the first sign of trouble I drag you and your son into it!" Remy said his voice growing louder as he went. "Then I not only drag you in, I marry you painting a huge target on your back, and fail to protect you. Next thing I know, everything about you has changed. All of a sudden you want to learn how to fight, you jump at shadows, you never sleep, and all I want to do is help you for a change and you won't let me."

Lee stood along with Remy. " Not everything is about you Remy! You didn't drag me kicking and screaming into this world, I followed you willingly! I knew the risks. He took me, not you. He tortured me, not you. You of all people should know why I can't talk about it anymore, but you keep pushing anyway. Back off and let me deal with it!"

"Okay, both of you, cool it. This it a school, not a drama club." Logan said interjecting. It was then they noticed they had gathered a crowd. Everyone was staring at the two of them, including Anton and Adalyn.

Remy ran a hand through his hair, while Lee went to pick up their daughter who looked like she was about to cry. " I need air." Remy said, as he walked out of the room.

Everyone turned to Lee, who said. "Leave it alone." before leading her son out of the room as well, toward the play room near the kitchen.

Logan frowned, he hadn't expected the leave her alone advise to escalate into a fight anymore than Ororo had thought her telling Lee to talk to him would. Laura and Jubilee stood off to the side, with Kevin and Julian just staring. Neither of them had seen the couple fight before. Finally Bobby broke the ice.

"Looks like the honeymoon's over." he said, everyone stared at him. "Oh come on guys. It was one fight not the end of the world. They'll both probably be over it by tomorrow. It isn't like either one of them used the D word."

"D word?" Laura asked.

"Divorce." Julian whispered, "and he's right, it was just an argument. Parents have them all the time. No big deal."

Lee and the babies went into the playroom, where she set out their toys, before sitting in the rocking chair and frowned. She hadn't meant to go off the handle like that, she hated confrontation. He just wouldn't leave it alone. Already calming down, Lee decided that she needed to find him as soon as possible and apologize for what she had said. She didn't like to leave arguments unfinished like that. She knew though, that she needed to leave him be for a bit to calm down himself.

Rogue found Remy sitting on the roof a few minutes later. He was staring out at his own yard, and wishing for a cigarette, which he had given up months ago. She sat down next to him, but didn't say anything at first. He pretended not to notice her there, not really wanting to deal with whatever she was going to say.

"You should apologize." Rogue said finally. "It doesn't matter if you think you are right, or if you're still angry. Tell her you're sorry, and that you didn't mean it."

"What?" Remy asked, confused. He had been sure she was going to pull another 'come back to me' thing that she had done a couple of times now.

"She's been through enough trauma, and she is the mother of your children. You have to try to patch things up." Rogue said. "And then stop pushing her for answers. I know you're trying to help, but Remy I know from experience, you are really really annoying when you try to push."

"I am not. I jus trying to help." Remy said.

"I know, and so does she. Don't worry, as Bobby said downstairs, it's just an argument, not the end of everything." Rogue said. "You and I, we used to yell like that all the time, and look how long we lasted before we were over."

Remy nodded. "Now, this has been weird enough, the whole talking my ex through a fight with his wife thing, so I'm going to head down to the kitchen. You should wait a few minutes and do the same, but the last thing you need right now is for Lee to see us walk downstairs together, that would start a whole different fight." Rogue said, before she stood up and walked back to the door.

Remy waived after her. He was almost certain that she was wrong about Lee getting the wrong idea, but then they had just had their first fight so why risk it.

Eventually Remy headed down in search of his wife, when he guessed that it was close to dinner. He had hoped to meet her in the dining room, so he could apologize without accidentally beginning another fight. Instead, she seemed to have known where he was hiding because she was sitting on the bottom stair to the roof access.

They both attempted to apologize at the same time, before waiting for the other to talk first, then started again. After they both said they were sorry;Remy promised not to push things and Lee promised not to close him out anymore. They made their way down to the dining room where it seemed everyone was waiting for them, some anxiously, so they were happy to see the couple seemed to be over their fight. At least for today.

No one including Remy and Lee expected one fight to be the end of the issue, though they could all hope, but decided today was not the day to worry about it. Dinner was served as soon as Remy and Lee arrived, and the fight was mostly forgotten.

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