Chapter 60

Chapter Sixty

March 2014

Remy slowly woke, the hard surface beneath him and cool temperature were the first thing he noticed. Without moving he attempted to assess his situation. He knew he was captive, from the bed and temperature he guessed Sinister. He had no memory of the capture however, before he could decide if he was in a cell or a lab,Remy felt a weight added to the bed and heard a soft sniffle.

"I know you're awake Remy, we're alone." Lee whispered.

"What happened?" Remy asked, "Are the girls, the kids-"

"It's just us. You've been in and out a week now, about."

"A week?!"

"We're in some sort of power said with your head injury and no powers...well I don't believe him, never did, but what could i do?

"Are you okay?"

"No. Someone needs to find us and soon, before any of them realize I've been contracting."

"But it's too soon."

"She'd be okay, thirty-six weeks, under the right conditions. I just can't have her here Remy."

"We'll get out, just hold on." Remy promised.

Slowly Remy stood,still weakened from the drugs Sinister had given him to keep him asleep and lack of movement. The cell was small, Remy could reach the other wall in two steps. It contained only the cot he woke on and a toilet. The cot was bolted to the concrete floor, and the cot itself was a useless weapon being constructed as one solid piece, with only a thin mat and light blanket upon it. There were no windows in the cell, and the door was made of thick steel, the only opening a small slot for trays to be passed through.

Remy found nothing useful on either himself or Lee either. Both had been dressed in pale blue scrubs with only paper thin slippers on their feet. Someone had forced Lee to let her hair down as well, so they didn't have so much as a bobbi pin.

Looking up, Remy found the ceiling to be of solid construction as well, a single bulb the only break in the smooth surface. In short, he found no usable weapon in the room. Not one to give up, Remy stood by the farthest wall, leaning heavily, as he tried to think of an alternate plan. If he could figure out the method of power suppression, he could easily remove the door, from there he could find a useful weapon and make his way out. However he saw no indication of a devise keeping his powers off, so had to assume it was nearby but not in the room.

Before he could say anything else to Lee the door opened to reveal Vertigo. She smirked as Remy stepped sideways, in front of Lee and closer to the door, mistaking his shielding move as an attempt to rush her.

"If you really think you can make it past me, all of the others, and out of the compound, then manage to carry your pregnant wife all the way to the Savage Land before she freezes to death, dressed like that, go ahead and try me." Vertigo taunted.

"What does he want?" Remy demanded, not backing down.

"The child, of course. You're just here to insure your wife's good behavior."

Lee placed a protective hand over her stomach, doing her best to show no indication of her current condition. However, though she made no sound and kept her face carefully fearful, Vertigo noticed the stomach tightening under the thin shirt.

"Ah, I see the injection is working. We can do this the easy way or the fun way Gambit. Either your woman comes with me, or I kick your ass, and your woman comes with me, up to you."

At her words, Remy rushed forward, even deprived of his powers,Remy was a skilled fighter. He landed the first blow across her jaw before Vertigo had a chance to react,knocking her off balance and into the wall with a heavy thud. Vertigo recovered quickly, lashing out with a kick to Remy's staggered slightly,before returning with a sweep of his leg knocking her off her the as rushed from her lungs, Vertigo instinctively tried to activate her powers as she kicked at him. Vertigo's powers, like Remy's were unavailable she noticed as Remy dodged easily. Remy rendered a final blow to her temple, knocking her out before gesturing for Lee to join him.

Lee ran as fast as she could manage,Remy holding her had as he led her through the corridors. If Vertigo was telling the truth, their best chance was to find the hanger. Remy had only been here twice, once when he worked for Sinister and once when he had searched for his family. He was fairly certain he remembered the way, and hoped he remembered it correctly. He was unsure how far Lee could get in her condition.

They reached the right floor as the alarms sounded. Cursing,Remy redoubled his efforts as he rushed down the final corridor. He was concerned for Lee, but equally concerned they would be recaptured. The only way they could be certain to get out of this together was to get out now.

Unthinkingly, Remy pushed through the hanger doors without looking, only to find Blockbuster and Scalphunter. Scalphunter held back as Blockbuster approached the exhausted couple,taunting them as he casually whirled Remy's staff in his hand. Remy once more stood shielding his wife as he glanced around for a weapon.

Blockbuster suddenly shot forward swinging the staff like a bat directly at Remy's head. Remy rushed forward to meet him causing Blockbuster to stumble slightly but without missing a beat he swung at Remy. Remy, now far enough away from Lee, dodged the attack and countered with a kick to the ribs. Blockbuster didn't register the hit as he swung again missing Remy completely. Remy had once more ducked, this time coming down as he had planned right next to a box of bolts. He grabbed a handful, preparing to charge them, when Blockbuster swung a final time, not at Remy, but at Lee.

Lee was hit in the center of her chest, with a force great enough to send her flying straight across the room, landing next to Scalphunter with a loud crack of her head, Remyyelled after her before attacking Blockbuster, hitting him with a handful of charged bolts, before rushing forward, and charging the chest plate directly. Blockbuster pulled off the chest plate, throwing it across the room where it exploded safely, before returning his attention to Remy as Scalphunter shot him from behind.

"Get her out of here, before the others get here." Scalphunter said, as he handed Lee's lifeless form to Remy. Remy nodded in understanding before running to the plane. He gently placed her in the co-pilot's seat and strapped her in before starting the engines. The hanger doors opened to a blizzard as Remy cursed before taking off. The whole time mentally begging Lee to hold on.

Logan paced in front of the map in the war room. He hadn't slept in the week since the kidnapping at all, and he knew most of those assembled had barely slept. They were running on fumes and running out of ideas. It was eerily like the kidnapping the previous summer.

Tensions were running high, when Jean-Luc and Scott had joined the conference. When Scott insisted that the Guild return the remaining LeBeau children to Utopia because, "We can keep them safe, far easier than the rest of you screw ups." It finally exploded.

"I have never had a chil' die or get kidnapped in my care, I know you can not say that. Either one of ya, so moi grandchildren stay here. I want my family back together under the same roof." Jean-Luc growled. " If my grand daughter is not here by tomorrow, I will come for her and I will come for you. You will never see any of them again, if I have any say in the matter."

Before Logan could respond, Jean-Luc hung up. Scott then turned his wrath on Logan, blaming him for the disappearance of the LeBeaus and insisting that the remaining student body returned to Utopia as well. Without responding, Logan ended the call,showing far more restraint than he felt. Ororo led Anna from the room, as she began to cry when Jean-Luc made his threat, realizing she may never see Remy or Adalyn again.

Jean-Luc was just as angry as he called home to check on his grandchildren from the hotel he and his team were staying in. He also increased the security measures of the mansion to include Logan,Ororo, and Rogue not allowed on the property. They had been the only X-men on the list, but he felt he couldn't risk them taking the children either.

After his call, Jean-Luc once more poured over the paperwork and maps, attempting to decide where was left to look. Emil rushed into the room, as Jean-Luc picked up a pen to start crossing locations off the map.

"We intercepted a distress call, sir. It sounded like Remy to me, I just heard it. He was saying he was in a plane going done on an island just off of Chili, and that his wife was injured and in labor."

"Are you certain?"


"Fine, let's get going."

"Are you going to contact the X-men?"

"Non. I'll take care of them in the air." Jean-Luc said as he walked out of the door. He was quickly forming a plan. He did not trust the X-men not to lose his son and daughter-in-law, let alone his grandchildren again.

Remy did his best to land gently. They had a damaged wing, and were out of fuel, so it was going to be bumpy either way. He made a concentrated effort to not even glance at Lee as he brought them down. In the three hours since they had made it away from Sinsiter's lab, she had barely stirred, and he was worried beyond measure.

She was still breathing, he could tell that much, but for how long he was uncertain. They had suffered far too much turbulence in the journey for him to use the autopilot so he had been unable to properly check on her.

The island he landed on barely had enough room to make the stop, finally coming to a rest barely ten feet from the edge of the ocean. There had been no buildings in the area that Remy could see, and the island was rather flat and mostly barren. Remy turned on the emergency beacon as instructed, his fear of pursuit overshadowed by his fear for Lee and the baby's safety.

"C'mon cher, ya gotta wake up." Remy begged as he gently moved her to stretch out on the aisle so he could look her over. He was worried moving her would make things worse, but he couldn't look her over in the chair.

He was worried about the baby too. Lee had been in labor, but he had no idea how long she had until the baby came. He had no idea if Lee could deliver if she didn't regain consciousness. Then he was worried about the baby herself. She was coming early, and with no doctor around.

Remy searched the cabin for anything remotely useful, happy to come up with a first aide kit and a couple space blankets. He ran the smelling salts under Lee's nose, grateful that she finally stirred.

Remy held her gently by the shoulder and told her not to move, telling her that he was unsure how badly she was injured. "What happened?" She groaned.

"Blockbuster hit you."

"Is the baby okay?"

"I don't know, we aren't at a hosptial. We crashed on an island off of Chili. They're sending help."

Lee nodded. Now that she was awake, she could considerate on her injuries, healing them faster. However she was worried about the harm it may do to the baby. She healed the crack in her skull and the worst break in her rib before intentionally turning her powers off. She explained to Remy as he frowned when he saw the healing stop off the bruising around her temple. " My body thinks the labor is an injury and wants to heal it, I have to turn it off until she gets here."

"How far gone are you?"

"Not too long,I think. Remy I need you to promise me. If you have to choose between us, save her."



Remy never answered, instead he hugged her briefly before returning to his search of the cabin. He wasn't sure if he could make the choice and prayed he wouldn't have to. Lee called him back to her, asking him to look to see if he could see anything. Remy had never witnessed a delivery, really, when Adalyn was born he had stayed by Rogue's side not watching the actual birth.

"I think I see her head." He said.

"Yeah. I thought so. I'm going to have to push, you're going to need something to wrap her in."

Remy unfolded one of the blankets to put on Lee and had the other near by to put on the baby when she arrived. A few minutes later, Lee let out a scream as the baby's head emerged. Remy reassured her everything was fine as the baby was completely born with a cry.

Remy wrapped her gently in the blanket, wiping her face off with the hem of his shirt. He turned his attention back to Lee as her eyes rolled back in her head, and a trail of blood ran fro her nose. An aneurysm she hadn't fully healed reopening from the stress of the birth. The last thing she heard as she slipped into darkness was Remy begging her to heal.

Six weeks later

Rogue stood on the dock, staring at the sunset, she had been out here for hours, ever since she had attempted once more to contact Jean-Luc. Whoever had answered the phone had informed her that the family was unavailable and hung up on her. Jubilee had returned to the LeBeau mansion following Jean-Luc's demand six weeks ago, and they hadn't heard from any of them since that day. Jean-Luc had called the evening Jubilee left, the day after their argument to inform them that Remy and Lee's bodies had been recovered on an island off South America following a storm.

Every attempt Rogue had made since to contact her daughter had been met the same way as this afternoon. She sighed as Logan sat next to her. "It ain't right. I can see how upset ya are, why don't you just go down there and demand to see her?"

"He lost two sons,a daughter-in-law, and a grandchild, and he blames the X-men for it. I don't think he's ready to be reasonable at the moment." Rogue answered. "The adoption was final, legally I don't have a case either. I just have to hope he'll come around eventually."

"We didn't kill his kin."

"No, but we didn't protect them either. He's right Logan, Adalyn is better off where she is, and I don't want to bring her back here. I just want to know she's okay, and to offer my condolences to Jean-Luc. In time he may forgive us enough for that."

Logan nodded, before sighing and standing back up. He needed to go check on Scott. After Jean-Luc's call they had guessed correctly, that Sinister had held them in Antarctica. They two teams had stormed the compound, and Scott had gone after Sinister directly.

They had lost, and Scott was still recovering, physically and mentally from the battle. Hank could neither conform no deny Sinister's claim that Remy had been Scott's half brother when Scott had confronted him with the deaths of the LeBeaus, but the idea that he had lost more family was crushing. Worse he felt terrible for the mistrust he had felt toward he possible brother over the years. With the leader down and the school compromised, the team reunited. It was the only good thing to come of what had occurred.

Jean-Luc sighed wearily when he saw the message that someone had called again. As far as he was concerned the world of mutants and the troubles the brought had no place inside these walls. The Guild had mutants among them, and trained them well, as his grandchildren would be, if necessary.

He smiled at the sound of the children running down the hall, it was just as he and his late wife always dreamed, the house full of the sounds of happy children. No, he decided he had made the right choice in cutting the X-men off.

Jean- Luc left his office to join the family for dinner. Mercy and her children to the left at the table, and on the right, Laura and Jubilee sat between Anton and Adalyn. As Tante served them Remy finally limped in, carrying his newborn daughter and gently leading his wife.

They settled in at the other end of the table before Remy said. " No good word today Pere?"

"... Non. Logan said dey are still lookin for him, y' best off here. Least til ya recover fils." Jean-Luc replied a few minutes later. "Sides, I really think you should think on staying permanently Remy. As far as the world knows, you're dead. It may be the best way to keep them safe forever."

Remy nodded in agreement. At least for now, it was the best plan.

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