Second Chance

Chapter Twelve . . .

Martha could barely believe where she was. Even her parents hadn’t been old enough, at the time, to come but here she was in a swell of people rhythmically swaying to music. Woodstock. Hippies, drugs, free love and classic rock and roll happened all around her and she was trying hard to take it all in. In the midst of the music and expressions of peace, love and understanding, Martha felt whole again. She was back in her element. Being a part of history, seeing first hand things she had only read or heard about made her feel freer than she had in a long while.

She smiled as she remembered the look on the Doctor’s face when she emerged from wardrobe completely decked out in period garb. She had been hesitant to do much of that the first time they traveled together, even more so after Farmington, but she felt if this was indeed to be a second chance, she would do things different on all fronts. So as she stepped into the console room dressed in a blue jean mini skirt, tye-dyed tunic top, earth tone sandals, and a matching blue jean headband, she gave a little twirl and asked what he thought. After gaping for a moment, he regained himself enough to smile and declare her an official flower child.

Now as they both stood within the mass of humanity, she could feel herself becoming caught up in the energy of the music and the moment. They had arrived in the middle of the set of one Janis Joplin, which Martha refused to believe was a coincidence considering how much he went on and on about that brown overcoat she’d given him. As she listened to the sultry, melodic voice of a music icon, she found herself starting to move and sway with the words and rhythm. She closed her eyes and listened to the sometimes sorrowful and powerful lyrics, allowing herself to feel what the singer did when she sang them. On many levels, Martha felt as if she was singing straight to her. Her songs ‘Piece of my Heart and Try Harder’ spoke to her as a woman who had fought to find and hold on to something . . . someone she had wanted . . . a woman ready to sacrifice everything, including her heart to have her heart’s desire.

She was, in fact, so completely lost in the music and her thoughts that she started when she suddenly felt fingers intertwine with hers. She glanced to her side and saw the Doctor’s profile. Preparing to feel embarrassed for getting so carried away, she was halted by his speaking right near her ear, “Enjoying yourself?”

Fighting off the chill that shot through her as his breath caressed her skin, she replied, “So much. Thank you.”

He deftly grasped hold of her other hand, gently turning her towards him and with a warm smile that she couldn’t help but echo, he looked her directly in the eyes and replied, “No. Thank you.”

Martha’s smiled brightened as she thought of what his gratitude was all about. Yet before she could inquire, h e slipped his hands from hers and brought them up to her face, cupping it. Then without breaking eye contact he began to gravitate closer to her face. Martha was still coming to terms with the new relationship they were forging and was anxious about what came next. However, when his lips found hers, she found herself relaxing into the embrace almost immediately. It was a soft tender kiss that reminded her of her first kiss as a young girl. Very innocent and new. His lips were thin and gentle against her full and supple ones and the contrast made the connection, in her mind, that much more electric. As their lips continued to dance, Martha’s hands found their way up to his and rested on top of them, as though afraid he might let go. The Doctor, though, held firm with his thumbs lightly caressing the skin on her cheeks with each stroke. The passion was obvious and the message clear. This was their time. Time to rediscover, to care and to love.

It wasn’t until the crowd shifted that the pair was brought out of their momentary reverie. Slowly they both pulled back from the kiss but maintained the intimate contact, with their foreheads resting together. They stood staring into each other’s eyes as the music played on and Martha briefly thought of making a joke about another genetic transfer, a residual impulse from their first time together. But as she continued to hold his gaze, she could see that this was not that kind of moment. There would be no regrets from his side or from hers. There was no need to make apologies or jokes. This was indeed their second chance and this time they would both do their very best to get it right. So with another shared smile, the couple clasped hands together and without a word began to make their way back through the crowd . . . back to their ship and on to whatever adventures they found together.

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