chapter 8

Chapter 8

Amare went to great lengths to secure Nyota, and no one noticed him loading a tram with her body hidden in a cart. He managed to go unnoticed to an isolated area, he lifted Nyota out of the cart and carried her into an empty storage room. He lays her down on the floor and starts removing her clothes; she is still beautiful as he remembers her. When he removes the technician’s clothing, he noticed that she was wearing lavender lace bra and hipster panties. Her body is still desirable since the last time they were intimate many years ago. He caresses her face, and his hands linger down to her breasts and stomach, she has somehow kept her body in shape, it appears more muscular.
Nyota slowly starts to become conscious, she moans from the pain from her stomach, and she feels dizzy. She feels something around her face and swipes it away, she is trying to wake up, then she feels a hand on her breasts, and her eyes open fully. She swipes the hand away from them; she decides to focus and sees her nightmare. Nyota sits up and moves away from the man, and then she notices now that she only has on her bra and panties.

“Is that how you greet an old lover?”

Nyota stares at him with disgust but said nothing. She continued to move away from him on all four and ended up against a wall.

“My, my Nyota you still look good to eat.”
Amare comes into view; he has changed, his hair is long, wavy and tied back with a band. His hazel eyes have lost its luster, but they appear dark and dilated.

“Lost for words my sweet? I brought you here to reconcile; I want us back together again, just like before.”
He steps closer and kneels to her. Uhura starts to breathe rapidly, and her hand grabs her sore stomach. She remembers that Amare shot her with a phaser, she winces in pain.

“Oh, I’m sorry about our introduction. I had to make sure you wanted to come with me.”

Uhura had to gather her thoughts; Amare sounds out of touch with reality. She closes her eyes, and her bond is running rapidly. Spock knows she is awake he is trying to contact her, she notices his concern.

"Are you well?”

Amare grabs her hair drawing her to a kiss, Nyota grabs his arm and tries to fight him off. She kicks him in his leg to get him off, he moves back and punches her in her sore stomach. She winces in pain and yells out. She turns to him with anger in her eyes, still not acknowledging him.

“Now why did you do that?” He laughs at her and brandishing his phaser. “Because of you, you’re the reason I lost my commission to Starfleet, because of you I lost respect from my longtime peers, because of you I ended on this… this god forsaken place. I’ve heard you know people in high places.” He gives her a sinister smile; “Did you sleep your way up the chain of command?” Amare looks at her seductively and admires her undergarments.

“I love this color on you, and I always admire your body, that was the one thing I really wanted from you. Then you had to ruin it and get emotional and transfer. However, I want to taste you one last time before… well, I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

While Amare was talking, Nyota was conversing with Spock.
“Where are you, Nyota?”
“I don’t know; I think I am in some storage area.”
“Did he touch you?”
“Who is this male?”
“The man I told you about, that I almost married.”
“I will contend with him when I find you!”

Meanwhile, at the communication center, Kirk is more upset now that Spock is missing. He doesn’t blame the man looking for his wife, but most of the crew want to look for her too. He is now organizing search parties to find Spock and Uhura, plus save the perpetrator from the wrath of Spock.
On the Enterprise, most of the bridge crew are sifting through the medical files of the personnel on MP606. Sulu and Palmer are working through the communication monitors while Masters and Chekov are working from the science station. They are sorting people by profile and history.
Charlene comes across a familiar name, and her mouth falls open in disbelief.

“It can’t be, Oh my god! It’s him!”

Sulu jumps up and runs over to her. She looks up at Hikaru and tears form in her eyes. She points to the name and picture on the monitor. Amare Del La Cruz.
“Who is he?”

“Nyota ex-fiance’”

Sulu turns to Palmer; “Contact the captain now.”

Charlene explains to the captain who Cruz is.
“They were engaged on the Potemkin about five years ago, and he committed adultery. Uhura was heartbroken, and she told me that he didn’t love her. She transferred to the Enterprise, and he must have ended up here. Also, I believe he kidnapped her!”

Sulu adds more information; “Captain, parts of his medical files are locked, only the CMO can view them.”

“Thank you, Masters and you too Sulu.”
Masters intervenes;” Captain! Permission to beam down and assist with the search!”

“No Lieutenant”

“But Captain Kirk, she’s my… my friend.”

“I know Masters, and I don’t want the facility to be overrun by the crew. I will keep you informed of any developments.”

Kirk closes his communicator and turns to McCoy:
“Well, that’s something!”

“Ok doctor I need you to open his sealed medical files and find the secret.”

McCoy looks into his medical tricorder to access Cruz’s files. He opens and reads them.
“Oh my, he was evaluated by Dr. Noel at the time. We really need to find them, Jim!”

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