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Mt. Nibel - Part Two

Miles and Weiss had just entered the reactor’s main chamber when Weiss stopped in his tracks upon seeing the real Genesis standing on the staircase between the rows of pods.

“Brother?” Weiss said a little surprised and bewildered.

Genesis shot Miles an irritated look.

“Oh yes,” Miles said realizing what the angry look was for. “I forgot to mention; that other Genesis was a copy and this is your real brother. That’s why I didn’t want to stop in Nibelhiem.” He informed Weiss nonchalantly and walked up the stairs towards the room marked Jenova.

He opened the door and inside the room was a make-shift work station which consisted of a table, chair and a computer with multiple monitors that were all turned off. He looked around his station and frowned.

“What’s the point of taking the time to set up the security cameras if you don’t turn on the monitors?” He asked Genesis sounding annoyed.

“Relax,” Genesis called out to Miles as he walking down the steps towards Weiss. “Nobody knows I’m here. After the Turks showed up looking for Cloud the other day I have not seen anyone since. Luckily they didn’t have time to inspect the room before they were called away. Surprisingly your distraction worked and you revived Weiss like you said you would.” He put his hand on Weiss shoulder and smiled. “I must admit I had my doubts about your convoluted plan,” he said to the scientist.

“If you haven’t noticed,” Miles called out from the room sounding a little insulted, “my plans always work.”

“What plan?” Weiss asked Genesis starting to get a little angry at the fact he was not trusted with the truth from the beginning. He was Weiss the immaculate not some pawn in their scheme.

“Don’t worry,” Genesis reassured him sensing his anger. “I told my copy to protect you at all costs. You will understand once you see what I have planned.”

He motioned to the mako chambers in the room.

“More copies?” Weiss asked not sounding very impressed.

“Better,” Genesis smiled. “It took a long time but I was able to recover a few of our injured brothers and sisters who were sealed in chambers before the fall of Shinra. We’ve healed them using my DNA and concentrated mako. They will be as strong as you and I. Perfect additions to our family.”

Weiss smiled at the thought of Deepground still being alive and well. He considered the members of Deepground a far superior species and he hated seeing them reduced to just a hand full of followers.

“When will they be ready?” he asked.

“They’re ready now,” Miles called out to them still in the room. He was leaning on the table working and half-listening to the conversation. “This was a long process taking months and when I heard of the WRO’s plan to destroy the reactors we had to distract them to buy us some time.”

Weiss was very happy with this plan but he had a lot of questions. He walked up to the first mako pod in the front row closest to him. He looked in to see a young female with wavy dark hair and lightly bronzed skin. Weiss could make out a few faint scars on the side of her face and arms. She was wearing SOLDIER 1st class armor and uniform but had the Deepground crest.

Weiss looked through the next pod to see a tall bulky man with dirty blond shoulder length hair. He looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties. He was wearing a Deepground body suit with no armor and had a long coat over his clothes.

The last occupied pod on the other side of the stairs had a young slender man with short spiky brown hair and was wearing the Deepground uniform and body armor.

All three of them were floating unconscious. He did not recognize any of them but Deepground was a large and made up of many different groups with the Tsviets being the smallest and most elite amongst them.

Since he was defeated after the Omega incident he had no idea how many of his fellow Deepground members survived but he heard the fake Genesis elude to Deepground being alive and well. He made a mental note to ask Genesis about this later.

Weiss looked at Genesis.

“Are you sure they will join us after all this time?” he asked.

The original Deepground was full of strong independent SOLDIERs. They had very little loyalty to any one person and would constantly attempt to overthrow the leaders; he was especially guilty of this. It was so bad the Restrictors had to use implanted microchips in order to control him and the other Tsviets.

“The same way the Restrictors controlled you; with a microchip,” Miles answered matter-of-factly. He was now standing at the top of the stairs looking down at them with his arms crossed.

Weiss laughed at the scientist. He hated humans and was not very fond of Miles. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was helping them, Weiss would have killed the smug bastard by now.

“Like the chip you implanted in Cloud? That worked out well,” Weiss said sarcastically.

If the chip could not work on a fake SOLDIER like Cloud it would not be powerful enough to stop his fellow Deepground members.

Miles shot him a dirty look and walked down the steps towards the two.

“That chip was Hojo’s primitive design and it had been implanted in him for years. Although it was probably more effected when first implanted it appears overtime Cloud had adapted to it and learned how to overcome the mind control feature. I should add that the remote feature I designed was doing a stand-up job at frying his brain before it was destroyed.”

Miles turned to first pod with the woman inside it. He checked the pressure valve next to the pod then turned back towards Weiss and continued talking.

“My design is based on the microchip that the Restrictor implanted in you. It is designed to prevent the subject from harming its master, in their case Genesis.”

“Did you implant a virus like they did with me?” Weiss asked. When the he was under the control of the Restrictor he was implanted with a chip that released a toxin when he murdered his master but luckily Weiss found a way to overcome it.

Miles nodded yes.

“Of course,” he replied.

Miles was not dumb. He was creating very powerful humans and needed a failsafe in case they turned against them. He understood the importance of learning from other’s mistakes. The only difference was his poison would cause instant death to even the most powerful creature. It took Miles a long time to prefect the design the Restrictor’s used on Weiss. In Weiss’ case the microchip would prevent the subject from harming the master but if they did manage to rebel the poison would only release if the subject killed the master. Miles did not like this idea so he adjusted it so every time the subject even attempted to attack their master not only would they experience pain they would also risk releasing the toxin causing instant death. He figured this would be a greater deterrent to the subject and was little risk to master. In Weiss’ case he killed the Restrictor not caring if he lived or died. With Miles’ design that would never happen as the subject would die before it got to that point.

Miles walked back up the stairs towards his makeshift office. He glanced at the screens to see a Shinra helicopter parked out front of the reactor. On another screen he noticed the Turks arming explosives in the back of the building and on another one Cloud, Tifa and Cid were outside walking towards the reactor’s entrance.

“It looks like we have company,” he called out informing Genesis and Weiss.

Miles was watching his adversaries on the screen starting to form a plan of action. A big smile grew on his face as he thought of a perfect way to turn this situation around.

“We should free our comrades,” Genesis suggested to Weiss.

Miles walked out of the room and walked down the stairs next to Weiss.

“After you release them I need you to do something for me,” Miles told the Tsviet.

Weiss and Genesis were about to walk towards the pods when everything around them went pitch black. A few seconds later the emergency lights came on consisting of just a few dim yellow lights and red lights marking the exit.

“Now what?” Miles asked annoyed looking around.

Genesis and Weiss started to manually open the pods. Due to having no power they were unable to drain the mako prior to opening them causing the green liquid to pour all over the floor.

The SOLDIER’s instantly awoke when the pods opened. They stepped out of their pods and looked around trying to figure out where they were. All three of them smiled when they noticed the familiar face of Genesis standing before them.

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