Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Kirk, Masters, and McCoy are standing near the turbolift waiting for it to move. Kirk takes a call for the ship.

“Kirk here.”

“Captain, I have some information I need to discuss with McCoy and you.”

Kirk waves McCoy over for privacy and distance from the rest of the people.
“OK, Dr. M’Benga what’s up?”

“I.. need to speak you both directly but not on open channels sir, permission to beam down with Nurse Running Deer.”

“Permission granted.”

“I wonder what he has to say?” McCoy asks and still wondering about Uhura and Spock.

A few minutes later, Dr. M’Benga and nurse Running Deer approach them.

“May we speak privately?, Running Deer would please excuse us!”

Running Deer leaves the commanders to converse.
McCoy starts the conversation:” What’s up with Running Deer? Is she OK?”

“Yes Len, she is here for support Spock and Uhura when they are found.”

Kirk adds: “You lost me? What do you mean?”

M’Benga looks at both of them, clears his throat:“Well captain, we might have another problem on our hand, you see Vulcan males feel that their bond and bondmates are threatened in any way, they will go into battle mode.”

Kirk eyes widen: “Don’t tell me, that Vulcan thing where I almost died?”

McCoy’s mouth drops: “DAMN!”

“Yes, this could be an onset of Pon-Farr!, if this is the case, NO male figure can be around them, especially Uhura. They take it as a challenge to their marriage.”

“Then this Cruz guy is most likely dead if Spock finds them! Damn! Kirk is in the worst case scenario, things are getting worse. Should he risk a life to save a life? Should he try to go down there himself to save this Cruz or take the risk of being killed at the hands of his best friend.

“Captain, either way, it’s not good,” says M’Benga. Knowing what the captain is thinking, attempting to risk his life saving a friend.

M’Benga turns to Running Deer and sees her conversing with Masters. “I brought Running Deer as assistant medical personnel when Spock emerges; he will not hurt females. They both will need medical attention. Also recommend Masters to assist as well, to safeguard both women.”

“You mean give Masters a phaser?” McCoy was analyzing M’Benga’s suggestion, and he too realizes that Spock most likely would be unapproachable in his condition. It’s probably safe than risk more casualty.

“I’ll agree with Geoffry, Spock’s state of mind will be in question, and we need to safeguard all parties involved.”

Kirk finalizes the plan when Spock and Uhura come to the surface only Masters and Running Deer can approach them. Masters will need to guard the women if anything goes wrong and stun Mr. Spock. Kirk takes a deep breath and calls the women over.
Masters looks a little lost, but willing to help.

Kirk, M’Benga, McCoy, Running Deer and Masters are huddled together, and McCoy informs them of their jobs.

“Listen Masters, and Running Deer how much do you know about Vulcanians?”

Both women look at each other, and both said they also nothing about them.

“Well, this is a delicate situation what we share is very private and not to be disclosed to anyone. Do you both understand.”

Both women agreed by nodding their heads. McCoy turns to M’Benga for instructions.

“First, I understand Vulcan culture and physiology, and I want you both to follow my instructions to the letter without asking any questions.
Masters, you will need a phaser as a precaution against… Mr. Spock.”

“What? I don’t’ understand?” Master giving a shocked look.

“It’s just a precaution if things become difficult, it will be set for stun. However, most importantly, when you see Uhura don’t run to her right away. She will give you instructions and listen to her no matter how crazy it sounds.”

McCoy turns to Running Deer: “your job will be difficult, Mr. Spock might not appear himself, he will need medical attention and as well as Uhura. But only if she asks for it, scan both of them and send me the info. Masters will be your guard if anything should happen.”

Running Deer asks: “Dr. McCoy where will you and the captain be?”

“We’ll be off in the distance, but we need to make sure those two are safe and beam them back to the ship. Think you can do it?”

Kirk looks at both women, he didn’t want to put them in harm’s way; but only females can approach the Vulcan and Uhura. “Ladies your training and skills will come into play. Mr. Spock is upset that someone has kidnapped his wife. Most humans get emotional, but Vulcanians respond differently. Do you understand?”

Both women look at each other and nod in agreement. Charlene is confused, but she is determined to help Nyota anyway she can. She doesn’t know how Nyota relationship is with Mr. Spock, and he always appears as the quiet man.

“Good ladies you are going to post yourselves at the elevator and wait, take a communicator and stand by.”

Masters turns to the captain again: “Captain you’re worried that I might have to shoot Mr. Spock?”

“Yes, Masters I don’t want anyone to get hurt. This guy Cruz really caused a mess. I want everybody and including Cruz to come out alive.”

Masters places the phaser on her hip belt, and Running Deer gathers her medical equipment. So they went to wait by the doors.
While Kirk, McCoy, M’Benga, the security guards went to one of the offices to wait. The area was cleared. Now they just had to wait.

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