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It did not take too long before they arrived in Junon. As they flew over the city Tifa was shocked at all the damage it suffered from the attack. She knew it had been attacked from listening to Miles but she didn’t know the extent of the damage until now. Many of the buildings around the WRO were charred and one was partially collapsed. There were likely casualties based on the extent of the damage. She could only imagine what Corel and Edge looked like.

As they reached the airbase she could see a small group of people standing on the tarmac. Reeve had called ahead and made sure a medical crew was waiting on the runway for them to arrive. When they landed the paramedics rushed Shelke to the hospital while the others went straight to the WRO Headquarters. Yuffie decided to stay with Shelke to keep her company.

As they ran through the city Tifa could tell the headquarters was the primary target. There were WRO peacekeepers surrounding the building preventing people from entering due to the evacuation order. As they walked towards the main entrance they were greeted by Vincent who had just arrived.

“Vincent,” Reeve said a little surprised to see him, “what are you doing here?”

“I was ambushed by Genesis just outside of the city,” he told the group. “I think he was a diversion; during our battle I witnessed a shuttle exit the airship. Shortly after Genesis retreated but not before I got one last shot in. I lost sight of the airship but the shuttle and Genesis headed towards the city. I assumed this was their target.”

“Genesis must be targeting the control room,” Reeve informed Vincent before clearing security and entering the building. Upon entering they were greeted by a security guard.

“Sir,” the man said saluting Reeve. “The building has been evacuated and after an extensive sweep we think we found the explosive device.”

“Good,” Reeve told the guard. “Can you show me where it is?” he asked the man who nodded yes. Reeve looked at Barret. “You and I will go try to disarm the explosive while the rest of you go to the control room to stop Genesis.”

Reeve figured all he had to do to disarm the explosive was remove the huge material. Still, it was better to bring Barret as a precaution since he had experience with explosives.

Barret and Reeve proceeded to follow the guard while the other three followed Cid towards the control room. Due to the attack earlier the elevators were inoperable so they had to take the stairs.

They followed Cid through the corridors when Vincent suddenly stopped and kneeled down inspecting a fresh pool of blood. There was a trail of blood drops leading towards the control room.

“Genesis went this way,” Vincent told the others when they stopped and looked back at him.

Not only was there a blood trail giving him away Vincent could faintly smell Genesis’ scent meaning he recently passed through here. One of the few benefits of being half-beast was his enhanced sense of hearing and smell. He also knew Genesis was not alone.

The group continued towards the control room.

“It’s just through here,” Cid informed the others as he turned right and walked through the big doors with the words ‘research division’ painted on the windows.

“The control room is in the…” Cid stopped talking when he walked into the room to see Weiss standing with his swords raised waiting for them.

“Want to play?” he asked the group with an evil grin on his face.

Vincent knew this was another distraction while Genesis imputed the codes.

“You guys go,” he told the other three, “I got this.”

With that Vincent raised his gun and fired two shots at Weiss who managed to dodge the attack.

While Vincent fought the Tsviet the others ran across the room full of equipment and through the double doors leading to the control room. When they entered the room Genesis, who was standing at the control panel, turned to face them.

“You’re too late,” the ex-SOLDIER informed them.

He grinned while drawing his sword. It was obvious part of his wing was damaged from Vincent’s attack earlier.

Cloud drew his sword while Tifa raised her fists ready to fight but as soon as the two charged at Genesis he jumped over them and exited the room.

“You two go after him while I deal with this,” Cid told the others.

Cloud and Tifa followed Genesis back out of the room while Cid rushed over to the controls to see if he could reverse the codes. After inspecting the controls for a few seconds Cid finally pulled out his cell phone and pressed the speed dial.

“Honey, I need your help with something.”

When Genesis entered the room he came across Vincent pointing a gun at a wounded Weiss. The Tsviet was slumped over with an obvious gunshot wound in his right shoulder making him incapable of using that arm. The sight of Weiss injured enraged Genesis causing him to charge the ex-Turk. Hearing Genesis behind him Vincent jumped but not before Genesis’ sword struck his arm causing him to drop his gun.

When Cloud and Tifa entered the room they found Vincent unarmed with Genesis standing in front of him with his sword drawn. Both Vincent and Weiss appeared to be injured with Vincent holding his wounded arm and Weiss half standing with a gunshot wound to his shoulder and losing a lot of blood.

Genesis was standing in front Weiss shielding him while Vincent was standing on the other side of the room closer to Could and Tifa. Seeing Vincent injured Cloud raised his sword and jumped in front of his friend ready to finish his battle with Genesis.

There was a short pause before the two engaged in battle. Vincent, Tifa and Weiss watched while the two settled a score.

Tifa looked down to the ground noticing Vincent’s gun and reached down to retrieve it for him. She couldn’t help but think how easy it would be to use his gun to shoot Genesis right now ending it all. With all the dirty tricks Genesis and Miles pulled, Tifa would not feel any guilt if she shot Genesis in the back.

Tifa’s thoughts scared her; it was not like her to think like that but she felt a darkness inside her polluting her mind and it was driving her to kill Genesis. She did not know if it was anger towards Genesis, fatigue or the alien cells within her that was causing these dark thoughts. Tifa looked over to see Vincent eyeing her as she held his gun.

Cloud and Genesis had only just engaged in battle when the loud sound of a gunshot echoed throughout the room. Genesis, who had his back towards Tifa and Vincent, froze just as his sword struck Cloud’s. Cloud was also startled by the sound but realized what happened when he looked past Genesis to see Tifa standing next to Vincent pointing a gun at them. Vincent then calmly reached over and took his gun from Tifa who was still pointing it at Genesis.

“Brother!” Weiss yelled realizing Genesis had been shot.

Cloud looked at Genesis who was staring at him with wide eyes. It looked like shock was about to set in and a little pool of blood was starting to form in the corner of his mouth. Weiss ran over just when Genesis was about to fall in an attempt to catch him with his one good arm but the weight of the winged man caused the two of them to fall to the ground.

“Brother,” Weiss said again supporting Genesis’ head and shoulders.

There was a large wound in Genesis back and the blood was starting to pool all over the flood around the two. Genesis looked like he was trying to speak but no sounds were emerging. It did not take long before Genesis’ eyes closed and he fell unconscious.

Cloud was a little shocked by Tifa’s actions. He knew he could defeat Genesis so there was no reason for her to shoot him in the back like that.

Cloud walked over by Tifa who was watching the scene unfold. She was so preoccupied she didn’t even notice him standing next to her.

Suddenly Cid came running into the room.

“I did it!” he said excitedly but stopped in his tracks when he saw what was going on. He walked over to the others and watched as Weiss held his brother.

Weiss was enraged at what that bitch did to him. Although Weiss never cared about anyone besides himself or Nero; Genesis was the closest thing he had to family and he did save his life. He was overcome with anger and he wanted nothing more than to strike her down at that very moment. But he knew he was too weak and there were too many of them. Death almost claimed him once and he was not about to risk his life again so soon; he was smarter than that. Using the last bit of strength he had left he tried to stand while holding Genesis using his one good arm. He managed to throw the winged man over his good shoulder and slowly exited the room.

A few minutes after Weiss departed Cloud looked at Vincent who nodded and proceeded to follow them. Cloud assumed Genesis was not going to survive his injuries, if he wasn’t already dead. He didn’t want to let them go free but he figured he should allow Weiss a chance to put his brother to rest.

Cloud also knew that the Tsviet would be back to seek revenge for this so he needed to be shadowed. After everything Weiss put Vincent through the ex-Turk was not going to let him walk away that easy and would help keep a watchful eye on him.

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