chapter 14


The door crumbles in front of Cruz; it happened so fast, he didn’t see Nyota charging at him. She took her full body shoulder force and knocked him off balance.
This was her chance to take him down and avoid him shooting her husband.

Cruz heard the crash, it startles him, and he reacts to the sound; points the gun towards the door, he aims and in the process of shooting when he is knocked off balance. He sees Spock step forward with the look of the evil; his eyes are black and sharp.

The phaser was misdirected and shot up towards the ceiling. Cruz hits the floor and slides back, Nyota laying several feet from him. The phaser flies across the floor out of range. She looks up at the doorway and sees a tall figure, fist balled up, the towering figure steps forward into view.

Spock had found her,
her scent is strongly mixed with someone else’s.
The smell interacts with his Vulcan instincts
With all his Vulcan strength rips the door from its hinges
one part flew inside the room,

and the other landed next to him
Spock steps forward breathing heavy,
his demeanor menacing,
he sees a man lying on the floor before him:
“There he is, he who took what is mine. ”
He stares at Cruz in disgust.
Spock’s eyes are dark, locked on his challenger.
he scans the room for Nyota
sees her on the floor, almost naked
brownish red bruises on her body
Spock growls again with disgust,
his woman is hurt
He steps toward Cruz
Cruz stands up to defend himself
He tries to punch Spock in the face
Spock dodges his blow,
Spock takes his hand and karate strikes at his shoulder.
Cruz stumbles back in pain and grabs his shoulder.
“I had her first Vulcan!”
Amare says sneeringly:
“She was mine to taste not you!”
“Just want you to know that I f**ked her first!”
Spock did not speak, but slowly moving towards him.
“She took everything from me!”
“She owes me, she owes ME.”
Cruz’s words fell on deaf ears.
Amare had no idea whom he was dealing with,
he tried to talk to him to no avail.
Amare tries to karate kick him

and Spock blocks that.
Amare tries another punch
Spock grabs his fist in mid-air and crushes it.
Amare gasp in pain and tries to hit Spock with his free hand.
He made contact with Spock’s face with no effect.
Spock takes his other hand and grabs his neck, lifting Amare off the ground.
And finally spoke:
“Nyota is MY WIFE!”
“You had NO Right to touch her in any manner!”
“I felt her pain, and now you shall as well... feel pain”
Spock begins to squeeze his neck

and Amare gasping for air,
his feet are kicking at Spock’s midsection, trying to break the grip.
Spock threw Amare against the wall;

he hits it hard and slides to the floor.
Amare tries to get up, rubs his neck and prepares to fight Spock again.
Amare looks for the phaser, too late Nyota found it.
“I told you Amare’ my man would find me.”
“I think you better say sorry or something.”
“This is your fault Nyota; you couldn’t just shut up and moved on!”
Amare’ glaring at Spock and not backing down.
Spock growls his command at Amare;
Spock steps forward to engage again
Amare’ lunges at Spock for his neck.
Spock blocks his attempt and grabs one of his arms

and apply pressure and heard it snap.
Amare’ falls to the floor in pain.
Spock kneels and punches him in the face,
a bruise forms on it,
another punch and Amare is out with a broken jaw.
He was about to punch him again when..
He turns to find her,
stands up and..
he walks to her
he lifts her body for her to stand.
He examines her
her hair is disarrayed
she lives, she lives for him
she’s talking to him, but he couldn’t hear
it has come
Spock starts to rub his hands across her cheeks
down her neck, shoulders, breast, stomach, butt, and arms.
He looks into her eyes; she’s hurt.
“Nyota, he hurt you, he hurt my Ashayam”
“Nyota … I burn for thee”
“Help ME!”
He kisses her to taste her, lifts her from the floor.

Nyota felt a strange surge in their bond, as thou Spock is on fire, his eyes are dark and menacing. Something is happening to him. He’s telling her he wants to mate through their bond. Mate now! He just practically beat the sh*t out Amare. She wants to check on him to see if he is alive but did not dare. What is wrong with Spock her husband? His hands are so hot, and he’s touching her all over the place. He must be smearing his scent on her, Amare’ did touch her.

Spock sniffs her hair, caresses his hands in her tresses:
“Mine must take you
Must have you now!
It is my right!

Then he sniffs her shoulder, then her breast
He stands back and looks at the bra and panties she has on
with one swift move he rips them off her.
It had his scent on them.

Nyota is pressed against her husband,
his hands in her hair stroking it
they wander down her neck, shoulders
Then Spock starts to sniff everywhere Amare’s hands have been.
Then he stops, steps back and rips off her bra and panties
Now she is completely naked with half-dead man,
her Vulcan wants to mate.
His body is so hot with heat!
Like he has a fever!
What is wrong with him?
She starts to remember before they were married that the fire of male Vulcans.
It can’t be, Spock is in Pon Farr!
NO, NO not now! Not here!
She speaks to him in their bond:
“Spock are you on fire?”
“Yes, must… mate,
my property”
“Pon farr Spockah?”

He lifts her and presses her against the wall and starts grinding against her body, his face in her shoulder.
Spock growls as he continues to rub his hands and grind on his wife’s body. Even with his clothes on, Nyota can still feel the heat of his body.
He lifts one of her thigh legs and
tries to wrap it around his hip,
rubbing his hand up and down her cool smooth thigh.
Then he put her down, knelt and sniffs her nether parts.

Nyota gasps: “NO Spock he did not touch me there!”
Spock growls in satisfaction. If he did, he would finish him off.

Nyota remembers now what Spock had said that the bondmate has the power to control the fire. She took a deep breath and focused on their bond and spoke to him.
“We need to wait; we first must go home.”
growls Spock.
“You are mine!”
“NO, you are mine, Spock you are my property.”
“Yesss… yours”
“We need to wait; I want to… shower and be prepared.”
“I demand it!”

“Baby give me your shirt; we need to go home first.”
Spock snaring
With his eyes still piercing on her, he holds her shoulders, he bent down and bit her there.
Nyota screams and then moans, it did something to her. “Spockah!” Spock’s fire transfers to her, she starts to rub his chest, wanting him. She needs to stay in control of their bond for sanity reason and humiliation, and she fights the fire that ignited her. She starts to breathe heavily and focus on the need at task, she concentrates on the bond to steady Spock’s current behavior, and it works. Nyota’s breathing starts to steady and releases his hands from her for space.
Spock removes his tunic, places it on his wife to cover her and not taking his eyes off her. His shirt was long, Nyota was grateful for that. Tiny droplets of blood seep through her shoulder from where Spock bit her. She looks up at him with a smart look and says:


He growls at her; she knows that he had to mark her because of Amare’ touching her.

“Ok baby take us out of here so we can go home to our quarters and make lots of Love.”

Spock grabs her by the waist, which she squeaks from the grasp and led them out towards the elevator. They were walking down the dim-lit corridor, then after a few minutes, Spock stops, and looks at his wife with sad eyes.
He stares at her condition and sees the blood stains on his shirt, and he whispers:

“Nyota… Nyota I’m sorry K’ diwa.”

He takes his hands and caresses her face, rubbing the smear that is on it. His eyes tell it all, feeling regret.

“No Spockah, I am well you are here with me.”

He fingers the tresses of her hair and leans into her, smelling her essence of peace.
“I’ve hurt you…. I’m sorry”
“K’ diwa...
K’ diwa...
K’ diwa... K’hat ‘n’ dlawa”
He kept chanting, his sorry and regret.

He gently holds his wife. The fever is coming in waves affecting him. Spock sees the blood and touches it. Nyota sees him looking at her shoulder and touches his hand.

“Ashayam, you’ve marked me, I am yours.”

The realization hits him, and he remembers: “Did I… did I kill?”

“No, he’s alive, come Ashayam we are going home.”

Nyota felt their bond thrumming; she feels Spock’s concern over his condition. He’s ashamed and distress over the ordeal and what his friends would think of him.

“NO, baby they are helping us, we will go home. I am here, please no shame or guilt your are a Vulcan, my Vulcan warrior who saved me.”
Nyota’s eyes fill with tears.: Spock, you saved me. I love you… love you.”

She crashes into his chest for support. Spock smoothes her back and hair. They are together; they are one.

Nyota must support him in this condition, and she doesn’t have much time, she doesn’t know when the next wave of the fever will hit. They need to leave now to the Enterprise. She takes his hand and continues to walk towards the elevator.

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