Transition Plan - Tarzan and Jane's Chronicle

Chapter 6 - Honeymoon Happiness

In the morning, not being able to resist each other, they repeated the excitement of being together the night before. Afterward, they stood arm and arm on the balcony overlooking the vast ocean.

"Do you swim in England?" he asked.

Jane explained, "Our estate is far from the ocean, so we never got to the beach very often. But whenever we did, I really enjoyed it. Our northern seas are nothing like this one and a lot colder most of the time. That's a mighty big, blue ocean down there."

"Want to?" he suggested.

"Yes Tarzan, it would be fun."

He donned his loincloth and Jane found some loose-fitting, short, knee-length bloomers and a sleeveless bodice in her clothes chest stored at the treehouse to wear. Tarzan thought the outfit looked great on her.

On the way, Tarzan cut down a couple of avocado-shaped plant pods. Jane looked at him curiously, and he noted, "A special oil for our bodies, or the sun will burn us."

They made their way to the coast and found a secluded white sand beach. Then she got a mischievous idea to enjoy with Tarzan. The idea was prompted by a very pleasant, long buried memory of secretly swimming in her family estate's pond at age 10 with her American cousin, doing what he called 'skinny dipping'. That was when she also discovered boys were 'different'. They got caught after a week of fun at the pond and punished so severely by her mother and aunt that it ingrained into Jane her regimented pattern of strict Victorian style behaviors.

While it had been wrong then, everything was right about it now with her new husband. And even more fun. Tarzan was no mere boy, she grinned.

She removed her bodice and bloomers, smiled broadly, and explained to Tarzan's totally surprised expression, "I liked to swim like this when I was a little girl, but wasn't allowed to. Come swim with me now!"

She kicked her underclothes playfully into her husband's face, and ran to the water. They smelled delightfully of her. Tarzan did not expect normally modest Jane to ever do this. Ironically, he had often done with his friends at the watering hole when he was little too.

He was captivated by her beauty, frolicking free on the beach, giggling as she turned and jumped and danced, enticing and teasing him to join her on the sand and in the water with her 'come here' gestures. Her eyes flashed at him. Everything about her body moved so gracefully and bounced so wonderfully. She didn't have to ask him twice, leaving his loincloth on the sand beside her undergarments. He stopped her cavorting for a moment.

"We must protect ourselves, now, Jane. He broke open the vegetables, and he squeezed a clear thick liquid into his hands. They had the entertainment of each putting the oil on each other's bodies, each laughing from intentionally tickling each other. They laughed harder when both got a little more playful with certain parts of their anatomy, but this time it was Tarzan's turn to be shy. He stopped short of applying oil on two very prominent parts of Jane.

She assured him, while guiding his hands full of oil where they wanted to be, smiling and stating demurely, "You need to get everything, Tarzan. Especially those! At least if you want to touch them again tonight. They would be very tender if they burned."

He grinned while she gently helped him apply the oil to her, and then they kissed deeply, with Jane pressing tightly against him while they were standing. It actually made it much easier for her to lavish the oil to one particularly sensitive area of his, which they shared a hearty chuckle about.

They swam for hours, splashing and dunking each other, jumping from the rocks, and trying to body surf, keeping themselves well-oiled for sun protection. At least that's what they told each other. Jane shrieked when Tarzan grabbed her suddenly and carried her around piggyback on top of his shoulders. It was great fun, at least until she put her hands over his eyes and they both fell headlong into the water together, laughing and sputtering.

But their playtime together was abruptly interrupted when later in the day she shrieked, "Sharks!"

They both saw the fins circling in the shallows.

"Not sharks," Tarzan tried to assure her.

"No Tarzan, no!" she shouted, still very upset.

Tarzan waded out deeper into the surf, with Jane holding his hand, and he started to chatter toward the fins in sounds she had never heard in her life - a series of high pitched clicks, and chitters, squeaks, and whistles. The fins rapidly approached and circled the pair. She held her breath, still thinking the worst.

A pair of sleek, grayish blue animals, with long, blunt snouts, and with their mouths curled up in a permanent smile and human-like eyes, raised their heads out of the water, and returned the clicks and whistles toward Tarzan.

Tarzan said to Jane and smiled confidently, "Dolphins. Friends."

He greeted the dolphins by rubbing their snouts affectionately, and they leaped, flipped and twirled.

She giggled and clasped her hands to her bosom in joyful shock at the dolphins and her husband interacting, "Tarzan. You can talk to the dolphins?"

Tarzan joked, "Not as much as I'd like. I usually can't get them to shut up."

She doubled over in laughter.

The alpha male dolphin scoffed, "We heard that, Tarzan."

"Watch it… land-dweller," the dolphin's mate quipped, and she squirted him playfully in the face.

He kept talking to them and several other dolphins from the pod leaped high in the air chattering incessantly.

Jane saw all the fun, "What did you say, and why did they get so excited?"

"I told them you and I have mated, and they are happy for us."

"How cute," she said gleefully clapping her hands together.

The alpha male looked directly at Tarzan and offered, "How about a ride for you and your brand new mate, Tarzan?"

Jane held her breath with anticipation on learning what was said so earnestly.

Tarzan smiled at Jane and asked, "Do you want to ride on them? It's a wedding present from the leader."

She didn't hesitate, "Oh yes, let's! Teach me to say to them: 'Thank you. I'd be delighted'."

He went through it carefully with her, and she repeated it exactly. She did a fantastic job of recreating the whistles and clicks of their tongue, because of her singing skills. The female mate of the alpha male squeaked happily at her language ability, nuzzled her, and offered Jane her fin and back to climb on. To Jane's nude body, the dolphin's skin felt sleek and warm, but was also rock hard muscle.

They mounted the dolphins and cruised around the inlet. As the dolphins sensed Jane's increasing ease, they sped up much faster, leaving a huge wake. They jumped high into the air with Tarzan and Jane. She shouted in delight. They steered the dolphins and chased each other across the waters. Realizing Tarzan and Jane could hold their breath well, they even dove underwater together at high speed. It was exhilarating. It was mate paired against mate, and the dolphins enjoyed the play as much as the humans did. Eventually, everyone was tired, and the exhausted dolphins dropped their human cargo at the near shore.

"Thank you," she said in their tongue to both.

Tarzan and the dolphins were very pleased, and they informed Tarzan, "She's good for you Tarzan. She's like no animal in the jungle, nor any human we have ever encountered on their ships or seaports. She is respectful of animal ways, unlike the others. May you have many calves with her, Tarzan of the Jungle."

They turned to head out to sea, but Jane gestured emphatically for them not to, and said quickly, "Tell them to wait."

They understood her meaning. She crouched low and looked carefully into the water next to a big rock, and lunged underwater with both hands open. The dolphins and Tarzan looked at her, very confused. She came up with two fish she gripped by the gills. She smiled, and motioned for the dolphins to open their mouths. She tossed the tasty juvenile groupers at them.

The dolphin mates chomped down the treats, did gleeful high leaps, and took off to deep water with the rest of the pod. Tarzan was stunned.

"Where did you learn to do that, Jane?" asked a truly impressed Tarzan.

"From my father. Our big pond at our family's estate and the stream feeding it were stocked with fish. You heard he was a soldier. He never had boys. So he taught me some things about camping and survival, and we kept it a secret from my mother. She would have scolded me for doing 'unladylike' things. I am not nearly as helpless in the jungle as I seem, despite those first couple of days. I just had to get my bearings, and remember what Daddy taught me. I got rusty from too many frilly dresses and too many afternoon teas with the ladies."

They strolled along the beach with their arms around their waists, kicking shells at the sand crabs to send them scrambling, and leaving footprints together in the surf/sand line, noticing they were getting a little bit red from the sun. It was just enough, but was time to go back. They dressed.

As they hiked back through the foliage to the treehouse after dressing, "Tarzan, do you eat meat?"

"I like to but not often. My family doesn't really do that."

"Well people do. I especially like fish. I'm more used to my food to stay on a plate, not crawl off the plate, Tarzan," she teased.

They both laughed.

"Let's go see what other surprises your parents' treehouse has for us," she gripped his hands and urged.

They looked in some of the corners of the treehouse and found a functional fishing pole his father had used. She was very pleased with that discovery, and smiled further upon finding a new set of flint and steel. She was ready to go back to the beach, but Tarzan calmed her excitement down.

"Let's hunt for fish tomorrow. I'm sleepy. Let's go to bed now, Jane," Tarzan requested, as he gave her a sly grin and faked a tired stretch, using that as an excuse to encircle her with his arms.

It was barely dusk.

Jane rolled her eyes, "No you're not," she grinned, "but we can go to bed anyway, Jonathan."

She tweaked his nose, and the pair proceeded to disappear into their own private world.

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