New World


It was a month later and Tifa was starting to feel settled. Being in her real home she couldn’t believe how many people she knew and how many missed her. Even before she reopened the bar people dropped in everyday to visit and catch up. She still did not remember any of them but thankfully Cloud was there to help.

As the weeks past, interacting with her friends and being back at home caused memories to slowly return little by little but she knew it was going to take time. She realized that she might never recover all of them but it made her appreciate the memories she was lucky enough to have.

The last four weeks with Cloud and Chloe she had never felt happier. After the first week Barret brought Denzel and Marlene to the house and they were so happy to see Tifa they never let her out of their sight for the next few days. She didn’t remember them but she tried not to let it ruin their excitement.

The two children got along exceptionally well with Chloe who was getting bigger every day. This was the first time she was able to play with Children and was finally starting to talk a little. This made Tifa happy and she was also surprised that Chloe was able to keep up with children who so much older than her.

Cloud and Chloe were also making up for lost time. It was like the child knew who Cloud was because she would follow him around everywhere and tried to mimic everything he did. They had no idea what Hojo tried to do to her but they could only assume that they stopped it in time.

- PTifa had not heard from Genesis and the others since that day. As Genesis promised the remaining Deepground members pulled out of Junon and there had been no sign of them since. She couldn’t help but wonder if they found Weiss and if they were able to help him. From what Cloud told her about Hojo she feared that as long as he was free to roam the planet this would not be the last they have seen of him.

Despite her concerns she was not going to let it prevent her from enjoying every moment with her friends and family. Being stripped of all her memories made her realize how precious everyone was to her and she looked forward to creating new memories. Especially Cloud, being a positive person the one thing she kept telling herself was that the amnesia allowed her the opportunity to fall in love with him all over again and she couldn’t be happier.


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