Chapter 56

Chapter Fifty-six

February 2014

Remy waited until Lee and the children were sound asleep before slipping back downstairs to meet with his father. He both wanted to know if they had learned anything and suspected that Jean-Luc had more to say on the matter than he had earlier. Remy hadn't ever really thought it through, he realized, when he excluded his family from the lives of his children. On one hand, things had not been perfect growing up, far from it. On the other hand, they were his family, and he felt guilty now keeping such a huge secret from them.

It started out because he really hadn't told anyone much of anything, and then it just grew from there. He had thought of calling a dozen times, first to ask Mattie for help, then when Addy had been born, a few times, just because he was so proud of his new family. He had even thought of calling when they were missing to ask for help, and had they not figured out where to look next he might have. Then, it just seemed too much time had passed, or that he should do it in person. It never occurred to him, the expression of hurt that passed briefly over his father's face when he finally told them.

Jean-Luc was back in his study when Remy rapped softly on the door. His father called him in and he began before sitting. " At first I was not allowed to say anything, then we got married and adopted the kids and it would have been okay, but Lee and the babies were kidnapped and I honestly didn't even think about it, we finally got them back and then we found out we were having this baby, Lee was having a hard time with everything, we were having issues off and on...I guess I just...I kind off forgot that I hadn't said anything until we were on our way down here."

"Son, we will worry about that later. What's this about them being taken?"

"Sinister, he had he men break into my house and take my family while I was at the school. It took nearly a month to find them, I was frantic."

"I'm sure. Is this why you had us watching these places?"

"...I fear one among us, at least one, betrayed personal information either on purpose or was misled"

"I see"

"I gave each a different planned destination, whoever it is, that's where they will show up...if they arrive at none of them then either my friends realized what the trick was or none of them are guilty...either way I wish to stay here for the foreseeable future. I trust the Guild to keep my family safe."

"Of course you can stay. Stay as long as you need, stay forever if you like."

"At this point father, I do not want my children in the Guild or the X-men."

"I assumed that was a factor in not telling us of them."

"Maybe, but not consciously."

"Go to bed son, we will have time tomorrow, to talk about it all. You are dead on your feet."

"Good night Dad, you should go to bed too."

"I will."

Logan had kept his suspicions from the others, even Ororo, concerning the LeBeaus running off. At this point everyone thought they were on vacation and that suited him. He suspected the LeBeaus may be right, one among them was a traitor, who was the question.

He was quietly reviewing to himself any strange behavior he may have brushed off recently, but couldn't really think of anything, so he then decided to begin an internal investigation. Starting with the logs. The security system logged every time someone came in and out of the building as well as call made, though it didn't record the calls, it did record the numbers. He hoped to find something. He pulled the security archives as well, and had locked himself in his office under the excuse of fiscal paperwork, though declining when Bobby offered to help.

Logan set the computer to cross referencing any possible patterns in unknown phone calls as he watched for anything unusual in the security footage. He had more hope for the calls because someone would have noticed by now if something strange appeared on the cameras.

Hours later, he was coming up empty handed. In frustration, he stormed from his office half ready to confront the staff and demand to know who was the turncoat. He nearly ran over Storm, who was coming to ask him if he wanted any dinner. Instead of answering her, he drug her back in the office.

"Okay Ro, tell me straight. You turn traitor on us?" Logan demanded.

"No, why on Earth would you ask me that?"

"Cause someone did. Someone in this house is feeding information to Sinister."

"How do you know that?"

"Because, one, I found a tracer in Gumbo's garage; two, I found this letter in his office; and three, they are in the winds. You can't tell me if Remy wasn't suspicious he would have risked his family's safety taking off. Remy don't jump at shadows."

"They left?I was told they were going on vacation."

"People don't take their family portraits if they plan on coming back. Have you noticed anyone actin weird?"

"No. Aside from Rogue, and we know why she's been upset and out of sorts."

"Hmm. Maybe. I don' wanna suspect anyone, but I suspect everyone."

"I agree."

With Storm on his side, he hoped she would be able to help him sort out the mystery. He knew she was telling the truth, nothing in her behavior suggested a lie. Outrage and fear, but not lies. Storm left shortly after that with a promise to keep an eye out for anything strange, and Logan followed her a moment later, giving up for awhile. He couldn't just pretend everything else didn't matter, or someone would notice.

Jean-Luc called Remy to his office shortly after breakfast. Lee left the babies in the care of the girls and Mercy to go with him. He had assumed it would be about the teams or he would have insisted she stay with the children.

As soon as they entered, Jean-Luc gestured for Lee to sit down, before he began. "All teams have reported in, no one suspicious was spotted."

"Well that's a complication isn't it? Because either they knew we knew, or someone else is involved." Lee said as she rubbed her stomach nervously.

"We will assume it was someone else then. I'm sure we are completely safe here cher." Remy assured her, as he smiled down with more confidence than he had at his statement. Not that they were unsafe, but that the culprit hadn't caught on.

Jean-Luc did his best to assure his new daughter in law that everything would be fine, before offering to send someone out to do the shopping for her. He assumed, correctly, that she had no intention of leaving the grounds, but that they would be staying longer than expected so they would require more clothing and entertainment items including toys. Lee agreed and left to make a list of things they would need.

After she was gone, Jean-Luc and Remy discussed the next plan. It would be nearly impossible to discover who had betrayed them, really, so they needed instead to come up with a way to keep them safe. Remy also decided that he and Lee needed to talk about the girls. He had no idea if he should send them back to finish the year or keep them here to finish privately, but he also didn't want to make that choice on his own. Lee, as well as the girls, should have a say in the matter.

He found Lee and the girls as they finished the list, and sent the girls to take it to Jean-Luc so that he could talk to Lee. Remy filled her in on the Guild's plans to continue the investigation, and then brought up the topic he himself was dreading, the girls.

"We have to decide, now, if we are keeping them here or letting them go back to finish." Remy began, wishing there was a better way to word it.

"...Part of me wants to force them to stay, right her where I can watch over them. They're nearly grown and we know that they aren't as in danger as the little ones, if he has any interest in them, it's in passing. I think it should be up to them, but they must understand they can not tell anyone where we are, not even Logan."

"I agree. So when they get back, we'll see what they want to do. I'm sure they know not to say anything, but we'll make sure they know that too, only that we are fine."

"Yes, we can't have Logan trying to track us down either, I don't think it's him, but that doesn't mean he couldn't accidentally lead the wrong person to us. The same with the girls, if they choose to go, they need to be very careful when returning...I know I sound paranoid right now but-"

"No. I mean you probably would to someone else, but now to me. I agree always caution. Always. Until this is settled we must be very careful."

The girls returned a few minutes later, after a visit with their new grandfather, who they both seemed to enjoy very much. Remy sat them down as soon as they came in and immediately asked them what they wanted to do. When neither of them seemed to know for certain what way to go he assured them they had time to think about it, before deciding, and that they could also always change their minds.

"Have you considered Jean-Luc?" Jean-Luc began that night at dinner. "For the new baby that is. I noticed you named Adalyn after your mother."

"Well, we would have, but the doctor said she's a girl, which reminds me, Remy you owe me twenty dollars."

"Oui, that's right we can' name her after you, I was thinkin, maybe after your mama cher? And the bet was brownies."

"No. If it was a boy then brownies, but it's a girl so twenty, those were the terms... my mother's name was Magdalene."

"Maggie. I like that." Jubilee said from across the table, and Laura nodded.

"Well maybe the next one you can name for me then non?" Jean-Luc said. "Magdalene is a good name."

Magdalene Josey. What do you think?" Remy asked. Everyone nodded except Lee who stared at him. She hadn't expected him to include her sister as well, though she liked it.

Finally, when she had been silent long enough that everyone was staring at her she replied with a smile. "I think Mama and Josey would have liked that."

"Well now that the name is out of the way, we just have to take care of everything else." Jean-Luc said. "She'll need clothing and furniture, and of course you'll need help with three little ones and the big ones returning to school. Then we'll need to think of their education. I can arrange tutors as I did with you Remy, but-"

"Pere. You are getting ahead of yourself. She isn't here yet and Addy and Ton aren't ready for school yet. The girls haven't decided what they want to do either." Remy was grateful though that his father seemed so happy to have their family here, which he tried to keep in his tone as he spoke.

His father quickly agreed, and they continued their meal everyone talking quietly about the upcoming baby. Lee hoped the matter of the 'next' baby would stay dropped. She had no intention of revealing the nature of their marriage, however she also didn't want everyone waiting around for another child after this one, plus she was honestly just grateful this baby had hung on so well.

Remy was aware of her mood, and realized what may be the cause. The subject of pregnancy for Lee had been touchy even before the kidnapping. He made a mental note to talk to his father about it later to assure the man did not continue to bring it up. Remy decided that what he would tell his father was the minimum, like Lee he had no intention of allowing his family to think their marriage was at all unconventional, instead he would simple tell his father that his wife had difficult pregnancies but didn't like to talk about it. He hoped that would be enough to settle the situation.

Mercy, noticing the shift in mood her father-in-law seemed to miss, attempted to think of a new subject, before settling on one as she watched her children playing with their new cousins across the table. " Lee, I was wondering, would you and the babies like to come with us on our walk tomorrow? We never leave the grounds so it's perfectly safe, mais they make enjoy it. I know Sabrina and Henri love playing on the swings and in the flowers."

"Thank you Mercy. I would love that, as long as we stay near the house."

"Of course. It's rather dark right now; de playground is just over dere. You can see it from here, clearly."

"Okay. Thank you."

"Mama, does that mean we are out of lessons tomorrow?" Sabrina asked, looking over hopefully at her mother.

"Well, it's not everyday you get four new cousins. I think one day will not hurt anything." Mercy replied, as six year old Sabrina and four year old Henri cheered.

Logan had continued late into the night in his search of the files. He felt he had cleared every member of the staff, twice. With frustration he sent to re-set the program again when Ororo came in to check on him, since his lights were still on.

"I've checked everyone. I even went as far as checkin Remy and Lee. There's nothing. There has to be something, because someone had to be tipping him off." Logan said as Ororo sat down next to him. She looked at his latest print out briefly, with a frown.

"Did you check the students?"


"Did you check the students. I know it seems more likely to be the staff, but you've run everyone through the system. That leaves the students or the other team."

"They're kids. I ain't checked the other team though. I should check em."

"Yes. If it was our team you would have found something by now."

Logan re-started his searches toward the other team, though ignored at least for now, the student body. The biggest problem he realized right away would be they weren't near by, so the area footage was likely useless, and possibly the phone records as well, if he could even get a hold of the records. He knew that his best shot was to contact Summers and tell him about the possible mole, but he was determined to check Summers first. Ororo sat with him awhile longer before excusing herself. She wasn't really comfortable with the idea that it may be a student either but she decided to watch the footage again just in case.

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