Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A year later, the Enterprise receives a distress call from distant mining planet. The bridge crew hard at work.
Uhura turns from her console to address the captain;

“Captain I’m receiving a distress call from the planet MP606. They are reporting that they have an injured worker that need immediate medical attention.”

Kirk turns his chair in her direction.” Did they say how severe?”

“No, they also stating that they are having difficulty with their communication system.” Uhura continues to boost the signal, her fingers glide across the console and adjusting her earpiece.

While his wife is adjusting the communication system, Spock has already has facts and figures of the installation. He projects the planet on the small monitor above his station.

“Captain MP606 is an industrial mining planet, known for its minerals such as dilithium crystals, duranium, tritium, and moissanite. The atmosphere is 60% oxygen-nitrogen that is suitable for humanoids. The mining facility has been established there for 7.8 years and has yielded 400 metric tons of mineral materials annually.”

“What about the people there Spock?”

“There are 60 active members stationed at the facility; primarily mineral scientist, geologist, and chemist. At this distance captain, we are the nearest starship in their vicinity.”

“Mr. Chekov plot a course, how long will it take for us to get there. Lt. Masters how are our engines?”

Masters check her monitors for energy levels and performance: “There are capable for any warp speed captain.”

“Captain, the course is plotted, and it will take 36 hours to reach the planet.”

“35.654 hours to be exact Ensign Chekov.”

“Yes, sir Mr. Spock.”

Kirk smiles at Chekov and Spock and turns to Uhura. “Lt. Uhura please inform the mining crew that we are on our way and be there in 35….” and Kirk turns to Spock for clarification.

“35.654 hours.”

“Yes, Captain”

“Sulu compute course and execute at warp 4.”

“aye, aye sir.”

Kirk turns to Uhura again. “Lt. Uhura, you said that their communication system is having difficulty?”

“yes, sir.”

“A communication team should beam down to help restore their system, can you arrange that?”

“Yes, captain I will investigate their communication array system and have a team ready.”

“Also, Lt. Uhura, Please inform Dr. McCoy of your transmission and have him arrange an emergency medical team.”

“Yes, sir right away.”

The bridge crew executes Captain Kirk’s orders.

“Nyota, I have some configuration for the MP606 communication system for you...”

Uhura interrupts his statement.
“Spock darling, um we are off duty.”

“This information could be viable...”

Uhura interrupts his statement again, and she is standing in front of him in her undergarments. Her body is swaying in front of him.

“Spock… darling…. We are off … duty”
She begins to sway, and her hands reach for him.
“Are you ready.. for a … shower?”

Spock stands up and starts to remove his clothes and follow his wife into the shower. He is officially off duty.

Several hours later, a man and woman are lying in bed holding each other tightly. Nyota’s arm is draped across a broad chest speckled with hair. Spock’s arm is holding Nyota’s body close to him, securing her next to his body. They share their quiet thoughts through their bond.
"Parted but never parted from me...Nyota.”
“One mind, one thought Spockah.”
“The need for you is strong.”
“I will never depart Ashayam.”
“Takuhk nash-veh k’dular Nyota.”

Spock nuzzles his nose in her hair, and his free hand pushes hair from her face. Then he cradles her face and holds her closer.
“yes yours.”
they both drift off to sleep for their next shift and next adventure.

“How is he doc?”

“He’s doing better, but I feel relieved if that starship arrives with more efficient medical supplies.”

“I hope they come soon. I’m worried about Kennedy.”

“Right now he is stable so let’s hope for the best.”

“I’ll tell the others that a starship is coming to help with communication too!”

“Ok, thanks for checking on Lepinski.”

Technician Michaels arrives at mess hall to announce the arrival of the starship.
“Good news everyone, a starship is coming for Kennedy.”

“Hey, that’s good news” responds the 1st tech.

“when are they coming?“asks the 2nd tech

“A little over 35 hours according to them.”

“Do you know the name of the starship?” asks the 3rd tech

“Yeah, I think it’s called the USS. Enterprise”

A fourth man ears prick up and inquires more information.

“Did you say the Enterprise?”

Yeah, have you heard of it?” asks Micheals

“I know it’s a battle cruiser starship, Constitution class.”

“whoa, you know your ships huh? Ask the 3rd tech

" A little says” respond the 4th tech.

The 4th tech sits back and starts to wonder to himself.
“Is she still on that ship? It’s been over four years? I know I owe her, I owe her a lot.”

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