Chapter 8

Chapter Eight:

Summer 2006

Within ten minutes Remy had ushered her into the car, insisting she stay next to him the entire time. he threw the bags into the backseat and shoved her gently over to the passenger side.

"It best if I drive, non?" He said as he turns the key and peels out of her parking spot. He knew she was scared. He hoped that it wasn't him she was afraid of, but he assumed it probably was.

"Where are we gonna go?" Lee asked a few minutes later.

"Don' know yet. I tink it out, you should try ta get some more sleep, I know you up late." Remy replied.

He wanted her to sleep, so he could decide how to explain what happened. No matter how he said it in his head, he couldn't imagine her not walking away from him.

Lee stared at him, knowing he was upset, and that there was probably nothing she could do to make this better. Hell she didn't even know what had happened, but whatever it was...she wasn't sure she wanted to know.

They drove wordlessly for hours, stopping briefly to order dinner, which they ate in the car. Lee silently passing Remy fries and holding his sandwich as he drove. She mentally debated asking him what had happened, but decided to leave it alone until they stopped driving.

They reach Oklahoma before he stops for the night. Though he would have kept going even then, except he was so tired. Crashing wouldn't be the best solution to his problems. Lee had drifted off about an hour ago. She'd been quiet most of the day, and he wondered if they would still be friends when this was over. He was beginning to feel, he might not even have to get to the explanation before she walked away at this rate.

He's itching idly at the scab on his chest when he realizes it's just that. A scab. He should be lying somewhere half dead, and he has a scab. Why was it just a scab? He always did heal faster than average, but still. Plus an injury that severe should have taken a lot of energy to heal. He stares at the girl sitting next to him.

The girl who admitted her sister was a mutant. The girl who was too exhausted to ask questions, when she asked about everything.

"Yes" she says not actually opening her eyes. She can feel him staring at her. "You'd have been fine in a few days, with as fast as you recover from stuff, but I healed it up a bit quicker anyway. You'd lost a lot of blood. I was worried you wouldn't make it. "

He nods and pulls into a motel. They settle in quickly, not bothering to bring in their bags. Remy was worried they would catch up in the night. They only things they brought in were his extra cards and a takeout bag for dinner.

After they had divided the food and sat at the chipped and wobbling table, Lee began.

It's not like I can use it to save the day, like those ones you see on TV or something. I can read people. Tell if they're good or bad. Tell when they're happy or sad. Not like I can change how they are or anything. And I can make people better. But Daddy made me promise to never let anyone know. Ever. He said this is a mean world we're in and to stay safe in it. Made me promise to always stay out of the fighting. He made me promise while he was dying, to hurt for me to do anything about it.

He understands, and is unable to be angry with her over it. He's actually suspected something as different about her for a while anyway. He hadn't wanted to pry. Plus who was he to judge over keeping secrets. It wasn't like he'd been honest over the last few months himself.

They shared the bed furthest from the door that night. Neither willing to be away from the other. Restless, they moved on before the sun had risen, Lee taking the wheel for now. Remy wanted to tell her what had happened, for her own safety. Yet he still feared what she would say when she learned the truth about what he had done.

I went to Seattle, as I planned, but there I kept having more and more slips. It was harder than ever to pull them back in. Then one night, six months ago, I couldn't. I couldn't pull back in the charge. I was in a theater. 50 people lost their lives.

HE came to me; He called himself Dr. Essex at first, later Sinister. He told me he could help, to give me back control. He said my powers had grown too strong to control them on my own anymore. I was desperate. The power was too strong for me. I couldn't even consider any other outs. I heard rumors of a school, but how could I go there, put other people at risk?

I didn't see another way. So I agreed. It was terrible, the treatments. It doesn't help that my system would have burned through any pain killers, not that he bothered with them. In the end though, he kept his promise. My powers were under control.

Then he told me the price, for the help HE gave me. He had me stealing things for him, not dat diff'ent dan de family. Den I tol' him bout a month ago I wanted no more t' do wit' it. He said t' me dat if I make him a new team, if I did one more job wit' dem, den I be free. I agreed.

Last nigh' we went t' de tunnels. I was t' stan watch. Den the screamin. I ran forward, not sure wha' I find. dere were bodies, blood everywhere. I thought dey all be dead. I caused dis. I took em dere!

Den I saw movement. Dis one girl; be still 'live. I grab her den run. Mais dey caught up wit' me. Dere was not'in I could do. I was lashed, you saw. Mais, I got away wit' de girl. I hid her, den I don' remember after dat, til I wake up in you house.

Lee waited quietly, feeling the grief and anger radiating off of him. She thought maybe he had more to say. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, without actually saying anything. Finally, just as she was about to give up he began again.

"I swear. I didn't know what dey was goin' ta do. I -I jus' I didn't know. I understan' if ya wan' away from me. Let me off at de next stop. I'll keep dem away from ya." Remy said in a sad small voice.

"Why?" Lee asked.


"Why would I let you out? I don't want ya ta go anywhere. I think, Remy LeBeau, that you want me ta be mad at ya, but I ain't. Ya didn't kill those people. Ya didn't even know what was gonna happen. It ain't your fault that ya were lied to. Hell Remy, I'm not sure if you noticed this, but you ain't been an adult that long. Most the world don't really even count ya as grown til ya can drink. I ain't trying ta say what happened wasn't bad. Cause it's horrifying. But you ain't anymore responsible then a soldier following orders. As soon as you knew what was happenin you jumped in an tried ta stop it." Lee stated, never looking away from the road.

"Lee. I knowingly and willingly worked for a man that caused my sufferin. I can't claim Ignorance ta his methods."

"Didja think he was gonna ya to kill those people? Or were ya followin orders."

"Don' matter none, I de one. I let dem people die."

"Remy. You aint a bad person. Ya weren't when we met, an ya aint now! One event tha ya didn't even know wha gonna happen is gonna change that!"

"Yer right. It don, cause I's always de bad'un. I's jus try not ta be."

"Ifn ya were truly evil... this wouldn't bug you. You aint evil. But ifn ya keep sayin you are, Imma gonna kick yer butt all the way to the coast!"

He had no response to this. Part of him thought she'd do it too; kick his butt because it's not like he'd fight back. He continued to stare out of the window as the miles flew by, not having idea what else to say. Part of him was relieved that she didn't want him gone. Though he was still half afraid that once what happened sank in, she would walk away from him.

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