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Mt. Nibel - Part One

It did not take them long to reach Nibelhiem. The aircraft landed outside the small town and they all exited the ship. Cloud was relieved to see his bike exactly where he left it. When they entered they were greeted by WRO soldiers who had taken over the small abandoned town.

“Sir,” one of the peacekeepers said to Cid saluting him. “The commissioner wanted me to brief you on the situation. After we removed the unconscious subject from the manor basement my team and I took cover in the abandoned homes waiting for the targets to appear. At 1300 hours our snipers spotted two men matching the suspects’ descriptions bypass the town and head towards the base of the mountain. We did a quick sweep of the area but were unable to locate them. I informed the commissioner and he advised us to fall back and wait for you to show up.”

“Thank you Sargent,” Cid told the officer and turned towards his comrades. “So it sounds like they headed towards the reactor. The Sheria can get us up there but she can’t land. We will have to jump and call for her when we’re finished.”

“Sounds good to me,” Barret told his friend and the others nodded in agreement.

They all headed back towards the airship and took off for the top of the mountain. They flew low and along the way they kept an eye out for anyone walking towards the reactor but didn’t see anything. When they reached the reactor they did one flyby to see if there was any activity outside.

They were surprised to see a Shinra helicopter parked in front of the reactor and could make out two people standing next to it. They knew exactly who it was from the fiery red hair on one of them. Seeing that the coast was clear Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and Cid jumped from the airship as it hovered a few meters above ground.

When they touched ground they could see that the two Turks were busy unloading small crates. Reno and Rude stopped what they were doing when the four landed.

“What are you two doin’ here?” Barret asked them.

“Vincent called us and told us they were here,” Reno informed them.

“What’s in the crates?” Cid walked a few steps towards the cargo trying to make out what it was. Whatever it was the whole aircraft was full of it.

An evil grin appeared on Reno’s face.

“Our specialty,” he said as he kicked the lid off the crate nearest to him exposing red TNT sticks.

“Who authorized this?” Cid asked picking up a stick of dynamite.

Reno looked at them a little puzzled.

“He didn’t tell you? Right after we got the call from Vincent, Reeve called us and told us to blow the place up.”

“So what do we do now? Help them blow the place up?” Cid asked his friends a little surprised Reeve did not mention this important piece of information.

“We sent Vincent a message telling him to shut off the power. We can’t blow the place up until the reactor is shut off or it might spill mako like a running faucet. Since the power is still on and Vincent is nowhere to be seen either he didn’t get the message or he is still inside.” Reno informed them.

“You two keep setting up the explosives,” Cid told the Turks then turned towards the others.

“Why don’t we split up into groups?” Cid suggested to Cloud, Tifa and Barret. “One will stay to help set up the explosives with these guys while three of us go in to look for Vincent and shut off the power.”

Tifa knew what she wanted to do. All she could think of was finding Miles and the real Genesis as soon as possible. She had a score to settle with the two and wanted to get this over with as soon as possible.

“I want to go in,” she told her friends.

“I’ll go too,” Cloud said following Tifa.

“Why don’t you help with the explosives Barret,” Cid suggested. “Since you got experience blowin’ up reactors and all.” Referring to his time as Avalanche leader years ago.

Barret reluctantly agreed. Although Cid was technically right it was not a time in his life he was particularly proud of and didn’t appreciate being reminded of it.

The three made their way inside the reactor while Barret helped the Turks unload the rest of the crates. When they entered the reactor it was exactly the same as Cloud remembered from years ago. They walked across the first catwalk and were just about to climb down the ladder leading to the chamber below when everything around them suddenly went dark.

“Well I guess Vincent found the off switch,” Cloud and Tifa could hear Cid say in the darkness.

Vincent was standing outside the main chamber inside the Mt. Nibel reactor quietly listening to the conversation inside. After he left Healen it did not take him long to track down Weiss and Miles by air. He debated whether to confront them or follow them. He chose the latter because he believed they had something planned and wanted to find out what it was. He had been feeling uneasy the last few days regarding the events leading up to Miles and Genesis’ capture. It seemed too easy. Maybe that’s why he was not surprised when the two bypassed Nibelhiem and made their way towards the mountain reactor where Genesis was waiting for them.

Despite his intuition on everything he was still surprised when he heard Genesis’ voice inside the main chamber. Having all three of their adversaries in the same location he was grateful he called the Turks; they were going to need all the help they could get.

At that moment Vincent felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He opened it to see a text message from Reno.

‘How fitting,’ he thought to himself after reading the message. Then he proceeded to go find the reactor’s power source.

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