Chapter 7

Chapter Seven:

January 2012

The day of the funeral came far to quickly. For both Lee and Remy. Remy had made sure to cover every arrangement, and to take care of all the details. He didn't want anything to be harder than it needed to be for her. Remy had also decided to pay for it all. He knew that Lee and Trace didn't have very much in savings, and he preferred if she kept what she did have, to help take care of Ton-ton.

They arrived at the funeral home early, before anyone else. Remy spoke briefly with the director, to ensure everything would run smoothly, then he held the baby, so Lee could attend the viewing, before the others arrived.

Most of the attendees were Trace's co workers, but Lees neighbors and friends came as well. None of them Remy was really familiar with, but he was glad to see so many in attendance. Trace was a good man, who deserved to be remembered.

The sun was shinning. Shouldn't it be raining? It's always raining in the movies. Remy thought, as they stood next to the grave, Lee leaning on him, as he held the baby. He couldn't honestly remember the service, though he was paying attention.

Everyone else was moving back to their cars, back to their lives. The service was over, and they were walking by, offering their condolences. But now they were already to go.

How could they? No matter what there will always be someone missing from now on. He wondered, helping Lee to the car. She hadn't cried, the entire service. She'd already done her crying for him. Remy saw the way they looked at her though. It was going to be like before, like when she lost her family; all these people were judging her reaction, Remy could tell. He didn't want to leave her alone, not with the lack of support he could feel around her.

He also wanted revenge for them. He wanted someone to suffer like they were. But he was trying to be a better person. The person who did this to them, who was selfish enough to get behind the wheel intoxicated, shouldn't just walk away. Revenge is something the old him would do. Would it destroy everything he was working for to seek it? He decided to ask around and make sure this person was punished. That they at least went to jail for this. In the end it didn't matter. He found out the driver had died as well.

The day before he had to leave, because Logan had already called twice he approached her again. " Lee. I don't like leavin' ya all alone here. Come home wit' me. "

" And what would I do there? New York and I didn't exactly meld well when I visited." Lee replied while she cleaned her refrigerator. She'd been scrubbing everything all week.

" You stay with me. Raise your son. Lee, you deserve ta be able to do that. Just like you planned. So does he." He replies, leaning on the counter next to her.

" Don't you think that would raise a few eyebrows with your friends? Suddenly bringing home a woman and child?" She stated, without looking at him.

" They never ask about my private life anyway." Remy shrugged.

" Still Rem... plans change. Life has a way of doing that to you. But I'll think about it, okay?" Lee says while standing up. " Thanks Remy, for everything. I don't know I woulda been able to bury Trace with out you."

Lee hugged him briefly, before heading in the direction of her son's room. He wasn't sure if that was a maybe or a no. He used to be able to read her better than this.

He wonders if it's him or if it's just the shock that's making her so hard to read. It doesn't matter though. She's not coming back with him. He'd been gone to long already, it's been nearly three weeks. Hopefully she'll change her mind.

The next morning Remy is packing to leave. He's stalling as long as possible though, hoping she'll change her mind. It quickly became apparent she wasn't going to though, when she asked if he had time to watch the baby before he left.

" Sure. Where ya going?" Remy responded.

" I have an interview , at a club." Lee replies, while pulling up her hair.

" Singing? Who will watch him while you work?" Remy replied.

" Waiting tables , and my neighbor, Angie will, she's just busy today." Lee replies.

"... Lee."

" I need a job Rem." Lee said, while gathering her purse. " I have to make sure Ton-ton eats and has a place to live."

" You could still come home wit' me. I have the room. " Remy stated.

" You live in a loft. and at a school. You really don't, Remy."

" Mais."

" Thank you for offerin' and I'll think about it, just... let me try to make first, okay?"

" Okay. The offer stays open though." Remy says, hugging her briefly, before she walks out of the door.

" We gotta talk Momma into moving soon, Ton." Remy says to the baby, who offers him a half-eaten teething biscuit as a reply. " Non, you have it." He replies with a smile.

Lee returns about an hour later, and she's excited, because they offered her the job. Remy realized then they weren't coming home with him for sure. He finishes packing quickly, as he only has another hour to get to the airport. He hugs her and Ton-ton again before driving away. He's sure they'll be fine. She always is. He just wishes it could be different.

Returning to the school was both harder and easier than he thought it would be. No one really said anything about his absence, except for Logan, who called him into the office shortly after arriving.

After they both sat down, Logan asked. " So how's Lee holdin' up?"

" Okay, I guess. I tried to get her to move here, mais, she got herself a job at some club, waitin' tables." Remy replied.

" Sorry ta hear that." Logan said, sitting back in his chair.

" She wants ta stay though. At least for now. Said she think about it."

" Hope she comes around kid." Logan replied.

" Me too." Remy sighed.

Then, Remy went back to his classes. Back into his old routine, he didn't really have to think about anything. He could just coast along on autopilot. He can't wait for this crappy year to end already. But then, he couldn't really see it getting any worse.

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