chapter 5

Chapter 5


Uhura and her team beamed down to the surface and went straight to work. A technician escorts them to the communication center, where they start to unpack their equipment. Uhura does a quick tricorder scan of the system and detects some problems, while Holbrook and Rainer inspect the parts. Uhura felt like ole school back at the academy where she first learned about programming the communication system. She and Rainer got underneath the console and started taking it apart, while the outside team was inspecting the arrays. After a few moments, Uhura and Rainer heard a thump like something hit the floor.

“Holbrook are you OK?” asks Uhura. Then she looks at Rainer, and they both get up. When they stood up, they see Holbrook on the floor.

“What the..” and then Holbrook falls to the floor. Uhura turns to see a man and her mouth drops open. Before she could say anything, she felt a sharp pain to her stomach and falls to the floor.

“Nice to meet you too honey.”

Meanwhile, on the Enterprise bridge, Spock was standing near his station’s railing staring at the view screen of the planet with his hands placed behind his back, giving his best Vulcan stare. Kirk is in his chair signing reports and updates. Kirk turns to see the Vulcan behind him staring at the planet, he probably worried about his wife. Kirk wants to laugh that Spock is very overprotective husband. Then in an instant, Spock grabs the railing and lands on one knee, his other arm holds his stomach like he’s sick. His face turns pale, and he mumbles his wife’s name.

Kirk jumps up, and shouts orders: ” Call sickbay medical emergency!” Kirk kneels next to Spock.

Spock looks up at Kirk: “Captain something happened to Nyota, she’s… hurt.”

“Lt. Palmer reach the landing party NOW and find out their situation.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Sulu, Brent, and Master also jump and run to help Mr. Spock.

“Where does it hurt Spock?”

“It’s not me; it’s her she’s in pain, I.. can feel her pain.”

McCoy finally made up to the bridge, and Kirk gives him all the information.
Kirk gets up and heads towards the communication station.

She turns to the captain to report.
“I’m unable to reach Lt. Uhura, but I did reach the team on the surface, they say they lost contact with the installation team, sir.”

Kirk turns and gives orders:
“Get Spock to medical and have Dr. M’benga exam him.
Have a security detail meet in the transporter room.
Call Mr. Scott to the bridge as CO.
Contact the surface and find out what happened down there.
Doctor McCoy and medical staff are coming with me to the surface.”

“I’m coming with you captain!” shouts Spock trying to stand up, but still holding his stomach.

“Spock don’t make me say it, but that’s an order report to sickbay NOW!”

Spock stares down the captain, and slowly walk to the turbolift with Brent and a technician.

Kirk walks to Spock and whispers “I promise I give all the details when I can. I’ll find out what happened.” Kirk pats his friend on his back. Spock exits to medical to meet Dr. M’Benga.

“Come on Bones let’s find out what happened to Uhura and her team.”

Masters and Sulu stood there wondering what has happened to their friend. She looks up at him, giving a worried look. He holds her hand trying to offer support. Masters’ best friend is in trouble, and there’s nothing she could do but wait. They both return to their stations and back to work.

Meanwhile, in sickbay, Spock is laying on the biobed being monitored by Dr. M’Benga.

“Mr. Spock can you give any details of what happened?” as he scans Mr. Spock’s vitals.

“Dr. M’Benga you do realize that I am bonded to my wife, we feel each other thoughts and actions. I felt her pain.”

“I am aware of that Mr. Spock, but can you give me details what kind of pain it was?”

“It was being shot by a… phaser.”

Spock turns to him and says sternly:
“I must go to the surface,
I must find my wife,
it is my duty!”

“I am aware of your duty as a Vulcan male, but PLEASE be aware of mine!”

Spock holds onto the rim of his bed and squeezes them tightly. “I am aware doctor.”

“Mr. Spock, what does your bond say about of her condition?”

“She is unconscious and alive, but in pain.”

“OK, once I clear you, I will contact the captain to see if you can get to the planet.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

Spock lays there on the bed searching their bond for her well-being, his drive to protect her is putting a toll on him. He must find his better half, and she must survive.

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