New World

Sunday - Part One

It was a little past midnight and they were a few minutes away from Edge when one of the crew members ran onto the bridge.

“Sir! I just received a radio transmission saying Edge is under attack by the WRO,” the man said franticly.

“How long until we reach Edge?” Reeve asked the captain.

“About fifteen minutes,” Cid informed him.

Cloud and Tifa were standing together near the entrance. Cloud looked over at Tifa who appeared bothered by the news.

“What is it?” he asked her.

Tifa shook her head.

“This was not part of the plan,” she explained to him. “Genesis is only after the WRO. He’s trying to help the citizens of Edge, not hurt them. Something’s wrong…” Tifa walked over near Reeve who was towards the front of the bridge still talking.

“Our main priority is to stop the aggressors and prevent as many casualties as possible,” Reeve advised Cid and the others.

“If I can get into the building I can put a stop to this,” Tifa told Reeve.

Her main priority was locating her daughter as soon as possible but she knew if she could find Chloe she’ll find the others. Then she could figure out what’s going on. She was angry at Miles for lying to her but Genesis and the others were the only people she had known for the last eight months. They were good to her and her daughter so she owed them a chance to explain themselves.

Tifa didn’t know who was behind the attack but she was sure it wasn’t Genesis. When she was living with him they would spend hours talking so she knew the last thing he wanted to do was hurt innocent people. She didn’t want to believe it was Miles but she was beginning to feel that the Miles she thought she knew was a lie. Weiss was the only one she felt was capable of doing this but she didn’t think he would turn against Genesis.

“I’m coming with you,” Cloud told Tifa walking up next to her.

She turned to Cloud.

“It’s best if I go alone,” she explained to him. “They trust me.”

“Tifa, you know I can’t let that happen,” Cloud said firmly. “I won’t risk losing you again.” He gently grabbed her shoulders and looked her straight in the eye letting her know he was serious.

Tifa gazed into his blue eyes for a moment. They were so captivating she had to snap herself out of it. She couldn’t argue with those eyes and she wondered if her old self would normally cave to him this easily.

Everyone on the bridge just stood there watching the two in silence.

“Fine,” Tifa reluctantly agreed. “You can help find Chloe but let me talk to the others,” she told him.

“Who’s Chloe?” Barret asked Tifa and Cloud wondering if he missed something.

“Our daughter,” Cloud replied before Tifa had a chance to respond.

Everyone in the room was shocked to hear the news with the exception of the Turks who already knew of Tifa’s pregnancy after Reno overheard their conversation in Healen.

“Congratulations Spikey,” Barret said slapping Cloud on the back. All their friends were surprised but happy for them. However, given the circumstances they would have to do the celebrating later.

“Hate the interrupt the tender moment folks but we’re about two minutes away from Edge,” Cid informed the group.

“So what’s the plan?” Yuffie asked Reeve.

Reeve paused for a moment thinking.

“We’ll drop Cloud and Tifa off on the rooftop. The rest of us will split into two teams and target the assailants terrorizing the city,” he directed.

“Hey, check this out,” Cid told everyone.

They all directed their attention from Reeve to the bridge window. By now they were in view of Edge and the first thing they could see was a large Robot standing around 60 feet tall, taller than some of the buildings in the city. It looked a lot like the Proud Clod with a similar build and was a red color with black trim. It was standing next to the WRO headquarters as if guarding it. The machine was shooting random missile like projectiles at nearby structures. A few buildings were engulfed in flames while some were destroyed completely.

Cid circled the robot keeping a safe distance trying to get a view of what was going on below. In the streets they could see peacekeepers shooting at citizens who were trying to flee. Most of the chaos was occurring within a few block radius of the headquarters.

Spotting the airship the robot shot a missile towards them which Cid managed to avoid.

“Let’s roll!” Barret said to everyone as they all prepared themselves for the impending battle.

When Yuffie, Barret, Vincent, and Nanakin touched ground a few blocks away from the Headquarters they found the streets overrun with people trying to flee. They were not far from the 7th Heaven and although Yuffie had a gun she knew she could fine her conformer there full of materia. It also had a much needed change of clothing. She told the others where she was going and that she would be right back. Nanakin decided to go with her for support while Barret and Vincent headed in the direction of the Headquarters.

As Yuffie and Nanakin made their way through the war-torn streets Yuffie was shocked by all the carnage and destruction. Nearby buildings were destroyed and they came across the occasional dead body. They only good thing was that most of the destruction was confined to the business district although there were a few residences in the area. It was obvious that the attackers had already made their way through this area so the two kept an eye out for enemies as they headed towards the bar.

When they reached the 7th Heaven Yuffie made her way upstairs while Nankin stayed by the entrance guarding it. Yuffie felt energized once she changed into her regular clothes and retrieved her weapon and materia. When she went downstairs she gave a few orbs to Nanakin and they exited.

Although it was nighttime the streetlamps were bright and lit up the main roads. As they made their way back towards the headquarters they were slowed down trying to run against all the people fleeing. As Yuffie ran past an alleyway she stopped in her tracks when something caught her eye. Seeing that Yuffie was no longer running next to him Nanakin stopped and ran back to her.

Between the two buildings Yuffie could see three peacekeepers with their backs to her corning a group of six people, two of them children. The attackers had their guns raised ready to fire. Immediately Yuffie used her barrier materia to create a barrier between the attackers and the citizens. The bullets stopped at the shield preventing the citizens from being harmed. Instantaneously Nankin used a fire materia to engulf the attackers in flames falling to the ground dead. As soon as the flames cleared the citizens took the opportunity to escape while the two continued on towards the Headquarters.

Once Kateria, Alex and James left the basement they made their way to the ground floor to meet up with the chief of security and his team. Their job was to guard the rooftop and they waited for the head of security to escort them to the roof.

The chief was talking to someone on his radio before he addressed the group.

“I just received word from ground patrol that an airship has entered the city’s airspace,” he informed the group. Then security chief directed the three and a team of five Renegades towards the elevator.

Once inside the elevator he swiped his card to access the top floor. As they all stood in the crowded elevator Katerina had a nagging feeling she couldn’t ignore. Miles was acting strange in that basement and she wanted to find out why. When they reached the rooftop Katerina and her two comrades were surprised to see the city under attack.

“This isn’t right,” Katerina heard Alex say as if reading her thoughts. They had all seen their share of destruction before but they knew this was not what Genesis had planned.

“Something’s wrong,” Katerina said to Alex then walked up to the chief. “Give me your keycard,” she demanded.

“No, I’m under direct orders not to hand the card over to anyone,” the man informed her.

“Well that’s too bad,” Katerina sad to the man sarcastically grinning. “James sweetie,” she said calling out to her friend.

James took a few steps towards the man and before he had a chance to react James swiped his gun with one hand and grabbed his shirt collar with the other. Using the collar of his shirt James lifted the man up off the ground so his feet were dangling in the air.

Seeing their senior officer in trouble the renegades pointed their firearms at the three. Alex drew his sword raising it in defense.

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?” Alex asked the group of soldiers smirking evilly. They looked at each other worried and unsure of themselves.

“Now, now, we’re all on the same side here,” Katerina told the man still hanging in the air. “I just need to borrow your keycard to find our friend, YOUR superior.”

Wanting to get away from the big man as soon as possible the chief put his hand in his pocket and pull out his keycard handing it to Katerina. She knew they needed the keycard to access the top floors and she had a feeling that’s where they’ll find Genesis.

“Now tell me where Genesis is?” Katerina asked him.

“I don’t know,” the man said nervously looking down at her.

She sighed shaking her head a little then glared at him.

“I know you got someone monitoring all those security cameras,” she said sounding impatient. “Radio and ask them to check the cameras to find out,” she directed him.

The man reached onto his belt, unclipped his radio and started to talk into it. After a minute a voice on the radio said Genesis was last seen walking into an office on the 37th floor.

“See it wasn’t that hard,” Katerina informed him. She nodded to James who threw the man into the group of Renegades like he was a piece of trash knocking three of them down. “Let’s roll,” Katerina said as the three made their way back into the building.

Genesis struggled to move at first but after mustering all his strength he finally forced himself to rise. He was furious at Miles but it was going to take a lot more than poison to defeat him. This was not his first time cheating death and it probably wouldn’t be his last. He knew his chosen path was not going to be an easy one but he was confident he could overcome any obstacle thrown his way.

He was equally mad at Weiss for plotting against him. Miles he could understand but not his brother.

As the winged man pushed himself up off the broken glass under him his face had multiple cuts from falling into the table.

As he looked around the room the first thing he noticed was the devastation going on outside. Gazing out into the city he could see the people trying to flee the destruction. Seeing his fellow Deepground members attack a city full of innocent people caused a wave of rage to rush over him.

Hell bent on revenge he reached into his pocket trying to find the keycard but it was gone. Miles must have lifted it from him and he was sure he knew where the scientist would be. He needed to find a way to the top floor.

Looking around the room he noticed the desk chair with the dead man still sitting in it. He walked over and pushed the body off picking up the chair and throwing it through the window breaking it. He was still a little weak from the poison but the cool night air helped. Standing by the broken window he took a few seconds to make sure he had enough strength to fly.

“My friend, the fates are cruel; There are no dreams, no honor remains; The arrow has left the bow of the goddess…” He said calmly while looking over the city then jumped out through the opening disappearing into the night’s sky.

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