New World

Sunday - Part Two

When the three reached the 37th floor they located the office Genesis was last seen entering. Inside they were surprised to see the broken coffee table and the smashed out window. It was obvious there was a struggle.

Alex walked over by the desk and inspected the broken window. He looked down at the dead body lying next to the desk. He was relieved to see it wasn’t Genesis.

“We got a dead guy over here but no sign of Genesis,” Alex informed the others. He looked out the window but it was dark outside and they were too far up to see if Genesis had fallen to his death.

James walked over to the liquor cabinet while Katerina inspected the scene by the shattered table. There were two empty drinking glassing sitting next to her and little drops of blood all over the broken glass. She didn’t like the looks of this. She knew Miles was not strong enough to overpower Genesis by force so he must have used something to catch him off-guard. James was just about to take a swig from a bottle of whiskey when she looked over at him.

“James stop,” she directed him right before the bottle was about to touch his lips. “It could be poisoned,” she informed him.

Looking a little disappointed James closed the bottle and put it back in the cabinet.

“So now what?” Alex asked his friends.

“Let’s go get some answers,” Katerina said and the three exited the room towards the top floor.

By the time Nanakin and Yuffie reached Barret and Vincent they seemed to have the situation under control. They were a little over a block away from the headquarters and the surrounding area appeared to have been evacuated leaving only them and the attackers. Upon seeing her friend Yuffie threw Barret an Ice materia.

As soon as the man equipped the orb a group of six peacekeepers turned the corner and charged them. Instead of firing their weapons as expected one of the attackers stopped to cast a lightening spell on Nanakin but he managed to jump just before the bolt hit him. Vincent fired his weapon at the attacker killing him instantly.

Another peacekeeper cast as fire spell on Yuffie but it did no damage thanks to the magic barrier she cast on herself earlier. Yuffie threw her weapon at the man knocking him down. It didn’t take them long to defeat the attackers then they ran up to each other to regroup.

“This is easier than expected,” Yuffie commented to her friends. Having the materia was a big help considering it’s been years since she used some in battle.

“*&%#K girl don’t say that!” Barret warned her.

“Why not?” Yuffie asked puzzled.

“Because when you say something like that things go wrong,” Nanakin commented. He was not the superstitious type but years of experience has taught him when you talk like that sometime bad always happens.

Yuffie scoffed. “Don’t be ridiculous. The headquarters is only a block away,” she told the others. “I wonder if Cid has taken out the weapon yet?” she asked changing the subject. The buildings around them were too tall so they couldn’t view the headquarters or the robot from their position.

Before anyone had a chance to answer Vincent irrupted.

“We’re almost there,” he informed them. “Let’s go”

They all followed Vincent down the street and towards the Headquarters. When they turned the corner they came face to face with over three dozen soldiers guarding the front entrance and the giant robot standing behind them. Spotting them all the Renegades raised their weapons ready to attack.

“I’m sorry guys,” Yuffie apologized sheepishly while they prepared for battle.

After dropping off Barret and the others it took some time before Cid was able to get close enough to let off Cloud and Tifa.

Once the two landed it didn’t take long for them to defeat the six men guarding the rooftop entrance. They were both expecting it to be more heavily occupied. Realizing she was missing something Tifa looked at Cloud.

“We need a keycard to reach the top floors,” she informed him. She had a feeling whoever was behind this would be hiding out on the top floor. She regretted giving Reeve’s keycard to Genesis.

Cloud reached into his pocket and pull out Collin’s keycard. Tifa smiled at him and they entered the stairwell. They figured it was best to follow her hunch and start with the top floor. They were just about to reach the first landing when Cloud head footsteps approaching them from below. He pulled out his sword and ran down the stairs to get a jump on whoever was approaching. As soon as he turned the corner a sword came crashing towards him but he blocked it just in time.

“Stop!” Tifa said as soon she realized who it was. Listening to her Cloud and Alex lowered their swords. Tifa ran ahead of Cloud to talk to them.

“What’s going on?” she questioned the three.

“We think Miles did something to Genesis,” Alex informed her. “We can’t find him anywhere.”

“Where’s Chloe?” Tifa asked them.

“Last time I saw her she was with Miles,” Katerina informed her.

“Where is he?” Cloud inquired eager to confront Miles.

“We think he is on the top floor,” Katerina told him. “We were just about to go up and ask him about Genesis.”

“That weapon is outside wreaking havoc on the city,” Tifa told the group. “Genesis would not have wanted this,” she added. She was hoping by telling them this they would agree to help the others defend the city.

Katerina looked at her two comrades.

“So what are we doing boys?” she asked them.

“Let’s go kick some weapon ass,” Alex said eager to get his fight on. Although he wanted to hurt Miles he knew there would be more challenging opponents outside. James and Katerina nodded in agreement.

“Leave Miles to us,” Tifa told them and the two groups parted ways.

Cid circled the Robot trying to get within range but the multitude of missiles and gunfire bombarding him was making it rather difficult. After a few minutes of some skilled flying Cid finally had a chance to fire one of his cannons hitting the target. Unfortunately the attack did no damage and the machine appeared unscathed.

“What the hell is this thing made of?” Cid commented to the small group standing in front of him on the bridge. Besides his crew Reeve and the four Turks were the only ones left on the airship. “So?” he asked looking down at them from steering platform. “How F^&k do I take this thing down?!”

“What makes you think we know?” Reno asked looking up at the captain like he was crazy.

“It’s a Shinra F^&%ing robot ain’t it?” Cid said giving the Turks a frustrated look.

“It’s not like we built the damn thing!” Reno stressed. “Do we look like engineers to you?!”

“Your robots always have some kind of weak spot,” the captain explained turning the steering wheel forcefully dodging another attack from the enemy. “So what is it?”

“I donno,” Reno shrugged. “Electricity?” he guessed. It was mechanical after all.

Up to this point everyone was silently listening to Cid and Reno bicker while watching the scene out the window.

“Maybe it has a vulnerability you need to exploit in order to weaken it,” Rude suggested.

Although Tseng had known about the weapon and had studied designs during its initial stages this was his first time seeing it in person. All he knew about the robot was that it was one of the last and most advanced weapons Shinra had built before the company fell. It was still in the prototype phase but it had the latest in weapons, hydraulics, artificial intelligence, and defense. It had an almost impenetrable exoskeleton and there was no element or weapon he could think of that could penetrate its armor. Then as the aircraft turned towards the weapon Tseng noticed a black metal box on the robot’s chest. Rude’s suggestion had reminded him of something he recalled seeing on the weapon’s schematics.

“You see that black armored box on its chest?” Tseng pointed out to the group as soon as the Robot was within view. Although it was hard to focus on due to the airship’s constant maneuvering they were all able to see what Tseng was referring to. “It powers the weapon’s shield that protects the exoskeleton from physical and elemental damage. If we can take it out it will leave the weapon vulnerable.”

“How the hell do we take out the box if our weapons won’t work against it?” Cid asked.

“The exoskeleton protects it from all elemental and physical damage. We need to manually disable the power source,” Tseng informed him.

“You want one of us to jump down on that thing?!” Reno asked worried. The redhead looked around to see Rude, Elena and Tseng looking at him seriously. “Oh no,” he informed his fellow Turks putting his hands up, “I’m not volunteering for this one.”

“You won’t have to,” Reeve said and they all turned to look at him. “I know someone who can help us.” Less than a minute later Cait Sith came walking onto the bridge.

“Cait Sith number six at your service,” the little feline told the group excitingly.

“Cait Sith we need your help with something,” Reeve told his mechanical companion motioning to the Weapon outside.

The cat looked at the robot outside and jumped fearfully.

“Hey wait now, I’m no good at fighting…” the mechanical cat informed the group waiving his hands nervously while backing up.

“No, we have a mission that can use your stealth,” Reeve corrected the toy.

“Oh, well in that case, what can I do for you blokes?” he said changing his tune.

“We need you to slip onto the robot and deactivate its shield,” Reeve explained.

“And how do I deactivate it?” the cat asked its master.

“Use this,” Cid said throwing the cat a stick of dynamite.

“Cid, how is dynamite supposed to work if your cannons couldn’t even make a dent earlier?” Elena asked the captain.

Cait Sith stood there holding the stick of TNT scratching its head.

“Actually it might work,” Tseng corrected his partner. “The outside is resistant to damage but inside might be vulnerable. If he can find an opening behind the shield the explosion from the dynamite should damage it.”

“That’s what I was thinking,” Cid said as he light a cigarette then threw his lighter at the toy cat. “That’s my lucky lighter Cait. Don’t lose it,” he warned.

“Thanks Cid…” Cait Sith said looking down holding the TNT in one hand and the lighter in the other. This mission was starting to make him nervous.

Now it was Cid’s job to help Cait Sith reach the weapon. He knew it was going to take a lot of skilled flying to avoid the weapon’s attacks while trying to get close enough.

“Hold on to ya drawers!” the pilot warned the others grinning. “It’s goin' to be a bumpy ride!”

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