Repercussions is a sub-story when Uhura was stationed on the USS Potemkin. Read her POV. in "The Battle for Spock part 2:chapter 20" but it can stand on it's own.

Adventure / Drama
Uhura the 9th
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Chapter 1

chaptertChapter 1


Lieutenant Commander Amare’ Del La Cruz was a science officer aboard the USS. Potemkin. He is best known for his studies in bio-geologist. He was a go-getter when he made his mind up in his career, objects, and desire he would pursue them until achieved. He heard the rumors about Ensign Uhura of her academy days of being the most desired woman on campus, he did hear about her academic achievements, but that was nothing when he saw the sexy brown woman. Men had said that Uhura was packed and stacked and well proportioned, and that she is the woman to get, to date, but when Cruz saw Uhura, her beauty captivated him. He thought to himself that he must have her, and she would match his life, future plans and Uhura became his next target. When he stood in front of her, he notices that she stared into his hazel eyes and he let them flash.
It just started with coffee on breaks, breakfast and then dinner. Cruz said the right things, did the right things and looked the part. No woman could resist his looks, charms, and mannerism, and he was all man all 6′1ft. Amare’ had a reputation for the woman, and his pursuit was different from ordinary men, Cruz didn’t use the old cliche’ pick up lines. He used their interest and his smile, and when he saw Uhura, she was a must have. Uhura didn’t give to him easily, she stood back for a while, but in time Cruz knew he would have her, taste her and claim her as his trophy prize. His plan was simple as long as he didn’t seem desperate or overbearing, but he calculated each move to make sure she has interested him only.
They were picture perfect, in looks and characters Uhura worked the part. She didn’t know it was all a trap, and it was all based on her beauty nothing more. Amare’ liked the way she looked only, and he wasn’t really interested in her career, only how she’d performed in bed. He waited patiently, calculated his plan and gave her a ring and told her he’d love her forever. She couldn’t resist and gave in to him and made love. Amare’ achieved where many males failed in tapping that thing. Then he lost interest and found Clarisha a yeoman another to conquest and then she found out.

She walked in on them, nothing he could do or say.
“She doesn’t mean anything, she just a fling.”
“How could you! You told me you loved me and we are engaged you ass.” She went up to him as slapped him as hard as she could, threw the ring at him and left.

However, the gossip ran its course, and she stood firm but heartbroken. Everyone knew how Amare’ was except her, and she is paying for it. Now the captain of the Potemkin is paying for it as well.

CMO Dr. Ronald Coleman sat at the table in the ready room and Lt. Comdr Amare’ Del La Cruz a science officer of the bio-geology dept sat across from him. Captain Terrell Morgan thought he ran a tight ship, being a captain has its drawbacks. One trial is to keep the morale of the crew, and he didn’t have eyes and ears everywhere to prevent disastrous relationships.
However, when he heard of Uhura and Cruz, he commends them, and they seem like a lovely couple. Everyone liked Uhura, and she was a hard worker in the communication team. She was a problem solver on dangerous mission and translations. He needed more people like her, but when the scandalous affair came out, it impacted him as well. He saw a change in the woman, work production fell, and her demeanor was frail. The ship’s doctor confronted him with the truth of the relationship on what Cruz has done. Now Captain Terrell Morgan stood and faced Cruz. He was not pleased with his performance and the situation between Uhura and him.
“I am disappointed in you as an officer Cruz, your sexual misconduct with Uhura has been gossip. This conduct will reflect any future position that you may have planned. Do you have any idea what you have done?”

“Excuse me captain, but the relationship with Uhura is a personal matter.”

“Really, If I weren’t the captain I would kick your ass for what you did that woman! You have the audacity to sit there and use the female crew like there are nothing! You stupid ass, you just don’t get it! Uhura has put in a transfer, and I declined it.”

“So, what’s the problem? She could transfer if she wants.”

Morgan gave a sharp look at the doctor, Coleman shakes his head in disbelief.

“Ensign Uhura is one of the top communication officers in the fleet, and she is one of few people who can break Klingon and Romulan codes. Because of her, our ship has received citations for her services. When she was at the academy, she was a liaison with the diplomatic corp for translators where she has to establish rapports with Admirals and federation delegates. Central Intelligence seeks her advice in codes from other planets, and languages.”

Like I said before captain, that is my personal matter what is between Uhura and me.”

“Well, since you don’t know how to use either one of your heads correctly, she somehow bypassed my request and managed to transfer to the Enterprise. The Enterprise! With that maverick Captain Kirk. Now he has the best communication officer in the fleet, as well as the best science officer, and now he going to get all the glory.

Morgan looks at Cruz sternly: “You don’t get it? don’t you think Starfleet command will wonder why she left here?”

“I don’t see why it’s yours or Starfleet are concern about my personal affairs? People transfer all the time.”

“I wish I could transfer you, and I wish I could demote you! What I could do is put a request for psychological evaluation and I will!

“What? You can’t do that, on what grounds?′ Amare knew that would be permanent in his records.

“Inappropriate conduct of an officer, I can and I will. You conduct reflects all personnel on this ship and you being an officer demonstrate your failure to maintain a healthy relationship with the crew. Oh, yes I know about the other women you have been seducing, at least I can do that for Uhura.”

“If I refuse?”

Morgan gave Cruz the hardest, scolding look, his lips pierced and replied:
“I hope so, I really hope you refuse, that is why the doctor is here as my witness. That you disobeyed a command. It will be based on his recommendations, so please say no for the record and then say goodbye to your career in Starfleet.
“Now get out of my sight before I forget that I am a captain!” Morgan pointing towards the door.

Cruz gets up from his seat and leaves.

“Cruz!” he turns around to face the captain.
“Do not in any way have contact with Ensign Uhura, and THAT is an order!”

Cruz stares at the captain and turns and leaves. Morgan turns to Coleman.

“How is she?”

“Not good, heartbroken and refuses to eat. I wish I could kick his ass too Terrell.”

“I lost her, a damn good officer, and the woman knows her stuff. Never met a woman like her, and I need more people like her. However, now she is gone.”

“I’ll have Dr. Noel evaluate him, I know I can’t do it. Terrell? Morgan turns towards the doctor and looks him with his steel plated face.
“It’s best she goes, a fresh start for her, she has a future, give to her Terrell. Don’t make her suffer she doesn’t deserve this from anyone.”

Coleman was right she needs to leave if she wants to survive. He wishes he could do more to alleviate the pain that man caused her.

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