Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Spock is waiting patiently for the call to return to duty or beam down to the surface. He senses that his wife is still unconscious, she’s wounded and it makes him very unsettling that he has no information about the situation from the planet.
M’Benga is observing Spock’s condition and also concern that the Vulcan may become desperate if he doesn’t hear from someone. He goes into McCoy’s office and pages the captain.

“Kirk here. ”Captain, is there any news on the whereabouts of Uhura?”

“No, nothing yet.”

“I have a very nervous Vulcan up here, and he needs answers, or he will go rogue to find his wife.”

“McCoy and I are beaming up, keep him there.”

A few minutes later, Jim and Bones are back on the Enterprise and head straight to sickbay.
Spock sits up from the bed when he heard them come in the room. The three of them are standing in front of Spock and try to explain that his wife is gone, Kirk will give his reason.

“Spock.. we are in the process of an extensive search for Uhura, we believe she is somewhere in the facility.”

Spock stares at Kirk, and wait for more information, but then just silence.
“Is that all captain?”

“The monitoring and communication system has been, and Chekov is down there with a team to fix it. I have a security team with tricorders scanning for her whereabouts.”

Spock looks at McCoy and knows there is more.
“Captain, I am aware you are trying to spare pertinent information on my behalf, but time is of the essence of locating my wife. I can be of assistance in repairing the system.”

M’Benga speaks up: ” Captain and Dr. McCoy, I believe Mr. Spock has a point in helping to find his wife. Spock can give us information on Uhura once she becomes conscious.”


“Yes captain, but remember they are bonded in thought, she can give information on her location.”

Kirk decides to reveal the truth:” Spock we believe that someone in the facility has kidnapped Uhura. She was the only one taken; the rest of the team was knocked out.”

“Most unfortunate, do you have any suspects?”

“No, with their system down, we are relying on old records and account of everyone there.”
“Jim, I know we took ID’s of everyone there; all of the nurses have the information on their tricorder.”

“Go at it Bones and give to the bridge crew and give instructions and anyone that looks and sound suspicious.”

McCoy goes to get the files.

“Captain permission to return to duty, I can be assistance to the facility and the search.”

Kirk looks at M’Benga: “He’s clear captain.”

“OK, Spock, on the condition that you go don’t ballistic on anybody.”

“Captain, my main concern is the location of Lt. Uhura and gain information for a reason or cause such of the abduction.”

“All right, permission to beam down to the planet and assist Chekov with debugging the system.”

“Yes, captain.”

Spock leaves sickbay with one agenda in mind, to find the perpetrator who has kidnapped his wife. The urgency of his dilemma is his right as a Vulcan male to protect his property against any male who would threaten their relationship. He must stay calm and kept his logic foremost to others present. He enters their quarters to gather his tricorder, but most importantly to gather her scent. Spock takes a deep breath and retains all of her essences in his mind/thoughts. The remnant of their last lovemaking is still in the air, on him and Nyota. No matter how many times she cleanses herself, his scent remain prominent to his senses. He will seek her out no matter where she is hidden on the facility, whomever this male is that has taken his wife, will feel his wrath. They have violated his marriage bond to Nyota, and they have just issued a challenge for his wife.

Meanwhile back in sickbay:

What do you think Dr. M’Benga?”

“I recommend that someone stays with him. Captain, you have to understand; with all that logic, is a man who would do almost anything to protect what is his. Vulcan relationships are different from humans, as thou Vulcan males go back 5,000 years to their primal state when they are threatened. If a male has kidnapped his wife? Then I feel sorry for him if Mr. Spock finds him.”

“But I know he can debug the system faster than any scientist or programmer!”
Kirk goes the intercom:
“Lt. Palmer, get me Chekov below.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Chekov here sir.”

“Mr. Chekov, Mr. Spock is on his way to help debug the system, inform the team there to keep a watch on him.”

“Is Mr. Spock sick sir?”

“NO, but he needs our help and finding Lt. Uhura.”

“No problem, I will inform the team, out.”

Spock has clearance to beam to the facility and reports to the communication department. The moment he walks in the area, her scent was detected. He takes a long breath to gather her essence, his instincts gather all information from the room, and his nature was becoming hard to manage.

“Mr. Spock, I have attempted to incorporate a program in the communication system to deactivate the virus.” says Chekov as he continues to narrow down the virus in the system.

“Where are the other programmers?”

“They are in auxiliary attempting to correct that computer system.”

“Let me check your information Ensign Chekov.”

Spock goes and starts tinkering with the station’s computer, and it is indeed infected with a program virus, it was to render all systems in the facility for some time.
“Ensign Chekov, is there another location that is also infected?”

“Yes Sir, auxiliary control room.”

“I need you to go there to input this mathematical program into that system; these program will cause both systems to override the virus in their computer system simultaneously.”

Chekov became so involved in the debugging that he forgot his order from the captain when he was walking towards auxiliary, he remembers and hurries back to the communication center. He exhales and realizes that Mr. Spock is gone. He calls the ship:
“Chekov to Enterprise, Mr. Spock is... missing.”

“That damn Vulcan” as Kirk hits his fist to the arm of his chair.

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