Chapter 59

Chapter Fifty-Nine

March, 2014

Remy and Lee arrived in the morning after receiving a call from Logan telling them that Jubilee was fine. They decided that they wanted to sit the girls down and talk to them again in person before returning to New Orleans, plus they were both tired and felt a day in their house would be fine. Mercy was in charge of the babies and they were not worried about the security there. Remy also had no intention of leaving Lee's side during their visit so he was only slightly worried about her.

As soon as they walked into the school, Quentin felt they need to call out. "Jubilee you're parents are here, now you're in trouble!"

"Boy, aren't you supposed to be in class?" Remy replied. Quentin shrugged before taking off down the hall toward the class rooms.

"He's not going to class, you know." Lee said after the boy disappeared.

"He ain't my problem today, Jubilee is. I'll tell Logan the boy is skipping again when we see him."

Jubilee and Laura appeared from the classrooms as he finished, and he gestured for them to follow him. He had called Logan a few minutes before and said that they were removing both girls from class for the day to talk to them.

The girls followed Remy and Lee back to the car since Remy decided he wanted it close by in case anything happened, and they went down to their house. " We don't have anything in the fridge, Logan took care of it." Jubilee said as thy drove.

"I know he told me. I'll either go to th shop later or order in. Right now it isn't a concern." Remy replied. " What is a concern is you disappearing like that. What has gotten into you lately?"

"Remy we agreed to wait til we got to the house to talk about it."

" She wants to talk, she can talk. I told her to be quiet til we got there."


"Non, Lee. I want her answer, and I want it now. She just informed the entire school where you and the children were being held. She risked y'alls safety, not to mention her hateful slights against her new sister, and then running off. I want to know what she's thinking. Sides we're here." Remy said as he pulled into their garage.

Lee glared once more at Remy, irritated that he was ignoring their plan and climbed out of the car, followed by Laura. Remy then rolled down his window and told them that he was going to take Jubilee with him to the store to talk to her, and asked Laura to stay with Lee.

Lee stomped into the house, angry at Remy for cutting her out of the conversation and asking Laura to essentially babysit her.

"So..." Remy said after a few minutes of silence.

"So, what?"

"Do you have an answer for it? Why you've been acting like this? This isn't you Jubilee. Six months ago, one month ago, I never would've thought you would risk the kids' like that."

"Kevin isn't a bad guy Remy. I know Logan thinks he is, and he's got you convinced, but Kevin isn't the bad guy here."

"How can you be so sure? Think about it Jubes. Did we really think Logan or Ororo or Anna were involved? No. Mais, we didn't tell em where we went either, you did that."

"I'm just tired of hearing about my poor judgment."

"Well you did a great job of convincing us otherwise this week didn't you?"

"Well, if you hadn't overreacted and drug Lee and the kids halfway across the country it wouldn't be an issue would it?"

"Oui. It would. When we get back to the house, I want you to apologize to Lee for being hurtful, and to Logan for worryin him, then you pack. "


"Because you are comin home. So's Laura. Logan agreed to let you finish the year remotely."

"But it's my last year."

"Should've thought of that before taking off for the night." He said as he pulled into a parking space and turned off the engine. Jubilee glared pointedly before climbing out of the car and slamming the door.

Remy quickly caught up to the girl and snatched her phone as she hit send. "No phone either. You can tell your friends in person that you lost the privilege for the next month."

"I turn eighteen in May."

"It's March now, I ain't gonna let you run wild cause you're about to reach some magical age. If you decide to behave like a child, I'm going to treat you like one."

Jubilee stuck out her tongue as she stomped ahead, ignoring him calling her back, and stormed into the store. With a sigh, Remy followed behind, mentally adding to her list of misbehavior.

Laura and Lee were busy packing up what else they may need for awhile. Laura had taken the news that both girls would be returning with them to New Orleans well, she had assumed that would be the case when she was informed Remy and Lee were coming up.

"We just want to protect you girls, every bit as much as the babies." Lee said, as she leaned against Laura's door.

"I understand." Laura replied. At first she had been confused a times, and irritated over Lee and Remy's behavior toward her when she had moved in with them, but she had come to realize that they were treating the same as they would any of their children. It was strange and comforting at the same time, and gave her a feeling of normalcy that had been rare in her life.

"Jubilee's behavior is unacceptable, but I know it must seem unfair for us to punish you as well. I just want you to know tis isn't intended as a punishment." Lee continued as she rubbed her ever growing stomach. She wanted the girls to understand they were trying to protect them.

Laura agreed, and Lee relaxed just before the garage door slammed. Lee started toward the stairs, but Laura beat her there and gestured she stay behind. Lee frowned and though she allowed Laura to go first, followed behind anyway. They were halfway down the stairs when they heard Jubilee, clearly angry, yelling in the kitchen.

"Well, can I at least spend the night in my dorm before you drag me away?" Jubilee asked as they came into the hallway.

"I'll talk to Lee and let you know, I don't think it's the best idea, but if Lee agrees, you will not go anywhere else. And you'll stay with Laura the entire time."

"The girls can stay at the school, that's fine, let them say goodbye to their friends." Lee said. Remy nodded, and Lee continued. "Jubilee, finish packing your room and then you two can make it back to school by dinner. I expect you back here no later than ten o'clock, don't make us come in search of you."

The girls agreed and went upstairs to finish packing while Lee went to help Remy unload he groceries. Since Laura ad already been packing, and Jubilee just shoved everything into her suitcases to be sorted later, the girls arrived back downstairs less than ten minutes later.

Remy reluctantly let them leave after having them move their luggage to the back of the van. He then insisted that Lee lay down for awhile. She was about thirty weeks along and tired easily without all night road trips. When he had the main floor to himself, Remy decided to go through their books and movies to decide if they wanted any of their collection to come with them. He had made sure the photo albums were packed. Though Remy had multiple back ups of the albums including files on his laptop, he wanted to be sure the pictures were secure.

The girls walked up to the school with Jubilee still grumbling about how unfair Remy,Lee, and Logan were being. Laura had enough as they reached the patio and reminded Jubilee that it was Jubilee deciding to run off after her curfew breaking that had led to the current situation.

Remy was becoming annoyed again. The girls were supposed to be back here over an hour ago, but they hadn't returned. Lee was worried, Laura wasn't answering her phone, and he had meant to be back on the road by now. Neither he nor Lee enjoyed the idea of leaving the babies for very long, even though he was confident Mercy would take care of them.

"That's it, I'm going up there. Both of them are grounded now." Remy said, he paused in his pacing of the room,long enough to grab his coat. " Lock the doors, I'll be right back"

"I'll be fine." Lee replied struggling to her feet to follow him to the door. "Go find them and drag them back here. I'll try Logan to see if he's seen them."

Remy made his way up the path, while Lee locked up and pulled out her phone. Logan picked up on the first ring. "Laura and Jubilee need to be ready to go. Remy's coming to collect them since they couldn't bother to come home like they were supposed to."

"What do you mean? They left awhile ago."


"Julian and Laura left about an hour ago, Jubilee left a coupla minutes later...hold on." Lee began pacing as she waited, hoping the girls would walk in with an angry Remy any moment.

"Lee, I'm going to call ya back." Logan said as he came back on the line.

"Kevin's gone too, isn't he?"

"...Yeah, he is. Camera picked him up leaving just after Jubes."

"Okay. I'm calling Remy."

Before Logan could respond again, Lee hung up and dialed Remy. " The girls and Julian are missing, they left an hour ago, Kevin followed right after them." She said as soon as she heard the line pick up.

"They are fine, why don't you join us?" came the reply from the stranger's voice on the other end.

"Who is this?" Lee asked, as she dialed Logan with the house phone. "Where's my family?"

"They are with me, perfectly safe. For now."

Logan picked up again, as Lee responds. " That's doesn't tell me what you want or why you have my husband and daughters."

"It's time for a reunion. Come out and join your family, we're going to collect the younger two as we speak."

"Leave my children alone!"

"Then come out."


"You can remain free Lee, that's up to you. But you will be free and alone."

"I won't let you hurt my family."

"I'll let them go. All of them, if you come to me."

Lee touched her stomach, sickened at the sadistic choice these monsters were giving her. This baby, or her other four children. Her life, for theirs. Lee didn't believe for a minute that they would leave her family alone if she complied. However, she couldn't just let them take her children to protect herself. Logan was taking on the other line now, telling her to stall them, he was searching the grounds now.

" Okay. But let them go first." Lee said finally, ignoring Logan's protest in her other ear.

"Which one, children or husband? You get one before one after."

"...Children." Lee said.


Logan called out Laura's name as she suddenly appeared on the lawn in front of Lee's house, followed rapidly by Jubilee and Julian. Lee hung up both phones, and stepped outside. She was grabbed immediately by the arm, and drug through another portal, as Logan helped Laura to her feet. Logan ran toward the portal but it had already closed.

As soon as the portal closed Lee turned to her captor. "Remy now, as promised."

"I don't think so. He'll try to rescue you if freed." Sinister said, emerging from the shadows. "Perfect, I see our little experiment continued as scheduled."

Lee swallowed down her terror, long enough to demand to know where Remy had been taken. Sinister mockingly informed her that Remy was near by, before his henchman drug her down the corridor to a cell. They were in a different laboratory than last time, but it had the same ominous feeling to it.

As Lee was shoved into a tiny cell, she attempted to take in her surroundings to spot Remy and look for a means of escape. She saw Remy in her cell, passed out on the bed, with his arms chained to a pole on the wall. He had been stripped of his street clothes and shoved roughly into a set of scrubs. She rushed over to him, but he seemed fine. She assumed that he had been drugged at this point.

Siting down next to him on the edge of his cot, she tried to think of what to do next.

" It was Kevin, he led Sinister straight to us! How could he have done this?" Jubilee wailed.

"I know now isn't the time but...everyone warned you Jubilee. Everyone." Julian said.

"Did you recognize where you were taken?" Logan asked deciding that Kevin could be worried about later.

"No. It was new." Laura replied as she pulled out her phone. "Excuse me, Remy requested I inform someone of the situation."

Laura stepped away from the others as Logan frowned after her. "She's calling Gambit's people, I heard him ask her." Julian supplied.

"We need a plan." Jubilee said.

"What we need, is for you to learn to listen." Julian replied. " Even Quentin warned you, and he's just an ass."

"Language Julian." Ororo said as she and Hank arrived.

"Sorry ma'am, but he is." Julian replied. Laura rejoined them at this point as Logan continued to attempt to calm Jubilee and get information from her.

"We need a plan. Do any of you remember anything remarkable about the location you were taken?" Ororo said.

"It was cold." Julian said. "Really,really cold."

"It did not seem cold." Laura replied frowning at Julian.

"It was, not in the room exactly, but up against the wall."

"So the walls are thin or it's somewhere arctic." Logan replied.

"Knowing Sinister, it's arctic, he would not allow thin walls." Ororo replied.

"It's cold nearly everywhere right now, isn't it? I mean it's winter." Jubilee said with a hiccup.

"Not so cold that it would seep through the walls. Unless it was rather far North...or South." Ororo replied.

"The only one who noticed the cold though was Julian. We shouldn't just assume." Jubilee replied.

"From the girl who ignored us all and dated a villain. Did you tell him where the kids were too?" Julian replied snidely.

Jubilee screeched and dived at him, as Laura stood in her way and Logan caught her around the stomach. "I believe I should take Jubilation to the lab for a sedative." Hank said, leading the angry teen away. Rogue arriving in their wake.

"School's locked down tight, Kitty and Bobby are on alert, what do ya need ?" She said.

"Nothing yet. We're trying to figure out where they are." Ororo said.

Everyone slowly made their way back up to the school, worried and desperate, no one expected to get any sleep tonight. Logan contemplated before calling the other team to inform them of this development.

Scott and Emma promised to have a team there in a few hours. Logan then sat down to decide how best to inform the school of what had occurred. Two times in less than a year the school had come to a halt thanks to Sinister. He expected the Guild was likely to send someone as well, since Laura had called them, though Laura had not said what was to be expected from them.

Logan continued to sit at his desk, looking over every known map they had of Sinister's bases as the sun crested the horizon. He knew he himself would not be sleeping again anytime soon. He felt he had failed in his duty to protect the people of his team. He knew Kevin was bad news, but had tried to handle it diplomatically. He now felt he should have handled it according to his first reaction, kick the boy out of the school and forbid Jubilee from leaving the grounds.

Logan had decided in the night that everything had been part of the trap, keeping her out past curfew to start an argument, which led to her grounding and her taking off with him. Then they had called Remy and Lee and they had walked right into the trap.

Jean-Luc, Emil, Theorin, and a team of thieves arrived with the sun, a few minutes before the west coast team. Logan sighed as he went to greet them all, with no further information. Jean-Luc and Scott were immediate at odds, seeing no reason for the other to be in the meeting. Logan was not a good mediator, so Ororo eventually stepped in as three men screamed at each other.

"Enough. We are all here for the same reason, to find Remy and Lee, and bring them home hopefully in one piece. There is no way we can do that if we are at each other's throats."

"Y' people lost moi son n' new daughter, an' y' 'spect us t' be calm? Non! We fin' dem ourselves, an when we do we don' neva let em near y' 'gain." Jean Luc said angrily.

"If you hadn't interfered, we'd know where they are right now! My tail lost them up in Hershey's thanks to you!" Scott said.

"Wait, you're the one who had their house bugged? You're the reason they took off in the first place, which forced Sinister's hand." Logan said with a growl.

"No, we certainly did not bug their house. We've been watching them to keep them safe, but since they were bugged clearly we should have done more."

Scott and Logan looked like they were about to actually begin hitting each other, Jean-Luc was standing near by as if he intended to join in, when the girls walked into the meeting. Laura quickly stepped to go with Jean-Luc's team and leave Jubilee with Logan's. Scott frowned before she continued that Julian offered to go with Scott's team, that way everyone could split up and have a member who had been at the location. It would cover more of a search area and hopefully stop the argument. Reluctantly all three men agreed, before the meeting settled down to decide who would search where.

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