chapter 10

Chapter 10

Uhura was trying to analyze the situation, her primary target is Cruz’s phaser. How was she going to get it? Cruz was pacing like he was thinking of a plan. She needs to find a way to distract him. Nyota eyed the exit door, but she needs to know where to go? She looks around the room, there were monitors mounted, but no signals, that means there were not on or installed. Then she sees the circuit wires hanging. So, no one knows where she is. Nyota knows he will try to attack her, the reasons why her clothes were taken off. “Asshole.”

She looks at her wound, the color of it was red, not bleeding but very sore. This would hinder her attack mode by 35%, but she had to try and not feel vulnerable by staying here. She took a deep breath and slowly got her legs into position, she kept a clear view of Cruz, who is now talking to himself. Nyota jumps up and takes off running for the door, she ducks low and dodges to the left to avoid the phaser fire. She was able to open the door and continues running to anywhere but there. Hair flying, heavy breathing and feet moving she as made her way down the hall, she felt something sting her back, and she slows down and falls.

He grabs her arm trying to pull her back
she karate kicks her legs up and made contact with his chest.
He tries to punch her again in the sore spot.
She grabs both his arms and wrestles with him
The phaser drops and glide across the floor
he tosses her to the floor and slid
Amare runs to retrieve the phaser
Nyota scrambles to her feet and lunges at him,

jumps on his back,and squeeze her knees into his ribs
He winces in pain, and he tries to flip her off his back
She works to nerve pinch his shoulder; she jabs her elbow into a tender spot on his collarbone, she needs is 5 seconds, and he’ll be down:
He flips her over, and she lands on her back, with a thump and moans.


Nyota is laying on the ground breathing, eyes closed and surmise her failure. She felt a strong surge in the bond. Her man is angry, she feels him like a pot of boiling water, ready to burst. She must keep calm, and she knows Spock will kill this man. She slowly opens her eyes and glares at Amare’.

“Come on baby, we can make it work. Now get up and don’t do that again.” as he waves the phaser at her.

Nyota slowly gets up, now she has calculated she had reduced her energy by 50%, and now she can’t afford to make another mistake. The phaser burns are taking a toll on her body, she needs to be smarter. Physically, if she was in tip-top shape, she could have battle Amare’ alone with success. But now she must use her intellect to gain the upper hand. She needs to nurse her wounds. She would comply for now. She feels the two new pains in her back and rubs them as she starts walking back to the storage area. As she returns to her jail, she took note of her surrounding and stored them for Spock as a marker.
When they reach their destination, Amare secured the door, and then he grabs one of Nyota’s arm and pulls it against her back where she winces in pain.
He leans into her, brushing his lips against her face, lips, and cheeks. One of his hands starts to roam her shoulder, breasts, and backside, touching her against her wishes.

“Nyota, I missed you so.”

“I miss this.”

Still, Nyota refuses to acknowledge him, just breathing hard, trying to turn her head from him. She feels disgusted by his scent and touch. She pushes her free hand against his chest and leaning back for space.
Amare’ steps back, releases her arm and to get a full view of her.

“Nyota, you still have your assets that I admire, your ass is soo.. good as I remember.”

Nyota wanted to throw up from that statement, she wonders what did she ever see in Amare’.

She notices his green eyes no longer sparkled that was one of his attractive features.

Amare was thinking about the situation again, he didn’t have much time, he knew the ship is looking for her, and he needed to revise his plans. While he was analyzing his situation, he realizes how they fought a few moments ago. He turns to her and steps back.

“Baby I was wondering when you attacked me, you tried to nerve-pinch me. Who taught you that?”

Nyota never wanted to use her sexuality in a desperate situation, and she can feel Spock is nearby. She must stall him from trying to attack her again. She turns to Amare’ and changes her demeanor to one of seduction, she places one of her hands on her hip and looks at Amare’ in the eyes and broke her silence and spoke seductively.

“I was taught by my VUL-CAN!”
“Because he is a REAL-MAN!”

Amare’ stares and comprehends her statement. “Are you f**king a Vulcan?”

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