Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Spock left the communication center without a trace, he was able to wander around the facility unapproached. People would stare at him and his uniform and consider him as part of the search team for the missing officer. He looks at the floor plans of the facility to get his bearings, the majority of the plant is in full operations. Logically, the perpetrator would have to expose himself carrying a body, then he would do it unaware of being noticed. Spock glances at floor plans again and sees an area under construction marked (core of engineers), that would be the logical place to hide someone: it is un-monitored, most likely the installation is not in place. He takes notes that construction site is 4 levels below and 3 levels are being constructed at the same time. Spock makes his way to the elevators to the lower levels. He stops when he feels Nyota coming to consciousness, Spock leans up against the wall for support. Her dizziness affects him too, and he senses that she is fully awake and he tries to contact her through their bond.

“Are you well?”
He asks her, then a sharp pain as if something hit her. Spock is irritated that he cannot find his wife and something is wrong. It grieves him, anger starts to form in his thoughts and projects in their bond.

“Where are you, Nyota?”
“I don’t know, I think I am in some storage area.”
“Did he touch you?”
“Who is this male?”
“The man I told you about that I almost married.”
“I will contend with him when I find you!”

Spock realizes that he doesn’t have a phaser, only his tricorder. He enters the elevator and detects his wife’s scent, he breathes her in. She is not far. Spock thinks to himself:

" I am a Vulcan! He touched what is MINE!” He has no right!”

Meanwhile at the communication center;

“It appears Jim that this Cruz fella was once a Lt. Commander aboard the Potemkin. He worked in the science division. According to Dr. Noel, he exhibits irrational thinking and decision making. Poor relationships with women that becomes emotionally abusive.”

“Does it say why he was demoted?”

“No, that would be in Captain Morgan’s files. There is other information that should not be mention out -loud Jim. But he is a major player in Uhura’s abduction.”
Kirk reviews the floor plans of the facility and couldn’t figure out how this guy carried a body unnoticed. Even with the monitoring systems down. The security teams report back to the captain.
“I’m sorry captain nothing new yet on either Lt. Uhura or Mr. Spock as if they disappeared out of the facility.”

“Not a good answer, we must double check everything and everyone who knew Cruz.”

“Yes, sir” The security team went back and organized another search party.

Kirk continues to look at the floor plans: “Bones I must be missing something, I just don’t get how three people disappeared.”

Spock exits at one of the levels of the facility and uses his tricorder to register bodies. The tricorder readings are inconclusive, it’s not registering any life forms. Spock surmises that the minerals in the facility are affecting parts of his readings and the tricorder. He turns it off and starts to walk around the dim-lit hallway, every now and then he would sniff for his wife scent, after a couple hundred yards he would turn to the opposite directions to search her again. He listens for any form of sounds, but only heard the humming of the lights and machinery. He proceeds back to the elevator to the next lower level.
One level completed and two more to go.

“Dr. Lepinski tell us about Amare Cruz?”

“He’s been here about three years, he keeps to himself, and I never had a problem with him.”

“Has he ever talks about his personal life?”

Micheals interjects:” Once in a while he talks about being a big shot on some starship, but people here always brag that they were somewhere else.”

We need to extend our search for two officers, let us take a look over in this section and focus on these levels. Bones you and I will look through his personal belongings, maybe there is a clue.”

Kirk turns to Micheals: “Do you know where his quarters are?”

“Yes, captain.”

“Do you share or individual?”

“Primarily individual, there is a lot of space here to have privacy.”

The three of them travel to crew quarters in the facility, they enter Cruz’s room. They start searching for clues on anything to what kind of person Cruz is. They found a box with a disc file. Kirk placed the disc in the computer and pictures of Uhura when she was on the Potemkin. Smiling, laughing, posing, hugging, Cruz and kissing him on the mouth.

“Who is that woman? She is fine!” asks Micheals

“That woman is the missing officer, and she is the Vulcan’s wife.”

“Oh, Sh*t!” says a shocked Micheals.

Kirk and McCoy both look at Micheals.
“Well, apparently this guy never got over Uhura, if he has this in his a personal stash of her hidden.”

“We really need to find Spock before he kills this guy Bones.”

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