New World


It was before sunrise when Tifa awoke. She looked over to see Cloud still sleeping with his back turned to her. Anxious to get home she walked towards the forest leaving the sleeping Cloud behind.

It took over half a day of walking but she finally made it home. She was so relieved when she walked through the forest and entered the clearing. She was about to rush towards the front entrance when she heard something in the woods behind her. She turned around to see Cloud step out from some thick brush.

“Why are you following me?” She asked him starting to get annoyed with his stalking. All she wanted to do right now was see her daughter.

“I’m sorry about last night,” he said trying to make amends.

“Now’s not a good time,” she said as she walked towards the front door of the house with Cloud following. She walked in and it didn’t seem like anyone was home.

“Chloe! Miles!” she called out as she searched the house.

Cloud stopped near the entrance while Tifa raced upstairs to see if Chloe was napping.

“Who’s Chloe?” Cloud asked her as she walked down the stairs towards him after checking all the bedrooms.

“My daughter,” Tifa responded casually as she walked pass him towards the kitchen on her way to check the basement.

“Daughter?!” Cloud asked in shock. Suddenly a wave of questions raced through his mind. Cloud followed Tifa through the kitchen trying to get more information. “How old is she?” he asked her as she was walking down into the basement with him following.

“Almost 5 months,” Tifa said not really giving the questions much thought.

She was starting to get very worried about the house being empty. She checked the basement and nothing. That meant the only place left was the shed.

“5 months? How could you leave your infant daughter with that man?” Cloud asked her a little upset. How could she be so irresponsible leaving her baby with a stranger? Not to mention he was a Shinra scientist; who knows what he would do to their child.

By now Tifa was walking back up the steps towards the back door. She was starting to become very annoyed with Cloud following her and asking all these questions about her daughter. Now that he was questioning her parenting skills he crossed the line. Tifa stopped and turned to look at him face to face. She was standing two steps ahead of him on the stairs so she was looking down at him.

“First off,” she snapped at him glaring. “What gives you the right to question what I do with my daughter? Secondly, that man is her father so yes I left her in his care.” She then turned and continued walking up the steps towards the backdoor.

“Her Father?!” Cloud questioned out loud.

Hearing her refer to Miles as the father made Cloud’s blood boil. Not only had this man brainwashed the woman he loves he had taken his child away from him too. The next time he saw Miles he was going to kill him. Cloud didn’t know what to do. If he tried to tell Tifa he was the father she wouldn’t believe him. He knew she didn’t trust him and he wanted to earn back her trust before he said anything.

Once outside Tifa checked the shed but it was empty. Her phone didn’t work anymore after her fall into the ocean and the house didn’t have a landline. She didn’t want to believe it but she assumed Miles took Chloe to Edge. It angered her that he would bring their daughter to such as dangerous place especially considering what they had planned.

Tifa turned to look at Cloud who was standing behind her.

“Does your phone work?” she asked him.

Cloud pulled out his phone which was luckily waterproof and handed it to her. She tried to call Miles but there was no answer. This worried Tifa even more.

“I need to get to Edge,” she informed him handing back his phone. If it meant finding her daughter she was willing to put aside their differences.

“I know some people who can help,” Cloud informed Tifa opening his phone to call his friends.

It was before noon by the time the shuttle reached Edge. When Weiss and Miles landed on the rooftop of the headquarters they were greeted by Genesis. Weiss exited followed by Miles carrying a napping Chloe.

“Where’s Tifa?” Genesis asked noticing she was not with them.

“Weiss lost her on their way back to the house,” Miles informed Genesis nonchalantly. “So the weapon was here all along,” he said changing the subject. He was upset about Tifa but he had more important things to worry about right now. Other than Tifa missing everything was working out better than expected. He was wondering why the files were located in the Edge and not their main headquarters Junon. This could have been one of the reasons. “What about the other files? What information do they contain?” Miles asked.

Genesis smiled.

“Shinra military designs, account details, armory locations, payroll information. He even has his financial statements to Rufus in here.” He informed Miles. Some of this information alone could ruin Reeve’s organization if it were leaked.

“Good,” Miles replied as they entered the building through the rooftop entrance. Now that they had secured both buildings and eliminated almost all of remaining loyal WRO members Reeve’s army as he knew it had been eliminated. “With this weapon Reeve and the others will not be able to stop us,” Miles said while carefully adjusting the sleeping child in his arms as he walked.

Reeve was not the only thing he had to worry about. Miles knew it would just be a matter of time before Cloud found out about the girl and will come for her. He needed to be ready and they still had lots of work to do.

It was late evening by the time they Shera arrived. They met the airship just outside the forest and boarded to see that it was carrying a full load. Onboard was Reeve, Vincent, Yuffie, Cid, Nanakin, Barret, and all four Turks.

Reeve explained to Cloud the reason for the delay in picking them up. He told them about what happened in Junon and that they took the hostages to somewhere safe. Then they went to Corel to pick up Barret and shortly after that they received a call from the Turks telling them their helicopter crashed in Edge so they picked them up at the airfield.

As Tifa walked on the bridge of the airship everyone was excited and overjoyed to see she was okay. Yuffie ran up giving her a big hug which caused Tifa to feel very awkward not knowing who the girl was.

“Oh my god Tifa!” Yuffie said squeezing her tight. “I’m so happy you’re okay!” she added releasing the woman.

“Thanks…” Tifa said not knowing the girls name. Before she could ask Barret came walking up to her.

“Tifa, we found ya’!” Barret said with a big smile. “I can’t wait to give Marlene and Denzel the good news.”

Tifa felt embarrassed. All these people obviously knew her well and seemed to be very excited to see her. She felt bad for not knowing who any of them were. She didn’t recognize any of these people and to her they looked like a mismatched group but at the same time being with them made her feel oddly comfortable and cheerful. There was a positive feeling about this group that made her feel good considering she was worried about her daughter. This positive vibe she was getting from the group surprised her considering they were all strangers and were supposedly the enemy. This was now the second time she had a familiar feeling in two days. It felt like she had been here before; on this ship with these people. It was starting to really bother her why she never had this familiar feeling after eight months of living in her own home. She couldn’t help but think that maybe Cloud was telling the truth and Miles lied to her.

“I’m so sorry I don’t recognize any of you,” Tifa informed the group truthfully.

Reeve did warn everyone of Tifa’s amnesia prior to her arrival but they were all hoping she might remember them.

Cloud walked up next to Tifa and started to introduce everyone.

“These are all our good friends,” he told her. “That’s Yuffie and Barret.” He said introducing the two people closest to her. “The man up there piloting the ship is Cid and next to him is Vincent.”

“Hey girly!” Cid said giving the girl a big smile from behind the controls. Vincent was standing behind Cid and gave Tifa a nod.

“Hello,” Tifa replied smiling.

“That’s Nanakin,” Cloud said pointing to the feline sitting near the staircase leading up to the controls.

“Good to see you Tifa,” Nankin greeted her.

“Thanks….” Tifa said a little surprised to hear the beast talk. She thought he was a pet.

“These four are the Turks,” Cloud continued motioning to the group standing near the window. “That’s Rude, Tseng, Elena and Reno.”

“Yo,” Reno said greeting her while Elena gave a little waive.

“Nice meeting you,” Tifa replied.

“And I think you know Reeve,” Cloud told her.

Reeve was standing near the Turks at the head of the bridge by the window. Tifa didn’t know what to think about him. She was informed by Miles and the others that he was a bad man but she was beginning to question everything Miles told her.

“Hi Tifa,” Reeve greeted her smiling.

Tifa didn’t respond but forced a smile at him. Now that she was introduced to everyone it was time to plan the next course of action. They all stood around while Reeve update them on the situation.

“It appears that both the Junon and Edge headquarters have been overrun. We know most of the assailants are WRO employees but what we don’t know is how they were compromised.” Reeve explained to the group.

Tifa knew the answer and debated whether she should tell him. On one hand he was the enemy but on the other hand they were all helping her. Plus if she did tell Reeve it wouldn’t change anything since her friends had already succeeded at securing the buildings so it wouldn’t hurt if he knew.

“I know how,” Tifa informed Reeve from the back of the bridge. Everyone looked back at her waiting for her to continue. “Many of the people you hired were Deepground spies whose job was to keep tabs on Shinra by posing as employees. It was called project Renegade,” she explained.

She was close to Genesis and over the last few months they would spend hours talking. One time Genesis told her that when he was searching the Midgar ruins he discovered the identities of all the project Renegade spies so he tracked them down and convinced them to work for the WRO, if they weren’t already working for the organization. Even after all these years they continued to stay loyal to Deepground.

Hearing this Reno looked over at Elena and shot her an ‘I told you so’ look after finding out his Deepground theory was correct. Elena rolled her eyes in response.

“Thank you Tifa,” Reeve said to her for filling them in. Hearing this he couldn’t help but feel like a fool for being played by Deepground.

“So what’s on the files they’re after?” Cid asked Reeve. They captain asked the one thing they were all thinking.

“There’s lot of secret information on that drive,” Reeve explained. “They could be after a number of things.” Everyone in the room knew Reeve well enough to know he was hiding something.

“Why don’t you tell them?” Tifa asked Reeve from the back of the room with her arms folded glaring at him. She knew he was keeping the truth from the rest of them.

Everyone looked at Tifa then turned to face Reeve waiting for an explanation. It was not like Reeve to keep secrets like this. He was usually very transparent about everything.

Reeve sighed. He knew he had to come clean or risk losing everyone’s trust.

“A few years ago one of my teams stumbled across some very powerful Shinra weapons, one in particular, when searching the Midgar ruins so I secured them and put them in a safe place,” he explained.

Tsang looked at Reeve with stern expression.

“I thought those prototypes were to be destroyed,” he said. The Turk leader did not look pleased with this news.

All eyes were on Reeve waiting for an explanation. He was ashamed of his actions but at the time he felt his decision was justified.

“This was my decision and I will accept the responsibilities. At the time I decided to not destroy the weapons in order to assist the WRO and help create a level playing field,” he explained.

“You told Rufus you would destroy them. You actually thought it was a good idea to keep weapons of mass destruction lying around?” Tsang snapped. He was very socked by Reeve’s actions. It was not like him to go against his word like this.

Tseng’s comment angered Reeve. He wouldn’t have done it if he didn’t think it was for the greater good and the Turk had no right questing his decision as the leader of his army.

“Rufus does not have a world to protect,” he snapped back at Tseng. “Do you know how many innocent people died in the battle with Deepground? How about Meteor? In less than 5 years the world was almost destroyed on two separate occasions and thousands of lives lost. Meteor, Omega; this is not as simple as people fighting people like the wars of the past. Our enemies have superior strength and the power to wipe out the thousands who stand in their way. THEY are not human and I will use anything that can help us avoid casualties in the future,” Reeve argued loudly. It was apparent that he was upset and this hit a nerve. Everyone was silent until Tifa spoke up.

“They? You mean people like me?” Tifa said to Reeve upset with his choice of words. It was obvious to her that he was referring to anyone with Jenova cell like Genesis and herself. She really didn’t like idea of being referred to as not human. The way Reeve was talking it sounded like Weiss when he talked about the ‘humans’. Genesis would often tell Weiss not to talk like that but after listening to Reeve part of her could understand why Weiss felt the way he did.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Reeve tried apologizing to Tifa but she had already walked off the bridge. A few seconds later Cloud left to go find her.

“Not cool Reeve,” Reno said to him shaking his head disappointed.

“So what kind of weapons are we looking at?” Cid asked looking between Reeve and Tsang. To him there was no point worrying about why Reeve did what he did. It was too late now and they needed to focus on the problem at hand.

“Think Proud Clod but larger and more powerful,” Tsang explained.

When Tifa exited the bridge she walked down the corridor and stopped at a window gazing out into the night’s sky trying to calm herself down. A few second later Cloud came out to join her.

“How can you be friends with him?” Tifa asked still looking out of the window.

“He wasn’t referring to us,” Cloud explained standing next to her. “He has fought alongside us for years and has seen a lot of good people die at the hands of very bad people.”

Tifa turned to look at him with a serious expression. She knew she would never fight alongside someone who was connected to Shinra.

“I would never work with someone like him,” Tifa corrected him then shifted her gaze back to the window.

After a few seconds he turned to look at her with a serious expression on her face.

“Listen Tifa, everyone in that room cares about you and when you went missing a little piece of them went missing too. We’re a family and no matter what we say to each other sometime we will always be there for one another.”

Cloud paused and looked out the window while Tifa thought about what he said. Cloud smiled thinking about something and decided to share it with Tifa.

“You probably don’t know this but your real home is in Edge and you own a bar called 7th Heaven. We always have friends staying with us and it gets so crowed but you love it that way. You take care of everyone cooking for them and you enjoy listening to all the commotion. It’s because it was just you and your father growing up and your house was so empty it made you feel lonely as a child. We have two children who live with us, Denzel and Marlene, they love you so much.” Cloud looked over at her hoping she believed him.

Tifa smiled. This sounded exactly like her. When she was staying with the others near Mideel she loved having the house full and preparing food for everyone. That would explain why she loved being a mother so much taking care of Chloe.

Tifa glanced over at him with a grin.

“So how did you feel when I went missing?” she asked him a little curious.

“For eight months I searched every corner of the planet looking for you and I was not going to rest until I found you,” he informed her looking at her with a serious expression. Tifa believed him.

They had been apart for so long Cloud wanted nothing more than to hold her. Having to restrain himself around her was driving him crazy.

Tifa gazed into his eyes. There was something about them that made her feel safe. The way they glowed reminded her of Chloe’s eyes. She missed her daughter so much; she was so worried about her she could break down crying right now but she forced herself to stay strong.

“Can I ask you something?” Cloud asked her sincerely.

“What?” she asked him still gazing into his eyes.

“If you don’t remember anything from your past how do you know if everything he told you is true?” he asked her.

Tifa looked away thinking about Cloud’s question. Truthfully she had no way of knowing if what he said was true. At first she trusted him because he knew who she was and knew personal details about her like her mako exposure. Plus his explanation of things seemed to make since at the time so she believed him. But after the last two days she was starting to have doubts. The way she was feeling on this aircraft and being with Cloud; it felt so right.

“I guess I have no way of knowing for sure,” Tifa said truthfully.

“What does your instincts tell you?” Cloud asked tenderly realizing he was starting to get through to her.

Tifa didn’t answer and was still looking away from him. She could tell Cloud knew she was having doubts. It was like he could read her thoughts.

“Tifa,” he said reaching out taking hold of her hands. “I have loved you ever since I first saw you when I was six years old. You are the greatest thing to ever happen to me and I wouldn’t be standing here today if it wasn’t for you.” She gazed back up into his bright blue eyes as he held her hands tight. “When you first told me you were pregnant with our child it was one of the happiest moments of my life and I will do anything it takes to make us a family again.”

Listening to him she had no doubt in her mind he was telling her the truth. This would explain why his eyes reminded her so much of Chloe. She felt a connection with him that she couldn’t explain. It hurt her so much that she couldn’t remember anything from their past. It sounded like they were so close and in love. She was starting to develop feelings for him but she couldn’t put it into words just yet.

Following her instincts she stepped forward kissing him then after a long kiss she embraced him holding him tight. Cloud was so overjoyed to be able to hold Tifa again after so many months.

“I love you so much,” he said holding her tight nuzzling his face into her neck. Now that he had Tifa back into his life he knew they could do anything.

After everything that just happened and worrying about her daughter, it was starting to overwhelm Tifa. As she stood there embracing him tears were starting to form in her eyes. Sensing she was upset he tried to comfort her.

“Don’t worry,” he told her. “Everything is going to be okay.”

After a few minutes Tifa stepped back and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“We should go back in,” she told him. They were going to be near Edge soon and they needed to have a plan.

Miles was an ignorant fool. He was a sorry excuse for a scientist and an embarrassment to the title. He had no idea about the forces he was messing with and there were many times over the last few months where Hojo wanted nothing more than to run the young man through with his sword. It irritated him that Miles thought he knew enough about his reunion theory to fully comprehend his experiment. At most Miles only understood a portion of what he was trying to accomplish years ago in the Shinra manor laboratory. All Hojo wanted was Sephiroth clones he could control the way Jenova controlled its hosts. But years later he now realized that no experiment could be as powerful as his greatest accomplishment. Sephiroth was the only being strong enough to assimilate with Jenova and control it from within the lifestream.

Jenova is very powerful and cunning organism. Its cell act like a parasite assimilating with the host’s cells taking control of the body and mind. After years of experiments he learned that only a select few are strong enough to repel its immense power. Those infected before birth like Sephiroth and Angeal usually develop resistance to it. Stronger beings like members of SOLDIER usually fare well but weaker beings like the Nibelhiem survivors he used as part of his reunion theory were no match for the Jenova cell. He wished he had of thought of that before he injected himself with its cells. He thought he would be strong enough to resist the Jenova cells but he was wrong. Once he realized he was losing the battle with Jenova over control of his mind and body he uploaded a copy of his memories and personality into the Worldwide Network. But it was too late and a piece of Jenova followed him. Although their consciousness remained separated in the virtual world for the years he was trapped there he could sense its presence lurking in the dark corners of the network.

Genesis and the others thought when Weiss and Omega were defeated Hojo was destroyed. Even Weiss himself thought the scientist inside him was terminated when his body merged with Nero’s but it was going to take a lot more than that to destroy his consciousness. Over the last few months Hojo had been taking a back seat observing and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike without Weiss even realizing what was inside him.

Weiss didn’t even realize that it was him who opened the door on the aircraft causing Tifa to fall. He needed to get her out of the way in order to complete his mission. And Miles actually thought that everything up to this point was all his own doing but in reality Hojo was nudging him in the right direction this whole time.

The only thing Miles managed to get right was trying to recreate project S. It irritated him that the cocky youth believed that he could actually improve on one of his experiments but Hojo was going to have the last laugh. Miles was trying to recreate a being as strong as Sephiroth but Hojo had something bigger planned.

Knowing there was a functional virtual reality device in the building all he needed was the child.

It was one hour to midnight and they were ahead of schedule having prepared everyone for the upcoming battle. Taking a break Miles decided to make his way up to the 37th floor where his old laboratory was located. He was surprised his old keycard still worked for this floor as he assumed Reeve would have deactivated it months ago.

It was here Miles knew he would find something to celebrate. Being very familiar with this floor and the former occupants he walked into the head of corporate services’ office. Spotting the cabinet in the corner Miles walked over and opened it revealing a rather large collection of scotch amongst some other liquors. He was usually not much of a drinker but after a long and busy evening he needed something stiff. Inspecting the collection he located an expensive bottle aged 24 years. Taking a glass from the top of the cabinet he poured a small amount and sniffed before drinking it in one gulp.

“Not bad,” he said before pouring himself a little more.

Then Genesis walked into the room looking for the scientist.

“Are all the preparations complete?” he asked Miles.

“Yes,” Miles replied. “The renegades have been briefed and are in position. The others are still in the basement.”

“Good, everything is going according to plan,” Genesis said standing behind Miles as the scientist was pouring himself another glass.

“Drink?” Miles asked looking back at the man.

“No, thank you.”

“Common, just one,” Miles said pouring Genesis the drink anyways. “This is expensive scotch and we should celebrate our good fortune.”

Genesis reluctantly agreed. This was as good a time as any to take a break. He looked around for a place to sit. Seeing the dead executive slumped over in the desk chair Genesis walked over to the unoccupied sofa to the left of him and sat down.

“I’ve been thinking about our plan,” Miles said as he placed the bottle of scotch down after pouring the two drinks.

“What about it?” Genesis asked putting his feet up on the glass coffee table in front of him.

“Well, we already have the building, the army and all the weapons. Why don’t we use our newfound power to assume the role as the new world leader?” Miles walked over to Genesis with both drinks in his hands and stopped in front of the coffee table.

Genesis frowned.

“The whole purpose of this is to rid the world of all corrupt powers,” he said sounding a little aggravated with the suggestion. Miles already knew his feelings on the matter.

Miles shrugged.

“It was just a passing thought,” he said handing Genesis a drink.

Genesis accepted the drink and downed the contents then handed the glass back to Miles who had already finished his.

“It’s a shame,” Miles said holding the two empty glasses looking down at the man with a grin. “I would hate to see all this power go to waste. I know your brother agrees with me.”

“Leave Weiss to me,” Genesis said as he was about to stand up.

Suddenly Genesis’ chest started feel tight and a sharp pain began to shoot down his arm as he struggled to breath. He knew something was wrong and he looked up at Miles to say something but the words could not come out. He tried to walk towards Miles but fell crashing into the coffee table causing it to shatter under him.

Miles smiled looking at Genesis’ lifeless body lying face down on the floor. He bent down next to him laying the glasses on the ground and started to look through his jacket pockets trying to locate the keycard.

“Sorry it had to come to this,” Miles said when he located the keycard.

He really didn’t want to poison the man but he had no choice. He couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this. He had an army, weapons and access to all the WRO resources at his fingertips. He would be a fool to throw it away because of Genesis’ twisted sense of righteousness. With the keycard in hand Miles walked out of the office shutting the door behind him.

The basement under the Headquarters was a large cavern like room full of old Shinra technology, prototypes and weapons. It also housed a small armory so needless to say Alex and James were combing through the stockpile of weapons trying to find some new toys. Weiss had disappeared in the back looking for something while Katerina was sitting next to Chloe who was sleeping on a makeshift bed made out of blankets.

Katerina was watching the young girl until her attention shifted away when she heard the elevator door open and Miles stepped out with two other men dressed as peacekeepers.

“Where’s Genesis?” Katerina asked the scientist. She had not seen him since earlier today.

“He had some things to take care of,” Miles lied. “There’s been a slight change of plans.”

Hearing Miles’ voice Weiss appeared out of nowhere.

“Go retrieve the weapon,” Miles directed the two Renegades who left to find the machine.

Katerina gave the scientist a puzzled look.

“I thought Genesis said-,“ she started to say.

“And I said the plans changed,” Miles retorted interrupting her. “Don’t worry the rest of the plan remains the same,” he said in his regular tone. “They are waiting for you on the ground floor,” Miles informed Katerina as he walked over picking up the sleeping girl. “Now if you excuse me I have some things to take care of.” He informed the others and exited towards the elevator. Without saying a word Weiss followed Miles and Chloe into the elevator.

By now James and Alex were standing a few feet away from their female comrade observing what just happened.

“What was that about?” Alex asked Katerina noticing how odd Miles was acting.

“Not sure,” Katerina said frowning. She walked over to her sword laying on the ground and picked it up strapping it to her back. “Let’s go,” she said to her friends as they walked towards the elevator waiting for it to descend again.

As Miles and Weiss stood in the elevator there was silence until Weiss finally spoke up.

“So what about Genesis?” he asked Miles.

“He’s been taken care of,” Miles said quietly as to not wake the child sleeping in his arms.

“Good,” he said with a grin. “Everything’s going according to plan.”

“Yes, once we take care of Reeve and the others all obstacles will be out of our way,” Miles commented. By now the elevator had stooped at the top floor and the two stepped out. “Are you going to guard the entrance?” Miles asked Weiss wondering why he was getting off the elevator with him.

“No, I was going to go to the science research division,” Weiss informed Miles. “On what floor is it located?” he asked him unfamiliar with the building.

“Research division?” Miles asked giving him a puzzled look. He had not head a reference to that in years. That’s what Shinra’s science department was titled. The WRO was nowhere near as advanced when it came to scientific research. “They only have one crude laboratory located on the 37th floor. What do you want with it?”

“I’m looking for a SND machine,” he advised Miles. Weiss was one of the few people who could perform a Synaptic Net Dive so this was not a strange request.

“You really think now is a good time?” Miles asked him. “They could be here at any minute.”

“Is there one or not?” Weiss asked sounding irritated as they walked towards Reeve’s office.

“Yes but-“ Miles started to say.

“But what?!” Weiss barked. “With Genesis gone I’m in charge. Deepground is my army after all. Now give me your keycard,” he demanded.

By now they were just entering Reeve’s office. It was dark with the only source of light being from the outside lights and moonlight shining through the big window. Miles gently placed the girl down on the couch careful not to wake her. Realizing Weiss was right and not wanting to push his luck with the man Miles reluctantly gave him his keycard to the 37th floor.

“I want both of them,” Weiss commanded holding his hand out after taking the first card.

“What will I use?” Miles asked. He needed Reeve’s key to access every corner of the building.

“That’s not my problem,” Weiss said as he unsheathed one of his katanas pointing it at Miles while still holding his other hand out. Fearing for his life Miles handed him his last keycard. Weiss lowered the sword while putting the card it in his pocket. “And I’m taking the girl,” Weiss said looking over at the sleeping child.

“What, why?” Miles asked surprised.

“I have plans for her,” Weiss said taking a step towards the child but Miles stepped in front of him blocking him. Weiss held his sword up again pointing it at Miles’ chest as a warning. Miles put his hands up surrendering then stepped to the side.

Weiss walked over to the girl looking down at her. Behind him Miles reached into his coat pocket to retrieve his gun. Before Miles could remove the firearm from his pocket Weiss had already impaled his sword into Miles’ right side.

Miles groaned and fell to his knees after Weiss removed his sword. Holding his wound Miles looked up at the spikey haired man in the dim light.

“You fool,” Weiss said looking down at the man. “You think you are so smart with you plans and your experiments. You’ve never had one original idea your whole life. You will never live up to my caliber. If it wasn’t for me you would have stayed a nobody on the SOLDIER floor. I picked you, taught you everything you know and you still failed.”

In obvious pain Miles gave Weiss a bewildered look.

“Hojo?” he asked not sure what to think.

Weiss smiled at the man. Without saying a word he sheathed his sword and picked up the sleeping child leaving the injured Miles.

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