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From Hell To Heaven


Amelia's been kidnapped by the Decepticons for three years now. When she finally escapes she meets the Autobots. One of which is family. One problem, he has no idea who she is as they've never met!

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My Life

In this, I will have Jazz, Ironhide, Chromia, Arcee and Elita all alive. They will have not been killed. This is my first ever transformers story, so please forgive me that it is crap. I have only seen the movies, so forgive me if any of the information is incorrect. I am currently working on a list of rules for another transformers story I will have up after this. Hope you all enjoy. Please R&R or PM me on how it could be improved!

"Day 1037 stuck in Deception territory. Almost three years trapped in a cell in a place I hope is still Earth. The year is currently the year 2011. A least I think it is. I've lost track of the time of day, the day of time. Oh... I should write that down before someone steals it. All this was because I was going to visit my mother for mothers day. Oh that reminds me... happy birthday mum. Hope you're having a good time. Wish you all the best. Of course I've been keeping myself busy, don't worry. Messing up the 'Cons' surveillance equipment. But that's just between you and me. Don't tell anyone." I spoke into the recorder, smiling and chuckling. My personal audio log for myself. The fragging deceptions could stop me from having freedom, but they couldn't stop me from living a life. Well... I guess they could by killing me. But oh well. "So yeah. My Medical skills have stopped me from dying a painful death from a disease I wil catch if the carry on spitting on me. Hopefully I'll see you soon as soon as I can blow this dump without being noticed-" I continued, but was cut off by the voice known as one of my acquaintances Barricade.

"Amelia, you need to be quick. Megatron has requested you at the control room. We both know that you don't want him coming down here." 'Cade whispered to me. That was true, I would hate it if pointy-pipe came down here. Barricade was the only one around here that treated me with more respect than a piece of dirt.

"Okay 'Cade. I'll be out in a minute. Don't worry your aft off." I replied through the large steel door. I turned my attention back to the audio log. "That was Barricade. He's my only friend here. He gives me respect and I in return. It's the only reason I probably haven't let them kill me yet. He's the only one who calls me by my real name. All the other 'Cons call me something like Prima? Prime? Something like that. At first he was quite cold to me. But after a... certain incident involving two other deceptions, he was there to make me feel better. He's like an older brother to me. Since I have no family or friends out here, he serves as both. I can never repay him for what he does. 'Cade is very sweet once you get to know him. Why he hasn't joined the autobots yet? I don't know. But if he did leave, I'd be all alone here. So I'm not sure what I want him to do. I suppose that over there they don't have prisoners and don't kill you if you fail them more than once. Either way, we'll both be out of here soon I hope. Time to go and see what pointy pipe and the giant Dorito of doom want. Well, I'll see you tomorrow, hopefully. If I survive that long that is. Bye." I concluded, shutting off the audio recorder. I sat up from the concrete slab I called my bed. Literally. It was a 2mx1m slab of concrete. That is what I sleep on. 'Cons are so considerate aren't they? I had to snap my neck so I was more comfortable. Sleeping on this thing for almost three years can cause severe discomfort. What I would give for a measly pillow or blanket. While slipping my recorder into my jacket pocket, I stood up, opening the door to reveal Barricade in his bi-pedal form I believed they called it. In my other jacket pocket, I had a mini journal which I had on the day I was kidnapped... alien-napped even. The journal has days 1-83, then my recorder has the rest. It's amazing how it hasn't run out of battery or memory yet. Suppose I'm just lucky in that case. But, I don't believe in luck. Right now, I believe in miracles. I'm looking for a miracle.

"And to answer your question, I haven't joined the autobots because they most likely wouldn't want me and if I left then you'd be all alone. That, Amelia, is why." Barricade answered a question that wasn't even for him. It was rhetorical. Typical for him to be listening in.

"You need to forget about me. If you keep being nice to me, you're going to end up the same as Wheelie and Brains." I warned him. When I had first got here, I was scared and alone. Not knowing where I was, or what the beings around me where. Guessing that he felt sympathetic for me, Wheelie, who I later learnt was a spy for Megatron and Starscream, comforted me in my time of need. Afterwards, he had introduced me to his partner Brains. They were very nice and very sweet. Though Wheelie was a bit of a devil with his tongue. You could be sure all he ever said were swear words. A year went by and we had all become quite close. But all that came to an end when Starscream and Megatron found out. They were less than pleased with them. So for a while, Wheelie had stopped showing up. Brains still came though. Unfortunately, a few months later, Brains disappeared too. That was when things weren't adding up. I had thought that they were just on a long mission. But it had been too long. So I had asked Starscream who was patrolling me at that time what had happened to them. He had just chuckled. I will always remember his words.

"They're gone. And it's your fault."

Those words sent fear up and down my spine whenever I thought of them. The fact I had their blood... I mean energon on my hands. I was responsible for their deaths scarred me. Since then, Barricade was there for me. He told me that he understood my pain: being the cause of your friend's death. He told me tales of a place called Cybertron. Apparently, that was the planet they all used to live on. But it became uninhabitable because it became war-torn. So the deceptions are now here trying to take over the Earth. But the autobots are trying to protect the human race and all of Earth. Sadly, the 'Cons are winning. Back to present time now:

"Here. You need to wear the cuffs. It's only protocol." said 'Cade, passing me the handcuffs. I knew the drill. I knew that it was only protocol. He was just doing his job to stay alive and breathing. I understood that and respected it. They didn't hurt that much anyway. Don't get me wrong, they hurt like hell. But I just coped with it and got the job done. The less I fussed, the quicker the job would be done and I could have them taken off me and have the pain stop. Sometimes, my wrists are left slit from them and they get infected. I have scares all over my body from my time here.

"Okay. I'm ready. Let's get this over with." I sighed. We started walking to the control room. Well, 'Cade walked, I was standing in his palm. "If we ever get out of here and I was safe, would you joint he autobots then?" I asked him. He sighed.

"We have this argument almost every day. And I just told you; they wouldn't want me. In fact, they would blow me up as soon as they saw me." Barricade replied, frowning at the thought.

"What if they saw you with me. They would see that you aren't a bad guy an-" I started, but I was cut off by 'Cade.

"No! I am not putting you in danger. The only reason we come into contact with the autobots is because we fight them. I am not letting you near a fight. You could get hurt. And if you even got a scratch on you then I would never forgive myself for it. If we ever get out then you will never go near a fight. End of." he replied, getting slightly angry.

"Okay then. We'll form our own rebel team and you can do all the fighting while I'm the brains behind the scene back at base. There? Happy?" I asked him asked him as we were nearing the control room. All these hallways looked the same to me. They are all cold, metal and bendy.

"Maybe." he answered, putting me down on the floor. We couldn't have any of the 'Cons suspicious of our bond together. To do that, I had to look like I had been walking the whole way down here. I took a deep breath and walked into the 'Con control room. In there was Starscream, Megatron, Soundwave, Ravage, Scorponok, Shockwave, Laserbeak and a few others. The rest were probably out on a mission or something. Knowing the way things worked around here, I stepped onto the rising platform so I was on eye level with Megatron.

"Ah, Prime. Good that you are here. I was about to send down Starscream to come get you." Megatron said in his icy, metallic voice of his. I just glared at him. My sapphire blue eyes digging into his red optics. Just because he could kill me, doesn't mean I should be down on my knees for him. Okay, I should be on my knees. But if he wanted to kill me, he would've by now. So no point trying to be begging and playing dead now. He knew everything about me. Even more than I did. He knew my dad. But he wouldn't tell me who it was.

"Why do you call me that? Who's my dad? Tell me you sparkless bitch!" I yelled at him. I went charging at him. But an electrical charge was sent through my body from the cuffs. Oh, I forgot to mention that they were electro-shocker cuffs. A little gift from Shockwave. Thank you for that. The charge made me fall to my knees. I was getting to weak from this. We had the same greeting each time. Him calling me that name, me screaming at him, me getting filled with electricity. Yep. My usual encounter.

"I am not sparkless." he replied in anger.

"I wish you were! Then you'd be dead!" I yelled at him in sadness and anger. This was the being that has kept me away from my family, my friends, my life. He made me who I was now. Before, I was an innocent little girl, only seventeen. Then he got into my life somehow and took me away. Been here ever since. I looked up at him, dust from the concrete bed on my face and blood on my body and in my hair. Panting from my wasting energy, I stood strong, showing no sign of weakness to him, only to be shocked again. I could sense 'Cade wanting to do something. Quickly, my vision turned to him. I shook my head to him, telling him to stay put. Even though my eyes were stinging with tears threatening to fall. I turned my attention back to pointy pipe. "What is it you desire? oh fearless leader?" I asked through gritted teeth, following the routine that I have done oh so many times in the past.

"We are all going to Chicago to destroy the Autobots and unleash our new army via the space bridge. You are to accompany us by going with me to the rendezvous point. We can't have you snooping around here while we're all gone now can we?" he chuckled deviously.

"Why don't you just kill me?" I asked him daringly, shaking from the pain I was in, tears starting to fall, leaving clean streaks from the mud and blood. Even though asking this would probably get me killed or at least injured in some way, I could help but ask.

"You dare question my decisions?!" he screeched. That move got me thrown across the room, hitting my head on the piping for the thousandth time. What is wrong with this 'bot? He has serious anger issues. The knock caused the cuffs to act up sending another shock through me. "It is final. You are leaving now." he screeched at me. Then he turned to everyone. "I will be going to Chicago with Prime now. All of you head out and start attacking the 'bots as soon as you see them." he yelled at everyone. And with that, he started walking out, grabbing me on the way out. Once we were both outside, he started transforming into his horrid form of a tank with me still in his hold. All the grinding gears and sharp edges inside him resulted in me getting cut across the side of my face and all down my legs which were showing by my old, dirty denim shorts. The cut on my face made the blood trickle down my face, stinging my eyes. But I didn't flinch: the tears washed it away from my eyes. Just the thick trail of blood down the side was showing. The red liquid turning my filthy blonde hair an orange colour. Once the transformation was complete, I crouched into the seat, trying to get as small as I could. Megatron chuckled in amusement at my movements. How I despised him. I just glared at his form.

So, time to fill you up on my life before this hell. My full name is Amelia Mara Evans. I am now 20 years old. I lived in Washington for most of my life. I had a mother who lived in New York. But when I got kidnapped, they killed her. But talking to her on my recorder made me feel as if she was still alive. My dad I never even knew. But my mother said he was the most human person she had ever met. I always wondered what she meant by that. Human? Aren't they all? I never understood when she talked about him. Though from what little information I could gather from her, he was an amazing man. Although, if he were an amazing man who loved her and me, then why did he leave us? That was what I wanted to know. My goal in life now was to escape this never-ending nightmare and find my father. That was, if he was even alive.

I had no siblings, no cousins, no grandparents, and no aunts or uncles. It was just me left, and possibly a dad. But he was out of the picture. Alone. Alone in this dark cold world. I guess I had Barricade though. He would be there for me. But there would always be a gap in my heart. A gap that could never be filled. That gap was once filled with love. Now, it is hollow and empty.

This now has become my life. You can't fight with life. So I just had to deal with it and try and move on.

A single, sparkling tear ran down my face. I was too distracted in my thought to notice that the blood around my wrists flashed light blue before returning to it's natural crimson.

I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter. I wanted it as a sort of prologue so you know about her past and slight bit about her time in the decepticons hold. Again, R&R or PM me!

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