Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Communication department:

Uhura is debriefing her department on the information she acquired from the mining planet.

“Their equipment is a little outdated, but we can upgrade some of their arrays to reach long range.” Uhura shows the schematics of MP606 communication system on the monitors.

“Chief Uhura, I can find those components in our supplies.”

“Good, I will give you a padd list and retrieve them for their system ensign Rani.”

“We will have two landing parties, one on the surface and the other in the installation. We will use our communicators to keep in contact with each other to confirm configuration of the upgraded system.”

“Who is going on the landing party chief?”

“The surface party consists of Hawkins, Rani, and Carrington and I will lead the installation with Rainer, and Holbrook. Do you have any questions.”

“No, sir.”

“Good, review the schematics and let’s do this by the numbers, we will drop out of warp in a few hours contact me when the supplies and equipment are ready. Thank you, and you are dismissed.”

Uhura has finished her debriefing with her team and heading for the bridge to report to work.

Meanwhile, in sickbay, Dr. McCoy is also debriefing his medical staff.

“From what I understand from planet MP606 the patient is showing signs of a rare virus, it’s not serious but painful. I want a couple of nurses to inoculate the whole facility just in case. Nurse Chapel I want all landing parties to be inoculated before they leave the ship; I don’t want the little bugger to get back on the ship.”

“Yes, doctor.”

“Once I find out who’s on the landing party, then we need to act fast to give them shots.
Oh, Chapel make sure the lab is manufacturing enough of the drug for the ship as well.”

“Yes, doctor, I will inform them right away.”

“Ok, dismissed.”
The medical staff disperses and head to their designated locations.

Meanwhile on MP606:

A lone thought: I wonder if she’s still beautiful, I wonder… wonder… wonder. I need to make plans to greet her if she’s on the Enterprise. Yes, I must prepare..prepare I owe her so much. A sinister laugh. If not then we met another time, I’m patient..patient oh yes.”

Uhura is able to establish a stronger communication signal and starts hailing them of their arrival. The director of the facility appears on the viewing monitor, grants them orbit and updates of the patient. The Enterprise prepares standard orbit around a large greenish-blue planet with three significant continents and bodies of water. Kirk announces the first landing party first to consist of himself, Dr. McCoy and Yeoman Sears and two security guards, once the captain gives clearance then the medical team will inoculate all personnel on the facility followed by the communication team.

“Thank you for responding to our call captain Kirk.”

“Glad to be of service Dr. Lepinski.”

“Gentlemen let me take to our patient.” Lepinski guides the landing party to the medical wing, where McCoy goes to work with his tricorder and confirm the diagnosis of Dr. Lepinski and ministers the serum for the patient. McCoy relays the confirmation to the captain and orders a medical team to beam down to minister the drug to the entire facility.

Meanwhile, on the Enterprise, Uhura has her team prepped and ready for beam down once the clearance is given. Each member reviewed their instructions and checked their equipment. Uhura and her team are dressed in technician uniforms for the elements of inside and outside the building. Spock didn’t mind it hid her curvaceous shape, well most of it except her ample breast and firm round butt. Spock wants to attend the landing party with her, but the captain gave him instruction as CO of the ship. Nyota felt his concern through their bond and sent reassurance of her capabilities to do the job and return.

The Enterprise has medical and the communication personnel working in the facility as a mass network. The medical team check everyone’s listed on the base and confirm their inoculation. A nurse comes across a name that he has trouble pronouncing.

“A-mar Del La Cruz?”

“It’s Amare’ Del La Cruz!” correcting his pronunciation.

“Sorry sir, your records check you out, may I see your ID please?

Amare reveals his card and the nurse gives him a shot.

“Excuse me, nurse, do you know everybody on your ship?”

“Pretty much.”

“Is there an Ensign Uhura on board?”

“You mean Lt. Uhura? Why yes, do you know her?”

“Sort of, is she a good looking woman?”

“Oh man, the most beautiful woman I’ve seen.”

“Excuse me; I’ve to keep working.”

“Sure, sure, no problem.” Cruz got what he wanted and now to meet her in person.

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