Those Green Earrings


Part 6 of the Uhura's World Series: I always wondered why Uhura wore those green hooped earrings. They were first noted in the first episode of the Star Trek TOS: season 1: The Man Trap. Watch Uhura work on Spock in the beginning. These are a compilation of short stories around Uhura's earrings. There are some episodes where she has green nail polish. I hope you like it.

Romance / Drama
Uhura the 9th
Age Rating:

Those Green Earrings: Part 1-Why I Wear Them

It was always commented that Lt. Uhura was the best looking woman on the ship. Her hair is always styled and rarely out of place, her nails manicured as they would glide across her console and never miss a beat. It was her body that men admire the most, she knew her uniform was fit and tight in the right places. She could have worn pants, but then it wouldn’t beat the purpose of being naturally attractive.

The women of the Enterprise POV:

Uhura is sitting at a table in the rec-room of her female peers that they sort of not to cool about her grabbing all the attention of the males on the ship. She sits quietly and takes on their banter.
“Uhura why do you were those ugly earrings every day?”

“Yeah, they don’t even match your uniform.”

“I don’t’ understand your taste, it’s awful.”

“Even your leisure clothes you wear those damn green earrings, I don’t get it.”

Uhura sighs as they continue;

“Girl, you need a makeover or something?”

“Who taught how to dress?”

“No, who taught you how to coordinate your ensemble?”

“Who wears green earrings with red?”

“Any color matter of fact!”

All Laughing

“I bet you find yourself attractive wearing those ugly green earrings, guess again.”

“For someone who thinks she’s all that, can really look tacky in that outfit and those mismatched earrings.”

“Those cheap looking set of earrings?”

“Is that all you can afford?”
“You should do better than those non-glamorous earrings.”

“It does nothing for you, but again…”

“Why bother, she has no taste for anything that fashion.”

“Don’t you have any other pair?”

“If she did, they probably green like these ugly ones.”

Uhura finishes her coffee and stands to leave;
“Well ladies my break is over and thanks for the deep conversation.”

Uhura waves bye and smiles to them and goes and complete her duties.

After duty, she returns to her quarters, enters and walks towards her desk. Then a set of extended arms circles her waist from behind and draws her into a firm embrace. His head dips into her shoulder and press one of her earrings against her face. He sniffs her essence and purrs;

“I miss your presence, K’ diwa.”

“I miss yours too, Ashayam”

“I see you continue to wear my favorite earrings”


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