Chapter 9

Chapter Nine:

March 2012

Rogue knocked on his office door, about ten minutes before he was ready to leave for the weekend. He was ready to leave already, but he had to wait until classes ended for the day, so he was watching the clock.

" Can I talk with you?" Rogue asked.

" Sure, c'mon in. I ain't leavin' yet." Remy replied, wondering what she could want, they hadn't said more than five words to each other, outside of staff meetings, since he returned six weeks ago.

She came in and shut the door, which caused him to raise an eyebrow. It was rare for her to want to be alone with him, since their break fact he could think of only one time. That wouldn't be happening again though.

" Remy...remember last December?" She began. Sounding very hesitant.

" I do,why." He replied, attempting to keep the hurt and anger of of his voice.

"...I- Well, I'm pregnant." Rogue replied. Refusing to look directly at him.

" ..." He stares blankly, trying to think of how to respond.

" I know it's yours, it can't be Erik's, the timing is wrong." Rogue stated in a tone that suggested insult at the unspoken question.

" Okay. Well-" Remy began, after taking a deep breath.

" I can't keep it Remy, it'll mess everything up." Rogue rushed out, hugging herself.

" Fine..then I'll keep it." Remy replied, while leaning back in his chair.

" No Remy, I mean I can't keep it." Rogue explained, as she sat on the edge of the chair.

" NO! You can't do that." Remy exclaimed, sitting forward himself.

" I can. It's my choice. I just thought you should know." Rogue stated, picking at the hole in her jeans.

" Please. Don't." Remy stated, desperation clear in his tone.

They circled around quite a while longer, neither willing to bend. Finally in desperation he begged. " Anna, s'il vous plaît, I'm sorry.. I'm sorry for everythin' I ever done to ya... but , s'il vous plaît, don't do this!"

" Remy.." She begins tiredly. Once again, hugging herself.

" I swear. Let me have him, I swear, I'll never tell anyone anything about it. I'll raise her on my own. Jus' let me do this." Remy begs quietly. He was standing right next to her at this point.

" No one here can know. Erik can not know. I'm going to do my best to hide the pregnancy, but if anyone figures it out, then I lie. I say I'm helping a friend." Rogue stated, once again, beginning to sound agitated.

" D'accord " Remy replied, sounding tired.

" I don't want to know anything about it. Not the gender, not the name, nothing." Rogue demanded, while pacing in the small amount of floor space.

" Okay. " Remy agreed, sitting on the edge of his desk and staring at the ceiling.

" Hank already knows. I'll keep seeing him, but he has to agree too." Rogue stated, stopping in front of him, to demand his attention.

" Logan needs to know something. So that you're not sent on anything dangerous. " Remy negotiated, worried for the safety one the child, and it's mother.

" Fine. But only if you can get him to promise not to say anything." Rogue stated, flippantly, sinking back into her chair.

" Fine. Cece can be the baby's doctor. Then I won't have to bring it to Hank for it's check ups. You never risk bumping into us." Remy said, now mentally making plans.

" Fine. I don't want you here anymore. Not overnight. Before or after it comes." Rogue replied. Crossing her arms.

" I'll stay away. Mais, I want to go to the appointments. I want to be able to ask the questions, I'll make sure to wait until you aren't around." Remy agreed, anger building in him anymore, annoyed that somehow he became the bad guy again, according to her.

" Fine! I don't want to see it. Not ever. Not in the ultrasounds, and not after it comes. I'm going to keep Erik away til after. I don't wanna explain this to him." Rogue demanded. Angry to have to spend any time with him.

" Yes we can't have him upset, after all. " Remy thinks before saying " Are we done now? I need to go talk to Logan, and then go home." Already gathering his briefcase and heading towards the door.

" Yes. I let you know when I'm seeing Hank again." Rogue stated, following him out, and heading the opposite way.

.Remy had never thought he could hate her,not really. He didn't even hate her when she'd left him to die. "Now though. How could she do this? Reject her own child in such a way. " He thinks as he heads towards Logan's couldn't even look at her anymore. "She'd spent so much time trying to avoid becoming her mother that she became exactly like away a child as an inconvenience."

Remy knocked briefly on Logan's door, before Kitty popped her head out of hers and said " He's not in right now. Did you need something?"

" Non. Jus' to talk to Logan. Not school related." Remy said, forcing a smile.

"Okay. I think he has his phone on him.." Kitty stated, as she turned to go back into her office.

" Merci, I call him from the car. Have a good week end." Remy said after her.

Remy dialed Logan as he climbed in his car. It rang for a few minutes before going to voice-mail, so Remy left the message. " Logan. I need to talk to you, come by my place as soon as you can."

He hung up and drove returned to his apartment , still hurt and angry. Looking around at it he realized he needed to make changes. To his life and his place to live. The baby deserved better. Better than a Loft where everything would be hands off,and better than a father who spent his entire life ripping other people off. He couldn't fix the child's mother's rejection,but he could give it the best life possible.

Remy pulled up a search on his laptop, deciding the first move would be to find a better home for a baby. He was trying to decide whether he wanted to start closer to the school or the city, when Logan arrived, knocking on his door.

" C'mon in." Remy yelled out without getting up from the couch.

" Y'know, that's kind of dangerous, Gumbo." Logan said as he came in. " Lettin someone in without checkin out who it is."

" I knew you were comin' and nobody messes with me in this building." Remy replies, staring at the screen in front of him.

" You said ya needed to talk to me?" Logan continued, after a grunt.

" Oui. First though, I need ya to promise not to say anythin' to anyone about it. It's part of the deal." Remy replied.

" Makin' deals with devils again?" Logan questioned, sitting next to Remy.

" Non...oui... I don' know. Do you promise?" Remy replied with a glance at the other man.

" Sure less I think it's dangerous." Logan shrugged, felling rather apprehensive, of Remy's mood at this point.

" Anna's pregnant." Remy stated, sighing. " It's mine. I talked her into carrying it, mais then it's my problem, 'cording to her."

Logan blows out a breath. " That's... damn kid."

" I know." Remy replied, " I won't be livin' at the mansion anymore. Part of the agreement. Guess I should be grateful that I get to still be on the team, non?"

Logan crossed his arms, a growl in his throat. Remy stated " I'm trying really, really hard not to say anything against her here Logan. I know you're close to her, but this's hard to keep my mouth shut."

" I ain't mad at you, Gumbo. That girl, she's gotten wierd lately, but it ain't her place to dictate how I run this team or school. Don' worry , I ain't gonna rock the boat on ya. But there's no way she's gettin' ta run you outta the school. I keep hoping that whatever's wrong with her, can be fixed, but..."

" I'm just glad I'm not the only one who sees it." Remy says sadly. Logan nods, and says. " So, your moving?" while gesturing towards the laptop.

" This place ain't exactly baby friendly... I just bought it though. I think I'll keep it too, jus' in case anyone needs it." Remy stated, as he stared at the screen.

Logan nodded, as Remy finally decides to start closer to the school. Logan then offers to go grab them both some dinner and sit with him awhile. Remy agrees gratefully, not really wanting to be alone right now.

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