Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Kirk, McCoy and the rest of the security teams are still searching for Spock and Uhura. They are searching for all known hang-out spots to no avail. Kirk keeps staring at the floor plans and even thinking to himself, what is he missing? He feels that he’s looking at the answer in front of him. Then he sees something and points his finger on it.

“Yes, captain.”

“What does this mean? (core of engineers)

“Those are the new level location that they(core of engineers) are excavating, everything is under construction in that location.”

Kirk snaps his head up and slams his hand on the table.

“What is it, Jim? You found them?”

“I wish I knew about this sooner, and I bet they are there.”

“Could be, there is an elevator in this junction we can take to the lower levels.”
“Levels?” asks McCoy

“Yes, four new levels are being formed for mining and the equipment is all new.”

Kirk pulls out his communicator and pages security, and had them report to the new location. “Come on Bones; let’s go save them.”

McCoy grabs his medical tricorder and emergency bag and follows Kirk and Micheals to the elevator.
When they reached the elevator entrance, the security team was there waiting. Kirk pressed the button and waited for the doors to open, he continues to push it with no response.

“Damn, now what?”

Micheals also pushes the buttons, and the elevator doesn’t move.
“It seems the circuits are out or the turbo hydraulics.”

“Is there any other way to get down there?”

“No, not even staircases they are not built yet!”

Kirk came up with a solution and grabs his communicator and pages the ship.
“Kirk to Enterprise”

“Yes, captain.”

“Put Masters online.”

“Yes, captain.”

" I have an emergency mechanical issues with a turbo lift. Can you get a repair kit and get down here?”

“Yes, sir! I’m on my way.”

Charlene is ecstatic that she could help with the search for her best friend. She turns towards Sulu, and he pages Mr. Scott to inform them of the situation. Mr. Scott heads for the bridge. Sulu walks Charlene to the turbolift. They stare at each other and let their eyes do the talking. He quickly took her hand and held and gently squeezes it. Then he let go of her hand, and she jumps on the lift to get her equipment.

Charlene has been worried since the beginning of the incident, and she breathes a sigh of relief. She hopes and prays her friend and her husband are ok. Charlene exits the turbo and jogs towards engineer to supplies. She quickly grabs a bag and starts filling it up with possible needs. They call her the “fix-it girl” all her life and now Charlene is needed to find two important people. She takes the bag and heads for the transporter.

Charlene beamed down and is escorted to the captain’s location. Micheals takes a good look at Charlene and greets her.

“Hello, you can fix this?”

Charlene gave him a cold stare and dismissed his remark and turns to the captain.

“Ok Masters do your stuff, see if you can fix it.”

Masters quickly scans the door and discovers her first problem.
“Captain, the circuits are disrupted, and there seems to be a problem with the installation of the lift drive.”

She digs into her bag and pulls out a tool that looks like a crowbar. She inserts into the crack of the door and starts to pry it out. Then the Kirk and Micheals assist her with pulling open the door. She looks down, and she can see the lift carrier about a half mile down, and it appears to be stuck between floors.

Kirk turns to Masters: “Can we climb down there Masters?”

“I don’t think so captain, it’s dangerous due to the fact the system is not fully installed. If you start crawling down there, the lift can be activated anytime.”

She turns to Micheals: “Is there a central control panel nearby?”

“Yes, I’ll take you there. Follow me.”

Masters follows Micheals with her bag to a central control panel.

“Um excuses me, Masters.”

She looks up at the man, giving him a stern look.”

“I want to apologize for my comment, and I realize you know your stuff. Plus I also want to say that you are a very cute mechanic.” He said with a cheesy smile.

“Thank you for apologizing, but before you start to hit on me;
I’m looking for my best friend who is kidnapped by someone here.
I have a very serious boyfriend who is the jealous type. So, shall we continue?”

“Sorry, here we go.”

Masters quickly look at the circuits and re-adjusts them to make them function. This is to supply energy to the lift to make it move. She hopes. She removed some circuits and re-connects them, and she tries to override the command of the elevator. She continues work on the panel for ten long minutes. She taps in some codes to ask the lift to return to the surface. Then she closes the panels and her bag and heads back to the elevator with Micheals.

“Ok captain, I hope this works.”

“We saw the power return in the shaft and panels,” said Kirk.

Masters press the call button for the lift to come up to the surface. They peered down and saw the lift move so slightly. Master pulls out her scanner and notes another problem. She turns to the captain with tears forming in her eyes.
“Sorry captain, but… the lift is left on manual, it won’t respond, and I tried to override the command to the lift, with no avail. You could have someone in a safety suit to go down that shaft and get into the lift to switch it off and... it’s not stable sir the lift program can restart anytime and that person...”

Kirk slams his fist into his hand: “Damn, we can beam them up.”

Kirk pages the Enterprise: “Mr. Scott can you beam up Mr. Spock and the lost party from their location?”

“One minute sir.”

Chekov quickly scans the levels and having trouble pinpointing lifeforms on the lower levels. He turns to Mr. Scott and shakes his head no.

“There’s too much interference from the minerals down to locate anyone.”

“Sorry captain, Chekov says there’s too much interference from the planet even to locate them.”

Kirk and McCoy sigh in disgust, and now they have to wait who will come out those lower levels alive.

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