Chapter 58

Chapter Fifty-Eight

March, 2014

She was trying to kill him, Logan was convinced. Jubilee was stretching the edges of his sanity. Though he had warned the girl to be careful around Kevin, she was out alone with him again, for the third time since their talk. She was careless with the entire thing, certain that she knew the boy well enough to trust him, despite the warnings.

The worst part, for Logan was he was all but certain at this point it was Kevin, or Quentin who was the informant. He couldn't narrow it down further with repeated attempts. He tried to talk about it reasonably, but he had decided tonight while waiting for her return, that Jubilee was going to be grounded and forbidden to leave the grounds until further notice. If she wouldn't help herself, he would force her to behave.

Laura came down to see if Jubilee had returned yet, but seeing Logan's expression she knew she hadn't. Jubilee had taken the stance that Logan wasn't he father and she was nearly an adult so she didn't have to listen to him. Laura had argued that he was still their Headmaster and friend, and everyone considered him part of the family, but Jubilee ignored Laura as well.

Laura sighed when she saw Logan pacing in the hall, before slipping into the TV room and pulling out her phone. She called Remy to quickly explain the situation, who told her to hand her phone to Logan. Laura returned to the hall, phone in hand and silently handed it to Logan.

"So, Jubilee is misbehaving ignoring rules and overall giving you trouble?"

"Yup. That sums it up."

"Tell her if she don' shape up, she's coming home. Not after she graduates, not when she feels like it, immediately. Then tell her you have our full support."

"I don't need help handlin her, been doin it for years."

"Yeah, mais she got in her head she don' havta listen to ya and I can still pull her butt home if she don' want to behave. I didn't have to let her go back."

Logan growled in irritation. Remy made sense, but he didn't have to like it. Before he could say more, he heard the front door open so he just gave the phone back to Laura without another word. Before he could say anything to the girl in question Laura slipped around him and handed her the phone.

Jubilee made no attempt to be quite as she argued with Remy over returning home, Logan realized it was escalating and attempted to clear the hallway, and steer the girl into his office before she could say anything incriminating. Unfortunately the girl was too angry to be reasonable as she shouted to both Remy and Logan. " I'm not a child and can decide for myself where I want to be! Kevin is not the damn spy and I am going to finish my final year here with my friends not stuck in some stuffy old mansion with a bunch of people I don't even know!"

"Jubilee..." Laura said, realizing that too much had already been said.

"No Laura, I'm done with it! Remy thinks he might be being watched so he drags us halfway across the country to visit his family who he doesn't even trust, then as soon as we get home Logan starts in on Kevin! Kevin and I have been together most of a year and he's done nothing to cause trouble."

"No matter who it was who betrayed us, they now know too much." Laura replied calmly.

Jubilee paled before looking around, finally realizing that she had drawn a crowd. She silently shoved the phone back at Laura as she rushed from the hall, Rogue following after her to make sure she was okay, as Bobby and Kitty herded the teens back to their rooms and Logan grabbed his prime suspects. He figured he needed to narrow it down now, no time to investigate further.

Remy decided cover blown or not the LeBeaus mansion was a safer place to stay than going back on the run with two toddlers and a pregnant woman with no back up. He debated whether to tell Lee about the phone call not wanting to upset her but in the end decided that she needed to know. Plus if she didn't feel safe staying he wanted to know now and not closer to her due date. As far as Jubilee's behavior went, he didn't know what to make of it but had every intention of talking to Logan later about grounding her for her reckless behavior.

He went in search for Lee and the children, eventually finding them playing in the yard with Mercy. "Mercy would you watch after de babies for a while ? I need t' steal my wife?" Remy asked.

"What's wrong?" Lee asked as Mercy nodded.

"Inside." Remy replied, helping her to her feet. " I jus' need t' talk t' you. Got off de phone with Logan just now."

Lee followed him inside with no further questioning, concern plain on her face as he led her to the family lounge. As soon as the were settled, so they could watch the children through the window, Remy said. " Jubilee has been causing trouble to Logan. She claimin she don' need t' listen none to him. So Laura called. She say de same t' me, mais she also said where we are over de phone an' I have no idea who may have heard her. We must assume too many."

"Okay. So what do you want to do? I mean you said the mansion was safe, is it safe if they know where we are?" Lee asked.

"I'll tell m' Pere what happen, he'll make sure we're secure. I t'ink we should stay mais I understand if'n y' t'ink we shouldn't."

"We should stay. More eyes, and good security. You need to calm down hun, your accent is so thick I can barely understand you. We need to figure out what's going on with Jubilee too. It's strange she would risk security like this."

"I'm tryin. Jubilee, it's bout a boy. Logan say de boy is one de short list, she don' wanna hear it."

"I see. I'm going to call her myself, you go talk to your dad. Ask Mercy to bring the kids in please."

Remy agreed and went outside to explain to Mercy Lee's request and reasoning before heading to his father's office while Lee pulled out her phone to call her adopted daughter.

The phone rang through to voicemail, so Lee simply stated. "Call me now."

Jubilee returned the call right away. " Why?" Lee asked.

"Why, what?"

"Why are you being so hateful to Logan and Remy, and ignoring the rules? Why would you announce where the children are?"

"I didn't-"

"You did not think. I'm disappointed in you Jubilation. Perhaps we were not clear enough in our explanation of the situation."

The two continued to argue for several minutes, growing increasingly louder on both ends of the line, as Lee refused to listen to any excuses for Jubilee's behavior and Jubilee felt Lee was being unreasonable.

"Jubilee, you are grounded. I do not wish to hear of you leaving the grounds again before graduation. You are also forbidden to continue to see Kevin for the rest of the year."

"I'm not a child!"

"Then stop acting like one. You endangered the lives of three helpless children with your selfishness. You have no idea the horrors that occurred and I have no intention of repeating them. If you wanted to be treated as an adult, act like an adult."

"Selfish?! I'm not the one that decided to get pregnant when I knew someone was after me, that was all you guys, and we're the ones dealing with it." Jubilee paled as soon as the words left her mouth, never once had she regretted having siblings or condemned her parents for the pregnancy, she was angry and had spoken without thinking.

"End of the year." was Lee's only response before she hung up, Jubilee stared dumbfounded at the phone. Lee had never hung up on either girl before, no matter how irritated she became. Jubilee was shocked. Sure they had been arguing but she never expected such a reaction.

She sat staring at her phone for a few more minutes before she realized she needed to go talk to Logan about this. She wanted to talk to Kevin as well, before Logan got wind of her grounding because she had no doubt Logan would enforce it. She thought quickly before sending Kevin a text asking him to meet her at her house, then slipping out of the school. Hopefully if she left alone it would not make things worse. She planned to say she just wanted something from her room at home.

Logan, meanwhile, was on the phone with Lee, who was outlining Jubilee's restrictions with a still angry tone. Both were in agreement that the girl had been behaving strangely the last few weeks, and completely out of character. Lee worried the stress of the last few months was as much a factor as the new boyfriend. Logan felt it didn't really matter the cause the girl was being reckless and he had every intention of stopping her behavior or sending her home, whichever would work to get her back to how she had been. Luckily Laura was not having these behavior issues as well.

Remy returned from his conversation with his father as Lee hung up with Logan, and she explained what they had decided for Jubilee. He was satisfied with the grounding and admired he was going to suggest the same before explaining what his father had said and done.

Jean-Luc had immediately increased security for the mansion and decided that no one was t leave the grounds for the next few days. " He suggested that me 'n y' stay here til this gets cleared up, or least til we get security in place. The babies will be on the grounds at all times, I think we should agree, and you too, least til the baby comes, less you're with me or someone else."

"Sounds fair, we are the ones he's after. Though we did have plans to go out at the end of the week, I guess it can wait."

"Non, by then it should be fine, and I'll be wit you, so nothing's going to happen anyway. We'll go out, we haven't been away from the kids for the night in forever and they are perfectly safe here."

" Yeah, I'm sure you're right, it's just...leaving them scares me."

"Which is why we have to go, the longer you're cooped up, the worse you'll feel about leaving them for anything."


Laura returned to her dorm room expecting to find Jubilee still pouting on her bed since she hadn't come to dinner, however the room was empty. With a sigh, Laura sent Jubilee a text asking where she was, before someone noticed the other girl was gone. Jubilee's only reply was she went to go get something from the house, not responding further to Laura's questioning.

Laura continued to wait for an answer for ten minutes before deciding that she should go tell Logan that Jubilee had gone to the house and go to get her before the school locked down for the night. Laura made her way to Logan's office, as expected he and Ororo were preparing to shut down the school for the evening as they did at curfew every night since the girls returned and security became a question. The fences would lock as would the doors, and the automatic defense systems would be armed within a few minutes.

"Jubilee went to the house to get something from her room, she has not returned. Shall I go collect her?" Laura asked.

" How long ago did she leave?" Logan asked.

"I do not know, she was not in our room when I returned following dinner, I sent her a message and she replied that she was at the house."

"I'll go get her, you stay here." Logan said to Ororo. "We'll be back in a few minutes."

Logan and Laura walked toward Laura's house, neither particularly worried, but Logan annoyed. When they reached the back door, Logan intended to let Laura go in to get Jubilee until he smelled the area. "Has Kevin been to the house recently?"

"Not that I was aware of, though it seems he has."

"Okay, stay here, I'll check it out."

"Do you believe he will harm Jubilee?"

"I believe he's a danger, stay here."

Laura frowned at being left behind but nodded, waiting impatiently as Logan ventured inside. She was beginning to become impatient, and considering going in when Logan returned to the door. " Go back to the school. We're on lock down."

"Where is Jubilee?"

"Not here."

Laura returned up the path as Logan pulled out his phone and ordered Ororo to lock down the school as soon as Laura came in, before returning to the house to follow the scent trail left by the teenagers. He saw no sign of struggle nor did the girl seem stressed when she left, therefore he assumed that they had left on their own. Why the girl was behaving like this was still a mystery to him, but one he intended to unravel later after she was back and safe.

The idea of contacting Remy and Lee with the girl's disappearance never occurred to him, however Ororo sat debating it. On one hand upsetting the couple when the girl may just be trying to cause trouble, on the other hand if something had happened to her and Ororo didn't call it would be unfair to the girl's parents. Laura joined her in the office a few minutes later as Ororo put off having to decide what to do by going through the lock down procedures.

Eventually though she was left once again to the debate. Finally, she decided to call Remy and leave it up to him if Lee was informed. " It appears that Jubilee has decided to skip out for the evening." She said after the greetings.

"She did wha now?"

"Jubilee informed Laura that she returned to the house to retrieve something from her room. Laura came to Logan to inform his of this and they went to the house to bring Jubilee back to the school before curfew. When they arrived at the house she was not there. However Logan did not say anything about any signs of trouble."

" Kevin was with her, which she did not tell me." Laura interrupted.

"Apparently, according to Laura, Kevin was also with Jubilee."

"Okay. Thank you, keep me informed. If the situation changes, call immediately." Remy replied, stress and anger clear in his voice.

As Ororo and Laura settle in to wait for news, Remy returned to his suite to help get the children in bed, he had no idea if he should tell Lee, or what exactly to say about it. He was afraid something had happened to Jubilee, but he was also concerned she had just decided to take off, especially with the screaming match she had been in earlier with several different people.

After Adalyn and Anton were asleep, Remy and Lee went to go watch a movie in the lounge in their suite. A few minutes into the movie when Remy realized tat Lee was bound to notice his inattention he said. " Jubilee decided to scare everyone and take off for a few hours with Kevin. She missed curfew and Logan is looking for her right now. I think she's just bein a brat and we should try not to worry."

"Jubilee's missing? How can I not worry?!"

"She's almost an adult, she can handle herself. If Logan don't find her by mornin then we'll worry."

"No. I'm going to go see if Mercy and Mattie will watch the babies, then we're going right back to the school If she's still missing you can help look for her and if she's back she can just come home with us. This is the final straw."

Before Remy could reply Lee was out the door on her way to Mercy's suite. She returned a minute later, to check on the children before they headed downstairs. Remy stopped long enough to explain what was happening to Jean-Juc and thy were on the road just ten minutes after Ororo's call. Luckily, they saw no reason to pack since most of their things were still at their house.

"If we trade off, we don't need to stop anywhere, and can be there by morning. We don't have the kids with us, so it isn't a problem." Lee said as they pulled out of the gate.

"Are you sure you are okay with traveling straight through?"

"Yes. I'll be better off traveling straight, the less time I spend worrying the better."

"Okay. Get some sleep, I'll wake you when I get tired."

"Don't try to power through, you get sleepy, I take over."


Logan followed the trail all over town, before the scent headed in the direction of the city. He sighed heavily while grumbling about the difficulty of the search in the city, before getting back on his bike and following. He decided the girl was in deep trouble, no matter her excuse.

He tracked them most of the night, crisscrossing the city. Finally, he located them in a rundown motel in a 'bad' part of the city. He briefly considered going to the office to demand the key, before walking up the rickety stairs, and pounding on the door. Hearing hushed voices on the other side of the door he yelled "Jubilee, I can hear you in there open this door now 'fore I havta break it down."

The locks clicked and Kevin pulled open the door a fraction of an inch before Logan shouldered his way in. Jubilee came out of the bathroom wide-eyed as Logan said. " Get your crap, Jubilee."

"Sir we didn't do anything wrong and-" Kevin started.

"Shut up,kid. Be back at the school before sunrise, or don't come back. Jubilee move it now."

"I don't ha-"

"Don't finish that thought." Logan demanded before grabbing her wrist and dragging her out of the room. " Yer grounded, if yer lucky, cause Ro must've called by now, n' they already said one more misstep and they were draggin your ass home. What the hell were you thinkin?"

"I dunno. Kevin suggested getting away for the night and pointed out that y'all would come to the house to look for me, so we took off."

"Yup, yer in for it, one way or the other."

They arrived back at the school around three in the morning, Logan sent Jubilee to her room without another word and sat to wait for Kevin, if he bothered to return. Logan was still convinced Kevin was the traitor, everyone else had cleared but there were huge holes in Kevin's story and alibis. Logan actually was more forgiving about the holes in background considering the number of children they had who left chunks blank or made up, but the boy slipping out as he pleased was an issue. Logan now had to decide what to do with the boy, deciding that whether the LeBeaus drug Jubilee home or not, he was sending the boy to the other team. The kid didn't listen and therefore was trouble for the entire group, so sending him to Cyclops seemed the best plan to Logan, provided he returned at all.

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