Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Three years later, the Enterprise is docked at Starbase 9 for repairs and maintenance.
Uhura has acquisitions to pick up parts to repair components of her console, she specifically asked the captain to retrieve those parts personally to inspect them. Masters comes along to fulfill Mr. Scott orders on limited equipment as well. They were in the maintenance department on the station with her Padd for verification on them, and they both waited in the office of the Chief Petty Officer.

“Good to be off the ship.” as Masters turns around to get a good look of the office.

“Yes, the last time I order replacement parts for the communication console, there were didn’t fit or could I alter them.”

A woman comes out of the central office to return to her desk and stops and look at the two women. She gasps in recognition of one of the women. Uhura recognizes the woman right away and just holds her Padd closer to her chest. The woman stares that seems like an eternity and then finally talks.

“What are you doing here?”

Uhura stares her down, but keep her posture and decorum.
“I am here to verify parts for the Enterprise.”

Masters sees the exchange between the two women because Nyota was getting ready to pounce on her.

Nyota slowly lowers her Padd to her side and just stares at the woman.

“Uhura what’s going on?”

“Charlene, let me introduce you to Clarisha Van Buren, she was stationed on the Potemkin with me.”

“The BITCH who cheated on your fiance’?” Masters eyes turn vicious, and her fists start to ball up.

“Yep, that’s the one.”

“The one who knew you were engaged to that bastard of a man?”

“The very same.”

Nyota and Charlene stare at Clarisha for about a minute. Then Clarisha breaks the silence.

“Look Uhura I don’t want any trouble, I’m paying for my mistake for being with that man!”

“Good!” snaps Nyota.

“Well… I’m… sorry for what happened, Really sorry for what I did to you, Amare’ told me he was breaking it off with you. I didn’t know how much of a snake he really is.”

Charlene and Nyota looked at each other and began to calm down, Nyota just wanted the apology.

“Well, I accept your apology, and I glad you did sleep with him.”


“If you didn’t sleep with him, I couldn’t have transferred to the Enterprise, and then I wouldn’t be married to the most wonderful man in the universe.”

Clarisha says shakily: “married?”

“Yes, to the most wonderful man in the universe.”

Clarisha breaks down and cries hysterically, she leans on her desk for support. Uhura and Masters rush to her and try to comfort her.

“Uhura after you transfer, my life on the ship was horrible, people refuse to talk or work with me. Each day was in agony. Then I put in for transfer to anywhere, and so I was stationed here.”

She looks up at Uhura and Charlene wiping her tears.
“I never felt so bad, I didn’t mean to hurt you, he just… used me.”

“I’m dying to meet this man so I can kick his ass.” snaps Masters: “Maybe he should meet my brothers, they can definitely rearrange his nuts.”

“Char, behave.”

“Just saying.”

“Look Clarisha, you live and learn as I did, it did hurt at the time, and I am healed.”

“So what happened to loverboy? Asks Charlene

“I know he was transferred, but I don’t know where or care.”

Clarisha looks at Uhura: “Uhura, you were well respected on the Potemkin, many admired you and your work. The crew let me know what I did was wrong, and I feel that I have been paying for my stupid mistake of passion.”
Uhura held out her hand towards Clarisha, she took it and shook it.
“Forgiven now let us get those parts for the captain or he’ll never let me leave the ship again.”


Charlene smiles and says jokingly: ” The captain always think she’s out shopping.”

After they left Clarisha had a deep reflection of herself about meeting Uhura again. She deeply regretted falling for Amare’ with those hazel eyes. And she did pay dearly for it, not only did she was rebuked from the captain but all of Uhura’s associates. They didn’t relent from making her feel guilty for her actions. She can still hear the crew reaction to her:

“Uhura is the only woman who doesn’t flaunt her beauty, she cares about everyone, even the people who don’t like her. I know, she even gave advice about my relationship. Yes, she was cool with me. But that was dirty to sleep with her fiance’. Who would do that?”

Even Amare’ distance himself from her to face the full brunt of accusations alone. She blamed herself more than him, she made a choice because deep down she was jealous of Uhura’s beauty and brains. When she transferred off the ship, she did a complete makeover of herself and veered away from men, who were too good to be true. Seeing Uhura made her realize, she judged her wrong, and at least she apologized for her mistake.

After the transaction with the ship parts, Nyota and Charlene return to the ship.

“Ny, how do you feel about Clarisha now?”

“I feel bad for her, I was that way when I found out about Amare’.”

“I hope this is the end of that guy, he’s a womanizer!”

“Me too, I haven’t even told Spock about him yet.”

“you should, if he told you about T’Pring, then he should know about Amare’.”

“Yes, Char you are right and I will.”

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