chapter 11


Spock got off at the next level and again starts to survey the area. Only noticing new equipment and installation of machines. He walks several hundred yards back to detect his wife’s scent, then again would turn to the other directions.
Spock continues to monitor their bond, he notices that it’s glowing to orange amber color and he is becoming more irritated and edgy about the situation. Something is happening to his wife and him.

Then he retreats into the elevator to the next lower level. Then it stopped in between floors, then he had another sensation that his wife was being attacked. He felt a twinge on the lower part of his back. Spock hit his fist on the door so hard that it left his imprint and the door has a deep dent. In his anguish he screams:
“Leave her ALONE!"

He leans against the door, breathing heavy, and feeling despair.

“Nyota, my Nyota, I grieve… I grieve with thee.”

He was desperate, he had to find his wife, each minute was agony, and he can feel the abuse. He was his job, duty and…NO his failure for not taking care of Nyota. Spock took a deep breath and with his fingers try to pry the doors open. He manages to moves the doors, then with his Vulcan strength pulls them open like they were paper. The elevator was between floors Spock had to climb up to the next level. He lifts his body with ease to another dim-lit hallway, and again starts to patrol the facility. Still, in the process of being completed, he begins to jog down the corridors again using his senses to find her. Not here, now he had to think about how to get the next lower level, the elevator is not functional. He had to go back into it to get the next level, he had to climb down. He felt movement in their bond and waits for her:
“What has he done!”
“I’m coming.”
“Spock, Amare is not well, I tried to get the phaser, with no success.”
“Are you wounded?”
’NO!” Spock growls in anguish.
“I’m sorry baby, I had to try, he desires to attack me.”

Spock falls to his knees, his fists beating on his thighs, he feels his Nyota’s distress, he fighting with his own failure.
He must take it,
he has to take it,
he has no choice
he must find her
He MUST KILL HIM, who challenged his bond, he touched his WIFE!

“I think I’m level 4, that is what I read on the wall before I was captured.”
“That location is my next destination, any other identifiable landmarks?

Spock tilts his head up,
still breathing shallow,
trying to revert back to logic
Yes, back to logic
regaining his thoughts
regaining his purpose

“No Ashayam, please come for me, I’m losing strength because of my wounds.”

Spock quickly gets up with a new effort, he jogs back the elevator and re-enters again.
Spock lowered himself to the fourth level and instantly has his wife’s scent. He went into Vulcan mode as thou he went into Plak-tow, he was challenged over the property of the woman. Spock couldn’t help himself. He took a deep breath and followed the scent, his fists balled up, eyes determined, eyebrows arched which winkles his appearance. It was not Spock the logical, it was Spock the Vulcan husband/warrior.

Meanwhile back on level four:

“Yes, I’m f**king a Vulcan, a damn good, fine, never-ending, takes me to cloud nine-man.”
“Guess what? His manhood is huge; long, wide and always satisfies.”
“And another thing, he only wants me for himself. He doesn’t like sharing, at least this.”

Nyota takes her hands and seductively rubs them from her chest, stomach, sides, thighs and nether places. Moaning as she goes.
“On our wedding night, we were at it for 7 straight hours without a break, we went on, and on and on.” She continues to moan with each statement, and she sees that it is getting to him.
" Oh as you say we were f**king all night and part of the day. He tells me that I have...stamina, hence my new body shape.”

She spread out her arms and turns to reveal her firm body.

“No, NO your lying. I was your best!”

“YOU?! You couldn’t even be honest with me, or yourself.” laughing. “You did the best thing by sleeping with Clarisha, then I would’ve have met and married my real man, Spock!”

“WHAT! NO!, Commander Spock! NO, NO, NO!”
He starts shaking his head in disbelief.

“Yes, Amare, the best science officer in the fleet, in the universe is My man SPOCK!.”
" You don’t even compare to him, you’re not even in Spock’s league in any science and computers division but more importantly making love.”

“They don’t know how to make love, they aren’t even human.”

“I beg to differ, I know I rock his Vulcan world.”

Nyota starts to sway as she describes Spock. “so much when he finds you.. well it won’t be good for you Amare.”

“He won’t find you here?”

“I beg to differ again” Nyota starts to shimmy in front of him stalling for time. “Vulcan men are very possessive, they don’t share like a said before. He’s a one-woman man, and I take care of all- his- needs.”
“Vulcanian comes from a line of warriors before the laws of logic, my man can take down anybody or thing that messes with his woman. And I am Spock’s WOMAN!”

Spock stops in his search and notices his bond is fully open, and he feels Nyota humming and dancing. She is talking about their sex life to this male. Unorthodox and very private.

" Nyota what is the purpose?”
“I see no reason to inform this male of our sexual activities, those are our private interactions.”

“Spock baby will you please find me! I am stalling him from shooting the both of us.”

Spock shakes his head and continues his search, he can smell her, feel her, he breaks into a jog. She is so close, SO NEAR.

“YOUR LYING! STOP IT, STOP IT.” Amare holds his hands to his ears. He can’t believe it, he remembers back in academy how Spock achieved academically. Endless lectures of his quantum theories, Astrophysics reflections, the awards, patents and ceremonies he has received, but mostly his exploits with Star Fleet, Spock’s name is a legend. Now to hear he’s married to Nyota and she claims he is a better lover, a Vulcan! He always envied him, always. He came to a conclusion the two things he despised; one was in front of him, it won’t go well for her. The other was Spock, no human or alien could achieve better accomplishments than him. He looks up at her with anger in his eyes, and decides:

“Well, baby all good things must come to an end.”

He aims the phaser at her, his finger on the trigger. Nyota is standing proud, not flinching or scared, just staring at him.

“CRACK, BOOM, the door burst open.

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