Chapter 6

Chapter Six:

Summer 2006

Lee groaned, rolling over to glace at her clock, before climbing out of the bed. She stomped to the door and threw it open as the knock came for a third time stating "It's four in the morning, this better be- Remy?"

Remy leaned heavily on the door frame, swaying slightly. She had gotten used to this, him showing up in the middle of the night, clearly drunk. This was the third or fourth time since he left a year ago.

Sighing heavily, Lee reached out to help the man to his room, as she had begun to think of it, though he never stayed more than a day or two. Still, it was his room, he even left clothing there.

Something had been haunting him for months, but what she had no idea. She's tried to get him to talk to her about it, but he was always evasive. That worried her a lot, because he used to tell her things, heck, he still did. He talked to her about everything, except what was truly bothering him. He'd just given her some vague answer about a new employer. It had been like that for about six months.

He would completely disappear, and then just randomly show up, drunk, and depressed. However, he would talk to her even then. Alcohol had a way of losing his tongue, so it was rather surprising that he still wouldn't talk about it.

She was surprised when she got him to the living room. He had been stumbling, but she assumed he was drunk. When they got into the light however, she knew that wasn't the problem. The blood scared her. There was a lot of it. She forced him down onto the couch, so that she could see the wounds better.

"Non, I's fine." Remy said weakly attempting to push her away as she pulled off his body armor and shirt.

"No. You're not. What happened Remy?" Lee replied, as she examined the wounds, he looked like he'd been mulled by some large animal.

"Jus' a little trouble, Cher, don' worry none." Remy mumbled, passing out.

"Remy? REMY. Stay awake okay?!" Lee stated as she went to grab the medical supplies.

When she got back into the living room, he was completely out. Sighing she got to work on his injuries. He was covered in grime and blood, so she washed his chest and arms, to prevent anything getting in his injuries.

When he was okay again, she shook him awake, a little surprised he'd slept through the dressing of his wounds.

There was a lot of it. How he managed to get here she had no idea. She wondered briefly, if she should shove him into the shower, his legs were surely as filthy as his arms and body were. Debating still she woke him.

"Remy. Remy ya need to wake up Hun, at least long enough to move to yer bed." She stated, pushing his hair back from his eyes.

"I's fine 'ere." Remy mumbled, but followed obediently, when she pulled him onto his feet. She lead the half asleep man into his room, and helped to keep him steady as his shucked his shoes and pants in the doorway. He the stumbled to the bed and collapsed.

Well at least he won't be sleeping in filth. Lee thinks, stepping over his discarded clothing, and covering him with the spare blanket. He grabs her hand briefly, mumbling something she couldn't hear, before falling asleep again.

Sighing, she grabbed his clothes off the floor in his room and the living room, and frowned at the conditions. The boots and body armor were okay, his coat was salvageable, but the shirt and pants were history. Far too many holes, and there was no way she'd be able to get the blood out.

She folded his destroyed uniform, and placed it on a chair in the kitchen, not wanting to throw his things away without his permission. She then cleaned the mess in the living room, frowning at the stain in the cushion.

Maybe he'd talk about it when he woke. Because this had to be bad. Who shows up in the middle of the night covered in blood without something bad happening? She had nearly panicked when she saw the blood, it was so much like when her Dad- but no, she refused to think about it tonight.

Hopefully he wouldn't ask how he was nearly completely recovered. She didn't know how she'd handle that. Because she'd kept one secret. It probably hadn't been fair, Not to tell him.

A piercing scream tore her from sleep about an hour later. Lee bolted from her bed, convinced Remy was being attacked. That whoever, or whatever had hurt him, had tracked him down.

She ran to his room, after grabbing the shot gun from her closet, rushing silently down the hall. She threw open the door almost afraid of what she would find.

But he was still asleep; there was nothing in the room with him. Remy had slept in her house off and on for over a year. He wasn't nightmare prone, though he'd been through enough to be. Whatever it was, it had been bad. She'd watched him deteriorate over the last six months, but nothing like what happened tonight.

She bit her lip, debating briefly, and then climbed into bed with him. After all, she'd done it often enough when her fears drove her from her own bed. He needed her, clearly, as he quieted as soon as she wrapped her arms around him. She settled in as he subconsciously returned the hug. Slowly she fell back asleep, hoping she was enough to keep his demons at bay.

A few hours later he woke, to the strangely familiar weight of a head on his chest. He blinked open his eyes. Where am I? , he had wondered briefly, before glancing around and realizing he was in Lee's place.

He panicked right away. What if they had followed me here? I would never forgive myself for being so careless. What will they do to her?!

The only way he could have made it here, is he had used one of HIS transporters. This was bad. They would know where to look for him. They would find him...and her. After he'd always been so careful to hide his connection to her.

Quickly the events of yesterday came flooding back to him, and he had an actual panic attack. For the first time in his life. He couldn't face it, what had happened was too terrible. That wasn't what was supposed to happen. How had he allowed himself to get into this?

Lee woke when his breathing became troubled. She sat up and looked over at him. She watched him, with concern, and rubbed his back when he rolled to his side.

Whispering " It's okay, Remy, c'mon it's okay, jus' breathe. It'll be okay." Not really believing it would be.

Eventually he was able to breathe again, and he quickly got up. He threw on the jeans he always kept here, and began packing everything they might need. First yanking a duffle bag out of his closet and shoving the handful of shirts and jeans into it, pausing briefly, to yank on a white t-shirt. He shoved everything from his drawers into the bag as well, before lifting the floor board, and removing the lock box he's hidden there.

Lee trailed after him, trying to figure out what had him so scared. He rushed to her room, and began shoving her clothing into a second bag, having dumped his on the hallway floor. She didn't even protest when he began pulling out her underwear, or at the mess he was making.

Something had him terrified. She had never seen him act like this. Hopefully he would tell her what was wrong. She was actually getting kind of scared, hugging herself as he moved around her room.

"Y' need to come with me dis time, Lee. I'm sorry I brought dis on y' but dey'll be lookin for me. And dey'll take you to get t' me." he said as he continued shove her clothing into the bag.

Nodding silently she begins to change quickly. pulling on a pair of jeans on shirt he hadn't grabbed yet. Not worrying about going into the bathroom, instead just turning her back on him. She didn't want to walk away from him right now.

He'd never insisted before. He'd asked, every time he came, but he'd never insisted. So whoever was after him, it was bad. She didn't need to remember his wounds to know that.

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