Chapter 54

Chapter Fifty Four

January 2014

He explained, that while her children had indeed come from good stock, he desired an offspring that had been born to them both at full power. He then saw the confusion on her face, and after a brief smirk which was almost uncharacteristic, he explained his intent to make her basically an incubator.

The reality of his intentions hit her like a ton of bricks as she fought back the best she could. He had every intent of creating this child, and taking it from her. In the end she could not resist, tied as she was.

Afterward, she was placed back in her cell, and warned any attempt to undo his experiment would result in the loss of her other two children. She wept openly for the first time since arriving here. She was loosing faith, and rapidly of Remy finding her in time.

They left her alone in her cell for the next two days, as she cringed when she heard them drag another person out down the hallway. They would bring her and the children their meals, and she would do her best to feed them, and comfort them. She highly suspected that the foods they were giving her and the babies were laced with sleeping agents. Both children slept almost constantly, waking only when she prompted them. She herself spend most of her time asleep. Asleep or hoping that Remy would find them before it was too late for the children.

After the second day, they arrived for her again, dragging her from the cell and to the dreaded operating theater. She didn't resist, she feared what they would do to Anton and Adalyn. As she was strapped down, He came in. She was injected with something a few minutes later and as she drifted off, she heard the alarms sound in the distance, her last thought hope that someone had come to find her children.

Lee woke from the dream, jerking slightly, and feeling panicked at the pressure across her waist. For a moment she felt as if she were strapped down, before she realized she could move her arms. She opened her eyes, as she realized it was just another nightmare, and Remy had thrown his arm across her stomach at some point in the night.

"Did I wake you?" Remy asked, shifting.

"No, the baby did, but that's okay. It helps me fall back to sleep."

"You can feel her?"

"Yeah, right now he's balled up right under your hand."

"Well then, maybe this is just his way of comforting mommy." Remy said, as he moved his arm suddenly realizing that he had been hugging her." When do we find out what the baby is again? Referring to him in alternating genders feels almost as bad as referring to her as it."

"Hank said he wanted to do another Ultra sound at twenty four weeks, he didn't want to do one sooner, because everything looked good in the last one." Lee said as she gathered her clothes before slipping into the bathroom.

"So are the nightmares still bad then?" Remy asked through the door.

"Yes and no, and I still don't want to talk about them."

"I wasn't trying to, I just wanted to know if they were still there is all."

"Well, I answered, drop it please."

"I will." Remy slipped past her as she came out of the bathroom to get dressed himself. " I'm not trying to push, I swear."

Remy's statement was met with silence and he groaned when he realized she had probably left the room before hearing what he had said. Remy had avoided mentioning the bad dreams since their fight a few weeks ago, but every once in awhile he would ask something as he had this morning. This usually ended with them not talking to each other the rest of the day.

By the time everyone was fed, dressed, and out of the house Lee seemed to have forgotten he had asked. Remy was glad to avoid another fight. However as they were walking along the path to the school he suggested she night want to by some clothing, at least new pants because she was now wearing sweats everyday.

Lee looked at him shocked at the idea of going off on her own at this point. He recognized her expression so he explained that he thought it would be good for her and the baby to take a day. He then volunteered Kitty to go with her. She was still hesitant but agreed to go as long as Kitty went with her and they weren't gone all day.

Kitty was excited and happy to take the other woman shopping and insisted they head out right away as she insisted that someone else could handle lunch for the day. Remy was concerned slightly when he heard this statement that Lee was going to be annoyed by the time they returned, it sounded as though Kitty intended to keep them out most of the day.

Almost as if he read Remy's mind Bobby said from right next to him. "Yeah...we won't see those two until dinner. If we're lucky."

"Kitty is going to take her shopping for clothes...we might not see them until bedtime"

"Clothes? We might not see them until tomorrow." Bobby laughed as he walked away, Remy heading in the other direction to drop off the kids with Ororo while he taught his class.

"Kitty, I can't carry anymore, and I think I have enough"

"I wanted to hit one more store, it has the cutest baby set all in yellow." Kitty replied before looking at the exhausted mother to be. Though Kitty was carrying the majority of the bags, Lee herself was burdened with several. They had been shopping most of the day, and it was nearing dinner time now.

"Okay. We can always come back another day, and you look completely worn out."

"I am, and I think I have more here than I'll be able to wear before the baby comes."

"Oh don't be silly, we didn't buy that much." Kitty said, as she shifted her bags around with the intent of taking some of Lee's.

Lee waived her off, and headed toward the exit. She had no intention of passing by any store that Kitty may be interested in. She had decided, about three hours ago, that she was not shopping with Kitty alone again. The other woman seemed bent on buying out the mall. Lee was worn out and hungry, and starting to feel cranky. They were on their way back to the school before Lee could voice any more objections though so Kitty refrained from asking if she was sure she didn't want to go back later this week.

They arrived at the house, Lee insisting so she wouldn't have to carry all the bags home, just as Remy was pulling the meatloaf from the oven.

Kitty helped carry everything inside, but dashed out quickly before Remy could say anything. Laura and Jubilee offered to help carry everything upstairs to Lee's room. She nodded gratefully, as she collapsed into her normal chair at the table.

"Never again. Never again am I shopping alone with that woman." Lee said as she rubbed her belly. "She's a super shopper or something. I don't know but I didn't think we were ever getting out of the mall."

"I thought you liked shopping?"

"I do, but the baby doesn't. My back hurts, my feet ache, and she's been flipping all over the place making me sick."

"Aw, I'm sorry. Here let me rub your back."

"Next time, I'll take the girls, or you with me." Lee said as Remy rubbed her back and the girls finally appeared with the babies.

As soon as Addy saw Lee she wiggled out of Laura's arms and ran to her mother. She was going through a stage where she seemed to 'need' to see where mommy was all the time. Anton was more interested in dinner after a brief hug, but she wanted to sit in Lee's lap for awhile.

As dinner progressed the girl finally climbed into her own seat, and Lee filled them in on her shopping trip which had been mostly enjoyable; at least the first half.

After dinner Remy offered to but the kids to bed, and Lee helped the girls clear up the mess in the kitchen before announcing she was heading to bed herself. After Lee had left, the girls joined Remy in the living room with the kids as they watched a Disney movie before their bath.

"...I like this one." Laura said as the credits rolled at the end.

"So do I." Jubilee said. "The alien is so cute; and the family reminds me of us kind of."

"Hey, I would never leave things to burn on the stove like that." Remy said, in mock defense. Jubilee rolled her eyes at him,knowing he understood what she had meant.

Before the conversation could continue though Remy decided it was time to put the babies to bed. The girls followed shortly after to finish their homework and head to bed themselves. By the time the kids were bathed, changed, and in bed asleep Lee was completely passed out. Remy silently entered their room, in an attempt to avoid waking her, before he grabbed his pajamas and went to change.

"Just let it go, already!" Lee nearly yelled. Logan raised an eyebrow as he approached the door. He had come to check on them, when the children arrived at school an hour ago but they had been by themselves.

"I can't just let it go. This whole this is driving you crazy!" Remy was frustrated, they had been going around in circles all morning.

It had started the night before when Remy suggested that Lee's sudden sadness was caused by Trace's anniversary. Mentioning it had only escalated the situation though, as Lee added it to the ever growing list of things she didn't want to talk about.

" So now I'm crazy?" Lee turned on Remy, jabbing her finger into his chest. " Just because I don't want to dwell on it doesn't mean I don't remember or don't care; and I'm not crazy."

"I didn't say you were crazy! I said this is making you crazy. You never sleep. You cry all the time. You never talk to me anymore unless it to yell at me. I understood why you won't talk about Sinister, but this is different and-"

"It's not different Remy! I don't want to talk about Trace, anymore than you want to talk about Anna. I respect that, why can't you just do the same?"

" Anna betrayed my trust and screwed me over, more'n once. Trace was a good husband to you, so why wouldn't you want to remember him?"

"Because. He. Is. Dead. Trace is dead and no amount of talking is going to bring him back anymore than it would my parents or sister. I'll never forget him, but he's gone. You and the kids are my life now, why can't you understand that?"

"I can't. I live with a ghost and we can't even speak his name! Every damn day it's the same thing. I can feel you comparing us, see how I'm falling short!"

"I have never compared you! Not only are you putting words in my mouth now you're putting thoughts in my head! Get this straight right now, I have never and would never compare the two of you!"


"No. You are making this crap up, because you do it and want to feel better about doing it. Even if I had ever done it, which I hadn't, at least I have the decency not to voice it!" Lee said as she started to cry again. "You say you live with a ghost? Try living with the knowledge that any minute your husband could decide he was wrong and wants his ex back. Try doing that while dealing with the aftermath of a kidnapping, caring for four children and morning sickness. Then tell me I'm unfair to you, because right now I don't even want to look at you."

Before Remy could reply she walked out of the room, and Logan stood in his way so he couldn't follow.

"I think you have said enough for now. Let her cool off."

"I can't just leave her be! I've got to go convince her that she had nothing to worry about."

"No, she don't need to talk bout it, she needs to be left alone for a bit."

"I'm losing my best friend here, Logan. Every day she gets a little more distant. I didn't even know she was worried about Anna still until just now!"

"Gettin in her face and accusing her of being hung up on her dead husband ain't the way to get her to open up, Gumbo."

"...I didn't mean it like that."

"Yeah. You did. I heard you." Logan replied. "So here's what we're going to do. You're going to work. I'm calling Kitty and Ro to come sit with her so she can rant about what an ass you are. Then, she'll get over it." Logan replied as he pushed Remy toward the door.

"Hey. I ain't the only one wrong here!"

"Course ya ain't, but you want to be allowed in your room sometime before the kid comes, you'll say you're sorry, but not yet. Right now you'll just start yelling again."

"When did you become an expert?"

"Living about a decade with the X-men, and witnessing more fights than anyone is comfortable with if they knew I could hear em."

"Fine. Mais I ain' de bad guy here."

"Go tell it to the guys."

Logan sighed heavily, as he looked toward the ceiling where he could hear Lee sniffling. Luckily, she wasn't likely to head out on him. If it had been Rogue, she'd already be halfway across the city with this kind of fight. He pulled out his phone and called Kitty and Ororo to get them over here. It was bad enough he had to dispense advice to Remy, he sure as hell wasn't going to deal with Lee's tears too.

Kitty and Ororo arrived five minutes later, and with a silent nod to Logan headed upstairs to talk to Lee. As soon as they reached the landing, Logan took off to head back to the school. He needed to figure out when he became the school shrink. Was this what it was like for Chuck and Summers? If it was he almost ALMOST felt bad about giving Summers so much trouble...not enough to apologize, but enough to concede that this was a crap job.

Kitty knocked softly on the door that they could hear Lee sniffling in. "Go away Remy, I don't want to see you right now."

"It's Kitty and Ororo, Lee. Logan sent Remy away." Kitty replied. A moment later the door opened o a puffy eyed Lee.

"What did Logan tell you? How much did he hear?"

"He was only here for a few minutes, but he only said you were quarreling, and required our ears.", Ororo said as they stepped into the room.

"It was awful. First he said it was like I made him live with a ghost...and that he would never measure up. So I said at least the ghost he lived with was dead, the one I'm stuck with I have to live with every. single. day." Lee said as she sat back on the bed and started to cry again.

" What do you mean?," Kitty asked as Ororo and Kitty sat on either side of her.

"Rogue. I know he still loves her. I know that a part of him wants to go back to her. I'm in the way, and I know it."

"But he married you Lee. If he wanted Rogue back, why would he marry you?" Kitty asked.

"To protect our kids."

"Okay. I think you need to think rationally, Lee, before you do anything else, because that's just silly." Kitty said.

"I've known Remy a long time. He isn't going to leave you." Ororo added.

"Maybe that's part of the problem. Maybe he's stuck with me."

"Nonsense. He still talks to me as much as he always has." Ororo replied. " He is concerned for you, he worries that he's going to lose you, but he never says anything about regretting his marriage to you...outside blaming himself for your abduction."

"I've seen him, he doesn't want to be with Anna in anyway anymore." Kitty replied. "Or did you forget all the tension this time last year when I was trying to help?"

Lee nodded, feeling a little better but she not convinced. Kitty broke the tension in the room, by suggesting they head downstairs and eat some ice cream, which she had left on the counter. Ice cream and fights went together as far as Kitty was concerned.

As the ladies were heading downstairs, Remy was sitting in his office with Bobby and Hank. Bobby had grabbed Hank on his way in, after Kitty had told him the LeBeaus were fighting again and she had to go sit with Lee.

"I said I lived with a ghost. Why would I say that? Trace was one of my best friends!" Remy said.

"Jealousy maybe?" Bobby answered.

"Unfortunately, Lee as well as you, have been under a great deal of stress the last few months. I do not doubt that you said it in the heat of the moment." Hank added. "However, you would do well to apologize and reassure her."

"C'mon! She owes him an apology too! She accused him of cheating, practically." Bobby said.

"Lee is feeling very insecure at the moment, between the upcoming arrival and her recent imprisonment, it is not surprising." Hank said.

"I wanted to apologize right away. Logan threw me outta my own house." Remy said miserably. " Lee was crying. You don' know her that well, mais she don' cry; she was crying cause of me."

"Well then, after school, you need to make up." Bobby said,with a nod. "She'll likely apologize as well and it will be fine. As I said last time you guys fought; A fight isn't the end, it's a fight. It's not like it even happens often."

Remy nodded, though he had no intention of waiting until the end of he day to make his move. The longer they both stewed in what was said, the more damage there would be to their friendship.

After the others were satisfied that they had talked him into a calmer state they headed back to their classes, while Hank suggested that he take over the morning classes for Remy. Remy nodded, and as soon as the others were gone, he headed back toward his house. He slipped silently out of the school before nearly sneaking over to his house,concerned that Logan or one of the guys would catch him and stop him. The whole thing was strange to him, acting like he was breaking into his own house.

He saw Lee,Kitty, and Ororo through the kitchen window. She looked calmer now, and that was enough to give him hope she was willing to hear his apology.

He slipped into the kitchen, and none of the women noticed him at first, until he walked over at sat next to his wife. Before any of the women could object, he smiled over at her. " I- I'm sorry. I had no right to say that. I was frustrated and worried but saying was cruel. I know you don't like to talk about bad times, and sometimes talking about good times, reminds you of bad times. I know my timing is off and that I need to back off for awhile, but I just... You are shutting me out, Lee. It was wrong to say, mais I got more of a reaction outta a statement I didn't even think about, than anything else we've talked about in weeks! I'm losing you here, and I don't know how to hold on to you."

"...I'm not going anywhere. But I don't want to be pushed. How many times do I have to say it?"

"I'm not trying to push! Everything is off limits anymore. At this point I worry asking how the baby's doing is going to start a fight."

"If I'm so terrible to be with, why are you still here?"

"Because I want to be! Because you are my best friend, my wife. We're supposed to be partners here. We're supposed to help each other, and take care of each other. I don't want to be anywhere else!"

"I'm sorry about saying that about Anna. It was out of line too, but you can't deny it Remy, you still love her."

"Non. Even if you weren't here. Even if you were never here, we would be over. We were toxic to each other, I know that now, have known it since before Addy was born." Remy said as he hugged her. "You, me, and the kids, we're not going anywhere."

Ororo nodded to Kitty as they stood and left the house, clearly the couple needed time to sort their latest argument but they didn't expect it to escalate again. Ororo headed to the school to collect Adalyn and Anton from Rachel and Kitty headed to the garage to do the weekly shopping. Both hoped that this fight would be forgotten by dinner, as their previous fights had been.

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