New World

Healen - Part One

It surprised Miles how easy it was to find his way into the mayor’s basement undetected. He would have thought the once president of such a corrupt and treacherous corporation would have better security measures in place.

Alone in the basement Miles set up the device. All he had to do now was plant the explosives and arm the device. He planned on triggering it from a safe distance but close enough so he could personally watch this town’s destruction with his own eyes. It will bring him much joy to destroy the town that Rufus put his blood, sweat and tears into building in an attempt to help people and make amends for his past mistakes.

Miles had held a grudge against Rufus Shinra since the vice president signed the order that had him fired from the job he worked his whole life to obtain. He remembered when his supervisor recommended a demotion at his disciplinary meeting the president and his executives were so upset with permitting Zack and Cloud’s escape they decided to dismiss him altogether. They even had the audacity to suggest that he was a traitor to Shinra.

His life was a downward spiral after that and he never forgave Rufus, Shinra Sr. and his executives for ruining his dreams. He was equally mad at Cloud and Zack for their role in all this and it took him years to track down Cloud in order to plan his revenge.

He was more than pleased with how his revenge on Cloud unfolded. Years of preparation could not have created such a perfect plan.

Miles had just finished activating the explosive when he realized someone was standing behind him. Before he could react he felt something hard and cold pressed against the back of his head. He knew it was the barrel of a gun and was sure he knew who was holding it.

“Now what do we have here?” Rufus asked standing behind the scientist. He cocked the pistol as a warning not to make any sudden moves.

Miles held up his hands slowly to show he was unarmed. Rufus moved his gun an inch as Miles turned to face him.

“My apologies for coming unannounced.” Miles smiled at the mayor with his hands still in the air.

“What are you doing down here?” Rufus asked recognizing Miles.

This was the first time Rufus had even see Miles in person but he recognized his face from a salvaged employee file he reviewed for Reeve when he was considering hiring him.

“Well Mr. Mayor, you may not remember but I have an old score to settle with you.” Miles told the blond.

“Oh yeah?” Rufus asked a little intrigued. “And what score might you be referring to?”

“I won’t bore you with the details because I know you don’t care,” he told the mayor coldly. “Let’s just say a long time ago you signed a piece of paper that ruined my life and now you have to pay.”

“I have to pay? That’s funny because I am the one with the gun.” Rufus grinned not taking the threat seriously.

“You may have a gun but this is an explosive device,” he said motioning towards the bomb. “It has enough power to wipe this little town off the map and I possess the switch.”

“You flinch and I will shoot you,” he warned.

Suddenly the sound of an explosion was heard outside followed by the ground shaking. This worried Rufus. Sensing his worries Miles grinned evilly.

“Right on time,” he told the mayor. “You better let me go or they are going to continue attacking your precious town until I order them to stop.”

Rufus used every ounce of strength not to shoot Miles and his stupid grin. How dear he target innocent people and his town. Rufus reluctantly agreed only because he wanted to see what he was up against before he made any drastic decisions regarding the man’s life.

Rufus lowered the gun and used it to motion for Miles to lead the way up the stairs while he followed with the gun pointed. They walked towards the front entrance and when they exited Rufus was horrified to see extensive damage to the top floor of the hospital and damage to multiple homes.

People were fleeing the damaged buildings trying to escape the attack with the Genesis copies flying above. Many of the attackers were holding heavy artillery and one even had a bazooka. Upon seeing Miles they all stopped their attack and hovered above awaiting his orders.

“Here is the plan.” Miles turned to face the mayor. “You are going to let me walk out of here and as soon as I am at a safe distance my friends here are going to retreat peacefully.”

Rufus frowned.

“Now why would I let you leave when there is a bomb in my basement and you have the detonator?” He raised the gun and pointed it in Miles’ face. “How about I shoot you now and deal with your friends myself.”

Rufus was never one to negotiate with terrorists and the twerps demands were starting to piss him off.

Miles crossed his eyes for a second focusing on the barrel of the gun aimed at his face. Realizing he might have overstepped his bounds with the mayor and almost got himself shot he was starting to think he should just give Rufus what he wanted.

“How about I give you the detonator and you let me leave peacefully?” he asked a little nervously.

Rufus grinned and lower the gun a little bit.

“Only if you promise to leave and never come back.”

Luckily for Miles, Rufus’ main focus was getting the Genesis copies as far away as possible so they no longer threatened his citizen. He did not want to start a battle in the middle of his town that was located on a cliff and risk putting people’s lives endanger. If it was just him here he would not let Miles leave alive.

The scientist nodded in agreement and slowly reached into his pocket to retrieve the detonator to give to Rufus.

After he handed the device to the mayor Miles proceeded to walk towards the town’s exit as the copies watched. After Miles safely exited the town and was out of sight they retreated as promised.

As soon as the attackers left Rufus let out a big sigh of relief while all of the Healen citizens who witnessed the scene cheered for their mayor.

As he approached his airship Miles couldn’t help but laugh at Rufus’ stupidity. Only a fool would think he would bring the real detonator with him to activate the bomb. Did he actually think he was going to blow up the town with himself in it? All he had to do now was go back to his airship to retrieve the real detonator to complete his perfectly executed plan.

He was only just a few feet away from his airship when it suddenly exploded in a ball of fire sending him flying a few meters backwards. The explosion was so intense it caused debris to fall all around him and he could feel the heat from the fire on his face. He crashed landed on his back smacking his head hard on the ground. With his body aching, his face burning and his ears ringing all he could do was lie on the ground looking up as two people approached him.

Reno and Rude stood above the scientist’s head with their arms crossed.

“I must say Rude,” Reno said looking over at his partner as if Miles was not even there, “you really do know how to make a great bomb. Fine piece of work.”

“Shinra technology at its best,” Rude explained proudly.

As Miles senses started to come back to him his mind was racing trying to come up with a plan. He needed his reinforcements and he attempted to slowly reach into his pocket while the two Turks were talking with each other.

Finally noticing the scientist Reno points his nightstick at Miles. It was less than an inch away from his face and he could feel a little spark zap the tip of his noise. Miles dropped the phone and slowly raised his hands sheepishly.

“If it’s your winged goons you were thinking about calling,” Reno informed the scientist as if he knew what he was trying to do. “Tseng and Elena are taking care of them and let’s just say Elena isn’t too happy with what they did to her house.”

Reno looked over at Rude with his electric rod still pointed at Miles’ face.

“’Cause you know what happens when she’s mad.” The redhead commented to his friend. Rude nodded in agreement as if he knew all too well. Then Reno turned his attention back to Miles. “That’s the last thing you want to do,” he informed the hostage with a smile, “and wait until you see what she will do to you.”

Rude then reached down and grabbed Miles by the upper arm pulling him up off the ground and onto his feet. Miles’ whole body was aching but he had more important things to worry about like what the Turks had planned for him.

“You’re coming with us,” Rude told Miles as he dragged him back towards the town.

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