Chapter 15

Nurse Running Deer and Masters are waiting near the elevator. The communication system and Planet MP606 are back online.
Kirk had that area cleared of personnel to avoid contact with Spock. He didn’t know what condition he might be in.
M’Benga, McCoy, and Kirk are in the auxiliary room with monitors focused on the doors. Kirk hopes Masters don’t have to use the phaser to subdue Spock erratic behavior.
Masters is in deep thought hoping her friends are OK. And still wondering why would she need a phaser against Mr. Spock. She suspects there is more to the story. Even Running Deer is in the dark, wondering why all the men are not assisting in this medical emergency.
Then Masters here the turbolift move, she peers down and sees the lift moving up. She quickly informs the captain.

“Captain, the turbolift has been activated, and it’s coming up.”

“Good, now back away from it for further instructions and keep the communication open.”

“Yes, sir!”

Masters and Running Deer step further back from the elevator. And they hear it stop. The door was partially open when it arrives. A hand appears, a female.


“Charlene? Is that you?”

“Yes” Charlene starts to walk over.

“Stop! Wait! shouts Nyota “Who is with you?”

“Nurse Running Deer and me!”

“Listen, Spock is not feeling well...we..”

“Dr. M’Benga told me to follow your instructions.”

“Really?!” Nyota was grateful knowing that M’Benga understood their situation.

Running Deer steps up next to Masters: “I am here to assist you in any medical issues and not to ask questions.”

“OK um, give me a minute.”

Uhura turns to check on Spock, he is standing in the corner looking in the distance. The fire is still subdued. They both need to be checked out and transported back to the ship. But she needs to do it discreetly.
“Ashayam, there is a female nurse outside, she needs to scan us for medical attention. Is it OK?”

Spock responds in a whisper: “Nyota, please… I don’t wish to be seen..No Vulcan can.”

“I am here Ashayam, there is no shame, only to help.. we have too, so we can go home.

“I plead with thee”

Trust me, my love.”

Nyota lightly touch his hot cheek, and he buries his face in it and pleads:
“My Nyota, K’ diwa.. K’ diwa … please help me.”

Uhura is trying to keep her concentration on their bond, his fire is making him so sensitive and highly sexual, she has never seen him like this. Even now he wants to take her right there in the elevator, and she sees in their bond that he is trying to hold on. Nyota looked into his lost eyes, Spock bends down to touch her forehead and feels the coolness of her body soothing his fire.
She thought of an idea to help them. She returns to the door and addresses Running Deer.

“OK, come here ladies and let me explain.”

Masters and Running Deer comes closer to the door, and Uhura sticks her face out.

“Listen I need somehow for us to be transported directly into our quarters no questions asked can it be done?”

Masters starts calculating the configurations on the transporter.
“Yes, we can do that, let me contact Mr. Scott.”

“Nyota? Are you and Mr. Spock OK?”

“Yeah, a little bruised from the ordeal”

“Dr. M’Benga gave me medical tricorder to document your vitals.”

“OK Running Deer come in.”

Spock reaches over, and pries open the door for her to enter. Running Deer quickly pulls out her scanner and runs it over Spock. Running Deer tries very hard not to look at Mr. Spock’s face, and she feels the heat from his body. Running quickly feed the vitals into the tricorder, she sees green blood on his knuckles, she wants to wipe it but reluctantly resists. She sprayed disinfected on a medical cloth and gave it to Uhura.

“Can you clean his wound for me.”

As she points to his hand. Uhura takes the cloth, touch his hand with the blood, and gently cleans Spock’s bloody knuckles. Running Deer holds open a disposal bag for the dirty, towel and Uhura drops it in.
Spock stood perfectly still during the treatment, he did not move or make any facial expression. He was doing everything in his Vulcan power not to lose his composure. Then Running Deer did a quick scan over Uhura and also fed her information into the tricorder.

“Lt. Uhura is reported that you were shot by a phaser with the possibility of burns.”

“Yes, but it is not wise to show you now.”

“I will give you this cream in my medical bag, does it hurt?”

“No, not that much.”

While Running Deer was doing a medical check-up, Masters was conveying with the captain and Mr. Scott about transporting Spock and Uhura back on the Enterprise.
“Aye, Captain it can be done, I’m on my way down to the transporter to calibrate the control panel and pads.” said Mr. Scott.

Running Deer recorded all vitals in the tricorder, and they were transmitted back to M’Benga.
“Lt. Uhura I was instructed to give you this medical bag, it has hypo-sedatives and bandages for you.”

Uhura looks at her and takes the bag, during the whole time; Spock looked like he was looking out into space.

“Thank you Running Deer, when we leave, please let them know that a ….person is on level 4.”

When Uhura said that, Spock took a deep breath. She stood next to him and held out her two fingers, which he took quickly. It relaxed him from thinking about what happened below.

Yes, Lt.” she slips in between the doors and Masters returned to the opening.

“Nyota, everything is arranged, Mr. Scott is waiting for your signal. Ny? Is there anything else I can do?”

“No Char, and thanks for not asking, it’s difficult as it is.”

Charlene hands Nyota the communicator’ “Whenever you’re ready.”

“Thanks, girl, I’ll be alright I promise.”

Masters and Running Deer leave the area.
When Spock fully opened the door and stepped out into the area, there was no one around.

When Kirk and the doctors saw Spock and Uhura on the monitor, they saw Uhura in Spock’s tunic. That didn’t look good, and a blood patch on her shoulder. That didn’t look good either.
They saw the disheveled Vulcan, and he looks like he is in a daze, then they dematerialized in front of them. The doctors received the vitals from Running Deer, and they noted high levels of Spock’s hormones.

“He’ll need a couple of days off, they are officially on emergency medical leave.”

Kirk turns to both of them’; That’s great! I’ll just stay here and clean up this mess.”

“Doctors go down below and check if Cruz is still alive.”

“Yes, captain!”

Meanwhile in the SchnT’ gai quarters;
Spock didn’t waste any time in claiming his wife, he carried her into the shower to bathe, then when his fires returned full force, Nyota was ready for him, they copulated in the shower as the water flowed around them. They continue to satisfy the Vulcan tradition for the next 3 days. They both murmured to each and in their bond: “MINE” (“T’nash-veh”)

Cruz was still alive (barely) he suffered a fractured jaw, broken right arm and two cracked ribs. He fully recovered on Tantulus Colony* for the rest of his life for his assault on Lt. Uhura and damage to the facility.

No charges were brought against Spock or Uhura due to the nature of the crime, it was self-defense for the record. (sealed and case closed)

Nyota’s repercussions for being involved with Amare’ Del La Cruz was a broken heart,
which resulted in the marriage to Spock,
which turned into endless love.


A/N:*There are always repercussions for our actions or choices in life. It always has trickle down effect in you and the people around you. It’s unavoidable. It how we handle them internally and moving on from that lesson.

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