chapter 6

Chapter 6


Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Nurse Running Deer, and two security guards beam down into the facility. There was a crowd forming at the entrance of the communication center. The team enter the room and see Holbrook and Rainer unconscious on the floor. Dr. Lepinski is ministering assistance to them, Dr. McCoy and Running Deer go and assist as well.

“Dr. Lepinski what happened?” questions Kirk.

“We don’t know a technician informs me that there was an accident and I just got here.”

Kirk looks around looking for Uhura: “Where’s Uhura?”


“Lt. Uhura where is she?”

“Captain Kirk these are the only two people I saw when I arrived.”

McCoy and Running Deer quickly scans both victims and ministers hypos and attempt to revive them.
Kirk opens his communicator and pages the outside team.

“Ensign Carrington”

“Yes Sir”

“Is Lt. Uhura with you?”

“NO sir we lost communication with them about 15 minutes ago, we thought it was the system.”

“Scan and check the perimeter and I will send security to help you.”

“Yes, sir.”

Kirk goes and directs one of the security guards to help with the outside search for Lt. Uhura. Holbrook starts to wake up. Kirk kneels and supports his shoulder, Holbrook gets a fix on the captain’s face.“Captain?”

“Holbrook do you know what happened here?”

Look”No sir, I.. was working on the console then something knocked me out.”

“What happened to Lt. Uhura?

“I don’t know sir, Rainer and her were under the console.”

McCoy spoke with his diagnosis: “Captain he was shot with a phaser, both of them. They were shot at close range, and they are suffering from phaser burn. However, they both will survive, and they need to return to the ship for treatment.”

“But what happened to Uhura?” Where is she?”

“I don’t know Jim, but we better find out, or we are going to have a mad Vulcan down here!”

Kirk turns to Lepinski, and addresses him: ” Does your facility have monitoring?”

“Yes, we do we keep it our auxiliary room. I’ll take you there.”

Kirk and Lepinski leave for the auxiliary room, while McCoy and Running Deer stays and takes care of the wounded. A few minutes later Rainer gains consciousness sits up and sees the doctor.

" , what happened?” Rainer is slowly rubbing the right side of his body.

“I was hoping you can tell us.”

“Lt. Uhura and I were working under the console, and we both heard a thump, then we saw Holbrook on the floor. Is he all right?”

“Over here Rainer, still coming out of it.”

“Oh that’s good,” Rainer looks around and notices Uhura is not there. “Where’s the Lieutenant?”

“That’s what we were trying to find out your version of events.”

“As I said we were working, and we both got up to find Holbrook on the ground, and then we saw this man with the phaser pointing it at us, then lights out for me doc.”

“Did you see what he look like?”

“Barely it happened so fast, I know he was tall with long wavy hair. That’s all I remember doctor.”

“I better tell the captain.” McCoy turns to Running Deer; “Let them rest for a few minutes and beam them up to sickbay for phaser burns.”

“Yes, doctor McCoy, any instruction for Dr. M’Benga?”

“No not at the moment, I’ll contact him when I return to the ship.”

“Yes, sir.”

McCoy leaves to find the captain.

Meanwhile, in the auxiliary, they enter the room to find another technician knocked out unconscious. Kirk looks around the room pulls out his phaser and investigate to see if the intruder is still there.

“What in the hell is going on?” shouts Lepinski. He checks on the technician, and he too has phaser burns to his mid-section.

Micheals comes in and checks the system; “Doctor, the system is corrupted, and none of the monitors on all levels are not working.”

Kirk goes to the console, and all the monitors are malfunctioning. “What about your intercom system?”

Micheals double checks again; “They are infected too!”

Kirk is getting furious: “Where is Lt. Uhura?”

Kirk turns to Lepinski: ” Is he OK?”

“Yes captain, but I have no clue what’s going on.”

McCoy enters the room “Captain, Rainer came out of it, he said it happened fast and only saw a man with long wavy hair.”

Kirk turns to Micheals and Lepinski: “Gentlemen someone in your facility has gone rogue, and it has something to do with Lt. Uhura’s disappearance.”

“Do you think there is some connection?” ask Micheals.

“I don’t know, but I am going to find out! I need the roster of every person on this facility now!”

“But most of them are in our central computers, they could be corrupted like the communication system,” states Micheals.

Kirk opens his communicator to the ship:
“Enterprise here.”

“Palmer give me Chekov.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I need you down here with a team of computer programmers, there is a virus in the MP606 communication system. I need you now!”

“Yes, sir.”

“Palmer, I need a security team down here with tricorders to help search for Uhura. Out”

McCoy approach Jim: “What do you think Jim?”

“Bones, as much as I don’t want to mention it, but Uhura has been kidnapped.”

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