Chapter 57

Chapter Fifty-seven

March 2014

Jubilee and Laura arrived back at school at the beginning of March. With their arrival and return to their dorm room, any hope that Logan held of the staff being unaware the LeBeaus weren't just on vacation vanished. He had spent the last three weeks searching every file of every member of the X-men and still had nothing. Logan was beginning to worry that Ororo's suggestion that he check the student body may be the answer.

Logan was relieved the girls were back even with the complication. He had missed the crowd of students and staff noticed them at lunch, Logan had said. "Welcome back. Your homework's in your dorm."

Logan was not known for being overly affectionate, so neither girl had expected more than a welcome. Jubilee groaned outwardly at the mention of their homework, while Laura insisted that they had kept up on their studies. As soon as they had sat the inevitable questioning rose. Julian broke the ice, by asking where they had gone. Jubilee quickly responded that they had gone on a family vacation.

Kevin was the next to question asking where their parents were if they would be staying in the dorms. Laura quickly responded that they had decided to take the rest of the semester since the baby would be here before long, to travel a bit more.

Logan cut them off before anyone could ask for anymore details by reminding them all of the rules including asking personal questions about the staff. Though a few grumbled that it wasn't fair because they couldn't ask the girls anything about their trip then, the excitement wore down.

It wasn't until later that week that Logan learned a handful of students had continued to question the girls after that. Still not really wanting to suspect any of the students, Logan made a list of those who were asking the most questions to be investigated first. He hoped that it would be harmless concern or curiosity for their friends, but he couldn't take that chance. Among those asking questions were Julian and Kevin which was to be expected since they were dating the girls. More concerning were Quentin, Ruth, Alisa, Hisako, and Santo. Ruth and Quentin were interesting as they would not have to ask to know what they wanted, though Ruth was generally odd to begin with.

He wanted to put it down to nothing more than gossip, normal kid stuff, but couldn't afford to take the risk. His concern grew too, as Rogue and Kitty began questioning the LeBeaus whereabouts, wanting to know if he had any information. He answered them honestly, that he knew only that the girls were coming back to finish the year. He had no idea if Remy intended to return or where he was at this point. He also forbid them both from asking the girls, not that he thought the girls would say anything. It was in his opinion likely that Remy had already told them not to say anything. If the girls even knew where exactly they were after they left.

After Laura had extracted a promise from Julian to avoid the topic of her family, she agreed to let him come with her to her house to pick up some of her and Jubilee's things, before going out for the evening with him. They had not been on an actual date since before Christmas, and she was looking forward to it.

She told Logan her plans for the evening, as well as Julian's promise to drop the subject and he agreed to let them go out. All school week outings had to be approved by a member of the staff, and Logan was acting as guardian for the girls at the moment.

Jubilee and Kevin also were going out for the afternoon, though they intended to go with the rest of the group to the carnival that had set up across town. Logan had told both girls to be careful and to return on time, but made no further objection to their plans as uncomfortable as it made him to let them go with suspects.

Logan had decided the best thing he could do at this point was inform the other X-men what was going on, at least his team. He had cleared them all a total of seven times, so he was fair certain he could trust them, plus he could not tell them where the LeBeaus went even if he wanted to. With the kids mostly cleared out of the school for the day, he called a meeting.

Once everyone was settled into his office, Logan began. "As I informed Kitty and Rogue, and I'm sure most of you assumed, Gambit isn't on vacation. Something spooked him and he took his family and ran. I don't know when or if they will be back, but I do know what happened as I pieced it together."

"They aren't coming back?" Rogue interrupted.

"I don't know if they are. I do know that someone from this school was passing information on to Sinister, and Gambit found out. I don't know if he found out who, but I doubt it, else he wouldn've let the girls come back. I myself have been searching for answers for weeks. Y'all are cleared, the students ain't. I'm gonna need yer help lookin at them."

The room exploded in questions which he did his best to answer though he didn't know much more than he had told them to begin with. A lot of the questions surrounded the students, however Hank was concerned over Lee's health and mental heath. Logan unfortunately couldn't answer Hank anymore than the rest of them. Soon the room settled back down, and Logan divided up the lists for the others, telling them to look into everything before clearing any name on the list.

"The quickest and simplest way might be for Rachel and I to handle it. I can absorb them, Rachel can get in their heads. We could work it into a training exercise so no one is suspicious." Rogue suggested.

Logan thought about it for a minute before "Narrow the list first, we don't need the whole student body down in the lab."

Rogue nodded though she would rather finish it quickly, so they could be rid of the mole. The others all agreed and everyone headed off to start on their lists. Every one of them hoped to settle this quickly, the idea of a spy was unsettling for them all.

"Are we actually going to dinner, or are we going to just hang out here?" Julian asked as he lounged on the chair in the corner of Laura's room. As soon as they arrived she had been quiet. They had gone through every room in the house, and she seemed to be searching for something, but he had yet to see her actually pick anything up, or open a drawer or door.

"Logan informed us that he had entered the house to remove the perishables. However someone has been in the other rooms." Laura replied as she inspected her bookcase.

"How do you know it wasn't him?"

"He would not have entered the bedrooms. He would not have rearranged things in the bedrooms either."

"What do you mean rearranged? You haven't even looked to see if anything was messed with."

"My third drawer is closed completely. Remy and Lee's bed is made with the pillows under the bedspread. Jubilation's books are all placed in order on her shelf, and the children's toys are put in the toy boxes."


"Someone moved these items."

"So someone cleaned up for you?"

"No. Our belongings were inspected with the intent to return them to their correct locations, however the person or persons in question did not return the items as they were."

"How can you tell that by those things? Maybe Wolverine or Storm came in and cleaned up."

"Logan would have left the belongs as they were."

"I still think you may be over thinking this. C'mon grab your stuff so we can go to dinner."

"I should inform Logan of this development."

Julian rolled his eyes but stayed where he was as she stepped out to call Logan and then Remy to tell them what she had discovered. She was gone for long enough that Julian finally became bored enough that he eventually pulled her bag onto her bed and then began looking around on the surfaces to find what she might want to go to her dorm with her.

Laura returned as he placed a few of her books into the bag, after he had put in a handful of picture frames. "I informed Logan of the break in, and ordered a pizza. It is rather late, and though we should eat here. We have a large movie collection to choose from."

"That works. I started packing for you, but I didn't want to go through your stuff, so I'll go down and wait for the pizza while you pack if you want."

Laura nodded and Julian headed down to pick a movie and wait for dinner. He was worried about Laura and her family, first she and her parents disappear, then she and Jubilee return but both are so jumpy. Then this tonight. Who would notice the drawer like that anyway? It seemed odd that she would have left it open to begin with, but to notice that it was closed was strange to him. Julian knew something must be going on that Laura wasn't telling him about but he had no idea what it could be.

Jubilee and Kevin arrived back at the school late. Everyone else had arrived nearly an hour before, and Logan had noticed their absence. He was waiting in the front hall when they came in and without asking any questions he ordered Kevin to his room and Jubilee to his office.

As soon as his door shut Jubilee said. "Look I know we're late and you don't approve, but I'm old enough to make my own choices and Remy and Lee are my parents not you, besides-"

"Kevin is on the short list Jubilee, the last thing we need is you being off campus alone with him."

"Short list?"

"Kevin ain't cleared. Kevin,Quentin, and Ruth."

"What about Julian?"

"He's clean. So's the rest of the student body. It's one of those three or an outsider."

"It wouldn't be Kevin Logan! It just wouldn't be."

"I hope so too, but til he's cleared, group dates only off campus."

"Fine. So how'd you figure it out and clear everyone so fast?"

"It ain't fast. Been working on it since y'all took off. Still working on it. By the way, Laura called, someone was messing with your stuff over at the house, she ain't back yet, but should be soon. She can tell ya more."

Jubilee frown but nodded as she stood assuming she was excused. Logan waived her off feeling he had lectured enough, as she had pointed out, he wasn't her father. Though he was concerned with how close she was with a possible traitor the most he could do was keep them on the grounds.

As she left he turned his attention to waiting for Laura and Julian. He had informed her that he expected both of them in his office when they returned to explain what exactly she had found at the house. He had not been upstairs after the first day when he had gone looking for bugs, but he had returned everything exactly as he had found it. It was possible he shifted something slightly, however Laura had made it sound like a lot of things were out of place. He had gone back a week before the girls returned and cleared out the fridge and cleaned the kitchen, part of him hoped that it what was bothering her since he forgot to mention cleaning. Otherwise, someone had been inside and recently, and he hadn't noticed on the security footage.

Logan had added cameras to the perimeter of the LeBeau property after they left, so the only way he could think of that someone had gotten in without raising an alarm was teleporting. Except he didn't have anyone on his suspect list that could teleport.

While he was thinking about this, he finally saw the couple coming up the path, holding hands and talking quietly to each other. It was low enough that even when he turned to the monitors, he couldn't hear what was being said. With a shrug he assumed they were not talking about the break in or her family, so it didn't matter.

The arrived in his office as he stood to pour himself a drink, assuming it would be a long night ahead for him. Laura stood at attention on the other side of his desk and quickly reported everything she had noticed. With that many changes, subtle as they were, he knew as Laura did that someone had been inside the house.

Laura turned to Julian to confirm what she had said, and he scratched his head, still not entirely certain of how she noticed but said. "Yeah, all of Laura's drawers were closed, and Remy's bed was made with the pillows under the bedspread, I thought that's how it was supposed to be done?, and Jubilee's book were all in order. I didn't notice anything about the kids' rooms, sorry. But I did notice while we were downstairs, that the dvd collection had bluray mixed in with them, and same for bluray with dvds."

"Thanks kid. I'm going to assume Laura invited you upstairs to confirm what she had already noticed, you can head to bed now."

Julian nodded and left, Logan looked to Laura who confirmed the movies were mixed as he had said, but they were untouched. It was one of Remy's many tricks to learn if someone had gone through his things, that he had taught the girls and Lee to do as well, just like everything else Laura had listed. Logan nodded and sent her to bed as well, before deciding that he was going to go stay the night at the LeBeaus, but he had no intention of telling anyone, he wanted to catch whoever it was in the act and didn't want to tip anyone off.

He locked his office door, making sure to leave on a light and his radio so anyone who stopped by would think he was inside before slipping out of the school and down to the house. He let himself in and debated sitting in the dark living room, or heading upstairs. If it was a teleporter as he suspected, they may appear on the top floor, and he would miss their arrival, however he wasn't completely comfortable going to the bedrooms without the LeBeaus knowing he was there. Eventually he settled into Remy an Lee's room, deciding that catching those responsible in the act was more important than worrying about invading the family's personal space.

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