Chapter 55

Chapter Fifty Five

February 2014

Remy woke to a strange feeling under his hand, it took him a moment to realize that he had wrapped his arm around Lee in his sleep and his hand was placed on her stomach. It took another minute to realize the soft thumping was his son or daughter. He had never felt the baby move before, in fact he couldn't remember ever feeling any baby move before.

He laid there marveling at the sensation, but keeping quiet in hopes that Lee would be able to sleep a little longer. She still was not sleeping well, and he was worried about her health. "Hey there petite, you mustn't wake mama, she needs her sleep." he whispered gently, as the baby kicked again, this time a little harder.

"She woke my about ten minutes ago." Lee whispered, as she shifted slightly. "She does this every morning, first time she woke you though."

"I haven't felt the kick before." Remy responded as he sat up."How long have you been feeling it?"

"Since last month, but I think mom always feels it first, and this time around I knew what I was looking for with it. We have a pretty active kid though."

"Heh, hopefully not too active, I don't want you to miss too much sleep."

"Actually feeling her move makes it easier to sleep. I have an appointment with Hank today, by the way."

"Is everything okay?"

"Yup. We find out today you owe me twenty dollars."

"No. We find out that you owe me fudge brownies for a month. "

"Ha. The mother always knows."

"I need a more even playing field, its two to four now."

"Too bad. Your going to owe me, and be outnumbered. Yet used to it."

Lee climbed out of bed with that to take a shower as Remy called after her. "I am used to it, mais I love brownies!"

Laughing he climbed out of bed himself to get dressed for the day. He had to change the oil in the car so he saw no reason to shower yet himself. After throwing his old sweats on and his scruffiest runners, he went downstairs to check on the kids, who were already up, and make breakfast.

Adalyn,Anton, and Laura were sitting at the table, eating cereal when he came in. She simply shrugged when he asked why she hadn't woken them when she got up if the kids were awake, before telling him that she had actually been up before them and had decided to feed them, so the parents could sleep in. Usually, Remy found Lee downstairs with the children, but on occasion one of the girls took it upon themselves to take over.

Remy was assured that Laura had things under control so he went to the garage to take care of the car, not returning for breakfast until well after Lee and the children were all finished. Lee noticed he looked bothered by something, however they had agreed after their fight last month to wait until the other came to them when they were upset from now on.

Remy ran upstairs for a quick shower while Lee got the babies ready to walk up to the school for her appointment, the girls had already left a little while before that to spend time with their friends. She heard the clang of the mail slot just as Remy appeared at the top of the stairs, and grabbed the pile to shove into her purse as they walked out of the door.

"You owe me twenty dollars" Lee and Remy had just left Hank's lab and had gotten on the elevator, not noticing Bobby and Anna also on board.

"No. I distinctly remember, you were to pay me twenty dollars, I was to pay you fudge brownies."

"Ha. Nice try. She's a girl, you owe me, you lost the bet."

"Wait, Remy lost a bet?" Bobby interrupted. "How is that even possible?"

"Because, I bet against a mother."

The elevator arrived on the main floor as Bobby laughed. Anna was quick to leave, bumping into Lee's purse on the way and knocking it off she shoulder, causing the contents to spill. Remy quickly helped scoop everything up as Bobby held the door for them and glared about the other woman's rude departure.

The others left the elevator as Remy helped Lee stuff everything back inside her purse and Ororo approached them, Kitty not far behind. "So what are you having?" Kitty asked as they reached the couple.

"Remy owes me twenty bucks, he's trying to swindle brownies anyway."

"Yay, another girl!" Kitty exclaimed as Ororo congratulated them and Remy flipped through the mail that had been dropped.

"We'll talk about those brownies later. I have to go grab somethin from the office, be right back." Remy said distractedly, before taking off down the hallway.

"He's just sore he lost a bet." Kitty yelled behind him.

Remy reemerged a few minutes later with several files under his arm, and ushered his family out of the school quickly. Lee frowned at him as they walked home, since he had been acting strangely off and on all day.

"We'll talk about it at home."

"Okay. You're kind of scaring me though."

"I think I'm scaring myself."

As soon as they entered the house, Remy asked the girls to undress the kids and dragged Lee to the kitchen.

"Someone put a tracking devise on our car, I found it this morning, and then this letter arrived today, I assume."

"Why would-"

"That strange couple, way back at the cottage, you remember them?"


"Well whoever they were they weren't who they were supposed to be. We just received a letter of apology and a check, because we hired the housekeeping service and they never arrived. So I looked it up quickly. They were found in their home, dead before we were ever there."

"Oh my God. Who?"

"Someone's been keeping tabs on us, and I think we both know who, the real question is how he is finding things out. I don' wanna suspect anyone, but I can't help but worry."

"We need to go then, go somewhere far and safe and they won't think of. We need to go right now, before they know we know."

"Here's the problem, if we run, they'll know we know. I'm going to set a trap instead, but I need a couple of hours to set it up, in the meantime, pack what we'll need for a couple of weeks, tell the girls we're going on a trip and get them to help you."

Two hours later had them on their way, with his friends thinking he was taking his family on vacation to celebrate his upcoming daughter and the Guild standing by. He had called his father but had not explained much since time was not on his side right then, just that he needed people stationed in certain locations and to report back who arrived.

To Logan, he had claimed they were going camping upstate. To Ororo he claimed they were on their way to Cape Cod. Bobby and Kitty were told they were going to Disney World and Rogue was told they were heading off to California.

Meanwhile, Remy planned to hide his children in the Guild. As soon as they were clear of the area, he explained to Laura and Jubilee what was happening. Both girls were shocked, and slightly outraged that he had included Logan on the list of suspects. He quickly explained he didn't really think Logan was involved, but then he had a hard time suspecting any of them.

The girls accepted this, and though they were unhappy about it, understood the further security measure he laid down concerning not telling their friends or boyfriends where they were going. On one hand, both felt he was being overcautious, on the other they had seen what had happened a few months ago and didn't want to go through it again.

Lee considered it may be one of them as well, or one of the others, that it wasn't a true betrayal but being bugged. Remy too had thought of that, but decided to go with the side of caution. Meanwhile, it hadn't taken Logan long to figure out that the family had lied and were on the run.

Silently cursing the danger they had put them selves in, and wondering what had caused them to run off, Logan made his way to their house in search of clues. Something had caused Remy to run, he just needed to know what.

He let himself into the house, and began his search in the kitchen, though he doubted he would find any clues there. The others on the staff had not yet caught on to the LeBeaus skipping out instead of just going on vacation, so he wouldn't risk asking them to help. Besides, one of em mighta done something to set this off. Don' know why they as far as ta lie to me though...

Logan was distracted from his musings, when he discovered the tiny tracking device in the garage. Logan glared at the device, that answered at least part of the question, he hoped the rest of the answers were around as well.

Remy reluctantly let Lee go in to rent a room. He didn't like her going in by herself like that, but he was more memorable with his eyes, and accent this far north. He thought about insisting one of the girls go in with her, but she had already declined the option before he could suggest it, instead Laura stood outside the car, leaning on the door casually, while watching the office.

A few minutes later Lee returned to the car without incident and directed him to the room. It was a plain room, comfortable but slightly run down, with two double beds, a table with two chairs, and a tiny bathroom. The television and phone were both mounted to the furniture, and the furnace made a funny clanging noise when Remy turned it on. However, the room was clean, and the linens and towels were fresh.

"Look, no mystery stains!" Lee said pointing at the beds, as the girls flopped onto the one furthest from the door.

"Well, that's an improvement then. Okay, Girls you take that bed, We'll take this one, who wants to bunk with Anton and Adalyn?"

"The girls get Ton, we get Addy. Normally I'd take both, but the bed it small, and the baby is now kicking other people not just me."

"That works. Hey can we order a pizza?" Jubilee asked, as Laura nodded.

Remy nodded and went to call the pizza place listed on the front of the phone book. Lee went to grab a quick shower and the girls occupied themselves and the babies with cartoons. Remy joined them in front of the tv a few minutes later, grateful for the mindless cartoon humor that allowed his mind to wander from the thoughts that had been racing through it all day.

Lee waited until the sounds of the television and shower drowned out any noise before finally breaking down. She had felt it coming all afternoon. She felt weak, helpless. Her children were in danger and there was nothing she could do to protect them, maybe if she had gone against her father's wishes and joined Remy way back when he came here, they may have been able to teach her how to protect them. But then, if she had done that would she even have these children? Would she even still be alive?

Remy had asked her those questions the only time she had brought it up to him, shortly after their fight. He had gone on to tell her she had made the right choice by staying out of it all, and that they couldn't predict what the future would have been with different choices.

She had felt better for awhile, and had even agreed with him, but they were on the run, probably betrayed by someone they trusted, and she felt helpless and alone. What was going to happen to her children? How could she keep them safe? The thoughts would not leave her alone. She wondered if Remy was having similar fears.

They arrived at the Guild Hall not long after they had run, Remy had told the guard at the gate to let them in, and then driven through to the garage, where he parked with a deep sigh. This was the part he was not looking forward to, telling Jean-Luc about the changes in his life the last couple of years.

He had talked a number of times with his father over the phone since Adalyn had been born, but had never mentioned her or Anton or Lee. His father at least would recognize the names Jubilee and Laura as girls he took care of for the X-men on occasion, though he hadn't told his father about their adoption either.

He smiled briefly at his wife, then into the review mirror, before climbing out of the car with a "Let's get this over with."

Lee knew how little he had told his family, and his reasoning that he didn't want Adalyn and Anton drug into that world, anymore than she wanted them drug into the world of the X-men. It seemed that perhaps it was beyond their control at least in part.

Remy held Anton's hand, while Lee carried Adalyn, who laid a sleepy head on her mother's shoulder, with Laura and Jubilee trailing behind. A woman that Remy recognized but could not name answered the door with a "Welcome home, Mister LeBeau."

"Merci...I'm afraid I don' remember your name."

"Celeste, sir. It's alright, I hired in a week before you left." She supplied, as she remembered hearing from the other staff members that Remy prided himself on remembering their names.

"Where's my pere?"

"In his study, waiting for you, shall I have someone bring in your bags?"

"Please. Make sure t' put the girls right next t' my suite."

Celeste nodded, and walked the other direction, presumably to give the instructions to someone else. She had hidden her surprise well, as she had only expected Remy. Remy led his family down the hallway to his father's study, before handing off Anton and Adalyn to the girls and asking them to wait outside for a moment while he talked to his father. Lee started to sit with them as well, but he gestured for her to join him. As he opened the door he whispered,"I'll need the support."

Jean-Luc sat behind his desk, filling out paperwork when they came in. The only sound to indicate they had entered was the soft click of the door even as they sat down. Lee's stomach completely hidden by the desk, and Remy waiting impatiently for his father's response.

"Y' getting rusty. I heard de door." Jean-luc comment without looking up.

"Sorry, I closed it, Remy would have done better." Lee responded without thinking, this was probably not the best way to announce her presence in the room.

"Who's dis then?" Jean-Luc said, finally looking up started at the female voice.

"Pere...This is my wife, Lee, Lee this is my father,Jean-Luc."

"Nice to finally meet you sir."

"Since when are you married?"

"Awhile now."

"Wha' about dat superhero girl you brought 'round before?"

"We're over."

"I should hope so if ya went and got yerself married t' dis one."


"When were ya plannin on tellin me, if it's been awhile now?"

"I donno. Her name is Lee, please be polite. I have"

"Other news? What more are ya dumping on me all at once, then?"

Lee took that to be the best time to stand, making sure her pregnancy was obvious, as she excused herself to go get the others. Jean-Luc looked dumb founded after her for a moment before he pointed a finger at his son. "Ya didn' see fit ta tell me I was about to be a grandfather til now? What's wrong wit' ya boy."

Remy tensed even as he sighed in defeat. "It gets worse, Dad, she excused herself to go get our other children."

"Other ch- wait. What's going on here Remy, is this some sort of joke, because it aint funny."

"No prank Dad. We adopted Laura and Jubilee, remember them,I've mentioned em before and the babies, Anton and Adalyn."

"So you adopted four kids?"

"No. We adopted two teenagers. Adalyn's mine that Lee adopted, Anton's hers that I adopted, and now we havin dis new baby too."

"So I have four, soon to be five grandchildren?"


"Excuse me a moment." Jean-Luc stood and walked out of the room, using the other door that led only to the private wing of the family's section of the hall. Remy had no idea what to expect by his father's departure, Lee and the kids arrived and had settled in before Jean-Luc returned with Mercy and Tante Mattie in tow.

"Wha's dis I hear bout havin nieces an nephews y' never mentioned, Remy LeBeau?" Mercy practically yelled when she came into the room.

Mattie saved her lecture in favor of rushing over to the half asleep toddlers. Lee smiled as she silently offered Adalyn to the older woman. She had heard a lot about Mattie over the years and knew Remy counted her among those he trusted. Jean-Luc, now spotting the extra people in the room joined Mattie's side for his first glimpse at his grandchildren.

"Dis is cause for celebration,no?" said Jean-Luc, as he gently scooped Anton into his arms. "We worry bout de t'ings y' asked me to look into tomorrow, tonight, we celebrate the newest five LeBeaus."

Jubilee and Laura both smiled at this, unsure how they would fall in the family's welcome until then, Lee relaxed as well at his words, both because whatever storm Remy was expecting seemed at least put off and they may have found something. Though the idea of one of their friends betraying them broke her heart.

Mattie had quickly agreed, and passing the younger baby off to Mercy headed off to the kitchen to get dinner started. Mercy smiled down at her new niece, before smiling at the other two nieces, to ensure they felt welcomed as well.

They were interrupted by a soft knock on the door, as Celeste arrived to inform them that their rooms were ready. As soon as she made the announcement Jean-Luc insisted that the family go settle in, informing them they all looked exhausted.

Remy thanked him gratefully, and led his family upstairs,behind Celeste who quickly informed him that they had reserved the suite next to Remy's for the girls and that they had brought a pair of beds down for the toddlers. She told him in an apologetic tone that if they required cribs she could send someone to buy them, but Remy assured her the beds were fine.

They entered the girls' suite first, which was identical to Remy's and generally reserved for adult members of the family in the past. It contained three rooms, two bedrooms connected by a sitting room with a bathroom attached as well. When Remy's great grandfather had the mansion built, he designed this wing with his children in mind, or rather his children being newly married and starting young families of their own. He had planned for some level of privacy for them.

The girls found that their rooms were identical in furnishings, with a heavy queen sized bedroom set, dark colored bedspreads, and heavy drapes. Their clothes had already been unpacked and put away for them, so they met back in the sitting room which contained a couch, an entertainment center, a wall of bookshelves, and two desks pushed together so they faced each other. They decided to explore further later and sat down to see if anything interesting was on television. Remy had informed them he was just across the hall.

Remy's suite, which had remained as he left it for years, had only been altered slightly to allow for sharing with toddlers. His bedroom had a King sized bedroom set in the same style and color as the girls' rooms. The sitting room contained the same couch and entertainment center, as well as bookshelves, but until a few minutes ago his second room had been used as a study. Instead of his familiar office furnishings, the room now contained two toddler beds (which had been dug from upstairs left there after the cousins had outgrown them), as well as a dresser and a toy box filled with toys left from the same cousins.

"My cousins have lots of children, these things are still very new." Remy said as he laid Anton on one of the beds. Lee nodded as she laid Adalyn down. She would not have cared either way, how old the items were, they were well built and cared for so she didn't fear they were the girls, Remy and Lee both decided to take a nap before dinner as the babies were doing.

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